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Innovations that are guided by smallholder farmers, adapted to local circumstances, and sustainable for the economy and environment will be necessary to ensure food security in the future.

Nothing is better than going home to family and eating good food and relaxing.

I like food. I like eating. And I don’t want to deprive myself of good food.

Human beings do not eat nutrients, they eat food.

My smile has been my ticket to the world. Smiling releases the same feel-good hormones you get jogging. Caring for your lips and gums is important. I brush my teeth morning and night, alternating toothpaste brands. In addition to flossing, I use a Water Pik to massage my gums and remove food particles.

People need to look at wildlife conservation in its totality. As soon as you lose the apex predator, it has harmful consequences right down the food chain.

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  • D T: Regarding the “bile/bitter water” and all the comments asking if it’s “shit water”, I read a few blogs explaining what this 苦水 is. From what I can understand, story goes is that this particular dish comes from the Dai (傣) people. They are closely related to the Lao and Thai people, so maybe they’re descendants from Laos, Thailand, Myanmar people who came to Yunnan. In the mountains, they let their herd of cows graze freely. When the cows are thirsty, they drink the water that flows from the mountain springs, when they’re hungry, they graze on clean green grass. They are never herded back into farms or kept in pens, and live amongst the mountains and hills in herds. The owner then goes into the hills to look for the herd, if he wants to slaughter one for food. The cows have a bell, which is marked by the owner so no-one else steals or accidentally kills one, hung on their neck, so the owner just needs to follow the ringing sound to know where they are. The “water” from the intestines are actually the digested grass that the cow fed on, and is a staple ingredient in this dish called 撒撇. 

    In Asia, offals are very normal and lots of people eat them. So you may be grossed out, but there’s no need to leave stupid comments. The world is a huge place with many different cultures, try to be an educated person rather than an ignorant one. And there’s nothing worse than an ignorant and stuck-up person. For this, in Mandarin, we have an idiom called 井底之蛙 jing3 di3 zhi1 wa1. For the explanation of this idiom, you can go look at this article to explain it in English:

