The joy of having an encounter with a dog, especially a puppy

Only in the last few days, after all vaccinations, have I finally been able to take my puppy for her first walks. Each time there has been at least one person or group who pay her attention. She is so friendly that when she sees a person she will sit down and go crazy, wagging her tail and wanting to say hi.

For example today she was doing it at this guy, and he asked if he could pet her so I said sure, she wants to say hi to everyone lol. One of the reasons I want this is so she gets used to people and is socialised. But the main reason I love it is because everyone who interacts with her looks so happy and they absolutely love seeing a puppy and I just think it’s sweet. Like I understand the joy of having an encounter with a dog, especially a puppy, and how much it can make you happy, so it makes me happy to be able to do that for any strangers I see in the street who want to say hi to her.

Also my previous dog, who I will always love so so much, in her older years she could occasionally be grumpy, she would never bite but would sometimes not be interested in a stranger interacting with her, so someone wanting to pet her would give me slight anxiety lol and knowing my puppy just loves endless amounts of attention puts me at ease.


Really gruesome, and the poor dog is screaming in a way..

I am an American living in a small town in Argentina. I was walking down the sidewalk with my two-year old son and my girlfriend’s dog (a border collie puppy) on a leash. The neighbors have a dog they let live out in their front yard (common in Argentina) and always follow me when I walk with my son. About 50 meters from my house is a some sort of industrial business with a dirt driveway about twenty meters long from the side to a chain link fence. Behind the chain link fence are two large dogs.

The neighbor’s dog (super friendly, loves everyone and all dogs and cats) that is following me runs over to the chain link fence. Then my son runs over following the dog, and I am yelling “Luca, come back!!” Suddenly, the two dogs behind the chain link fence knock the fence completely over, pinning the neighbor’s dog under the fence and start attacking the neighbor’s dog through the fence in the worst way possible. Never seen a dog fight and never want to see one again, it was terrible, it was like lions on an antelope. Really gruesome, and the poor dog is screaming in a way I’ve never heard a dog scream.

I start yelling for help. It is a small town so one is on the street. My son is right next to this dog fight because he had followed the neighbor’s dog. He is screaming and crying. My own dog is going crazy on the leash. I run over, grab my son and put him over to the side. I drop the leash of my dog, and start trying to separate these two dogs attacking the neighbor’s dog but I can’t. They are big. Kicking them in the head doesn’t work. I keep screaming for help. Finally someone from across the street comes over and grabs my son and runs back to the other side of the street. One of the two dogs starts attacking my own dog, which I don’t have control of anymore because I dropped the leash. It is just a mess. My kid is crying like a maniac. I am able to get my dog, I pick it up, run it across the street.

Then I run back and the two dogs are still attacking my neighbor’s dog, who is pinned to the ground and all bloody. I kick the dogs as hard as I can but they won’t stop. I know it is stupid but I grab one with all my strength to push it off but it just jumps back on my neighbor’s dog, which I am not sure how it is even still alive. Finally I take my backpack (that I use to carry my kid’s diapers and water bottle) and start smashing the two dogs over the head until they get off, and the neighbor’s dog limps off. No one knows where she went, I’m pretty worried she is dead.

I take my kid and dog back. Then I go back to this business and leave a note with my phone number. Then a car drives up, it is the owner and his wife. I tell him what happens, and that if he has vicious dogs he needs to fix his fence. He tells me it isn’t his problem if someone else’s dog comes up to his fence. I said well it is your problem when you don’t have a fence in good condition and they can just knock it over and start attacking. “You can’t leave your fence like that, it’s a danger to everyone. What if the dogs came after my kid? Fix your fence. If you don’t have the money, I’ll pay for it, but don’t leave hazards like this.” He says, “my dogs are puppies, they won’t attack people, they are friendly.” Then his wife yells at me, “Why was your son on our property?” And I said, he’s two years old, we live in a tiny village, he ran 20 meters in front of me. They yell at me to take better care of my kid. I respond, “My kid doesn’t t deserve the death sentence from two giant dogs because he dared to step on to your front yard.” The wife and husband stop talking to me and go inside their business and lock the door.

Is this my fault? Can I do anything about this business and their fence? I walk with my kid, the border collie, and the neighbor’s dog every day, and this has never happened.


Bad experience with trainer dog

So I’m not sure why I’m posting this as there’s nothing that can be done about it now, but I just had a pretty traumatic experience with a trainer and I guess I’d just like to vent….

So I booked a trainer through a well known service that advertises 100% positive reinforcement dog training, and they put me in contact with one of their trainers.

