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I started keeping track of my pet peeves and so far have counted over 160… but to pick one: muffins. They’re imposters. They think they’re breakfast food, but really, they are just terrible cupcakes.

If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?

We simply can no longer afford to deny the full potential of one half of the population. The world needs to tap into the talent and wisdom of women. Whether the issue is food security, economic recovery, health, or peace and security, the participation of women is needed now more than ever.

My husband and I went to Japan for our honeymoon, and you look at, like, the presentation of the food, and it’s ridiculous. It looks like a Mondrian painting or something. Everything looks like a bunch of little Hello Kitty erasers when you eat a little bento box in Japan. It’s so precise and beautiful and processed and neat.

You can do good work simply staying up all night and eating nothing but junk food, but probably not in the long term.

I have no taste for corruptible food nor for the pleasures of this life. I desire the Bread of God, which is the Flesh of Jesus Christ, who was of the seed of David, and for drink I desire His Blood, which is love incorruptible.

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  • Casandraelf: i recently started watching li ziqi in addition to dianxi xiaoge, and while i love both channels, i think comparing the two is like comparing apples to oranges: they’re both the same thing(chinese village cuisine channels) but they have different atmospheres shown in the videos.

    dianxi’s videos show a warmer, friendlier atmosphere while li’s videos are colder but more beautifully presented. i don’t know why they’re so different, but they just are and i appreciate both of them

