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Part of what makes a great chef is the ability to adapt, cook, and to taste. A great chef will use all their food knowledge, food memories, and senses to work with each ingredient and apply themselves to the dish they are creating.

I don’t have sophisticated tastes. I have average tastes. If you looked in my collection of DVDs, you’d see ‘Jaws’ and ‘Star Wars.’ In the book library, you’d see John Grisham and Sidney Sheldon. And if you look in my fridge, it’s, like, children’s food – chips, milkshakes, yogurt.

I do remember how it was to be poor. I do remember that in my early years, we had to grow and raise all of our food, even our animals. And I remember in my early life, we didn’t even have electricity. So it was very, very hard times then.

I can pick good food, but I can’t pick a good man.

Something I learned when I was very young: with cooking, it doesn’t matter where you are; you can always cook. You can end up in small village in Peru where somebody’s cooking, take a spoon and taste it, and you might not be too sure what you’re eating, but you can taste the soul in the food. That’s what is beautiful with food.

When I venture out to eat, I like to go to places with food that I don’t know how to make. So my favorites are Japanese and Indian. Indian food has so much layering of flavor, and the dishes go together so harmoniously.

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  • Carl Lee: For those who didn’t understand the title in English. It should be “This plant is called ‘poor man’s sparrow nest’, we call it soap bean, we cook it like rice”. Sparrows’ nests are an expensive delicacy in Chinese cuisine. Soap bean’s outer shell has a similar consistency with sparrows’ nests, so it’s eaten in the way a sparrow’s nests. That’s why it’s called ‘poor man’s sparrow nest’.
  • Mbb Rese: 1:27 i remember my childhood memories eating this ?
  • Jb will be my first kiss & kim taehyung is my lover: We have this tree in our home but i never know we could eat it. I thought it was just some wild tree and inedible. Now m also gonna try ur recipe
  • Uma Mageshwari: எங்கள் நாட்டில் இம்மாதிரி மரம் உள்ளதா என்று கூட தெரியாது நன்றி வாழ்க வளமுடன் மா
  • William Janzer: I just want to say I love these videos. I don’t understand a word of Chinese but they’re amazing!
  • skysame: 당신의 음식은 정갈하며 사랑이 있습니다. 항상 보면서 따뜻한 정을 느낍니다.
  • IamAarati Tamang: Until now i didn’t know the name
    These are lots in my village ?
  • Aliex Simth: Wow, I thought that I have known a lot by my age and education, however, this beauty is really an encyclopedia. I’m kinda like a lost boy in front of her videos.

    Whenever there are three men walking together, one of them is bound to be wise enough to act as the others’ teacher.

  • Anais Grey: When I was little this is what we use in playing cooking with my gang ( i was 8-12 yrs old)
  • Choenyi Sonam: I love the cozy atmosphere in her family
  • Julie Seiyao: We have the same food habit and kitchen items used here is exactly the same like ours. I just love your videos ??? Best wishes from North East India
  • Neesa LoveOfArt: It’s so lovely to see family coming together and each one has it’s share to do. But,still find time to help each other.
  • Вася Ветров: тоже ищешь русский коментарий?
  • Irosha Perera: I love to watch your videos. I like yours charm and simple life. Your food preparation is marvelous. No words to say. ??
  • Yengkhom Linthoingambi: This is called tree bean and its one of the favourite food of manipur its very tasty but the way of eating is different…..but i believe that this will also taste good….☺☺
  • C M: I love to see how the daily life goes on, and the beautiful scenery, the village, i love the sound while she’s cooking and then the whole family gathered to eat, looovee village daily life , thank you for making these videos ??
  • 아윤: 쟁반? 무늬 넘 예뻐요 음식도 넘 새롭고 그릇색감도 예쁘고 넘 좋네요
  • minh nguyen: 0:17我从来没看见这么大的树
  • pee mai: Remind me of my hometown. I love it very much
  • cc: 好奇妙哦!真想吃吃看!
  • floralgirl _: in malaysia we call this “petai” . love from malaysia ??
  • Jany Cler: Delícia, parabéns beijos
  • 楊小胖: 小哥笑的時候真的很好看很迷人
  • Nurul Azlinda: For a moment I just have a thought those plant is “petai”. Look similar but not the same one.

    Love from Malaysia.

  • Yvonne Ho: 我喜欢那个晒皂角干的蓬蓬,好聪明的发明。love and subscribed from Miami Florida ?
  • EURIDES SANTOS DA SILVA: ??Brasil. Quantas diversas plantas temos no mundo que são comestível!obrigado por mostrar uma delas.
  • 최수영: 까고 또 까고 또 까고..
  • bob blyss: that ancient tree at the beginning looks magnificent
  • Каринэ Шахмурадян: Жаль,что нет русских субтитров.Очень интересные ролики,красочные и профессионально снятые.Еще бы понимать из каких растений и что именно, готовит эта милая красавица:-):-):-)
  • Yuyun Indri: I like that from indonesia
  • Estrella S.: OMG!! Those trees are SO previous! Especially the biggest one! It reminds me of the one in Avatar! ?????
  • sonya Lynn: 볼때마다 너무 행복해져요^^감사합니다♡
  • 장정미: 멋진 곳에서 살고 계시네요! 부러워요
  • Hằng Karry Kiều: không ngờ quả này cũng ăn được nữa
  • 神瑛: 當妳的弟弟太幸福了!??☺
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  • Gaina C.: Recommended by YouTube???….
    I love your vedios…the place is very beautiful and relaxing…i wish to live in the place like that.
  • Y XW: 哇~这个,第一次见。好涨知识
  • rajee r: Love from Tamil nadu, India ?
  • vashi bafghi: watching your video is like meditation,thank you for sharing.from germany.
  • Mia Ansori: Ieu mh peuteuy selong mun ceuk sunda nmh?
  • Rirn Riru: 最高❗(*´ω`*)本当素晴らしい❗
  • The Ella: Ada yg dr Indonesia nggak ya?
  • Lola Purnamawati: Your house and villages remembering me of my grandma villages… several years ago before she died because of aging and become old
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  • Jo Ralte: You are a food factory. You know everything.
    Lucky are those living with you.
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  • Norazlina Jamal: We as Malaysian called it “petai”
  • Lovely Woman: In Malaysia we called this ‘Petai’ delicious!
    eaten with rice .. can be used as vegetable and cooked with chilli beans
  • T H A O D U O C . N E T: 這裡的風景很美
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  • 티디에스: 나무크기실화냐

Each day of the Obama presidency seems to bring a new, perversely delicious irony.

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Summertime in Montana, I become a monosyllabic baboon. I want to ride with the cowboys, go to brandings, doctor cattle, and train my horses. But in a few months, the snow starts to fly. The days become shorter; the yellow color of interior light becomes delicious. I look at my shelves, and every book just glows, and I want to be inside of that.

We’re lying ourselves into believing things are untrue, like organic food will solve all our problems, or vitamins will make us healthy, or we don’t need to vaccinate our children.

Cartoon Ice Cream Wallpaper – Fruit Wallpaper Iphone

Peruvian food is so simple yet amazingly flavored with their traditional spices.

I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.

Cheese Background Image – Not Delicious

I grew up playing music and enjoying good food, friends and family in my own backyard.

Food not only connects us at the idyllic dinner table setting with family and friends: it is also part of our mundane, daily transit to and from work.

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Women oftentimes are the ones making those economic decisions, sitting around the kitchen table and trying to figure out how to pay for rising gas prices or food prices or the health insurance costs. And I think that they see where they expect their leaders in Congress to also make those tough decisions.

A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and Champagne, the only true feminine and becoming viands.

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