My 2 darlings

Two more rescues roughhousing. The dog was the FIRST thing I got after I bought my own house and the kitten, he claimed me one day when i was on shift at the firehouse.

My cousins used to have a DSH cat and a giant ass rottweiler. This rottweiler was strong enough to drag my 200+lb uncle like a twig if he wanted to (my aunt would throw his ball while they were out on the leash to watch it).

The dog refused to be violent with the cat, to the point where the cat could claim the extra large dog bed they had to buy online and the dog would be relegated to laying on the floor next to it and pouting.

My 10lb dog always won when playing with my kitten. Then my kitten grew up to be a 15lb beast who could pin the dog in a second, and playing quickly stopped.


It’s been a few years and they get along now, but every so often the “kitten” decides to play with my dog and pin him down, just to remind my dog who’s boss.

He is. Like when im showering or doing my makeup, he will just sit and scream at me until I acknowledge him And every time he walks into the room im in he does this weird half chirp, half meow thing

Our tabby does it too. Though with him he goes from mild griping at the bird outside the window to full blown howling when he wants something and has been refused.

Bengals are mostly tabby to begin with. I don’t know how well their unique traits stick with them when they are interbred with Standard Issue Cats. I’ve met a half-Bengal who definitely had them but I doubt they would persist.

The biggest distinguishing feature is their energy – they can play hard for four or five hours a day, probably analogous to a human professional athlete’s practice. Second is their strength. They can really jump. Third is intelligence.

Mine even seem to have a very basic level of social intelligence, but that is probably 90% projection and 10% all of the humans and cats in the house are pretty much a family unit and can relate in ways that independent cats generally don’t.

They are a great alternative to children or dogs. You can’t be passive with them as you can with most cars.

This kitten must have had a hard life before coming home with me. He was super skiddish when we first met and wouldnt come near anyone except me. And even at home tho when i walk through the house he still runs and hides.

if you have any super special tasty treats that he loves you can keep those by the front door. And whenever you get friends over you give them a piece and ask them to give it to the cat. Might take a while at first but then over time the cat will associate new people with tasty treats.

When I was a kid there was a big, goofy German shepherd that used to come and sniff around our yard. Just dog stuff.

My ten pound Siamese used to drop whatever she was doing at the time and full on charge this dog – full speed, tail flying high and fluffed. The German Shepherd would always just take off.

I don’t know what she would have done if she’d ever caught the dog. I think the dog may have thought, “OMG a crazy cat! Run!”

I was in the process of buying my house and i always had a dog growing up, so i wanted another. I was looking for adoption places and i came across the aspca close by. I originally went for an Aussie but as soon as i walked in the room him and i locked eyes and so i got information on him and that was it. I was now his.

By tranthe

We never say no to any dog – mixed breeds, banned breeds, disabled dogs and seniors. We try to rescue them all. Unfortunately, we cannot do that without the public’s continued support.

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