11 habits preventing cancer: how to prevent cancer?

Changing your habits to help prevent cancer.
We need know what is the cause of cancer. Cancer is caused by a mutation in a cell. We have millions of cells in our bodies, but all it takes one mutation that is not cleared away. What causes that mutation, which is unique and different in all cancers?
Noone knows certainly the reason of cancer. Someone think that cigarette is the cause of lung cancer but some people smoke for 70 years and they don’t get cancer. Some say it was a poor diet but many people have a poor diets and they don’t get disease and many have great diets who do. Therefore noone can make sure one control the cancer.
Someday, scientists study and found that some risks of cancer. Therefore we can have a health lifestyle to reduce the risk of cancer.

1. Eating: keep a healthy diet
+ Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Base your diet on fruits, vegetables and other foods from plant sources . Eat lighter and leaner by choosing fewer high-calorie foods, especially sugars and fat from animal sources.
+ Avoid processed meats such as: hot dog, BBQ,… and limit red meat like lamb, pork,… Consumption of processed meats is synonymous with the consumption of these toxic chemicals. This affect many different parts on the body, during long time can lead to cancer.
+ Eat organic. Better yet, grow your own food. Scientific research has shown that organic vegetables and fruits contain antioxidant more than 40% than the product not organic. Organic foods are very effective in reducing the risk of heart disease, cancer, high blood sugar.

2. Drinking
+ You’ll be better off just to drink the juice.
+ You should drink at least 2l water per day: water brings many benefits for our health such as helping digestive system will be healthier, improving blood circulation, lossing weight, stress, anxiety,…
+ Limit drinking Alcohol and Drugs.
+ Avoid sugar drink and coffee: everyone knows that sugar drink and coffee can be harmful to health. They are without any nutritional value, can lead to medicl problems such as obesity, high blood pressure or diabetes.

3. Exercise
Exercise regularly. Does not have to strenuous, but regular. Shoot for 3 times a week or more.
Better to find an activity you like. If you hate jogging, don't jog. Enlist a workout friend. It’s easier to keep regular if you rely on each other for motivation.If you are a office staff, moving more than sitting. This will help your body stronger.

4. No smoking ( no tobaco)
Seriously, smoking harms our health. Stoping smoking is an important part of cancer prevention. We should all know this by now. Quit, just quit. If you live with a smoker encourage them to quit. If you can't do that have them smoke away from you like outside.
Second hand smoke is also a killer.

5. Use sunscreen:
The sun supplys us vitamin D but you should sunbathe in the morning. There are many studies showing that insufficient vitamin D makes us more susceptible to many cancers. There are many beverages, fruit juice even breakfast cereals and such that are fortified with vitamin D.
You should stay insides when the sun are strongest (about from 10 a.m to 4 p.m) and use sunscreen to protect your skin.

6. Take a rest
+ Rest really. Enjoy nature. Shut off your cell phone and spend time with your family, play with your kids.
+ Be comfortable. It may not reduce your risk of cancer, but it will make your life more enjoyable. Stop your work and take a traveling with your family or friends regularly.
+ You should sleep on time and sleep at least 7 hours per day.

7. Remove your cell phone
Be careful where you carry your cell phone. I know it hasn’t been proven conclusively that there is a link between cell phone radiation and cancer, but it’s an easy thing to change and why take the chance. Carry your phone away from your body when possible. Researches show that mobile phones have electromagnetic radiation that get absorbed in a tisues, specially we hold the phone for a long times. Your cell phone makes you have a greater risk of developing brain cancer than others.

8. Living in a fresh air
Air quality considerably affects our life.
Fresh Air helps our quality of life better. Make sure you get plenty. Open a window at night. If you work in an office make sure you get outside regularly during the day for a break.
In a fresh air can help you prevent lung cancer that killed millions people every years.
9. Avoid risky behaviors : safe sex and Don’t share needles

Safe sex helps protect yourself and your partner against sexually transmissible infection such as HIV, hepatitis B,…
Why we don’t share needle? Sharing a needle can put you at risk of HIV and other infections found in the blood.
10. Preventative vaccins

Risky behaviour or disloyalty can make you a victim of HPV leading to genital Cancer. Thus, it’s important to get immunized against HPV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C.
The HPV vaccin can help protect your body against the HPV types that most often cause vulvar, cervical, vaginal and anal cancers.
11. Regularly examining yourself
Regular check-up at intervals are necessary. Especially a woman must know how to detect or understand if she has any lumps by self-examination. Now technique can detect Breast Cancer early and help you to be aware of your own health and keep under a check. The more you aware of your own health, the better life you will lead.

We can realize cancer is the most profitable disease. It waste too much money in treating cancer for companies to be seriously motivated to find a cure. If you want to fight against cancer you have to do it by yourself, and you can substantially lower your risk by anyway. I think almost anything that we can do to reduce our risks is worthwhile doing.
Our immune system is capable of killing cancer cells/mutations every day, but if you don’t live a healthy lifestyle, your immune system will not do the job! Let’s change our lifestyle, change our habits to have a healthy life.



Changing your habits to help prevent cancer. We need know what is the cause of cancer. Cancer is caused by a mutation in a cell. We have millions of cells in our bodies, but all it takes one mutation that is not cleared away. What causes that mutation, which is unique and different in all … Continue reading 11 habits preventing cancer: how to prevent cancer?