How to Take Care of a Shihtzu Dog?


My coworker gave me a Shihtzu puppy that was two years old.

Now in my care this Shih-Tzu has a lot of habits that I am unable to get him to refrain from.

Guarding his food obsessively. Yes, he will bite and go after your heels. Spent a month getting him to eat from my hand, but when I had to put the food back in the automatic feeder he started his guarding all over again.

Chasing the USPS truck, FedEx truck, and Golf cart that maintenance drives around our apartment complex. (He is usually leashed, but he yanks hard and runs full force.)

Our mailman understands our dog and has become friends with him. However, once the mailman enters his mail truck, my dog views the mail man as a curse.

If a package is delivered to our home he runs to the door, barks ferociously, and if you attempt to move him to open the door he will bite at me.

Attacking maintenance men’s jeans and roofers who have to go in our home to check things out when I was not at home. (We’ve purchased a crate, yet he has to be held when people even knock on the door as he gets aggressive.)

I am unable to take him to anyone’s home because he marks his territory by pooping. He is neutered.

I have a cat and I keep her upstairs because he runs after her and pulls the fur out of her and will not give her any space. We have a baby gate preventing the dog from harassing the cat.

Anything helpful advice would be greatly appreciated.

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