The trainer came over today and as usual my boy was being rambunctious and barking and jumping so she had me put him in his crate. Eventually he settled down, and so she opened his crate door and told him to stay. Well, eventually his excitement got the best of him and he tried to get out, at which point she yelled “NO!” and slammed the door shut. I was kind of shocked at this point but sort of thinking “yeah maybe he does need some more discipline…” but when she finally released him from the crate he seemed really scared and was like, cowering and maybe shaking a little bit. I’ve never seen him react that way before to anything (I don’t use any aversive training methods). The trainer seemed pleased with this as if scaring him like that would teach him a lesson.

I told the trainer I wasn’t interested in continuing with the session, but I feel so terrible that I exposed him to this. I was basically in tears when she left, and am still super anxious that this could have some kind of lasting effect on the little guy. I guess i’m probably overreacting but the whole experience just made me feel so awful. anyways thanks for reading and I guess don’t trust a trainer just because they come from a reputable service.


Bulldog 4 year old has been very reluctant to play with his toys

My partner and I adopted a 4 year old male french bulldog back in December and he has 100% been the best boy.

He wasn’t in the best of shape when we got him, he had an infection in his bits, we had no idea whether he was up to date with vaccinations and he had problems with diarrhoea due to being fed a poor diet. We’ve dealt with the above and he’s now healthy.

2 weeks ago we had him neutered as we’ve had a number of situations where he would just randomly ejaculate EVERYWHERE (you may have seen my previous post). During recovery he was absolutely fine, just less active.

Since having the cone of shame off he has been a completely different dog. I’ve heard that neutering can cause aggression, hyperactivity in puppies but haven’t been able to find much on the affects it has on older dogs.

For the last 4 months he has been very reluctant to play with his toys, maybe he would reach for them once a day for 5 minutes max. He’s now reaching for them multiple times a day and isn’t really settling. We considered that the increase in energy may have been because he was previously used to longer walks of around 1hr30 a day, during recover he would get around 30mins. We’re now back to pre-op exercise levels, but we still have a much more active dog.

The part that is worrying me is the sudden aggression. We have always been very hands on when playing with him, but suddenly he snarls and snaps when we reach for the toys (to throw it for him). He’s mouthing a lot more as well, for instance when he’s ready for dinner he’s put my hand in his mouth and nipped me.

All of this is completely new behaviour which started when we removed the cone.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any tips for curbing the aggression? We have simply said “no” and then completely ignored him when he acts this way.

Or Is this something I should consult the vet over?


How to choose a puppy to adopt?

> How did you decide on your puppy?

We couldn’t meet the litter either, so we saw them over a zoom call. Only a few hadn’t been sold at that point so we picked the one that stood out to us, who the breeder also said was the most mellow/calm of the bunch.

> Were there any specific behaviors you looked for, or questions you asked your breeder to help determine which one would be the best fit?

Not in our case, I’ll admit. Our whole family agreed on him, basically!

> And can you really tell what kind of personality the puppy has at 5-6 weeks? And has your puppy’s personality changed from when you first got them? You really won’t know their personality until you live with them though. You get an initial impression, but like people, dogs will change as they grow based on how they are raised and socialized.

Oh. Here is my experience in choosing a puppy. I researched different breeds and went back and forth for like a year. I wanted a bigger dog, I wanted a dog that would be okay with my lifestyle ( I wanted a chill dog that wouldn’t mind lounging around). I wanted a dog with a soft coat that didn’t shed too much.

I would search online for puppies near me the whole time. One day 2 months ago, I saw an 11 week old Great Dane / Poodle mix, which met all of my desired criteria, and he was discounted to $800 from the usual $2500 for the breed (because he was not 8 weeks old and the breeder was having trouble getting rid of the last few pups from the litter of 14)

I contacted her immediately and went the next day to visit him and see if he was what I was looking for. He was sweet and docile, but very friendly and well mannered. He listened well, was already potty trained, and just the cutest. Paid then and there, and picked him up a day later.

He is still very sweet, very smart, and pretty submissive. However, he is definitely more outgoing now, and has found his voice (he awoos, grumbles, and barks at me now, which ranges from the cutest thing ever to annoying as hell when I want to sleep).

generally, it is preferable to pick from the litter in person. However, breeds tend to have pretty consistent traits regardless of the individual. Blue Heelers are bundles of energy with a prey drive. Danes are smart, speak with their paws, and like to lounge like lap dogs. Pitbulls are protective and bond super strong to one person. Chihuahuas are hellspawn to everyone but their owner.

