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He was a bold man that first ate an oyster.

We were so poor as kids. I didn’t even see a bathtub, running water, hot water, commode – we didn’t have any of that. We started with a humble log house, milk cow, garden-raised our own food, killed a hog every year in the fall, and had the meat hanging up in the smokehouse – that was our childhood, me and ol’ Si.

Eating without conversation is only stoking.

Marcus Samuelsson is a chef who inspires me everyday. He has such a deep understanding of flavors and techniques. His food is representative of the diverse world that we live in. What he has done in Harlem with Red Rooster is very special. Marcus is not just a chef, he’s a food activist.

We have to bring children into a new relationship to food that connects them to culture and agriculture.

For people familiar with Eastern Europe, Marci Shore’s ‘The Taste of Ashes’ is, in spite of its subject matter, delicious. A professor at Yale with much experience in Eastern Europe, she writes with great sureness of touch, weaving personal recollections with intellectual commentary and ideas with emotions, including her own.

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  • Tania Ghosh: Whatever she is doing..there is always a smile on her face.mesmerizing!
  • Cerela Jeenaya: This channel is like liziqi..
    So much knowledge
  • vonBelfry: Not pictured: The hell that is cleaning that gigantic wok every night.
  • Dick Piano: she takes the word homemade to another level.
  • Tom Haflinger: 2:48 – The English caption says “ferment for six hours”. I was prepared to write a correction because it’s actually the enzyme from the sprouted barley that is converting starch from the rice into sugar. But before writing my comment, I double-checked something. I had always thought that fermentation always implied the activity of bacteria or yeast. But now I know that enzymatic action, even without the presence of a living organism is also considered fermentation.

    As a native English speaker, I never expected this channel to give me a lesson in English, but today I learned a thing.

  • AbracadabrA 09: Money doesn’t buy happiness… I wish i had the life this people have… Living in a relaxing place, without stupid goverment and social problems.
  • Ash-Lynn Sarah: I thought that kid was sneaking candy while she slept xD instead he was actually being super nice
  • 손바: 이 영상은 자막이 없네ㅠ
  • SunC JjKitt: As they say to win a man’s
    heart is thru his stomach
    definitely this woman will
    win a lot.
    She’s s so knowledgeable
    when it comes to cooking.?
  • jianfei Jin: 谢谢你的视频,太好看了深深的被你的视频吸引住了????????可以和你做朋友吗?我也是爱做菜的妈妈
  • CasualMCZ TMC: She should win the noble prize for “Chemistry”
  • 굥민: صديقتي الكورية تعيش في فيينا عندها قناة على يوتيوبfrau lauv تعمل فيديوهات رائعة هل من الممكن القدوم إلى القناة والمشاركة
  • 이슬기: It seems like korean traditional candy “Yeot”?
  • shiyu shakwa: She has put a lot of effort on making it. She is really a hardworking women.. please put English sub so we can know how your making it
  • ShortStrawberry: Jie Jie: “add in an appropriate amount of boiled water”
    me, who has no plans of making this: what does that meannnnn???? how muchhhhhh?????
  • Josh Bedar: I find the background music so soothing! I love it!
  • Nick Chou: 好厲害..第一次看到天然的作法
  • suna k: Золотые руки ?
    Все натуральное.
    Как терпеливо она все это делает, и еще все знает в таком юном возрасте.
  • Esther Ye: 住在这里,呼吸新鲜空气,吃着天然有机的食品,肯定延年益寿,我心向往之。
  • Justine: Sis makes me wanna go in the mountains and live on a farm
  • Garma Zabi: 麦芽的香气~
  • M K: انا ما عم افهم شي من هالانسانة شو عم تعمل بس شكلو شي حلو ودايما بحضر فيديوهاتها?
    مين متلي؟؟
  • coughargh: Maltose or malt sugar, wiki tell it was discovered by western chemist in 1872; where it actually been produce by eastern farmer since thousand years ago lol
  • Yushi Zheng: 这姑娘太好了,我要是男的都想娶她
  • 굥민: ? صديقتي الكورية تعيش في فيينا عندها قناة على يوتيوبfrau lauv تعمل فيديوهات رائعة هل من الممكن القدوم إلى القناة والمشاركة
  • D. Remi: Did anybody else flinch at 0:20 when those bean things flew down at the camera? I felt like I was being attacked. ?
  • Aila Ismael: I always watch your videos! Love from Philippines?
  • FuhknRicky: Omg this candy looks so tasty I want one ! ?
  • ピンクよりの虹色ジャスミンのん: 最近これ見るのにハマってます!!
  • jey제이쓰: 아 귀엽다 바로 하나 무는거 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Hdjsidkdk: 麦芽糖里面竟然真的有麦!我确定我小时候吃的都是偷工减料的,看起来好像都不一样?
  • Soul ASMR: *and even when I’m with my boo… all I think about is you, you know I’m crazy over you ?”*

    Has no one else heard this in the BG music??? Hahahah I love it!!

