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I don’t know if you call a burger ‘recession food.’ It’s comfort food.

We don’t need to cure hunger – we know how to solve hunger – it’s food, it’s nutrition, and it’s really a question of access.

Sometimes we should express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the scent of the rain, the taste of your favorite food, or the sound of a loved one’s voice.

If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?

You know, food is such – it’s a hug for people.

Chicken fat, beef fat, fish fat, fried foods – these are the foods that fuel our fat genes by giving them raw materials for building body fat.

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  • blue bell: while people say want the same life and that is in heaven, the kid said no enough money to buy the chicken feet so they have to sell the rooster first. i am really enjoying those video but i know i cannot live like that, i may cut my finger in the first day…
  • Arkey: Chicken feet are SO cheap. Especially in an average American super market. If you’re in a mostly white neighborhood, its even cheaper. No one eats chicken feet. You can get 30 for a dollar. They don’t know what to do with them. I’ve been making pickled and braised chicken feet for months now. Great snack with beer. Especially if you pressure cook it first to the point where the bones become super soft and mellow, so you can eat it whole.
  • Cassandra Chavez: That chicken holder was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.
  • Tom Phan: I like the glass water-sealed jar.
  • 23 1: 재료 전처리가 저렇게 깔끔할수가없다 ㅜㅜ 호텔 주방에서도 저렇게 못하고 난잡하게 다 어질러놓는 인간들 천지인데.. 깨끗하게 요리하는 우리 아펜언니가 진정 요리 고수?
  • 시더기: 저런곳에서
    저런 요리들 먹으면서
    한달만 살면
    몸에있는 잡병들 다 사라질듯…
    요리하는 모습만 보고있어도
    힐링이 되네…
  • Vanda Meduqui: Bom dia. gosto dos pratos que a japonesa cozinha uma Delícia Hummmm. tudo de bom . Deus abençoe vcs todos bjs fique c Deus
  • 니키니키: 닭이랑 닭발을 바꿔 온 건가용??
  • ARmy ForEveR: Liziqi’s n your channel are my favourite.. Love from my heart❤
  • Reyes Sophia: I hope u translate in english ur reciepe. I love the way u cook. All are delicious. I hope someday i learn from u , ur reciepe if u translate in english. Keep it up and more power to u.
  • MsSilentH: all I can say besides yum, is I absolutely approve of that amount of garlic 😛
  • 에스메랄다: 운남은 다양한 요리재료들이 있는 축복받은 곳이네요~그것도 자연에서 직접 채취하여 사용하고~ 너무나 꿈꾸는 아름다운곳입니다~~
  • Wannie Ng: 美麗善良的雲南女孩,你是一個好姐姐,怪不得小豪弟那麼黏你,父母長年在外,堂弟你照顧的無微不至因為你對他來說你就是最好的親人。誰娶到你真是三生有幸!喜歡你的視頻。感謝分享。
  • su joung: 동생은 좋겠네요 요리 잘하는 누나가 있어서 ~
  • 비나리: 아펜님 : 닭발사러가자. (닭을 한마리 챙기며)
    시장으로 들려가지는 닭 : ?????????
  • Flora Chen: 对弟弟真好 每次上学前都塞一大堆吃的
  • saukwan Lau: 當初我還以為小男孩是她的兒子、原來是她的堂弟弟、失敬、失敬
  • 참이슬: 처음에 돈 없다고 고래고래 소리지르길래 누가 돈 훔쳐간줄ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Lan Leo Queen: She loves and takes care of her cousin so much. Almost of her dishes were prepared for him to bring to his school.
  • Sanjib kumar garo: Best part is that u upload videos of your daily life, that’s why I like your videos, keep it up…
  • Laura Mendoza: Bendiciones eres una gran chef ?? México,
  • 리도나: “레먼에 절인! 닭발!!” 이라니~ ㅎㅎㅎ
    상상도 못 했어욤, 닭발을 샐러드에 야채 다루듯이.. ㅋㅋㅋ

    (닭발이 참, 예쁘게 표현된 요리네요)
    – 제대로 닭발에게 예의를 차린 요리넹!
    그래두 난, 고추장만 무친 닭발무침이 좋아요

  • Crystal: I need that beautiful pickling jar.. cant find it in my country :'(
  • 7saany: 240+ ppl are crazy for disliking any of her amazing videos.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us!

