She likes to make new friends at the doggy daycare

You should like, maybe try to get her to stop doing that. I stopped taking my dog to the dog park because of owners like this. Not every dog likes to be immediately jumped on, and dogs with joint issues, shy dogs, older dogs etc should be able to visit the dog park without worrying about getting hurt. You can train your dog to introduce itself without “pissing off” every dog it meets, and teach it not to play rough unless it’s been invited to by the other dog. I’m sure I’ll be downvoted because people get super offended when anyone suggests they aren’t the most perfect dog owner in the world, but what you just described is straight up bad behaviour and probably isn’t funny for the other owners, even if they don’t say anything at the time. Clearly isn’t funny for the other dogs.

No downvote from me, I get it. We actually did stop taking her to the dog park for a while (unless it was empty, which isn’t uncommon in my small town). I guess I should have said ‘used to’, because we tried again about a week ago and she was perfectly well behaved.

“There was another dog here a few years ago, kinda looked like you. Beautiful coat, a reddish gold that shimmered in the morning sun. He also liked to have his pick of the toy bin. But he didn’t understand the order of things. He just wouldn’t get the hint. That’s not how it works around here. One day, he just stopped showing up at drop off. Funny how that happens sometimes…

You know what? The more I watch this, the more I see it as dominance. I was thinking that the hesitancy and gentleness were more salient that it really is. Because now I’m noticing how she is always touching the face and head and staring with, like you said, wide and unblinking eyes. The other dogs interpret this correctly, and I’m a dumb human.

This is why I get frustrated at the anthropomorphism of pets/animals on social media like Reddit. A lot of animal behaviors are much different from how people initially interpret them and it can lead to disastrous results an incorrect blaming.

This dog is obviously used to being in control and dominating other dogs without issue. When another dog challenges this dominance display, who do you think is going to get the blame?

Could be another explanation, but my general thought is that they don’t really know what they’re doing. They’re just going “For some reason I have a need to put my paw on this other dog” and doesn’t get that it’s her instinct to be dominant over them.

Despite the “dominance” answer, in this same thread, I think you’re more likely to be correct. My dog actually does this when she’s looking for our other dogs to give her attention. She literally wants them to pet, kiss, or love on her, and she’s so used to requesting it like that, with me, that she does it to the other dogs, as well. She’s basically requesting attention. So many people just label any kind of canine behavior as “dominance”, with so much certainty, but very little proof, or study on the subject.

It’s their natural response and I love them for it. I got a golden doodle but he’s a hell of a lot more golden than doodle, he strikes that pose any time anyone walks past him or we get home from somewhere.

I have a shorthair and she does this all the time. It’s cute and I feel like it’s just her telling me she wants some love, sometimes when she wants some play. Shes very touchy but that can be a problem sometimes around guests. The vet I see thinks she might be a French shorthair. She is small and the vet guesses she’s about 3 now but is small for her age. I dont really know much about the differences in the French/German breeds. Curious if any of you had any knowledge on that?

Obligatory warning that they are a high intensity breed with oceans of energy and intelligence and not for the casual dog owner. If you can meet the demands of the breed they are better than most people and the dearest companions. If you can’t meet the demands its like having gremlins on cocaine running amuck.

I just got one. I’m paraplegic and live right next to my dad, who has the BEST GSP ever. She’s the sweetest and so athletic and wouldn’t hurt a fly. She never gets on the counters either. I’m hoping they can play together a lot and old one can teach baby one as I can’t really go out in the yard so easily where I live while in a wheelchair. As for intelligence, I Just spent the weekend with both of them and baby learned “sit” in literally two attempts with the older one there. I swear they understand more than we think.


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