Wonderful friendship

Slowly but surely he started winning them over with unconditional love and attention. Now everyone loves him, including my other dog. Goldens are the best breed.

Depends on the breeder. Some breed for looks, others for personality. This pup seems particularly calm in general. Many Golden’s I know are sweet but hyper and need training for good manners. I’ve met the rare Golden that was aggressive, just wired that way. So, in general, yes they are sweet, but there are the occasional outliers, so get to know breeders and the parents before diving in.

My cat did that to my golden mix. Just said “hey I’m your friend now we cuddle together and I share your food.” Dog was very much not on board for a long time but by the time the cat died they were best buddies and shared everything.

This cat is than fanciest cat ever . He has to get his bed heated in the dryer before naps. He’s Milo, recently he got a kitten sister to teach her everything.

My girlfriend and I are getting ready to move in together. I’ve got a dog and she has 2 cats. We’ve been basically living together at her place for the past couple months and the cats are finally getting “ok” with my pup but hoping that moving into a new space will out everybody on the same playing field and make another step towards actual tolerance lol

This definitely something that helped us in the beginning. A friend had the same situation and recommended a cat tree, so we got a giant 6ft one so they could get up high and away from her. My pup’s a bit on the older side so she’s not too big on jumping around, so it works out pretty well! And even better, another friend had a giant cat tree his cats weren’t using, so now we’ve got a tree for both cats!

We tried this, our cat decided it was the perfect platform from which to launch attacks on our poor pup. She’d wait for him to walk by and then jump off it right onto his back like a lioness trying to bring down a buffalo. We ended up selling it on eBay after a few weeks.

All cats are assholes. Some just find themselves dignified enough to show some class. Once they’re properly established in a high place befitting of their status, of course.

One of my cats started an ongoing war with a stray in our area when she accidentally fell out of a tree right on to him. They’ve hated each other ever since even though another one of my cats adopted him and he lives with us now lol.

1 of 3 do this. I have affectionately been calling her “poop cat”. She is pretty skiddish in general, so I am not sure if she feels comfortable doing this while we are pooping because we’re immobile and she feels safe or what.

The other time she does it is right as my wife lays down for sleep at night. She’s up an on her purring a storm and making biscuits before falling asleep on her.

I rescued one of my boys from a very dangerous farm, have spent thousands on his vet bills and ensure that he lives a life of comfort with good food, clean water and safety. Occasionally he let’s me hang out with him.

When we are looking my cat always squeals when my dog comes near like he’s hurting her but when we aren’t paying attention she constantly rubs against him and sleeps next to him…until we look at them again.

Cats are a lot smarter than a lot of people give them credit for. It seems like in the domestication of dogs we manipulated them, but in the domestication of cats- it seems like they’ve become masters at manipulating us

The relationships between domesticated dogs and cats is fascinating to me.

I fostered an ex racing greyhound years ago. Part of fostering is getting them used to everyday household noises, people and pets etc. He destroyed not 1 but 3 wire crates trying to get to my cat in the early days of him coming to my home. I was positive we would never be able to place him in a home with other pets.

I worked with him for 3 months and eventually he was adopted by a family with 3 cats! They would send update photos of him lounging with the cats.

Out fat little miss Jessica finally decided to accept our labradoodle (ie: not scratch his face) when she discovered he was warm. She now begrudgingly shares the bed with him. But he’s not allowed to look at her.

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