It’s time to put an end to her suffering.

When I unexpectedly had to put my 13-year-old Aussie down last spring, the vet at the emergency clinic was so empathetic and reassuring after he had passed. She just sat with us for a little bit even though it was very busy, and I appreciated that. It helped with the guilt.

Saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing I ever did, but when they’re suffering and won’t have any quality of life, it’s the only choice you can make if you truly love your pet and want the best for them.

But fuck if I don’t miss that old pup every day.

You’re welcome! It took me a long time to realize what a gift euthanasia truly is; to free them of their suffering by simply going to sleep. I used to think I could never be a vet because of euthanasia but once I had that enlightenment of realizing the gift that is, I completely changed career paths to vet. Not one yet, but I’m working on it. Sending hugs to you and Ruby today. 🧡🫂

e1150d79308b46e5f319cd9fcf9376c2Don’t think of it as “having to do it to an animal”. Think of doing it FOR her. I once read somewhere that euthanasia can be one of the kindest thing you can do for your pet, when it’s the pets time to go. Her quality of life doesn’t sound great and quality of life so important. I know it’s hard and I’m so so sorry. ❤️ I’m sending you virtual hugs.

I appreciate that message. It sounds like it but at the same time she’s still got a lot of play in her and she still acts like a puppy here and there so I guess it doesn’t really feel like I’m having it done for an old dog but a puppy. Thanks a lot for your message I appreciate it.

No matter what she’ll always be your puppy even if she lived to 100. I guess the biggest question is, is she suffering? I’ve had to put a pet down but I look at it as I to away her pain and gave it to myself. She didn’t understand why she hurt and felt bad, and I couldn’t let her keep going in pain. No matter what you are and amazing owner, cause that’s who you are. ❤

This is my biggest regret about my childhood dog, Phoebe. I didn’t know in my late teens that you could be with them when they were euthanized, I thought the vets always did it privately (this was in the nineties, pre information being readily available).



Now, whenever possible, I have a vet come to the house so that my fur baby can be in their favourite spot, with people that love them, for the end. On a few occasions that’s been impossible (the traveling vet books weeks ahead, but if a pet is suffering I won’t make them wait), but I’m always there at the end.

I’m so sorry, but euthanasia is a gift you can give a suffering animal. The only thing the dog will know is going to sleep surrounded by the people he loves. I’ve had to do it for 2 of my pets, and it’s very calm and peaceful. It’s the right thing to do.

Sadly, it sounds like it’s well past time. I remember the night before we put down my dog, I spent hours looking up how to know if it’s the right time. you’re not alone in that worry. I learned that it’s better for both you and your pup to do it “too early” than it would be to do it too late. sending you good vibes ❤️

I put my dear boy down earlier this year when his coughing became too much for his body. I think I could have held onto him longer, but he coughed so hard he could no longer catch his breath easily (or nearly at all). (It was congestive heart failure and life expectancy once diagnosed is 3 to 6 months. He had the best 8 months I could reasonably give him.)

It hurt me to let him go, but I knew that it just passed the point where he could live comfortably. The moment his cough became bad it was just a matter taking him fast enough so he wouldn’t know pain.


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