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A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap.

We may find in the long run that tinned food is a deadlier weapon than the machine-gun.

One pillar of my cooking is that salad dressing is sacred and that you always make it with the most delicious oil you can find. Usually, that means extra-virgin olive oil.

Appetite, craving for food, is a constant and powerful stimulator of the gastric glands.

I spent my thirties living out of boxes and moving every six months to a year. It was my cloud period: I just wandered like a cloud for ten years, following the food supply. I was a hunter, gatherer, an academic migrant.

When you taste something delicious, ask for the recipe! Or offer to trade a recipe!

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  • katie kawaii: This video represents *two years* of work. That’s incredible.
  • Ann I love your channel Zhou: at the end shows she was invited to visit Malaysia and meet the King and queen.The King also a fan of Liziqi.
  • Niranjana Sanjeev: She made her own paper.
    She made her own ink.
    She made her own brushes.
    I see the hard involved is huge, 2 years of hardworking presented in 10 mins.
    God didn’t give her wings, she landed here. She’s an angel.
  • Rajani Chillal: How many of you love her?like me
  • Get back to work: Hangs brushes
    Me: well now she just needs paper
    Starts cutting tree
    Me: DUDE! ?
  • laishram tombisana: Why isn’t she in the Guinness book of world record for being the most talented person in the world?
  • Ray young: she introduce the forgotten chinese cultures, arts, spirit and wisdoms to the world again
  • Username 606: When she cut that wood down, I was like, “Don’t tell me she’s gonna make her own paper?”Boi, was I right.
  • Jewell Manabat: She made everything. From ink to paper. Ugh. This woman amaze me every single day.
  • nur suh4ilah: Malaysia? MALAYSIA???!! Omg you’ve been in Malaysiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ???????
  • Chiara Sirianni: Seriously, is there ANYTHING this woman cannot do? Amazing.
  • Ale: Me: wow, I’ve just fixed a lamp, I’m a genius!Also me after watching this: *teach me master*
  • Rahoi Remmei: The man who marry this girl will be the luckiest man in this world
  • rmzozsener: Never in my whole life have I seen such a multi talented individual…I am absolutely amazed.!!!!!
  • Pang Danny: Liziqi is not just the National treasure of China ??, she’s a Global treasure ??that’s able to rebuilds civilisation once more ??????salutes
  • Lee impp: She could literally build a civilization after nuclear war…..《Fallout 7:Go find Liziqi》
  • Slappy: Carl Sagan: “To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”Liziqi: “Challenge accepted!”
  • 諸葛亮: 中國偉大復興靠的是傳承。。我很欣賞你,在這個年代還能傳承中國傳統文化。這才是真正中國生活。我很喜歡五千年中華傳統文化,包括古人傳下來貴寶發明。馬來西亞同胞
  • SUNNYCURLYGIRL: She is blessed and has grace in what They tought her
  • madcableguy: This channel has some of the best audio and visual work on youtube, this lady is incredibly talented.
  • Zazie L.: Strong woman in city : I don’t need a man.
    Man : Admired.
    Liziqi : I dun need the whole world.
    World : Wow @o@
  • Marylynn Folau: 4:36 was she hiding it from the lady? Lol
  • sophie keo: You got her you got everything.
    She knows everything.
  • Lynnette Jennings: I’ve been watching her videos for a while . Now , whenever I’m working outside on our land, I try to slow my pace down like she does and really be in the moment. I’m in awe of how much more at peace I am just by changing this; which in turn brings me tremendous joy and gratitude. Now, I just need a relaxing soundtrack in the background. ?
  • Cherry Blossom: Why does this make me want to get up and get stuff done…..elegantly
  • Asiyah Shaikh: Now I get how she’s able to support herself financially.Back breaking hard work.
  • Junry Agad: Wow… Honestly when while I watching her all doing, I felt like I’m fallen in love with her… I never ever see a girl like her she’s so creative, talented and course humble