So likely you will end up with a Corgi lol. Males and Females also tend to have distinct traits, so that could help you narrow it down a bit. Other than that, you could express your preference for the pup based on their position within the pack, as far as how dominant they are or if they are the runt etc.

Our boy is very mellow in a lot of ways – he doesn’t mind going outside to pee or poo in any weather, doesn’t complain when he’s picked up, doesn’t care if you touch him anywhere at all, can self-play very well most of the time and sleeps exceptionally well in his crate.

But I don’t think we can truly judge his personality yet, given he’s still not three months. He’s a lot more active and energetic now he’s settled but its difficult to tell if that’s puppy energy or how he’ll always be.


Frustrating experiences in adopting a puppy

I need to vent. I have a 6 month old poodle mix puppy. She is very friendly, full of energy and loves going to the dog park. I take her almost every day for about an hour.

I believe that the dog park is for the DOGS and I try not to get involved with my puppy while I’m there. It is her one hour of the day to do what she wants and runs freely. I watch her attentively, always pick up her poop, but I try not to get involved directly unless she is by the gate or something and I don’t want her getting out. She has never once shown an ounce of aggression, and luckily no dogs have ever been aggressive with her either (I would of course intervene in that situation). It’s normally been a great part of my day but this last week or so has been super frustrating and I need to vent, and need validation that I am not crazy. I should say that a lot of the people at the dog park are older adults and senior citizens, and they are the ones typically being frustrating.

My puppy loves to explore and sometimes that means she takes things that aren’t hers. So if there’s a toy or a bowl she will probably take it and run around with it for a few minutes before she gets bored and moves onto something else. There are two older ladies in particular that cannot seem to manage their things, and several times a week my puppy will get ahold of their items, including their keys and their bottle of prescription pills?? Other day, pup got ahold of their small bowl, that they left on the ground for pups to use. They yelled at me to get it back from her. I told them I wasn’t going to chase my pup around (she’s way faster than me anyways, and runs faster when she thinks it is a game), and she wasn’t doing anything wrong. I think they shouldn’t leave their items on the ground if they aren’t open to the pups potentially touching them or running around with them. This happens multiple times with the same women. There are also multiple water fountains for the dogs so you don’t NEED to bring your own bowl. But now when they see my pup, they’re like “that’s the dog that took my keys!”

Another man, brings a frisbee and a ball for HIS dog to fetch and play with. While the dog was playing with the ball, he left the frisbee on the ground and my pup went over to sit with it. The man screamed at my puppy and ripped it away from her. I didn’t say anything because this man has been known to have a temper. But why are you bringing toys into a public park (not allowed, by the way), if you don’t want another dog to touch it! I’ve seen this happen with him and multiple other dogs.

I also got into an argument with a different man because he left both gates wide open from the park to the parking lot. I asked why both gates were open, and he told me to calm down and he needed them open to coax his dog out to his car??? I told him that there were two for a reason, and one should be closed at all times. I told him if my dog, or anyone else’s dog, runs out to the parking lot and gets hit or runs away, it has no bearing on his life but it sure affects mine. At least his girlfriend/wife intervened and told him he was in the wrong.

Another thing this week, an older lady had two small dogs on a leash in the park (also not allowed), and my dog went over to say hi- she also loves leashes and likes to walk other dogs around lol. My puppy wasn’t leaving them alone, so I went over to help move her. The lady rudely told me to “get my dog away now or else she’ll be in trouble” Not sure who would be punishing her?? I picked her up and moved her to the other side of the park, and then watched as other dogs came over to both her leashed dogs, until she finally left the park.

I just feel like I am going crazy. I’ve been going to the same dog park for multiple years with other dogs and have never had so many issues. Most people there are chill but it only takes a few rude people to ruin the experience, luckily the main dogs that my pup plays with all have cool owners. But this week is making me dread going there or makes me feel like I need to go at a different time. Anyone have other frustrating experiences to share?


Why my dog poops all soft like diarrhea every time?

Hey there, can anyone explain to me why is it that my dog poops all soft like he’s got diarrea everytime I take him for a walk but he poops fine (firm and healthy) at home? It doesn’t seem like he’s sick because his poop is normal at home but it’s really weird. He’s very active and playful, eats well and has lots of exercise but he’s very anxious (he’s a rescue, was abandoned as a pup). I think it has to do with his anxiety at being out, trauma and fear of being abandoned again but he loves going out for a walk (I take him out every morning when I go to the bakery, it’s a 6km walk). Is there anything I can do about it? It’s a pain in the ass trying to scoop soft wet poop from the sidewalk.