  • vida loca: رجيلات دجاج مصيرين و مخللين?? يييييع
  • Sarah’s세라네: I’m going to try one of your recipes! It must taste strong for Korean but I eill be ok cuz I am familiar with Indonesian food!!
  • Jan Thompson: 有姐姐的弟弟真是寶
  • Elias Luisa: 我姥姥以前就这样把钱夹起来放抽屉里,看着好熟悉的感觉。
  • andre knoski: Recipe:
    cooking chicken’s paws about 10 minutes : ginger, salt, green onion and wine.
    paws are soaked in cool water.

    paws are put in the jars : celery, carrot, cucumber, red chili, green chili, Sichuan peppercorn, sliced lemons, lemonade,sugar, salt, cool water (be boiled).

    salad : garlic, cooked peanuts, chicken’s paws, Vietnamese mint, red chili, cilantro, sugar, salt, dried chili, soy-bean sauce, lemonade, carrot.

  • VT Sg: This is my favourite channel. I want to ask you what is the name of storage pot. I want to buy for myself
  • 안알랴줌: 자막에ㅋㅋㅋㅋ다친고추ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Shing Lui: 檸檬泡雞腳簡直是一道私房菜的美食。
  • Sean Tran: I love it how she checks over his homework ?
    Love you Sistar Peng ?❤
    And I love eating chicken feet too ?
  • Janis z: 真的是好姐姐,有愛
  • Manju Manju: Iam a malayali i very much like ur video and also you
  • 道吉祥: 二荆条辣椒长得好好啊!藤椒!好巴适
  • Monica Li: 我也是雲南人在國外生活看到家鄉菜好想吃,你做的很好?,解我們的思鄉之情⋯⋯
  • 花若盛開蝴蝶自來: 一個想吃,姊姊就做了,姊姊真的很愛弟弟
  • SAUTELICIOUS COOKING *ASMR*: So delicious, !!? in Philippines we call that adidas . 🙂
  • Omg_Emilia: Why she sell her chicken ? u have YouTube money
  • Hadeel Ibraheem: في عرب معاي يشوفون الفيديو????
  • 나나ᅡ: 학교갈때 닭발싸가는거 부러워요ㅋㅋㅋ 동생분도 귀여우시고 화목한 가족같고 보기좋아요!!
  • 지우박: 들려가는 닭이 너무 귀엽다
  • Dahye Jung: 마늘향 닭발 먹어보고싶다??
  • cida Oliveira: Muito bom essa conserva. de verduras adorei” ????
  • Betty Liu: 口水流成小溪了
  • Trisha Wang: 看起来很好吃的 ?
  • HUA HUI KUO: 我都想從台灣飛過去拜師學藝了,享受樸實的農村生活
  • 我愛大白: 檸檬泡雞腳要幾天才能吃??
  • Jill De Leon: City folks: shit, I have no money left. What should I do? *anxiety attacks*

