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My idea of fast food is a mallard.

Put your nose into the Bible everyday. It is your spiritual food. And then share it. Make a vow not to be a lukewarm Christian.

Nobody trusts the industrial food system to give them good food.

Fitness isn’t about being extreme and hard-core. Healthy eating is not about counting calories, weighing food, or finding less tasteful ingredients. Life is about balance.

Clean water and access to food are some of the simplest things that we can take for granted each and every day. In places like Africa, these can be some of the hardest resources to attain if you live in a rural area.

We may find in the long run that tinned food is a deadlier weapon than the machine-gun.

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  • Jin Soo: Definitely the richest person in youtube.

    Rich of culture
    Rich of nature
    Rich of personality
    Rich of hardwork
    Rich of love!!!!

  • Cô Tấm ngày nay Country cuisine: Best channel, best cook, best farmer, best home make, best garden. All in one. Who agree ?
  • Ram Setni: But no ones gonna talk about her carrying the dog?
  • Raniyah Rakiep: I’m honestly in love with this woman. She is such a role model and I’d love to be like her , hardworking and passionate
  • Rashmi Kumar: She herself cleaned the whole land??? it takes 5 together to clean it
  • Ẩm Thực Mẹ Làm: This is the best channel in the world until now. Who agrees with me?
    She inspired me and the whole world, she’s like a princess. From Vietnam
  • Cheyenne Rae: She straight up made tamales why isn’t anyone talking about this ?
  • Crüsh: The most beautiful scene is when Liziqi is laughing with her grandma. She’s such a gem.
  • alice chu: Her grandma is the happiest old lady in the world. I wish I could have such an amazing grand daughter when I’m old lol
  • Allison Hook: Imagine how much work it was to cut all those corn stalks down
  • chris mclaughlin: Chinese tamales.
    Chinese tortilla chips.
    Chinese cornbread.
    Chinese guacamole.
    Chinese salsa.
    Chinese roastin’ ears.
    I’m hungry.
  • Jotham Debbarma: Grocery: open
    Liqizi: am about to end this grocery career
  • Neo: Never thought I’d see guacamole and chips in a video like this ?
  • • • Lola •: And here’s me who can’t keep my mini cactus alive…
  • Kaitlyn Levy: I can’t imagine the time it took to collect all those well-used cooking utensils and processing machines. Even the corn drying area is so lovely.
  • Sofia Olivas: She did chips…. SHE DID CORN CHIPS FROM SCRATCH OMG
  • Aldrin Adil: Me: watching her do heavy chores

    Also Me: ” I can’t barely watch that. “

  • Dong Dong: She preserves ancient Chinese wisdoms and ways for everything
  • Lupe Freitas: Is too perfect, to be her real every day life, look to me a movie and she is a good actress, if it is beautiful ! If is real or movie.
  • Vy’s Life: I’m honestly in love with this girl ♥️
  • KayeMaria: I love how she always takes care of her grandmother.
  • Ovidio Sansores: Can’t help thinking about this as Asian cuisine gone Mexican mode ?
  • Satanic Fawn: I don’t speak any Chinese yet seeing you two laugh and smile makes me miss my grandma
  • nejercm: I love it when she shows her grandma and takes care of her or chat with her, and the scene where they laugh ♥️♥️. I wish my grandma is still alive.

    May your grandma lives for long and happy.