  • 늠구용: 도대체 이 동네는 안나는 게 뭘까….
  • cida Oliveira: Oi moça prendada” ❣?
  • Jacky Rodriguez: That family is so lucky to have her . You can see the Love she has for them she cooks with such joy and enjoys to see them eat her food God Bless.
  • genie song: I can’t wait to try this dish. It’s so cool. Definitely travel to yunnan when there’s a chance
  • JinHui Lee: 무슨 맛일까..?상상이 안가네
  • 김정은: 최근 영상에도 한국어 자막이 있음 좋겠어요..ㅠㅠ
  • Nely Muniz: Que delícia de reseitas parabéns
  • aj km: Wahh finally I saw kingchilly…. actually I was expecting to see in other episode too…..???
  • 김굵은소금: 상상도 못한 음식의 향연… 부추 라임 끄덕끄덕 하다가 소의 장액에서 ? ㅋㅋㅋ 얼마나 내공이 깊으신지 동작에 군더더기 하나 없으십니다 최고네요
  • ah chong qun yong: 在板屋下一家人用餐真溫馨真羨慕。再多錢也買不到這些溫馨和幸福。
  • Yijun Weng: 如果博主需要人翻译字幕, 不嫌弃的话可以联系我, 无偿翻译!!
  • Angeldenfaith Flores: I wish i have a life like u, so peacefull
  • 김은지: 모자가 마음에 들어요
  • Niki Waghela: I love ur cutting style ?I like ur naife? love to see how you cooking..keep it up
  • Aseng Mili: Nowadays I start my day by watching ur videos frm India
  • Jany Cler: Delícia, parabéns beijos
  • Darti Dartiyah: Saya sangat suka video Dianxi xiaoge
  • Ling Mellor: 太诱人了!???超想去滇西小哥家吃几顿家常便饭啊!
  • Daniele Ferreira Gonçalves: Hummm ? ? deu vontade ??
  • 너굴: 신기하다…귀찮을텐데 어떻게 저리 다 만들어먹지
  • Niharika Gogoi: I wish I was so creative and perfect in cooking and all the stuff she does…I think are parents are pretty proud of her…love her…??????
  • 참이슬: 소 장액 + 고수 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 진짜 평생 못잊을 맛일듯….
  • guyseanz: I literally just laughed out loud at 1:34 – 1:35 when she poured that intestines. It sounded like it came straight out of a cartoon. ???
  • paulo francisco: Que lindo lugar parabéns menina linda ??????????
  • Kesia Pakpahan: Please, english subtitle sis…
    Im from indonesia
  • Mafe Avila: I really like your cooking vlog..I feel happy when I see reminds me how simple life bring us a contented ang happy life…
  • Alejandro Camino: I want to live there ?so peaceful
  • แสงจันทร์ พรมภา: ทำอาหารน่ากินเป็นครอบครัวที่ดูอบอุ่นจังเลย
  • To โพธาราม: บ้านผมเรียกทำลาบเนื้อ ใส่เพี้ยอ่อนของวัวแต่ใส่น้อยๆ อร่อยครับ
  • The Ultimate: Anyone knows the title of the background music? So beautiful! Thanks!
  • Ivy Buena: I want to experience the nature of your land,I love the way you cooking,evry time you cook so clean and so yummy, everything you need to cook is in your yard, I want to live there,soooo nice and cool
  • Lucrecia Jimenez: Excelentes videos !!
    Mis respetos para sus costumbres y forma de vivir es hermosa ejemplar me fascinaron hasta me dieron ganas de estar ahí y convivir tanta historia felicidades ?????
  • Joh Hainie: pilipino funs from philiphnes i love all of you do you so pretty i like you?
  • te ri: 나 심부름 잘할수있고 해주는거 다 잘먹을수있는데 저집에가서 저가족하고 저녁먹고 저언니랑 같이 잠자고 아침에 일어나서 손잡고 들에나가고싶다..
    아.. 나는 중국말1도 못하지.. 그게아니라도 나같은건 …
  • Yanina Leiva: Es el paraíso verdadero !!
  • Heather Young: “Muddy flesh.” I’m loving the subtitles.
  • Shabufa Nasir Mim: Plz many of your international fans need English from Bangladesh ??
  • Aida Iris: Nossa!!! Nossa!!! QUE delícia! Maravilhoso! Amo essa jovem fazer comida! QUE LINDO! Ela colhe lava, moe, cozinha, tritura, faz qualquer coisa!!! PARABÉNS
  • Tedica Turtin: Thanks for the English translation
  • Xtina Nunyabizz: What are the ingredients!!! I’m dying to know ❤️
  • Fake Religion: How do survive who suffering from hemmorhoids with this quantity of chillies ???
  • kosngosan: In indonesia, we called “pecal” ?
  • SHAKALAKA BOOMBOOM: You are the type of person with whom I would love to spend my entire life with.
  • Moon Goo: 쓴맛 때문에  평생 못 잊는 게 아닐까?
  • miko miko: Pegagan… selada air…
    Salad recomended vegetables…
  • quoc dung: hok lẽ có mình tôi là người việt xem clip này
  • Morine Mckoy: I watch your video all the way from Jamaica love you
  • Mike Olson: Amazing. What a lovely young lady.
  • Bimala Basnet: I loved watching your videos that helps to distress my busy life
  • Rasa Wetherill: She works really hard each day for big family ,,nice girl
  • Gloria Diaz: She is reallygood in cooking preparation love the foods
  • juny patierez: Can i mary you? I loved your cooking and being modest lady. Haha., i enjoyed watching even i dont understand the language.,
  • Shan Raj: I Love nature from Tamil
  • Rudy Barrios: That looks delicious
  • Thuỳ Linh Nguyễn: I like you so much. I love the way you cook. Give us more video. ???❤️❤️❤️ I come from Viet Nam. And you are so beautiful
  • Rohaeni Siti: 我喜歡的生活
  • Edward Riggins: This video has such an ominous title, it’s PERFECT.
  • Citra Pradiphta: 1:33 what was that?
  • Tabbybor Subido: I love dianxi pretty yunnan chef! ??
  • Aninha Do Sr Jesus: Da vontade de comer ?
  • 융찌: 무슨 맛일지 감도 안오네요
  • MÃŘŚ: 3:01
    That kid?
  • Tippa Wan: ???I love watching your cooking, this remind of my chilhood.
    We had our own Supermarkt, where we could finde a lot of things we needed.
    That was yesterday.
  • RatTaxi: What is the name of that very wide – brimmed hat? I love it.
  • Pii’Joy Nongyai: อาหารทุกอย่างน่ากินมากๆเลยค้ะ ❤
  • ดีชัวรู้หมด แต่อดไม่ได้: ปลูกที่กิน. กินที่ปลูก. ชีวิตรดีจริงๆ น่าอยู่น่ากินมาก
  • suhas batra: Her every single video is a masterpiece..makes me feel very relaxed… simply said ‘Heavenly’….love from Bangladesh.
  • Bangaram Jogi: Really I like u so much darling… I want to meet you….
  • Kurt Bautista: OMG. This is surreal. I just started watching your videos last night when I was suffering from insomnia. What you’re doing is really awesome. You’re an inspiration.
    I suddenly missed my little hometown here in the Philippines.
    #美味 #你真棒
  • 이이송: 1:23 누나 무슨소리야?
  • Yumah Konyak: I love her simplicity.
  • Sony Eko: you are angel, my dream girl…
  • Joan A.C: I love the sound of rain slowly pouring. As someone living in desert land, i really miss it.
  • Seyie Rame: Wow dt king chillie..?
  • 우울한홍냥: 장액 ….. ㅜㅜ
  • babu ravindra: I love u r patience regarding for preparing food for u r family members and for u r followers
  • David Ben-Abraham: The art of preparing food. Excellent video and photography!
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The easiest diet is, you know, eat vegetables, eat fresh food. Just a really sensible healthy diet like you read about all the time.

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The most interesting biofuel efforts avoid using land that’s expensive and has high opportunity costs. They do this by getting onto other types of land, or taking advantage of byproducts that aren’t used in the food chain today, or by intercropping.

My best hostess tip is to have good food and really good music!

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It is an old custom amongst Jewish children, to become war-like on the ‘L’ag Beomer.’ They arm themselves from head to foot with wooden swords, pop-guns and bows and arrows. They take food with them, and go off to wage war.

The things that make Korean food delicious are garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, chili powder, and chili paste. They make anything delicious.

Pastry Wallpaper – Chocolate Bar Wallpaper

Indian food has been huge in the UK forever and ever, but that’s because it has a historical rooting. America, I think is really ripe for it. There’s been so much interest in Indian culture.

Even though it’s meant to be the season of jollity and goodwill, there’s something delicious about the anticipation of a Christmassy ghost thrill.

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Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.

My favourite area of Milano is by the canons – I go to an authentic Italian restaurant around there on a Sunday for delicious food.

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