Will my puppy lose its color?

So we just took our dog into Petco for a grooming. (Not our first choice but our preferred groomer got COVID and any decent one is a month out.)

The two groomers told us he would lose his spots. We love him either way but his color is gorgeous. Does anyone know if these spots will go away or possibly stay?

You may get a better idea by looking at his parents, but sable in general fades, especially in poodles. There will likely be slightly darker spots where the black was.

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Just a note—it is impossible for purebred poodles to be merle on a genetic level. It was added into the breed likely through aussies based on genetic studies, but then the offspring has been bred back to poodles so much that it would not come up on a genetic test like embark.

Gotcha! Yeah, I bring it up only because depending on which breed introduced the merle would change what genes he may have that could affect the pup. For example, MDR1, a common gene in breeds used to introduce merle, can cause an adverse reaction to certain drugs. That being said, once you know of its presence, you can let your vet know so they know to avoid certain medications!

Either is possible. They could stay, they could darken or lighten, they could disappear entirely. It’s hard to say. You should have a better idea at what his permeant coat will look like once he has matured.


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