  • Travis Peterson: I’ve been addicted to this channel for the past week. ?
  • Baby Girl: I can’t understand your language but when i watch your video i fill too much happiness?
  • Sarah Sooklal: Your lifestyle relaxes me. What a peaceful way to live
  • H H: I love your relationship with your granny, cherish that. I miss my granny, she taught me so much about cooking, gardening, flowers, and… love of course. ?
  • jl cogito: The Chinese immigrants brought something like that in my country long long time ago. We call it Ma Chang and it’s one of my childhood favorite along with a lot of other Chinese food they brought. My grandfather is Chinese who was sent to his relatives here during the war by his parents as a very young boy. The only child they send hoping his safer here. He may be strick with his kids but he was a wonderful grandfather to us. Along with grandmother and my other relatives, we have a fushion of dishes at home, I remember. Now I’m older, I like to try different foods from different places because of them.
  • 이서연: 저는 운남햄 쫑즈를 먹어보고싶어여
  • Priti Das: I feel that after my retirement, i want to lead this kind of life.
  • Elenita Nunez: everyday is a feast day to this family.
  • Niko Ji: She is beautiful, a good cook and a good woman. Love the dumpling so yummy.
  • Ren Lv: 那个火腿??,好喜欢看婆婆,总是笑呵呵的,笑容会传染,画面特别温馨
  • jup iter: you people know how to live in best way.please stay as you are dont get modern.
  • Jeevitha P: Ur amazing in all, love ur video. Happy to see like this lifestyle.
  • animelover6195: MY FAMILY MAKES THIS EVERY YEAR!!! There is significantly more yelling from my mom though… Apparently, even after 20 years, I still suck and wrapping Zhong…
  • Aprilhoney Navarro: I’ve been watching you for 5 hours straight, and i am hooked, ilove everything you used in your kitchen,. Im inloved with your food, and all the fresh ingredients you use, ilove the sound when you chop..the jars and that wok? from Philippines, i hope you notice me…❤️ I wish im from your household?
  • 호태태호: 맛잇어보여ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ
  • شام الياسمين سوريه: صحيح اني لااحب طعامهم بس والله يعجبني حب هل بنت للطبخ وترتيب واذدخار. الاكل. لايام. وشهور. وراحه البال الي عندهم. ماشالله. بتحسس الانسان انو لسا في. راحه بهل زمان الصعب.
  • Savitri Besra: Amazing dish I love this god bless you,,,,,,,
  • نعمة الاسلام: صلوا على من بكى شوقا لرؤيتنا
  • 델리: 맛날거 같아용?
  • joanna mclaurin: Your videos are amazing and I you create something extraordinary each time. That has to be God given?
  • urvashi tanwar: Whenever I free I watch your videos that makes me happy but I can’t understand your language
  • 차묵: 생각날 때마다 또 보는 영상.. 소박하지만 진짜진짜 맛있는 그런 맛일듯
  • Samera B: اللهم صل وبارك على سيدنا محمد
  • 이영복: 할머님 모습도 참으로
    인자해 보이셔요
  • Am Ab: اتمنئ اعيش هناك معكم جو لطيف ..
  • Adore Gigin Era: We make sweet rice cake like this ! Love from India
  • Vivo phone: หมูขึ้นราเเล้วประเทศไทยบ่กิน555
  • Charli Ou: 这个手法跟我奶奶的一样!真棒?
  • Shaheen Shaikh: What a wonderful lifestyle. Mind relax and enjoy your vedeos. Thanks for sharing. From ?? India. Lots of love ?
  • 助けて神様: 素晴らしい❗
  • rlfwnd469: 하몽 독일햄 독일에만 있는 줄 알았는데
    와… 보기만해도 꿀꺽…
  • Draco hahaha: 老奶奶笑得好可愛♡
  • Mmebled31 sans nom: You are talentdid l’m apreciouse really
  • Laarni Domingo: Your culture is amazing! Your life is beautiful..I love it ?
  • Rachel Stephenson: Seeing you prepare the food with your grandmother makes me miss mine.
  • lees carv: 自然的声音。打破植物的叶子。不同种类的鸟啁啾。水流的声音。工作的声音。洗涤。切割。关闭罐子。噼里啪啦的火声。你捕获它们很漂亮。做得好!谢谢!
    (The sounds of nature. Breaking leaves of a plant. Different kinds of birds chirping. The sound of water flowing. The sounds of work. Washing. Cutting. Closing Jars. Crackling sound of a fire. You capture them beautifully. Well done! Thank you!)
  • Young Li: 邻居间分享食物,特别暖心,小时候我也专门帮我妈妈跑腿,给邻居家送自己做的好东西
  • Chuang Li: 第一次看到产粽叶的植物。一直看到的都是干粽叶。
  • Akosi Aya: This is one of my favorites here in Taiwan, rice dumplings. ?
  • Positive Bubbles: More than cooking the environment nature’s sounds really make my mind peace..god bless you …you are in the heaven.
  • Monique: I love this! So calming!!!
  • MonetloveSNSD: 天阿~ 看起來好好吃唷~
  • Ahmad Hassan: how beautifully she makes videos, hours work in minutes video.
  • Eagle Shadow: Subtitel bahasa indoneaianya mana neng?.. ya sudah bahasa jawa saja.. hehe..
  • memo alhalaby: يا الللللللللللله قمة الابداع والتميز ? ? ? ? ? ?
  • naga guru: Ur cooking style is super
  • star love: it is so nice her grandma always helping, i love to watch your video and putting the family’s together:)
  • Um Sovandara: What a nice view in that area! Every videos u made make me 1 2 live there! I wish i could go visit there!
  • Phoenix Hon: Grandma doesn’t need to use her mouth to tie ??
  • Ben Liu: This reminds how I grew up, so much dawn work to do all day to just make a meal. I am not missing the life style at all, but great to see how beautiful life is in videos.
  • JeiD MaGo: Ugh to be able to bond with your grandmother that way makes me wish I was back home making food with my grandma. You are amazing and your videos are amazing and your grandma is so cute she reminds me of my grandma ❤?
  • MiewMiew Mini Tini Vimpi Kitchen Noi Noi♡*^ .-): 4:46 Look good^__^:)*
