My dog often pees

About a year ago I adopted a 3 year old Husky Malamute mix. His background is: he was originally taken by animal control somewhere in California (no idea why), rescued from being euthanized and brought to Michigan where he was in a kennel for 5 months before being fostered out. He was in at least 3 different foster homes in Michigan before I adopted him.

I absolutely love this boy. He is sweet and affectionate and makes the perfect best friend for our other Husky, who we have had since he was a pup. The problem is he pees on everything. I was told by his previous foster mom that he will do that for about the first month while he gets used to things.

It’s been a year. I’ve had to throw out my bed topper, he’s peed on carpet, my couch, my curtains, on ME, the list goes on.

I brought him to the vet to make sure that he had no UTI’s or any other sort of urinary problem because when I got him he had been wearing diapers at the previous home on and off I guess (the whole situation with his previous foster parents was weird TBH and I don’t think she was very honest with me about things). He did not have a UTI though. My vet told me that in order to train him I have to use positive reinforcement and also never let him be alone so I can catch him peeing. That’s very hard for my husband and I because we both work and he will literally pee on something the moment I leave the room for 2 seconds.

So I have been using the crate when we work, and he does not pee in the crate which furthers my guess that he does not have a physical health problem. But you are saying to crate him even when I’m home unless I can have him leashed to me? I feel like it may be hard to have him leashed to me at all times but if this is necessary I will give it a shot!

If he doesnt pee in his crate, then that is very good! That alone will make the process easier. Like the other poster said, you’re probably just going to have to go back to square one and potty train him as if he was a new puppy.

Not sure how effective they are for training, but I know some people use belly bands to stop pee marking behavior. I think the problem with them is that the dog eventually is reliant on them (belly band on, no pee time; belly band off, it’s pee time). It might be worth looking into for your situation since this seems like an issue that has been with this dog for a long time based on the diaper thing from the foster.

Suggestion to find a really good treat so when you are outside and he pees you say whatever word of your choice like Whoopie or whatever. Say the same thing each time when he does it right and a couple of treats. No treats of the type in the house. No recognition for peeing in the house. We also tell our dogs “outside” as we head for the backyard.

Your new dog has been abandoned time & again, taken far outside of his territory (comfort zone) time and again. I don’t think he’s too sure if he’s there to stay or will soon be of again. Both owners go off for the day at least 5 out of every 7 days. No doubt training is needed, I’ll defer to those who know better than me. I will though, suggest that if its at all possible that you acquire a 2nd dog, a dog sitter or even both.


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