  • Gabriela GATINHA: Impressionante o desempenho dessa mulher queria ter a metade da coragem que ela tem ????
  • Crystal Mathes: I just love and adore her sweet grandma.
  • Cahyana Chanel: I will gain sooo much if i was ur sister?
  • EUN BI: I see her life, i see her smile
    All of my sadness is fade away
    Perhaps her significant life make me feel amazing
  • Meredydd Cooper: I wish there were translations and recipes included.
  • Lilong langti: When I get her notification ,I’ll leave all my work and watch her clip first???. Who is with me ? ??
  • 墨洇于水: 从挑水、背篓、掰玉米的动作,,我相信这是真的懂农活的女孩,你太优秀了,无与伦比……
  • MẸ VẮNG NHÀ: This is the most perfect channel in the world I know. She is very beautiful and resourceful
  • Wenqin Huang: 女神一样的存在。巧笑倩兮,神仙颜值,心灵手巧,奇思妙想,玉米包衣编的衣服篓子和拖鞋简直绝了~
  • Anna Loke: I wish I could go visit and spend some time with her . She is amazing
  • Eva Ntotsia: Every YouTuber’s video is scripted then edited. Idk why everyone thinks that scripted=bad only under liziqi’s videos. Like of course she has a schedule and an objective. Some videos take months to put together, so she needs to plan them out beforehand. This doesn’t make her effort and talent less genuine.
  • Thanos apokapouallou: I think Liziqi is the only person who can bit Jack Noris in everything
  • Flower Boi: 1:05 peppa? what are you doing on liziqi’s door?
  • gracefully taken: Who is she?? Where can i meet her?? I will marry her??
    Oops m a girl ???
  • Nda Winda: Amazing women… ?

    I’m from indonesia, love Li Ziqi

  • aa Ahlawat: Before eating herself she always offer to grandma
    I love the way she take care of her grandma?????
  • asmita koli: Why more dislike
    Stupid person those who dislike
  • 帕切科艾米莉: 我喜欢这个渠道,这使我更珍惜我的食物,有些人必须收割才能吃,而有些人在超市买东西,我们已经有食物了,感谢上帝和田野工作者
  • Kaiza Maheo: Don’t you think she’s a bit too strong??
  • Anne G.: Like music, food unites us. I am very fond of Chinese culture but this has helped me appreciate it even more. ♥️
  • gladfm: Not a single bad comment. I think everyone from all the world knows how to appreciate hard work. This is a remarkable woman. ?
  • Pollyana IPDA: Tou apaixonada por esse canal ???tudo incrível da vontade de não para de assistir ??? essa garota e mt trabalhadeira e rápida
  • SuperMarbelle: Such a hard worker. Oh, To be young again.
  • AudOldEnds: 那个小狗太可爱了!
  • Jimmy、: It’s my luck to meet you in my best years. I love you Li Zi Seven
  • Steffy Mathew: Everytime I think she is done she does like 10 more things
  • Xs and Os: This is probably the best tasting corn in the world.
  • Jed Balaoas: I’m so worried with her alot of corn she get it and put in the mini forest car ….I’m so proud of you
  • Sunandita Datta: Such a good hearted person.God bless her and her grandmother
  • Chicken McNug: 1:04 Hold on hold on is that Peppa pig on her door???
  • Selfinflicted G: Jesus Christ this girl works so freaking hard
  • オオワンマサヤ: 凄く綺麗な女性で料理の素質そしてお年寄りを労わる
  • Nature Andbirdlovernut: Fascinating!! I am indeed hooked on this channel!
  • Mystical Maya: Am I the only one that is so pleased that this young Chinese lady just made home grown guacamole and tamales? She could be my neighbor in California 🙂
  • Milind Sahare: Your work is inspirational, pleasant and most satisfactory.
  • karlen wahongan: Adakah orang indonesia di sini?
    Kalo ada Like nya mana? ?
  • James choi: 咱们中国在油管第一博主,太厉害了,绝对的前无古人后无来者
  • Tsong Lam: I really in love with this channel ??
  • iamkitkatbar: All this for some Chips and Dip
  • Shauni Nickz: Thst dog is so happy. I wanna move here❤️
  • S Asailm: Liziqi, please take care of yourself. You are one in a million???Truly, internet community concerns about you and well being of your grandma.
  • Sharon語: 看到玉米的播種跟收成,真的是辛苦了
  • Zach T: i’m confused chinese pretending to be japanese?
  • Eduardo Zuchowski: Que mulher incrível, trocaria tudo para estar com ela!!!
  • Yorikami089: Oh! Aguacate, pico de gallo, micro tortillas, manakata, elotes asados, So beautiful!
    I love chinese! ❤❤❤
  • Nathan HE: You don’t need to understand her language to appreciate her hard working. The diligence and endurance deserve my respect.