    4:54 Ummmm… YUMMY YUMMY*^ .-)
  • Chi Fan: 真好,就地取材,应有尽有!
  • наталья Дударева: Ты только погляди))) все растет все съедобное и травы и коренья. Богом благословенный край и народ трудолюбивый
  • Prospera Dakpiri: for the past week all do is watch your videos. so relaxing
  • Roshan Lama: sister I have one question how to keep the met fresh at all times
  • mario betancourt: I LOVE how grandmas an OG at tying those knots
  • 气泡大仙: 我们这里包的都是枕头粽,比较大只哈哈哈,三角粽真的很好看了?
  • Keziah Gonmei: Happy just to see your videos…I wonder how happy they might be, those who got to eat your cooking. I think what you’re doing is the true happiness
  • Wansopha Sophawan: ติดตามคุณทุกคลิปเลยค่ะชอบมากคุณเก่งจริงๆ
  • Issy guise: From New Zealand,l fell in love with your show. I grew up in the farm also & we leave of the land. You are amazing… especially the way you cook. Herb’s mixtures & meat with spices sauce deep fried,or steamed. Hi lm ( Issy) from New Zealand lm in love with you ?.
  • مولاتي فاطمه: الله يعطيك الصحه والعافيه ياارب ???خلي نساء العالم يشوفونجن ويتعلمون القناعه والرظااا ويتعلمون التدبير وليس التبذير
  • Ruhana Che Rose: ??soooo good. Love this video. Delicious desserts ❤️❤️❤️
  • ABCD XYZ: I missing my grandma so badly?
  • APHRODITEEEEEE: That Grandma is so cute!
  • نجوم السماء لامعه: ❤❤ انتي رائعه
  • Bernedette Kuteyi: I am so addicted to this young lady, I love the way she washes everything she is going to use for her cooking. Unlike som of the so-called celebrity chefs. Who sometimes put their dirty fingers in food that is been cooked
  • tam pham: ㅂㅛ ㅏㅁ ㅠㅇㅕㅍㄹㅛㅇㄱ ㄱㅁㄷ ㅎㅇㄱ
  • cute01781: In indonesia we call Bacang
  • Oerba Dia Vanille: Wonderful… This is a beautiful Family 🙂 so much care for each other
  • surabhi haroon: Wonderful and soothing videos. I get peace of mind after watching these videos
  • 順騰摸瓜: 感覺超幸福的!
  • Maria Otero: How talented!!
  • renata Aparecida santo: coloca legendas em português por favor
  • نعمة الاسلام: هل من مستغفر
  • 박선옥: 쫑즈 만드는 영상 잘 봤어요.
    중국에 살때 단오 때마다 많이 봤는데 먹어보진 못했어요. 이제 먹러보고 싶네요.
  • Sangita Tamang: Love u sister ur amazing. ..
  • husen putra: This call is bacang i got make it when im live in singapure
  • a p: When I got free times.. I’m spend with ur videos..
  • Ruqia Omer: Grandma is expert in wrapping.?
  • جوري جوري: شنو هاي دولمه?
  • Daily Creativity At Home: Is this your daily routine cooking? Your videos are so soothing ?
    Not only your cooking but also videography is very good. Your take care of your parents so well. Lots of love and blessings ?
  • prithika r: I love your grandmother..she is very helpful to you..
  • Loubna Abdelghani: I’m from morrocco and i addicted to this channel
  • Varun m: I was nice to watch videos with English subtitles ?
  • GMSmartphone Sicherung: Food in premium quality, wonderful !
  • feedwinnie: I like all of them! They look delicious!?❤?
  • 차묵: 진짜 너무 맛있겠다.. 하나하나 만드는 정성하며..
  • Yuyun Yunita: This make me remember last when Iam togather with my granmother,thak your vidio make me fresh to other thing
  • Anabela Espinoza: I love you and grandma! Much love to you from Houston, Texas United States ❤❤❤
  • tường vy: I love living in the piece like that.
  • Rara Ranny: Cant help to watch your video everyday ? i Will grow my plant in small area ,, fighting!
  • Oscar Kfouri: Beautiful!
  • Merville Marcus: Who is this lady? She is really beautiful.
  • José Sakamoto Neto: Young lady, your videos are pleasant and joyful gifts for us. I’m completely addicted for your mastership as a cooker and the simplicity of the process at all. Thank you so much!
  • Monk D.: I wanna live and learn from U…
  • Cewek Boston: Growing up I used to help my grandma hunting for the bamboo leaves and making this food with rice instead of sticky rice…
  • 김뚜뚜: 항상보면서 힐링합니니다!ㅎㅎ 잔잔하게 기쁨을주네요!??
  • CHING RANKIN: Love this channel from Philippines

In America, people think being South Asian is still kind of exotic. When you go outside New York and Chicago and L.A., there are people who have never tried Indian food… they’ve never even tasted it!

Fruits White Background – Sandwich Transparent Background

For me, Eid means having lots of yummy food.

Social Security is based on a principle. It’s based on the principle that you care about other people. You care whether the widow across town, a disabled widow, is going to be able to have food to eat.

Ice Cream Sundae Wallpaper – Pudding Wallpaper

Progress would not have been the rarity it is if the early food had not been the late poison.

Knowledge of the past and of the places of the earth is the ornament and food of the mind of man.

Mexican Fiesta Wallpaper – Food Wallpaper

The more colorful the food, the better. I try to add color to my diet, which means vegetables and fruits.

Every time you use the word ‘healthy,’ you lose. The key is to make yummy, delicious food that happens to be healthy.

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Mankind: A quality of life upgrade is available to each and every one of you. It should give you a quality of life upgrade, which means no drugs, no alcohol, no fast food – unless, of course, it’s a mallard.

God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest.

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