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BTC Update -Best Signal Bitcoin

#BTC prediction : Here we’re looking at #BTC price , potential to give a promising short term Bullish WAVE.

First let’s talk about the Fundamentals

Morgan Stanley analysts stressed in a note published in early March that bitcoin 0 was behaving much like the stock market did in the dot-com crash of the 2000s, only at “15 times the speed” – Indicating it might suffer even more,

US Tech Company Intel 5.00% Files Patent To Reduce Bitcoin Mining Energy Use – Basically every AWS management has rights to dinel there services that prompt or promote crypto mining – Indication it might reduce the valuation by half,

Basically every news or vibe is negative at the moment about BITCOIN

but it’s interesting what our Technical side is saying, this analysis mainly consists of Trenlines, Harmonic and Elliot Wave theory! (X and W wave will be plotted in near future once the remittance due)

so, let’s dig deep in – if you can see the Symmetric Trendline collapsing at current market price acting as a support which was plotted from A of Bullish Bat (1) to C also, we’ve got Dynamic Trendline acting as a support plotted from X of Bullish Bat (1) to X Bat(2)

after that we can see our CMO crossing over “Zero” Indication of a bullish swing1 in accordence with 200DAY M.A indicating volatility contractions and Oversold price action on Daily Chart!