My neighbors cat follows her

I was just thinking “if Pebbles were a cat, that squirrel would have fucked around and found out” lol the squirrels in my yard taunt my cat when he watches out the windows, but when I take him outside (either in my arms or on a leash), they make themselves scarce right quick. I’d never let him get a squirrel, but they take no risks.

That was my assumption too. We have a lot of them here in Ontario and they seem to quite easily become used to things they see on a regular basis. And of course, they will come up and accept any food right out of hand. The most aggressive squirrel I ever saw was one I gave a morsel of chocolate to. He kept coming back and seemed to insistently demand more. Can’t blame him. 🙂

I had a dog that was very chill, got along with everyone and everything but squirrels. Would haul ass to chase a squirrel. Than she would stare up into the tree and look back at me just like that, as if to say, “You saw that, right? Fucker just disappeared!”

Very very sweet. I love dogs like this. I used to have a big golden named O. He used to catch chipmunks and just carry them around in his mouth. I could always tell when he had one because he’d do this weird shuffle with his back paws. He’d barely pick them up off the ground when he was walking. I’d call him over and say “what do you have?” And he’d real gently place it on the ground. Then a terrified chipmunk would shoot away at 1000 mph right up the nearest tree. That was also how I learned chipmunks can climb trees lol. Never knew. He never hurt one and caught dozens. Or maybe the same ones multiple times. He was the goodest of boys. Man do I miss that dog.

typically i don’t rly like the temperament of smaller dogs, which in reality is a reflection of how their owner raises them. But pebbles here is a cutie pie and if you ask me she deserves to be befriended by this squirrel.

Our old cat used to walk with the dog and us. Once the walk got too long for him or he got cold paws from the snow, we would pick him up and then he would meow indicating he wants to go down to look around or smell something. And then wanted to be picked up again. I miss that cat…

My cats would also do this. I would turn around and put them inside because they would flop over and roll around in the gutter or in the middle of the street.

My neighbor’s cat has tagged along when we walk our dog. Cat hisses at her pretty much the whole time but the dog couldn’t care less. I think he tries to get a rise out of her. He is nice to people though, my son enjoys stopping to pet him when he’s out.

My daughter has always entertained the neighborhood when out walking and two cats!! One cat decided to change his style and walked from one window box to the next. When my daughter was moving people stopped me to tell me what wonderful entertainment they were!!!


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