Adoption experience Adopt a Dog from a UK rescue

I had been trying for 2-3 years to get a dog from a UK rescue. I’m not that far from a Battersea dogs home site and I registered with them and a lot of other UK rescues. I have worked full time from home that entire time. I live alone, have an active lifestyle and plenty to offer a dog. The main issue I had was their criteria around housing. If you live in anything less than a house with direct access to a garden with six foot minimum fences then it’s practically impossible to rehome.

The joy of having an encounter with a dog, especially a puppy

Like I understand the joy of having an encounter with a dog, especially a puppy, and how much it can make you happy, so it makes me happy to be able to do that for any strangers I see in the street who want to say hi to her.

Bulldog 4 year old has been very reluctant to play with his toys

For the last 4 months he has been very reluctant to play with his toys, maybe he would reach for them once a day for 5 minutes max. He’s now reaching for them multiple times a day and isn’t really settling. We considered that the increase in energy may have been because he was previously used to longer walks of around 1hr30 a day, during recover he would get around 30mins. We’re now back to pre-op exercise levels, but we still have a much more active dog.

How to choose a puppy to adopt?

I would search online for puppies near me the whole time. One day 2 months ago, I saw an 11 week old Great Dane / Poodle mix, which met all of my desired criteria, and he was discounted to $800 from the usual $2500 for the breed (because he was not 8 weeks old and the breeder was having trouble getting rid of the last few pups from the litter of 14)

Frustrating experiences in adopting a puppy

I also got into an argument with a different man because he left both gates wide open from the park to the parking lot. I asked why both gates were open, and he told me to calm down and he needed them open to coax his dog out to his car??? I told him that there were two for a reason, and one should be closed at all times. I told him if my dog, or anyone else’s dog, runs out to the parking lot and gets hit or runs away, it has no bearing on his life but it sure affects mine. At least his girlfriend/wife intervened and told him he was in the wrong.