How do you feel when you look at your dog?

Sometimes I look at my dog and I’m so overcome with love I feel like I’m going to cry. I worry all the time I’m not doing enough for her. She deserves the world.

  1. I feel this, too, but the truth is, dogs are simple souls. Aside from variations due to your dogs unique personality, dogs want pets, treats, walks, play. Very basic stuff, including lots of love. I bet that if you’re worrying you’re not doing enough, you probably already are 🙂 It’s ok to not worry and just enjoy your pup. It really is ok!
    • Yeah just the fact that you worry if you’re not doing anything in itself means you probably are. OP sounds like a good dog owner 🙂
  2. I agree. My wife sometimes asks me if I think our dog feels loved enough to which I always reply “absolutely without a doubt.” As I say to her, the thing about dogs is they are just so damn loyal that you can completely mistreat them (sadly) and they will still be your absolute diehard biggest fan. Growing up in a not so good small town as an animal lover I saw a lot of dogs that deserved a lot better owners than they had, but despite that they still obviously loved their owners unconditionally. So with that in mind: yes I think our dog who doesn’t have a want in the world and gets to snuggle up in our bed every night while getting showered with attention throughout the day very much loves his life and appreciates his owners even if he whines to go to the beach sometimes.
  3. I feel this everyday 🥺
  4. I spend more than half of every single one of my days just telling my dog how great he is.
    • I’ll just be sitting at work and think “Man, I miss Piper and Belle, I can’t wait to get home and have them jump all over me”
      • Same, it’s my 2nd favorite time of day. My first favorite is when my dog comes to snuggle with me in the morning and it’s the weekend so I know I’m not going to have to get up soon to go to work and I can just enjoy it.
  5. Omg me too! If you were to be a fly on the wall in my house, 60-70% of the content said aloud are comments about how we have such great dogs; like, “can you even believe how great these dogs are??” Or “hey, you know what we have?” “Hmm… two great dogs??” “Yes!!! How did they get so good?!” “Idk but they deserve some scratches.” Proceed to scritch
  6. Last night I actually started to cry from the overwhelming love I feel for her. I was joking about what I would do without her, and then I actually started to think about what I will do without her lol silly but it’s true. I love this dog with every ounce of my heart and soul.
    • Every time I remember that my dogs life is finite, I die A little inside
      • I lost Rooney 4 years ago and it feels like yesterday. People say get another dog but to me that’s like getting another wife after 40 years of marriage.
  7. I lost my first dog to a stroke two months ago, and now almost every time I snuggle with her 10 year old sister, I start crying thinking of how fast time is going by. It’s hard, but the love is worth it.
    • It’s so worth it. Sorry about your first dog, but glad you have her sister to lean on and snuggle. <3
    • I wonder if there is pet owner therapy…
  8. I know what you’re saying cause that’s how I feel all the freaking time. I look at my dog and all the silly and cute things she does just going on about her day and when I think of a time when she won’t be around anymore, I tear up. Then I wipe em and call myself a jackass for not living in the moment and join her in her dumb antics.
    • Lol exactly!!
  9. I’ve decided my dog will live as long as I do plus 2 to 5 minutes. I remembered the whole mortality thing while holding her on the couch watching tv with her and about cried on her lol
    • (Soooo…just to clarify you mean you’ll poison or euthanize your dog as you are dying….? 😬Or did you mean she’d live a few minutes LESS than you bcz you’d die over it…?)
  10. Thats dumb. Please get professional therapy. Love should only be used for humans.
  11. Since my Rottweiler passed from Cancer last year i cry when i look at my Doberman very often. The Rottweiler just went so fast on me. He died in my arms
    • I’m so sorry for your loss. That must have been terrible. Your in my prayers.
  12. when I look at my pup and she looks at me – my heart about bursts sometimes. It’s like a love bomb for my heart. Dogs are outstanding. I knew she was going to be one of my best dogs when I brought her home, she was a tiny puppy and I had her on my lap and she peed on me and I didn’t freak out. I wuff her.
