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Kind Bars are my lifesaver. They are so convenient for my on-the-go lifestyle and are delicious!

I remember debating the finer points of flaky pastry with my chicken-pot-pie-obsessed American dad. I remember the divine mix of Thai food, TV dinners, and hearty, homemade goodness that have shaped this palate of mine to this day. I remember all this, but I still Google my husband’s birthday. Thank God he’s famous.

Life is a perspective and for me, if a human being has access to school, clean water, food, proper health care, that is the basis of human rights.

People will travel anywhere for good food – it’s crazy.

A poet could write volumes about diners, because they’re so beautiful. They’re brightly lit, with chrome and booths and Naugahyde and great waitresses. Now, it might not be so great in the health department, but I think diner food is really worth experiencing periodically.

Ever notice that Soup for One is eight aisles away from Party Mix?

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  • bella: I’ve watch 20 videos of her.. since yesterday. It is so addicting…
  • h yuan_: the way she did her hair with a chopstick is amazing
  • رحمه: she didn’t ask for like or share and she is getting over 10 million views when you did perfect and amazing job you don’t have to ask for anything
  • anim3 b0i: Liziqi: *walks off with butchers knife*
    Me: lol she looks like she’s about to-
    Liziqi: *comes back with a chicken*
  • Yuli Yang: This is very touching. This is basically how my life was during my childhood. Same local language, same rice growing process, same cooking, same bamboo furniture, same environment. But after my mom passed away when I was 12, and I went to cities for study then, life had changed dramatically. Now that I am in Canada alone, I occasionally cook some traditional food for myself too, but not as good as these. Great to watch these videos and to bring my memories back to old times. Thank you.
  • Arafad Hwang: this channel has the most positive comments in Youtube
  • min liuyanmin: 子柒还给邻居老婆婆也送了年夜饭,太有爱心啊。好感动
  • RubiMercuri: I dont understand anyone who would dislike this. Wtf if their brains filled with??
  • C.C. D: If I was her GrandMa, I’d Live forever, Just to keep eating that Yummy Fresh Food!
  • Boby Joseph: I am speechless….she is living my dream life….For the first time in my life I subscribed a you tube channel.Wish you a very happy,healthy and long life.
  • MaLu Spezzano: I have just found you and your videos and you make me want to say “I want to live like this”. Thank you for the peace you bring to my heart.
  • beawild: Her food presentation is so beautiful. Everything looks delicious.
  • L L: She’s a beautified image of many mothers who work hard and devote to the family. Many loves.
  • 谢灵运: 最佳中国式田园生活。
    Best Chinese Rural Life.
  • Loclac: Other chef vids : makes 1-2 dish in one vid.

    Liziqi vids : makes 7-8 dish in one vid.

