How to find the hairstyle suitable for face?

You have not yet customized your hairstyle, but don’t worry about that, based on the shape of your face, you can know your hairstyle according to our suggestions.

When I am talking to a hairstylist, I discover that the face shape is important as much as hair texture. Hair strands have a life of their own and they can rule the style if you are not careful. Therefore, it is necessary to know and discuss what makes make your hair unique. That is too fun to focus on what makes you become “you”.

A good stylist can know exactly which style is best suit your features best and can make suggestion, but you should know the key of any great hairstyle is not the texture or color of the hair, it depends on the right style for your face shape.

Firstly, we should know the way to find the right shape of your face.

Oval: if you have a forehead slightly wider than the chin, the length of the face if about 1,5 times the width, you may have a oval face.

Round: You have a Prominent, rounded cheeks with equal width and length face, Making sure that you are a round face.

Square: if your face has details: square chin and prominent jaw, with forehead and jawline roughly the same width, you are a square face person.

Oblong: a oblong face will have a longer shape than oval shape and not as wide as an ova shape, narrow chin.

Heart: wider forehead and cheekbones with a narrow jawline and chin are details of a heart face.

Diamond: narrow forehead and jawline with cheekbones at the widest point of the face.

Nextly, we are together find the answer about the best hairstyle with your face.

For oval face:

Congratunate! With a oval face, you are good looking in any shape and style can be worn, whether it’s short, long, layered or bobbed.

The only thing to consider with an oval face shape is what part of your face you want to highlight.. This is where you can get creative with bangs or how you style your hair everyday.

Experiment and see what you like best!

For round face:

Women with round faces should have long, layered straight to slightly wavy hair looks stunning. And you also try the style of side swept and long bangs. Of course! It will be suitable for you.

You should avoid styles that will make your face wider such as blunt bangs, bobs and big curls. They will bring your face rounder. Blunt bangs can weigh you down and look somewhat dated. Bobs are certainly the style of the moments, specially their shoulder length varieties, which still offer length, beautiful silhouette and the desirable slimming effect. Whether you are a blonde or brunette with wavy hair or straight tresses, there is a bob hairstyle that won’t over emphasize your round face.

Square face:

Do you know the fact that a sculptural chin and prominent cheekbones are specific features of a square face that often becomes the object of the admiration.

Why? Women with square faces are very photogenic even when they grow older. And a flattering hairstyle can accentuate their natural charm. We realize that the most gorgeous Hollywood beauties (Angelina Jolie, Keira Knightley, Sandra Bullock, …) have square faces. Therefore, we can say that you are the lucky one in the world.

With a square face, you should choose the softer hairstyles- wispy bangs, soft romantic curls, soft layers. Because girls with a square face shape often need to correct their strong jawline with a flattering hairstyle, in fact, the width and length of their face shape are practically equal. And hairstyle with big, soft volome look great also can be suitable for you and work best to soften your features.

You should avoid chin length cuts that may emphasis your strong jawline.

Oblong face:

The first thing to remember is that the hairstyle should never add length to the oblong face. This means that you should avoid styles such as  straight, long cuts or too long hair length which can drag your face.

The key for you is to widen your face, focus on getting volume at the side that near your cheeks. Short hairstyles are the best suited for your face shape and will also make getting ready in the morning that much quicker.

Your face will look great on bobs and layers. Bobs are better matched to you when short and graduated up the back rather then long bobs as they will add width to your face. Chin length bobs will also look great and highlight your jaw line showing off your bone structure.

Diamond face:

Diamond shape is one of the most uncommon. We would say it is the most unique of all face shapes.

You should try the bob cuts, straight across bangs will work to shorten long faces. Most of the people are adopting without hesitation to maintain and create these hairstyles. If you want to make yourself look 10 years younger, this will be an exclusive hairstyle that should be within your bucket.

Hairstyles that you avoid are hairstyles with height on top, particularly ones without bangs.

Heart face:

Heart shaped faces are longer than their width, although their width is wide too. The forehead and jawline have a similar width and the chin is quite pointed. Your cheek line and sides of face taper the jawline. The forehead is quite prominent and round towards the hairline. For hairstyles, you will have to either flaunt your forehead or the sides of your cheeks.

You will good look on long and wavy hairstyles. Keeping your hair length to the longer side, because shorter cuts style may emphasize your smaller jaw area.

You should avoid the severe slick back styles too much volume at the crown that diminishes the level of hair.

Hairstyles of your face shapes are important considerations when you want a new’do. With this, it would be more convenient for you to identify the best hairstyle. Find the right hairstyle for you!! it would bring a drastic change in your look.


You have not yet customized your hairstyle, but don’t worry about that, based on the shape of your face, you can know your hairstyle according to our suggestions. When I am talking to a hairstylist, I discover that the face shape is important as much as hair texture. Hair strands have a life of their … Continue reading How to find the hairstyle suitable for face?