Please send a lot of love for my baby


I recently adopted this adorable 2 year-old mini Aussie from this couple who no longer have time for him. I know I should have asked for a full vet check-up beforehand, but my heart decided faster than my brain. It was love at first sight. He is freaking adorable, so calm, mild-mannered, super cuddly and just so so so sweet. I took him to the vet the next day and found out he is heart-worm positive.

My heart is breaking and I cried so much. To think this poor little baby is going through this preventable disease is upsetting me so much. I am so worried and scared, this is my first pet so I’m too inexperienced.

Deep down I keep trying to rationalize this situation because of me, this dog gets checked up and will receive treatment, so in a way it is a good thing I adopted him, and now I just need to try my best to help his treatment.

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We never say no to any dog – mixed breeds, banned breeds, disabled dogs and seniors. We try to rescue them all. Unfortunately, we cannot do that without the public’s continued support.

2 thoughts on “Please send a lot of love for my baby

  1. You are doing a great job. You will get
    a lot of Virtue . And you will get all my Virtue. Gob bless you.
    Thanks for helping animals
    -From india

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