Important note: adopted dog terrier mix , lab mix, boxer mix..

I’ve adopted two puppies from a local rescue in the last year. #1 (who is a little over a year old now) is the sweetest dog, and I wouldn’t trade her for anything. But the rescue described her as a boxer / shepherd mix. She’s got pretty much no boxer. It’s about 50% pit / staffordshire, 30% shepherd, and then assorted other bits and pieces.

Adoption experience Adopt a Dog from a UK rescue

I had been trying for 2-3 years to get a dog from a UK rescue. I’m not that far from a Battersea dogs home site and I registered with them and a lot of other UK rescues. I have worked full time from home that entire time. I live alone, have an active lifestyle and plenty to offer a dog. The main issue I had was their criteria around housing. If you live in anything less than a house with direct access to a garden with six foot minimum fences then it’s practically impossible to rehome.

How to choose a puppy to adopt?

I would search online for puppies near me the whole time. One day 2 months ago, I saw an 11 week old Great Dane / Poodle mix, which met all of my desired criteria, and he was discounted to $800 from the usual $2500 for the breed (because he was not 8 weeks old and the breeder was having trouble getting rid of the last few pups from the litter of 14)

Frustrating experiences in adopting a puppy

I also got into an argument with a different man because he left both gates wide open from the park to the parking lot. I asked why both gates were open, and he told me to calm down and he needed them open to coax his dog out to his car??? I told him that there were two for a reason, and one should be closed at all times. I told him if my dog, or anyone else’s dog, runs out to the parking lot and gets hit or runs away, it has no bearing on his life but it sure affects mine. At least his girlfriend/wife intervened and told him he was in the wrong.

The untrained dog that is badly treated needs to go to Animal Rescued Center

Her dog is lucky to get one walk a month. I have even timed two of his walks. Once in the fall at 15 minutes. Once last week for 20 minutes. She gets let outside for basically 2 minutes 3 times a day (before roommates work, after work, and before bed). When roommate is home she is either watching video games or getting fucked up drinking and doing blow. Although if it is nice outside (we are in Canada, so almost half the year sucks) roommate will spend time sitting outside and the dog will get to go with her, but she doesn’t play with her or anything, and we have a small yard.

Chocolate can make dogs very sick or even died

Signs of chocolate poisoning can take several hours to develop and can last for days, due to the duration of theobromine’s action. Theobromine can even be reabsorbed from the bladder, so intravenous fluids and frequent walking may be needed to encourage urination. It is important to seek medical attention by calling your veterinarian as soon as you suspect that your dog has eaten chocolate.