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I had to drop my baby girl off at the hospital today. She’s an 11 year old sassy shih tzu. She’ll be twelve next month. She’s been the one constant thing in my life for over a decade. She’s my first and only baby, my best friend and my joy. She has diabetic ketoacidosis and maybe cushings too. She’s in terribly bad shape. I was told we could either hospitalize her at an actual emergency/critical care place or think about euthanasia. I am caught between a rock and a hard place because I don’t want to see her suffer but I also want to give her the chance to get better. She’s always been healthy and strong this has been very shocking. It’s going to be challenging to pay this back and I am very uncertain as to how long and how much it will be, but I have chosen to at least try to see if she gets better.
We got an update from the doctor, she is not much better but not worse. They’ve been giving her fluids getting her ready for medication. I am hoping for a miracle but I am full of doubt, feelings of guilt and just an overall crappy feeling. My home is so quiet and empty without her. Please hug your babies a little tighter tonight, I will go visit mine tomorrow and give her a long warm hug.


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Thank you so much for your kindness, it is so appreciated. She got diarrea and eye infection 2.5 weeks ago. She was also drinking water excessively a few days prior but returned to normal a few days later. Took her to the vet, he gave us meds and sent us on our way. Diarrea got better quickly but the eye not so much, so I went back Tuesday for a follow up. Before her appointment she took a turn for the worse. Lethargy, loss of appetite. Vet gave us more eye meds. Said she was probably slower because she was depressed about the eye problem. That night she was just out of it, no energy, walking slowly and vomited once, So I searched for a second opinion appointment at 5am. An hour before the app she had black stool so I took a sample with me to the appointment (stool had been fine until that point) new vet tested her eyes, She got diagnosed with dry eye which caused the conjunctivitis, and had a bunch of lab work done, they sent us home and told us to wait for the results the next day. Results came in today and we ran to the emergency hospital. I wish I had taken her to the vet that ordered the labs sooner. It makes me angry that it took multiple visits to get some answers and help and I am hoping it’s not too late.


I want to let you know that the emergency vet gave our 15 year old the same two options that they gave you and she exhibited the same issues, black stool but also bloody jelly like stool, non eating, no energy. After waiting outside the emerg vet alone, in my car for 7 hours I decided to go against those two options and took her to a non emerge regular vet that had not seen her yet and told them that I wanted to try a run of antibiotics on her for 1-2 weeks and they agreed and she came out of it okay. She definitely has cushings right now(too stressed out and old to get tested) but I wonder is the emerg just running antibiotics on your little girl? Or what kind of medication? My girl is 17 in march and i think she will make it and I HOPE your little girl can make it to that age, i have faith that she will pull through. Perhaps asking another vet for a second opinion on the matter? My little girl wouldnt make it away from me for 4 nights(how long they said it would be) because she gets super stressed out and those 7 hours were hard enough, she was so happy to get back into the car and away from there. She literally hates vets and the groomers, loves people but not those places. I hope that she is a bit better tomorrow and maybe you can pull her out then and get on antibiotics or something, you can ask what the emerg vet thinks about that, stating you do not have enough money to keep her in there. I would always try antibiotics before putting an animal down unless they are in serious pain or suffering tremendously.
Sorry for rambling on and i know everyones situation is different as are the animals situation…go with your gut and what your heart and mind tell yoy.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me, we saw 3 different vets this week, my gut kept telling me there’s something else until finally we learned the issue. They are now giving her fluids and insulin, checking her glucose often and running some tests. I am not sure what else they are giving her right now. I will go tomorrow to see her and i definitely do not want to keep her in there if she’s not getting better but I am hoping for the best. I have a feeling she still has a few more years left to live, I just always pictured it that way


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