Now act as an informal cat nurse, comforting and assisting sick animals in their recovery

I would have siblings where one would sleep in the armpit, the other between my legs. Waking up in the morning, typically the leg one would have jammed his entire body between my head and the pillow, making HIM the pillow!

This pair, the mother disappeared at 4 weeks old. Had to bottle-feed the entire litter several times a day until they were self-sufficient. Eventually one of them became close enough that he would be on the hood of my car, pawing at the windshield, before I even had it in park. Open the door and he’d hop up on the roof then my left shoulder so we could go inside together.

The missing mother, people used to ask what breed of dog she was because of how she acted. She would walk 3 blocks with me to the store on a perfect heel. She would even stop on the corners and wait for me to cross. At the store she would wait patiently outside for a treat, then I’d tell her she could go; she would then bound through backyards and be waiting for me on the front step when I finally got home.

My cat is not very affectionate but I felt like absolute hell after I had surgery near the start of the year, this was the time where she decided to be more affectionate than usual… insisting on standing on my stomach (where I had 3 incisions and stitches from the surgery), kneading right on the stitches and meowing for strokes

Before i was on the meds i have now (yay no more migraines), my cat would always get very affectionate and attention seeking about 30 mins before my migraine started.

How she knew ill never know but im glad she did, her fave spot was to sit on my chest and try lick my nose and or chin while purring

I kept a cat doodle with jagged whiskers giving me a thumbs up in my wallet in high school, and let me tell you, Thumbpy Whiskiers was a great motivator. It’s dumb but the laugh from how ridiculous it is helped a ton. Then you realize it wasn’t the picture but yourself keeping you going, and it means a whole lot more.

I miss my black kitty to. Her name was Honey she was 10yo. She died of lymphoma last May. She would always lay on my chest before bed. As soon as she started to purr I would sleep like a baby. It’s been so hard to get to sleep without her. Man I miss my sweet baby

You should definitely take the time that you need but I do hope that you can learn to love again. You have lots of love to give another kitty. I have two other kitties know that I would do anything for and I know full well it’s going to break my heart all over again when we lose them one day.

Thats a lovely thought! I was such a mess after I lost her. She came to see me in a dream and I knew that she was gone in my dream but she came up and curled up in my lap and purred while I pet her and talked to her. And now im crying

I have a big black fluff ball called Salem (of course), and he is absolutely amazing at keeping me company when I’m down or sick. After having medical problems for the last year and a half that sometimes leaves me in intense pain for days at a time, Salem has helped me get through almost as much as my partner. The nights when I’m hunched over, throwing up and struggling to not wake up everybody else in the house, he will cuddle into my legs, or follow me around and just generally make sure I know he is there. Not to mention he is absolute miracle, about a month ago he had a really bad kidney blockage and I was told he wasn’t going to make it through the night, but 4 weeks and a MOUNTAIN of bills later, here we are. I’ve always loved animals, but until I found Salem I never knew I could love a little fluffy friend this much. Sorry about the novel, but his nature and how much he helps me through life surprises me every day.

My good buddy Blaire is so dark that I accidentally smack him or step on his tail a few times a week, but he’s forgiving. A true void into the n=the nether-realm. While I’m falling asleep he’ll nuzzle between my calves and fall asleep there. It is beyond comforting


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