    Her: I have no money left. Let’s sell chickens! *walks off happily*

  • Yusra Yusuff: Touches my heart in so many ways
  • Cater Hsieh: 看起來也太好吃了~~~
  • 佛山一個能打的都沒有: 好可愛 帶雞腳上課
  • Helen Douma: She made pickled chicken feet.
  • SeYeon KIM: 우왕 진짜 맛있어보여요!! 😉 맛있어보이는데 예쁘기까지한 음식..항상 힐링 받고 갑니당!
  • 歐卡妮: 看惹好想吃喔,可以寄到臺灣嗎~????
  • darlin nor: Chicken feet my favorite now aside from adobong chicken feet i now have another new way of cooking it or new recipe for chicken feet thank u
  • MikoSonya: i have almost all ingredients she has for this recipe. I plant lime, chillies, culantro at my garden. But i just don’t know how to cook.
  • Nhai Nguyen: How is she broke lololol she gets money from the youtube channel
  • 콩다솜: 0:31 꼬꼬가 너무 귀엽네용?
  • YOUMEI Kou: 很棒的地方
  • 0100 CDO: I love chicken feet. Its one of my favs. Love all the way from the Philippines!!
  • 一人厨One’s kitchen: 这个视频我一定要收藏起来,最喜欢吃鸡爪了
  • Clara Sidabutar: I miss My lil brother. ????
  • Generosa Manansala: Pls. if there and English subtitle of this i love its really interesting i’t so many to learn about it
  • 夜雨樱: 陈醋辣椒蒜头泡好吃
  • SARAH IM: in Malaysia called “Kerabu Kaki Ayam” . So delicious ..
  • Francesco Zannino: do really exist this place? it’s lovely and I would like to live there 😉
  • Yingying Chen: 看着这种视频真是一种享受
  • neko zzang: 真是一个好姐姐
  • ChizuAmori: I really love chicken leg~ It is so yummy in stew.
  • 막달려: 넘나죠아~~
  • SJ: Your preserving jars are amazing. I wish I could get some in Australia. And your recipes are fantastic
  • Guan Luo: OMG!!!!I really want to eat!!!!!
  • lizzstrong strong: Amazing channel and I love you girl and your family, too. I wish to be part of your family, too. God bless you
  • 김dorothy: 좋은 영상 잘 보고 갑니다~~~~^^^
  • Sarah’s세라네: I love her jars btw. So brilliant that she seals the jar with water. Love that one.
  • Hanhua Lin: 这么好的姐姐,我也想要
  • SOOAH CHO: 우왕 닭발 도시락 가져가는 동생 너무 귀여워요 ?
  • anaaa anaa: الحمد لله على نعمة الإسلام?
  • ANDREA DE SOUZA FERREIRA: ?????Você e seu sobrinho são o máximo!
  • Meixi AI: 美女加美食,再加上很清晰的视频,赞!
  • Brenda Ingrid Kipkemoi: You have ignited something in me Dianxi. I will reduce my supermarket trips and develop my veg garden. I have also seen how useful it is to preserve excess ingredients to reduce waste. Thank you!
  • Sit Meng Chue: I really love her juice extractor n the different types of mortars n pestles!
  • 毅軍張: 這妹子真的很賢慧
  • ضفاير الشمس: سبب مشاهدتي للفيديو هو جمال الطبيعه فقط اما الاكل فيبعث على الاشمئزاز والتقيؤ…الحمد لله على نعمة الاسلام
  • edward lu: 很優質 感謝無私的奉獻
  • Sequoia: Wow. How many chiken you need to kill for that many feet? Amazing. Conclusion? Take a chinese wife.
  • Lilease: This is another North American delicacy! Particularly in the south. We prepare ours similarly
  • Christine Qin: 你弟弟真幸福!
  • Hikaru ge: 我也想要姐姐
  • ㅎㄹ: It looks so yummy and also beautiful to see
  • Kre Gutierrez: I wanna do the harvesting??
  • Sophie Ding: 在海外的云南人此刻十分想念傣味和泡鸡脚~~~~T_T
  • Jany Cler: Muito bom,parabéns abraços
  • peterpetramaxclark jc: I love chicken feet too. Here in the Philippines we love cooking it adobo style.
  • Kaze: Everytime I go get Dim Sum at restaurant, I always order chicken feet. So good. My American friends thinks it’s gross. LOL
  • Shibi Kumar: I like your cooking style , everything is fresh food material , collecting from field.
  • 蕭銘國: 原來小哥的名字叫阿盆,好有趣。
  • 戴利利: 人美心善

I feel it is an obligation to help people understand the relation of food to agriculture and the relationship of food to culture.

That Was Delicious – Delicious In Swahili

Recipes are important but only to a point. What’s more important than recipes is how we think about food, and a good cookbook should open up a new way of doing just that.

I have a healthy relationship with food. My problem is, as a comic, I eat dinner late. But I’ll have a smoothie for breakfast every morning, and I keep it pretty low-carb and healthy during the day. At night, I’ll have a basic protein, quinoa, and vegetables.

Strawberry Ice Cream Wallpaper – Avocado Wallpaper Cute

I like going out to have street food without being disturbed. I like taking walks, but it’s been so long since I’ve been able to do that. I miss feeling what I want to feel and walking around freely in crowded places.

I like simple food, seasoned with just salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. Complicated food and complicated lives are never good.

Kiwi Fruit Wallpaper – Apple Fruit Wallpaper

I learned from my dad’s mistakes. I think that’s why I’m so into my son. I bring him lunch every day: McDonald’s, Taco Bell, whatever junk food a kid likes, I will bring it for him. I’ve canceled gigs so I could be at moments for him. That wasn’t a big thing for my dad.

Would Hamlet have felt the delicious fascination of suicide if he hadn’t had an audience, and lines to speak?

Pizza Wallpaper 4K – Photography Food Backdrops

Basically I’m a female human being with brown hair, enjoy precision, reading the news, eating delicious food with my delicious friends and laughing at ridiculous things that don’t translate while you are desperately trying to make them.

Man should not try to avoid stress any more than he would shun food, love or exercise.

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