  • asmhan rmadan: بجد روعه بتخليني اعيش معاكي بجد تحفه ❤️??استمري
  • Toni C: She is very deserving of every check coming her way
  • R.P. ‘Ts’m’olaka: 7:50, I wanna be your dog following you everywhere!
  • Leandro Konatu: is it just me or do you also feel worthless after watching the videos? So let’s do something too!?
  • Justa Channel: Imagine visiting a rural Chinese farm and they make you guac and tortilla chips from scratch
  • Cindy Nguyen: The scenes where it shows all the amazing and wonderful times she spends with her grandmother makes my heart so full <3
  • Oscar Francois De Jarjayes: As much as I enjoy watching what she does, I love the BGM very much.
  • J Jean: She inspired me to go back to my village and doing the same thing.
  • Karine Karblak: Did she… Did she just made guacamole, tortilla chips AND TAMALES?
  • pookiehoney: Everyone’s loving your channel because it reminds them of peace and beauty.
  • Rameez Ajmeri: if i did this kind of hard work….. my ass would be like Nicki Minaj in one Day….
  • 蓝蓝大头: 感觉你好能干啊 每天不停劳作
  • hc: Your pets are one of my favorite part of your show! ?
  • Ariana x: Thank you for this. The atmosphere is incredible, I want to live like that.(o´ω`o)
  • Li Chun: Translation
    Grandma: comb your hair. It’s as messy as a chicken nest.
    Ziqi: Grandma, the camera is filming us! Don’t make me lose face! Am I your biological granddaughter? Hahaha…
  • pez kin: Im learning wisdom from this preety girl
  • Ngayaipam Shimray: Now I want to live in country side.??
  • ruthycht queria: I love how she makes her own nachos…!!
  • Nathaniel’s Phone: I want to marry this woman! Amazing!
  • peter Ouseph: Liziqi ഫാൻസ്‌ ഇവിടെ കമോൺ …..?
  • A C: All those uses of corn? Who would have known. I’m exhausted just watching her work! I’m ashamed of myself!
    Were they drinking corn liquor too?
  • Fera Herlina: She is amazing. Im speechless
  • PurpleCrazyCat8: 2:07 actually mood
  • Henry Lau: China traditional culture.Every simple food material can make lots of delicious dishes.
  • Skyeralton Jr: I want wife like this.. ?
  • Oscar Rodriguez: Te amo eres una gran mujer saludos y bendiciónes you are a great woman greetings and blessings??
  • Tarun Kumar: Wooow. Her passion for work and cooking. Should be a Role for all of us.
  • Norman Ortega: Lets see some videos involving grilling.
  • todd collings: This is more than just a labor of love. this is contentment and joy in life.
  • Cheche Arenos: I’m a lazy person doing household chores especially cooking. But this young lady, inspires me to improve on my cooking skills and enjoy what I’m doing so I won’t get bored.

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Italy will always have the best food.

Melting Ice Cream Wallpaper – Pink Candy Background

If some consumers believe that it’s better from the point of view of their health to have organic food, God bless them. Let them buy it. Let them pay a bit more.

The lack of access to proper nutrition is not only fueling obesity, it is leading to food insecurity and hunger among our children.

Dhokla Wallpaper – Wallpaper Cheese

Sometimes we should express our gratitude for the small and simple things like the scent of the rain, the taste of your favorite food, or the sound of a loved one’s voice.

I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.

The Cranberries Wallpaper Hd – Breakfast Images Hd

Buffalo meat tastes just as delicious as red meat, but it comes much leaner. Because of its leanness, it also cooks more quickly.

Restaurants remind me of bands: there’s lots of camaraderie, people work very closely together, very hard, and it’s a bad job to pick if you want to make lots of money. Whether music or food, the reward always has to be because you love it.

Pepperoni Pizza Wallpaper – Cheesecake Wallpaper

I loved the experience of going to the farmers’ market, seeing where your food is grown, turning it into something delicious.

My body was built through years of good food – and beer.

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