  • River Snow: 我是听不懂四川话,但“偷”羊毛那段太好玩了,想起自己小时候的时光
  • Regina Davita: This girl.. She literally can do everything!! And by everything I really mean EVERY THING!!!!
  • Sophia Dang: Her future kids: mom can I get a new bed?
    Her: goes into forest, comes out with a handmade bamboo bed
  • Jun Jing: 佩服,古代人原来要一年多来做墨。
  • Fei Fei: 她的视频强过太多厉害了某个国,输出文化和文明才是真正强大。了不起?
  • louisa0628 -: 原来生活也可以这样的,原来我们还有很多古老的手艺和文化被我们遗忘了,谢谢你,李子柒
  • Miss Vang: 4:30 she stole the goat hair without the owner knowing lol
  • Cody: This is why writing was such a privilege back then. A sheet of paper alone is very expensive.
  • Iron Shark: WAAAH! How do you know soo many skills?Even the editing of this video and sound… amazing
  • deus ex machina: I first saw her videos on facebook & I was hooked ever since. I can watch her for hours on end, even without the English subs. She’s amazing.
  • Avril Kalungwah: From today onwards i’m gonna try to be as hardworking and motivated as you Liziqi…you’re unique,amazing and rare!!!!
  • Constantine Mao: 看到柒姐打砚台,我笑了:“柒姐太狠了?”
  • Jake Javier: TEACHER: boys and girls, where do you buy your school supplies?
    LIZQI: i made them myself..
  • Lorie Rael: she so very pretty, very talented and very artistic chinese celebrity, i admire her, ❤❤❤❤?????????
  • HungmanX XXX: Is there anything that this girl CAN’T do?/////
  • Ania Tamas: Girl “Are you going to write me?”
    Boy “Wait for 2 years and I will”
  • KerryandRay Rosene: It’s so soothing to watch and listen too. ?
  • 박제이: I wouldn’t complain if she’s named as the world’s most hardworking and talented person. She’s soooooo amazing
  • Ann Salfaeg: everytime i watch her videos makes me emotional??
  • 魂逍遥: 中国的传统技艺,太厉害了!
  • รําเพย ธรรมพัฒนจิต: Only one girl with only two hands can make several
    Amazing things, for this reason China becomes
    Great country with all great hands.Love from Thailand.
  • Wen Qing Li: 专注的人最吸引人,这姑娘真美
  • ILOVEALLNCT ANDFUTUREMEMBERS: I’m really convinced that she transmigrated from Ancient China ?
  • Estael Nolasco: Perfect ! ❤❤
  • ramya sanjay: Amazing talent,no words to tell about this woman
  • Mehtab Alam: No women in this world like her ,she’s amazing she’s so pretty she’s she’s not a human she from other planet ohh god ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Rina Singh Singh: She is extremely talented and she use every elements of nature beautifully ?
  • Simulation Omega: Holy fuck she made
    & an Ink slab
    Crazy awesome
  • Avia Littlehawk: Now I know how expensive caligraphy papers are. It’s expensive because of the handiwork of the maker
  • Mike HAN: 4:41 translate “wow that scared me” XD
  • 程安娜: 好喜歡子柒的影片
  • Sabrina Spellman: God: how many skills/talent you want me to grant you?Liziqi: YES!
  • Sia Shergill: Li Ziqi, you are so talented, love from India
  • 桜上水Lyrico: 发明笔墨纸砚的祖先们此时已开心的棺材板快压不住了…
  • Speed Art [NS]: 9:11
    my heart <3
  • Simin Lin: 很多youtuber可以看看的,Ziqi这个短片居然花了两年时间
  • Henry Z: If you really think about it, all of her videos put together are basically a DIY video series on rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse
  • JASHAN E JANNAT: She is real living Legend
  • luv_nane28: “Honey, we don’t have anything to write with”…. “don’t worry, I’ll make some ink, and brushes, and paper” ? I can’t anymore. This human is AMAZING!
  • jan lin: 有什麼是妳不會的?
  • Jhelly caparas Sune: So pretty and talented she can do anything im so amaze to watching you
  • Willem ng: 子柒姐,原来有来马来西亚啊。
  • John Crawford: such beautiful craft, poetry in motion. Amazing!
  • ishita mandal: Is there something which she doesn’t know? ??
  • Andrew Bridges: Hello,I work in Contemporary Fine Art and I was curious if prints might be available from this breath-taking piece.
    Making every part of the process from beginning to end is something few artisans and crafts-people can boast.
    I would be very interested in a print of this work.

    Thank you very much and this channel and videos is amazing!!!!!
    Thank you for such wonderful and educational content.


