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A few days ago I asked y’all what could be wrong with my dog, as she wasn’t feeling well. Yesterday we took her to the vet, they said she might have pneumonia. We were going to leave her there for 3 days, but today disaster struck. The vet called my mom and told her Gracie had passed away because of fungal bacteria infection, and that she had it for quite a while, but it got really bad on the day before I shared that previous post. We’re all heartbroken and I wish this was a dream I could wake up from. I’ve lost two dogs in the span of 1 year and 2 months, and l’m scared that Gracie’s brother might die next year.

I love and miss you Gracie. Be a good girl in heaven okay? Take of the others, and tell I love them and miss them aswell. I’ll think about you all every single day. I promise l’ll spend more time with the other dogs, and if I don’t, then you can bite me when I join you, okay? I love you sweet baby. I’m sorry we couldn’t help you sooner. I’m so proud of you for holding on as long as you did. Thank you so much for being with me for almost my life, and thank you so much for the memories I made. I’ll cherish those forever. Sleep well baby girl.

My condolences, OP. The phone call from hell is truly traumatizing. Gracie looked like the goodest of old girls. Sending you a hug and wishing you well

Gracie girl, please visit your humans as much as possible to comfort them in any way possible.

Rest in heaven beautiful Gracie girl♥️

She is so so so cute! I’m so sorry for your loss. 12 is a good old age for a doggie. I know she had a happy life with you.

I’m so sorry for your loss.

I don’t think I believe in any kind of existence after death, not even for the pets who so completely deserve a rainbow bridge sort of thing. I’d like to be wrong.

But when my Challie had a stroke or seizure that took away his ability to stand at all, and we had to let him go, I acted so foolishly, crying and begging him to forgive me for not somehow preventing this, please tell Jeffyr we still miss him every day…I’m sure the emergency vet has seen worse. He was a calm kitty throughout the entire thing, from the moment I realized that he had fallen from a height because his body wasn’t talking to his brain, not because he fell then was injured. He trusted me so completely and I was a basket case. Conversed with me the whole way to the emergency vet, just as if everything was as it was supposed to be. And then the ******** wanted to charge me $60 for a cardboard box.

Nothing about this is ever easy because they rely on us so completely, and we can’t catch what the vets miss.

Take your time to grieve and don’t let anybody tell you it’s only a dog, get another one. WE know better. It doesn’t matter that 12 years is not unreasonable. It’s monstrous that we have to outlive our dearest, most loyal friends.

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