  • Margie The Nun, bless your soul: Smh she probably made those fireworks by hand too
  • Phoebe Ro: I spend 5 min tying my hair. Liziqi ties it with a chopstick in 5 secs
  • 张云鹏: 看完只想说一声新年快乐,一生平安!
  • Benson T: i believe there is a professional cameraman shoot all this amazing scene…
  • Libra G: 要不是你,我都要忘了传统的年夜饭应该是啥样。。。
  • Adae Vitae: Did I just found the best channel ever ? ♥
  • Jay Hill: Since discovering your channel it is now my favorite I watch it every day. ? Good fortune to you!
  • 江連恵美子: ずっと見ていたい、あの初めまして日本人です、貴女の動画気に入りました‼️goodnaturalchina❤️?✨(☆∀☆)
  • Laura Lucas: This is the most impressive youtuber in my opinion.
  • Deng Thiep: Have been heart broke for more than 10 years, seeing love as a dirt, when I watch her videos, I feel fully in love n want partner
  • Hainy Nocomora: When you don’t need to leave the house to buy food because the market is already at your house ?
  • Tommy Ohlrich: ? anyone else knew she meant BUSINESS walking out with that cleaver?
  • Kev Mac: Love the sounds in all her vids. So calming, soothing, peaceful and relaxing
  • Jane Hu: I sincerely hope that she can find someone who loves her forever.
  • Catalin Iannis: She did her hair in second that way. Me to do that take a ? while
  • 张憨憨hanhan: definitely the first time I find happiness and peace on Youtube
  • SONS OF DRAGONS: The whole WORLD must know about Liqizi! She will rebalance that’s wrong with this world…..?????????
  • Sabah Amal: Love her passion, this is healthy living! ???
  • Erdoğan AKCURA: I think you’re a wonder?
  • EDWR FLE, Chef: I love her clay oven so beautiful
  • Chimmy89: One of the most interesting things for me about watching this, is that I’m not hungry. I just feel fully and completely satisfied. Like all is completely right in the world. Thank you for your videos.
  • Liang Yang: 我是越南人,我喜欢你的频道!
  • Nada Ahmad: It is so fun and beautiful, now I believe that I can make beautiful shapes by simple ingredients.
    You are simply talented ma sahaa Allah
  • CrowLuck 707: I just want to go there and stay with her for my rest of my life.
  • Reetz: I like the Grandma’s hat. This girl is amazing, she was taught well by her elders but very gifted and creative on her own.
  • ARISMUNANDAR SITUMEANG: Her name is Liziqi she is an orphan and her parents already passed away when she was small she lives with her grandma and I even heard she sets up camera everything by herself she used to stay in city but she came back to her village to take care of her grandma as her grandpa passed away
  • Kawai Ness: The end was so cute when you gave the ampao to your grandma ??
  • Der hongshu: 马上又是新的一年了,祝大家新年快乐恭喜发财,一年更比一年牛逼
  • Ellie Chen: 听到鞭炮声那一刻眼泪都流出来了
  • Cynthia Avellez: I don’t know how I ended up here but I love you!!!! Is so mesmerizing watching your videos and I am always looking forward for a new video!❤
  • Sphinx 189: Can I spend New Year’s Eve with you and your granma please??? ? I’ll wash the dishes ?
  • Raymon Blodgett: I just love this lady and her videos. Everything she makes is like a work of art. Amazing.
  • Ana V: Ms Li I have watched most of your videos and Iam amazed,happy, proud of all you’ve done. Wow! Seeing your videos is not easy or some jealous people say it is fake but I say well done and keep on doing what you are so good at. Blessings .???
  • 一起減塑膠 救生態: 她的無塑生活 很環保是個棒的榜樣
  • Nen Bi: When I watched her video I’m forget eat rice ?
  • doina dragomir: she knows how to make silk , how to sew , she cooks absolutely dine = she is amazing
  • Julia Stepanova: She is so cool! Smart, handy, beautiful!
  • SALMA Kousar: Amazing… I m speechless ?????
  • Hasana hasni: You make everything with love thanks to your iconic heart?
  • Terence Lam: Great video and this is for Chinese new year eve if any of you don’t know why she prepares such complicated dinner.
  • slanfinne: Nothing else on the internet seems worth my attention after I watch this
  • danawen 555: 给奶奶红包的时候真的太暖了
  • 艾看戲: 安居樂業!真好!平安是福!
  • 陈平: 腊肠腊肉…看的想回四川了…
  • Nature Andbirdlovernut: Just now watching another video of this gal’s… I’m addicted!!!
  • Rafael Shi: 拍得太好了,想过年了~
  • Don Iliffe: Love this, Grabs cleaver, determinedly walks off, ‘One Duck ‘Coming up’!
  • 劉宇軒: 想去做李子柒的客人 菜看起來超好吃的^_^好幸福
  • Kaido Ojamaa: I fell in love with Liziqi’s spirit!
  • Angelus Comfort: She don’t spend a penny but her life is luxurious
  • Rochie Esprela: Shes so amazing..
    Im always full when I watch her show…