  • Bushy Raps: Not only am I grateful for the videos, I’m so grateful for whoever is translating and captioning these
  • Raha B: she made paper ink brush…I’m crazy right now
  • Monzer Qubbaj: Is there any thing in this earth you girl can’t do? ? I just can’t stop loving you…
  • Pawat Seritrakul: If there’s an apocalypse, save this one lady and you’ve essentially saved all of human civilization.
  • binyang luo: 4:30子柒你学坏了 竟然偷羊毛 哈哈
  • It’s your Boi: I wanted to write a comment asking can i marry her but then i realised that literally nobody deserves this woman
  • Hana Avelina: your grandfather might be a terrific person, he will be proud of you .
  • Julie Wei: 之前不了解情况也以为假的。做了一番了解,我觉得你真的很棒。加油加油?!我会一直看你的频道
  • Bernice Woo: Woah she came to Malaysia! Who else here is from Malaysia?‍♀️. 在微博看了这支影片 但没想到你来到了马来西亚。好希望你能在马来西亚办粉丝见面会 让更多人接触中华文化。
  • Madeleine McKellar: Your videos are such an absolute joy to watch! <3
  • Desireé Navas Pineda: Who’s she? She’s a multi talented person, literally a princess, warrior, artist, teacher… admirable ❤️❤️❤️
  • Liza Cagara: This girl is so amazing i really admire all her works.???
  • Kireshnee Pillay: Omgosh..? Such a graceful process through time, And everything around is sooo heavenly.. Omw.. even the ?’s are in such a great condition ?.. ?
  • Mighty Reds: The best channel on Youtube ever, this is amazing
  • natkwq: She came to Malaysia, I’m so happy ??
  • dana pallessen: this woman is a treasure. may all young people learn to value the traditional skills of one’s own culture!
  • Azilrun AB: She is a fair maiden, so beautiful young single lady with good characteristic and qualities.
  • 40KoopasWereHere: ….
    (looks down at my 6-in-1 multicolor pen and crummy spiral notebook)
  • hsifegnaro: 谢谢你的分享!真的很喜欢!—来自马来西亚的粉丝?
  • mariyam jaufar: Masha Allah she is Amazing and her talent my god cant discribe hard work ? she is one of my favorite love from Maldives ??
  • JellyBoulder: Wow, the sound design alone that went into these videos is amazing!
  • AERI AERI: She met the King himself…Im beyond impressed???
  • health and beauty remedies: I also want to land on this good natural place ??
  • yan cai: She’s showing the ancient ways of how Chinese people live, though life is much better nowadays in most rural areas of China than 20 years ago, many traditional cultures and lifestyles have been preserved.
  • Eric Draven: look some idiots disliked i think they live in a box of dead flys
  • Loretta Posey: You madam is simply amazing and I love watching you and learning your way of making things from before
  • Monkeyd Luffy: She is talented,strong, adorable and beautiful girl…

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In Tennessee, you can live off fast food. It’s everywhere… But it’s nowhere in San Francisco, and I didn’t know how to navigate the city to eat.

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How delicious is pleasure after torment!

Dig into life with wild roving abandon, opening your mind to the delicious possibilities that perplex the mind, entice the heart, and excite the spirit.

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We farm workers are closest to food production. We were the first to recognize the serious health hazards of agriculture pesticides to both consumers and ourselves.

Summertime in Montana, I become a monosyllabic baboon. I want to ride with the cowboys, go to brandings, doctor cattle, and train my horses. But in a few months, the snow starts to fly. The days become shorter; the yellow color of interior light becomes delicious. I look at my shelves, and every book just glows, and I want to be inside of that.

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Our children’s health and well-being are dependent on our commitment to promoting food access and good eating habits at home, at school and in the community.

Most cultures traditionally link food and spirituality directly with periodic restrictions and celebrations punctuating the year. Abstinence from particular foods or full-on fasting is part of many religious traditions and holidays.

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President Obama has almost doubled our national debt to more than $19 trillion, and growing. And yet, what do we have to show for it? Our roads and bridges are falling apart, our airports are in Third World condition, and forty-three million Americans are on food stamps.

Nobody in Singapore drinks Singapore Slings. It’s one of the first things you find out there. What you do in Singapore is eat. It’s a really food-crazy culture, where all of this great food is available in a kind of hawker-stand environment.

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