Adopt Husky he being pushed out of a car and left behind.

We found our current dog last year. We were sitting in the back yard smoking a cigarette, and a husky just walked on by, so we whistled to him and he just walked up and never left after that lol. No tags, no chip, nothing.

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We were living at the time in an area that is notorious for people just literally dumping their dogs and driving away. And it pisses me off even more with how incredibly loving and friendly he is. He didn’t even have a single problem with our two cats. He is honestly one of the sweetest, gentlest dogs I’ve ever seen.

By the second day, he was already acting like he had been in our family for years. What was extra sad was the way he had separation anxiety really bad for a while. Anytime we even went for a 10 min walk without him, or even just sat on the porch with him still inside, he would sit with his nose against the glass looking like we were going to abandon him.

And the first time he went for a car ride, he whined the whole time after needing to be lifted into the car, in such a way it was obvious his last car ride ended with being pushed out of a car and left behind.


Dog’s world is crazy..get a tiny bit or freedom to walk

Dog’s world is crazy. Imagine living in a totally alien environment after being separated at birth from your family. Then you are (usually) forced to live only with other weird animals that control every aspect of your life. They speak a confusing language and expect you to understand it, you are often heavily punished when you get it wrong.

The few parts you understand make you insanely happy because you finally get to connect with something. When you do get a tiny bit or freedom to walk, you see others of your kind in the same condition. Some can take it others cannot and get aggressive at you on mere sight. Each time you come close to one of your kind, it is a fleeting moment that you wish could last forever. Another dog that barely understands you because you are both so used to being confused.

You try the best and sometimes the other dog and you get along, others time you do not. You start to believe other dogs are evil and that is why you are kept separate. You start to dislike other dogs, they are clearly the enemy. One day you are finding it particularly hard to understand the arm flailing scream monster when you have patiently waited as long as you can to go to the toilet, and then you get beaten again and screamed at and you decide ‘Sad this shit’ and nip them back.

Then you find your whole world thrown upside down, the masters are gone, you are unsure how you will get fed, you understand the new masters even less so clearly they will be more angry. You hear other dogs equally scared around you, this must be dog hell. Life for a dog is a series of insanely confusing situations dotted with small injections of cuddles and happiness of walking. They accept that life is beyond comprehension.


Adopt dog on parking lot – He is truly a special dog

Last year in maybe around September or october. Me and my family were leaving a parking lot. We were then turning left the we saw a little white matted dog with long hair running on the side walk. So we made our dad stop the car, then me, my mom, and my brother went out and followed it.

We assumed he was very smart cuz he wouldn’t cross the street or anything. So we kept following him. At one point he stoped and barked at us, then he went on his way again. But then he went into a neighborhood. He went to a front of a house that surprisingly had the same breed as him. So then they started barking at each other, then the owner lady came out. We asked if it was her dog, then she said no. We were then able to corner him in some plants, then my mom picked him up.

We then walked all the way back to the car. We took him home then we still had a little cage thing that we had for our little bald chihuahua, but it sadly past away about 6 years ago I’m guessing. We then put him in the little area then we washed him. We went to the store to get him stuff. We were at the store then my dad texts me saying that he jumped out of the area and went next to his bed. I told my mom and we just started laughing and told my dad to put him back in and stay with him.

We got home and I took a bath. Then I come out with a towel in my hair then he just starts barking at me. So I get scared then my moms says he doesn’t recognize me. Then a week has past by and my mom has already gotten him groomed and saw if he had a microchip. He didn’t. So my mom posted on Facebook a before and after photo of him on a certain page. Then my moms friend started sharing it. I told my mom I wanted to keep him. She said she’ll give it a week and if nobody claims him we’ll keep him.

So I got excited. But then I told her what happens if they fake it. Then she said she wants photo proof and their name to see if they respond back. So another week went by and we named him Rocket. And now as I type this…. he is now sleeping next to my bed right now. He is truly a special dog. He is our protector, and family member. Although, it’s hard for him to make new dog friends. I have a German Shepard named Sherlock. They kinda get along if that’s a word…

He isn’t really a guard dog because he has ADHD and because he it so sweet! Rocket acts like a cat almost! He lays on his back, feet laid out, and more! Who would’ve known there was a dog like him!