  13. My boy recently celebrated his 5th birthday. It was because of him we could adopt 4 cats and fostered 4 kittens. Such a gentle soul. However I always have this lingering thought whenever His birthday is around, that he won’t live as long as I or my human child would & that breaks my heart. A child should live longer than the parent !! Sorry, just overwhelmed with love for him and dread of the future.
    • I sometimes think about how they see us aging. If they age faster than us, do they think we hardly age at all?
      • We are the elves of our relationships. We stand almost ageless to them, we can stand watch over several generations of their family, and we bring experience from years longer them theirs.
  14. For real! I feel so guilty going to work all day, or if I get frustrated with him, or anything really lol. It’s probably not healthy. But I do work him at lunch everyday. I don’t think any of my coworkers do that.
  15. When I first adopted my guy I thought it was too much. We didn’t understand each other and I was so overwhelmed with all the training. Now I can’t imagine my life without him. 4 years and we are so well bonded!!! I love him soo much!!
  16. Every morning when I wake up Piper walks up from the base of the bed and comes and licks my face once, maybe twice, then plops against me and nuzzles in for cuddles that last approximately the same as 1 snoozed alarm. She so god damn sweet it hurts.
  17. SAME. My heart pretty much explodes when she looks up at me with her big brown eyes
  18. My dogs are about 16 years old. I get mini bouts of depression when I think about how they don’t have much longer to live.
  19. I know the feeling. Sometimes I just thank her for being my dog, my buddy.
  20. Sometimes I pet him and he’s so cute to where i just want to scream. Then I realize that that’s not normal so I don’t lol. I love the shitface
  21. I feel this in my soul! My little girl is 13 weeks now and she has this habit of just sitting and staring up at me and it makes my chest hurt with how much I love her! It’s hard too though because I am constantly worrying about anything bad happening to her ever🥴
  22. I know this feeling well. Couldn’t sleep last night and my girl kept me company. I cried in her neck and she hugged on me a little, too. She’s gotten extra treats today, and more of my heart
    • That is awesome! My female dog is sweet like that. She knows if I’ve had a hard day or upset about something and she’ll be extra sweet to me. Now my male dog couldn’t care less. He’s like “suck it up and let’s go for a walk”. They are a good balance.
  23. Yup, this is how all good dog owners feel, welcome to our club
  24. I’m a dog walker and I frequently wanna cry looking at the dogs and thinking about how lovely they are. Especially at daycare, nothing is better then coming into doggy daycare and a bunch of dogs are looking at you with love in their eyes.
  25. Me 24/7. Don’t even get me started when I take shrooms…..full out bawling and kissing my dogs while they are like 0.o
    • LOL they know too… my dog is like “Listen lady…. yes I will take extra loving you weirdo”
  26. I feel the same way. He looks at me with so much love. Turns me into a puddle every time
  27. Once in a while I look at him and I’m so overcome with frustration that I want to cry, then he uses his puppy dog eyes and I end up feeling so guilty for getting annoyed that I get upset. dogs are emotional roller-coasters
  28. My new puppy makes me want to cry pretty regularly, but not quite for the same reasons. I’m very excited to get to the stage where I’m crying out of love and not sleep deprivation. Only a few more months to go!
  29. Sameeee!!!!!
  30. I feel like this about my children.
    • Human children or dog children?
      • Is there a difference??
  31. Same. I remember once saying something to the effect of “I don’t know how I will love anything more than I love my kitten…”. I cringe at the thought now Don’t get me wrong. I love my animals very much. But there’s a whole different level of love out there with children. Not one that people without children can understand But to be fair it’s similar. This creature depends on you. This creature brings you immense joy. this creature makes you mad/annoyed but you forgive. This creature can be easily swayed by treats. It’s similar.
