The dog panicked when we went to the sea

When I was a kid my family went on a day trip out to the river, while my mum had my baby sister, my dad and I got in the canoe and were going to paddle it around a bit. We had only gotten about five metres away when we suddenly stopped, when we looked back we found our yellow lab had run out, grabbed one of the handles in his mouth and was trying to drag us back to shore.

I love that we don’t even see when Golden doggie jumped in. We just see that the super concerned black doggie took all the time to run around and panic and by the time it jumped in, Golden already solved the problem.

Ikr? Would’ve made the rescue even harder. I get what they invented to show with this scene. But especially considering that atla is a kids show I’d prefer they would’ve taken a different approach

They lived on an island with another monster off the shores. I’d have to assume there clothes were swimmable, then again water tribe clothes should be too(even if they were cold climate).

I kind of wonder how traumatizing stuff like this is for dogs. Black lab is clearly distressed and ultimately did the heroic thing, but still. Listen to it whine like that. I wouldn’t want to put my dog into a situation where he thought I was in danger and freaked him out for no reason.

Dogs can also be dramatic, this one was obviously distressed but my german shepherd makes similar sounds whenever I don’t pay attention to him, or give attention to another dog, or miss dinner time by a few minutes, or when he wants out of my room, or when he wants in my room (often moments after letting him OUT of my room), or when I grab the leash for a walk, or when I pick up a toy, really anytime he does anything he’s gotta be fuckin’ dramatic over it.

Separation anxiety can be trained out of dogs, or at least reduced significantly. Might be worth talking to a trainer about it. When we took our pup to a class, our trainer gave us techniques to use to teach our pup that us leaving and coming home was a very normal thing. Now he’s really calm when we leave, and doesn’t bark or freak out when we come home.

See this is cute as fuck and really sweet knowing a dog cares and wants to rescue you from potential drowning, but my pupper SCREAMS AT THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS when one of us goes in the water, and pulls the leash like a madman trying to get in to save us. this actually genuinely stresses him out, and we’ve already been through this multiple times. usually pupper swims with us in calm waters, but he will complete disregard his own safety if there’s huge waves and is still convinced his tiny 25 pound body can handle saving a grown human.

Seriously. People always freak out about the slightest possible inconvenience to an animal. I get it, I LOVE cats and doggos too, but seriously. Dogs have poor long term memory and almost non-existent short term memory. Their entire existence is working memory, 30 seconds at a time. By the time that black lab got out to their human and realized they were safe they’d already forgotten why they were there and were now just happy to be swimming around.

Our dog started doing it when we go to the beach swimming. Can’t bring the dog to the beach anymore, just not worth the hassle. He’s started going to “save” random people too, just can’t handle anyone swimming.






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