Secrets untold about cancer treatment and prevention

Cancer is nowadays becoming more and more dangerous obsession to everyone as noone can be so sure that oneday they can get up and find themselves a cancered cell in the body. It is a fact that the number of people died of cancer has been increased day by day. There are many kinds of cancer appeared in our life. The causes of these are various. Therefore, it is not amazing that any type of cancer is willing to attack you without acknowledging of any first symptoms. You may realize it when it is too late. That is why you should not wait to get this useful information in order to protect you yourself, your family and your relatives. Therefore, it is a common interest for all to know about cancer treatment and prevention. Let us discover what they are.

Firstly, psychological element is useful for cancer treatment

For most people, cancer means death. That is why cancer victims are often in psychological crisis. More seriously, this can trigger bad effects of cancer and lead victims to immediate death. Psychological methods aim to help patients to face with and fight against cancer by psychological elements. Why is this method important? Because we can do nothing with a patient who just wait to die. We only cure for someone who respects every living day and keens on his treatment methods.

  • Patients learn to accept the fact. Then they can create efforts to fight for their life. This can lead to miracle things.
  • Psychological method helps cancer victims overcome difficulties. There are many pains waiting for cancer victims as it takes a long time for treatment. That is why those patients should see optimistic result on process, even a very small one. This can become motivator for them to continual trying.
  • It is advisable for patients to feel relaxing. Patients should know that pessimistic thinking and action just lead them to more immediate death. Instead, they should spend time to listen to their favorite songs, watch their favorite films, go walking with his beloved people, etc. It is a good way to make their life balanced after difficult time.
  • Creating optimistic environment is fundamentally important. It is said that, when you feel grievous, look around and you can find someone who is in much worst status than you. Patients should talk and share feelings together. Moreover, they should spend time with optimistic people around them, and with patients who have positive reaction to psychological methods.
  • Creating healthy life style should be in first top of prior thing to do. Whether you are suffered from cancer or not, a good habit of living brings you much of benefit.

Next, some herbals can help to treat for cancer

It is amazing that there are some herbals help to kill cancer cells. What are they?

    • Hedyotisdiffusa Wild belongs to relative of coffee tree that lives in humid environment. We can find this tree in Hanoi also. In traditional medical industry, hedyotisdiffusa wild is used to treat for sore throat, urinary tract infections, hepatitis, gallstones, bacillary dysentery, boils, and heat rash, etc. Especially, it is useful for prevent growth inactivation of cancer cells like lymphoma cancer, Granulocytes and monocytes, and carcinoma cells.
    • Lim mushroom also can help to restrain cancer cells from growing. Actual evidence has shown that Lim mushrooms haveeffective influence on a woman with breast cancer. Thank to Lim mushroom, she recovered faster from this disease.
    • Salaciachinensisis also known as effective material for cancer treatment. Its further utility is ongoing research by scientist all over the world. We can find this precious herb in some areas of Vietnam.
    • Anamú plant (local name) originates from Amazon forest. It is also common in countries of South America to treat for flatulence, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and bacterial infections. More amazingly, itis not only useful for cancer treatment, but it also helps to treat for other diseases like HIV/AIDS, arthritis, etc.
    • Mix of Ziziphuszizyphus, peony, jujube, licorice and Scutellariabaicalensis Georghelp cancer victims recover well. It cannot kill cancer cells; however, it helps damaged cells recover instead of passing away.


  • Paramignyatrimerais known for strange medical plant that prevents growth of cancer cells and deactivate them. Science experiments have carried out on a white mouse. Results shown that Paramignyatrimeracan kill and deactivate five specific types of cancer like Hep-G2 liver cancer, colon cancer HTC116, MDA MB231 breast cancer, ovarian cancer OVCAR-8 and cervical cancer Hela (most highly effective with Hep-G2 liver cancer and cervical cancer). In addition, this herb is rather safe to use.

Finally, it is high time to have suitable dietary and living habits to prevent the potential harm of future cancer

It is great that you can avoid cancer by having a suitable dietary. This sounds wonderful and easy to follow, does not it? So what does suitable mean?

You are advisable to eat food originated from plant. A dietary based on plant helps to provide yourself with enough vitamins, minerals and fiber to enhance your resistance to fight against carcinogenic factors.  Most especially, food originated from plant helps to prevent the growth of free radicals that are the main cause of cancer. There are some notes that you should put in your mind in order to take good use of plant.

  • It is good to eat as much fresh vegetables and ripen fruits as possible. Each person need at least 500 gram of fresh vegetables and ripen fruits a day. Then he can decrease 20 percent risk of cancer. You can alternate types of plant in order to take advantage of various vitamins and natural minerals. Especially, you should focus on dark color vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, and lemons, etc.
  • Coarse cereals play an important role in treatment and prevention of cancer, as they are rich of fiber that helps to discharge toxic out of body. You are recommended to digest 50 percent of cereals, 20 percent of beans and left percent for vegetables and fruits.
  • It is wise of you to limit red meat and replace it by poultry meat and seafood. Even red meat is very popular; it gives you much risk to live with cancer. Therefore, you should limit it right now.
  • You need to reduce salt and fat on your daily meal. How can you do this? Well, you just simply limit fried dishes, say no with canned food and limit giving salt amount to your body.
  • It is time to learn how to store food in order to make good use of it.
  • You are recommended to take a vegetarian meal at least four times a month. This can help to detoxify your body and provide yourself with good way to absorb nutrients.
  • Gradually say goodbye to alcoholic beverages and cigarettes if you do not want to die of cancer. Believe or not, alcoholic beverages and cigarettes can double your risk of cancer. Why do you still hesitate to say no with these popular toxic factors?
  • Control your weight. It is good to know that underweight and overweight make it available for cancer to attack you.
  • It is advisable for you to take part in a kind of exercise as you just can immune to diseases with healthy body. According to this, you should create habit of thinking and reacting in positive ways.
  • If you are sitting too long to work, stand up now and go around. This simple action can help to reduce risk of cancer.

Cancer is a high rate of death disease that modern medical science has not found typical treatment method. You may be victim of this serious disease by a very simple reason. Therefore, it is high time for you to take good care of yourself and your relative. You should make good start from your everyday habit. Even if you are suffered from a kind of cancer now, you just have two choices. One is to die of psychological crisis immediately; the other is to make effort to live any of your precious second. If you choose the second way, you are well done! You are given chance to recover and continue to live healthy. It is fundamental to remember that never give up your hope.

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