I’ve been trying to train my dog for the last 2years

I’ve tried changing directions when she goes to the end of the leash, i’d try staying in one spot and walking the other way when the tension broke, i’ve tried literally every single thing i can think of.

As of this day she’s 4 years old and the best she does is come back to me when i stop walking (because there’s tension) then as soon as i start walking again she hurries off to the end of the leash.

I’m over it. i want to take my dog to the beach and to the forest and watch her run in the water and look for things in the bushes without being hyper and running off, but i can’t even walk her 4 blocks to the park because she pulls in the direction of anywhere she wants to go or anything that gets her attention.

I don’t know what to do my dog could have such a better and more active life than what she has right now but her impulsiveness and energy/stubborness and unwillingness to listen makes it so i can’t take her anywhere. even though i get mad at her it hurts i can’t do the things i want to do with my dog

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Some dogs be stubborn! Have you tried a trainer? Maybe having someone train the dog what you want them to do might work? Afterward you can work with the trainer and dog to make sure things stick and doggo listens to you.

The thing that worked for us (to get her attention on walks) was starting in the backyard. It’s outside, but also pretty boring. Once I was able to reliably get her attention there, we moved to the front yard. A bit more distraction, but still pretty boring.

Once that was reliable, we were ready to work on getting her attention on walks, and it was way easier.

I would also up the value of the treats you’re using if you haven’t already.

But also, overall I agree with the suggestion to work with a trainer.

If you haven’t tried a gentle leader (head halter), would strongly recommend it. Your dog will probably try to fight it at first ( paw at it, rub it off, roll around), butjust keep it positive and rewarding and it will help a lot. You tube a video on how to train your dog with it., no hard pull corrections. Worked wonders for our pup.

Generally, teaching your dog what leash pressure means and teaching your dog emotional control are prereqs for having a dog that listens well on leash.

I would suggest looking into exercises called “It’s Yer Choice” looking into the basics of clicker training, and teaching leash pressure through the silky leash method.

I just had to go to a trainer for this with our dog. First thing was to use a collar not a harness. Then the idea is to keep you in the dogs peripheral vision. So changing direction randomly, not just backward and forward. Just as they start to pull forward you change direction

I saw another comment where you say you’ve tried on your own so are reluctant to get one, but honestly it’s worth it so you can have happy and enjoyable walks

Hi there, for you I would recommend a group training class.

A trainer who is making rounds will see you and your equipment and give you suggestions based on what is happening. I suspect that the equipment you are using now is not what you need to use, but I can’t give you advice because I can’t see it.

I think that you will feel very enabled at the end of this class, you will feel more connected with your dog and know more about them and how to train them.

I think that it will be very helpful for you to watch your dog physically shift into work mode as all of the dogs in the group get ready to start to do work. It’s an amazing experience.

I recommend that you start by looking up your local Dog Kennel Club and seeing when their group classes are. Many of these courses also have a focus on completing the good canine citizen certificate, and I think that getting that certificate would be amazing accomplishment for you. Like a cherry on top.

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