  32. Same
  33. Me too.
  34. When I come home from work and they go crazy, running around, jumping on me…I know they feel my love and they are my Prozac…its a win-win!
  35. We adopted Teddy 3 weeks ago today. By the end of the first 24 hours i knew that muppet was in my heart forever.
  36. I feel this. When I’m having a bad day I just look at my little buddy and things get better. She’s the best gift ever.
  37. Same
  38. I feel the same! I feel like I don’t do enough! My neighbor told me that I spend way more time with and effort on my dogs than she does her kids. I try to remind myself of that when I feel like I am not properly reciprocating his love.
  39. Honestly I feel that!! My dog is the sweetest lil homie
  40. I’ve always had cats, and people kept telling me loving a dog is different. It is. It’s so pure, and just.. Ugh! I love my dog so much. I’d murder a whole village for her if she asked.
    • I’d murder a whole village for her if she asked. But she never would because they’re perfect. 🙂
      • No, she would never, she loves people and everyone she meets.
  41. I feel like everyone think they’re the Bezos and Musk of the world and just think paying [dog] taxes is an optional thing.
  42. I’m pregnant and this was one of my first pregnancy sob fests. I cried for a solid 30 minutes because I love my dog so much and want him to know how much I love him, and got incredibly sad that he may never know the depth of which I love him. He just looked at me like a crazy lady and cuddled me. Lol
  43. I feel it. I think I tear up knowing no one will ever love me and accept me liney baby girl does. Here’s a big hug for you stranger, our pets truly are the loves of our lives
  44. And you scream out of love right ?
  45. If it is a very crazy thing … I am going to make a trip and change country and residence of course and I am willing to bear the expenses of taking my dog ​​out of the country and taking her with me💞
  46. I do this everyday, especially when I look into her big cute eyes 😭😭😍❤️
  47. They are so sympathetic and loving. I can be having a horrible day, or have a crappy show and come home and everything is good again.
  48. Our puppy would occupy a room by herself because she woke up so easily. So we bought a condo so we’d have enough space for her. She also gets the fanciest foods and a warm face towel when she gets home from daycare days. I think we are doing enough!!
  49. I get this too and sometimes I do actually cry. Try not to be too hard on yourself. Just forgive the small things and try to give her the best possible life she can have. Most dogs the best possible life is just spending as much time as possible with you ❤.
  50. I’m like that with every Golden retriever I see and I have two of my own
  51. Why???
  52. I come from a super sad background – think about what’s the worse that can happen to a child and it happened to me. My first dog, a chihuahua named Chance, loved me unconditionally. He was my safety blanket – my baby…. The only being in my life that showed me compassion, acceptance and most importantly love. When he passed away, I was devastated and broken. I have since gotten another dog and although he’s is not the same breed and definitely different, he offers me unconditional love just like my old dog. How can you cannot cry when you think Of them being gone ??? It’s only natural – my love for my dog is overwhelming as should yours. And their love is irresistible ❤️❤️❤️
  53. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who feels like this. My lil doggos are the best gift life has given me and I sometimes feel that dread of how I could possibly cope without them when that day eventually comes. Then I snuggle them so tight and tell them how very much I love them and am grateful for them saving me every day. (I have anxiety and depression and various traumas from the past). I don’t know what I did to deserve these little angels but I thank my lucky stars every single day ♡♡
  54. You know, she feels the same way about you. Treat yourself that same way you would treat her xo
  55. Bless your heart.
  56. Same. My pup is my world. Even when he’s being a little turd.
    • Get a new world. It’s a beast.
  57. I do it too
  58. I am in complete agreement!! I just melt when I see my doggie’s cute face. So in love…
    • Wtf
  59. This but I have three dogs so x3 😢
  60. Same. My husband gets real jealous of the dog
    • That’s awful! Have you no respect for your poor husband??!
  61. Love conquers all!
  62. I feel the same way.

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