  • Hao Jiang: chicken: happy new year everyone?
    next second: dam! I am died?
  • Yeanhee Lee: 祖上是皇宫里的御厨吧……
  • anchana ar: Am watching her videos only in youtube since one wek..its true..what a peaceful life..with natural food.wishing her a happy new year
  • Tammy T: Gordon Ramsey needs to watch this video
  • kinbin nakamoto: 菜做的好,摄影好,画面美,收入高,理想生活!
  • GINA MADRONERO: Im speechless ur so great in everythng my goodness !
  • 許志勇: 最後給紅包然後大笑的畫面好喜歡好療癒,謝謝。
  • MrNamakochan: 您的电影可以整天播放-我非常喜欢
  • Zhijin Huan: 我大半夜的看这个干嘛呢
  • ria gupo: Im so amazed with her cooking skills?
  • gh: This girl and these videos are amazing! Truly beautiful.
  • Peter Sonatan: 8:28 so many plates of food….wish I was there to join in the dinner and celebrate with the family and crew.
  • chara the killer: im not going to lie but i ran out of compliments for you
  • hippoman jp: いつ見ても楽しく愉快。美味しそう!
  • Cinzia Tschantret: The respect , love and attention you give so easily is beautiful?
  • Ali Haider: I have watch 30 video’s her
    She is wonderful girl really
    Of course no doubt
    Stay blessed.
  • Victoria Sjoguist: Thank you for poating vids like this. It helps my anxiety.
  • Christine Terrell: Is there anything this woman can’t make? Just watched her make a wool cloak, a Silk quilt, food and now a party. I feel useless lol.
  • Bálint Kerekes: I LOVE that Cat!! ?❤
  • 梁玉环: 做的每个菜都很有创意
  • Jujiu Ji: 最后婆婆收到红包好开心呀,哈哈
  • Sahar Ghaba: This is my new favorite show of all time
  • Afreen: 1.8k dislikes come from evil people.
  • Carmela Dalinger: Thank you so much for the English subtitles ❤️
  • LEXUS: She made everything from scratch, all’em food for just herself and grandma? Who’s going to be the lucky husband. This multitalented lady deserves an award.
  • Bryan Toth: In love at first sight and I’m still waiting for my invitation.
  • C B: Meanwhile I manage to burn my soup.
  • chiko: The chinese got the best food knowledge in the world. They can cook anything under the sun. All freshly grown and organic. This chinese girl dont need machines for production. She will use her 2 hands.
  • ari damayanti: iam indonesian and iam never look like this before, you so great ziqi… masyaAllah
  • Isaac Emmanuel Villegas García: I really love your videos, are peaceful. When I’m feel some nervous, this videos are relaxing me.
  • Deepti Mamgain: awww my heart is melting after watch dis video ??????
  • pathwayto enlightenment: Holy, I was watching your cooking and I thought there was a war going on outside and I thought you were going go all commando..
  • Bleh Blehbleh: I feel sad seeing her only with her grandma on CNY. Normal families will have around 10 relatives together eating the reunion dinner. I dunno how she made it thru these years but it must be hard. She deserves the best life.
  • البرمجة Programming__hacking: This channel is best!!
    Wer are you from ♥♡

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The cure until the late 1940s, when there was an antibiotic discovered for tuberculosis, was basically rest. It was fresh, cold air, lots of food – five meals a day, lots of sleep, not very much talking, and for some people, complete stillness.

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When I tour, I stuff fridges full of organic food and stick to that.

All the food we eat – every grain of rice and kernel of corn – has been genetically modified. None of it was here before mankind learned to cultivate crops. The question isn’t whether our food has been modified, but how.

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I genuinely enjoy the process of making colourful, delicious food. But I do allow myself an occasional piece of chocolate – today I had a pastry. If I fancy something, I’ll have it.

I really like Halal food.

Hd Wallpaper Chocolate – Food Images Wallpaper

One of the great things about Ben & Jerry’s for me is that not only is it delicious, but I get it for free.

The things that make Korean food delicious are garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, chili powder, and chili paste. They make anything delicious.

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The less food, the more time to talk, the more to talk about.

A ritual or tradition can be as simple as something you do every night, like read a story to a small child, or something you do weekly, such as go out for Chinese food.

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