  • 曾天鴻: 会做肯做的女生永遠是可愛的
  • pollymagoopou: 这喜欢这个见不到也不需要塑料器皿的生活,希望你们真的可以如此生活。
  • Kay: 原来麦芽糖是这么做的呀!
  • Ketriax: skin care routine too please!
  • that_asian: Be careful with my heart~~~
  • SX Ong: “别叫,让阿盆姐多睡会儿”


  • Lili Grandcoing: 看起来就好吃 厉害了小姑娘
  • Dominique Lenon: How could anyone dislike a cooking video? ?
  • fan of drake: Her hard working reminds me of Janggeum 🙂 ❤
  • Joseane Melo Melo: Parabéns você é ótima sabe fazer de tudo nossa perfeita ????????
  • 陳玉婷: 好厲害,每次看影片,都看到食物最天然但的一面。細心的製作食材與影片編輯,讚
  • サラ: 이것은 내가 매우 아름답다고 부르는 것입니다
  • English b.: oh my God I’m tired instead of her..Do you even get tired????
  • 那個誰: 簡單俐落的影片很療癒, 因為節奏快, 我都得專心看…
  • Totoro Chan: I would like to know how she cleans those bamboo containers though, like how to get them cleaned, sterilized, so on.
  • 駱棻芸: 有點被小男孩圈粉了XDD幫小哥收糖好暖心啊~
  • namahumoti: へ~
  • 익명: 한국어 자막도 누가 달아줬음 좋겠다ㅠㅠ
  • Ilai: I have fallen in love with these tutorials! I’m so happy I stumbled upon this channel! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Nelson You: Reminds me of yeot

    Edit: why was the recommendation for “yeot” yeet?

  • Johnny lam: 新一代厨神,太历害呀!我❤️你
  • Amanda Christina de Souza Ribeiro: Que difícil!
    Não vi ela colocando açúcar…
  • Heri Kuswantoro: 3:27 beautiful
  • كرار صباح: صراحه لمن اشوف فيديوهاته احسن ابراحه نفسيه عله الهدوء والتواضع مع العلم ما اعرف أغلب المكونات اتمناله التوفيق
  • swetha swetha: They r eating healthy food
  • Bimbo Battung: The background music sounds like please be careful with my heart
  • Radenku Johari: I love her videos. But imagine the amount of work preparing these whewwww
  • Thalia Hwang: Reminded me of Xue Yang . ?
  • euphobic: what’s the audio? It sounds so familiar to me
  • Shalini David: Hi iam from India. Iam watching your all videos very nice. You are looking so beautiful. Mind relax videos.every night I see your videos and go to sleep.
  • simone cumim: Ahhh finally a peaceful place on YouTube ??‍♀️
  • Nana Nanayan: Просто восхищаюсь! Красотка!?? ❤️ Баревнер из Армении??
  • AEGYO NOT EGGYOU: The background music tho kinda reminded me of a song from the phillipines ?
  • にえっとねねこ: 美味しそう!
  • SK Y: Oh my… that is exactly what my grandma made me. I am korean thou. That is really delicious. I did not know how precious it was and how much she did hardworking. I miss my grandma.
  • Suman Nagpal: Amazing she should be a model, she is beautiful ❤ ? ? ❤
  • Dolly Gupta: She works so hard with a cute smile❤️ ???
  • Sushi Chan: where does she get the energy?!! respect !!! ❤️❤️❤️??
  • 鈴木: 何作ってるかわからないけど、そこで暮らしてる気分になれて好き
  • Simon: So proud of my Chinese heritage
  • Coleen _j18: Watching her videos makes me feel sane amidst university stress
  • Torag55: This reminds me of that Korean candy that does it in a similar fashion.
  • binh nguyen: Amazing.. i was just looking up the recipe for this malt sugar candy yesterday. Had a craving for it. Thank you
  • Cxy Deja_Vu: 麦芽糖!真的用麦芽做的啊!???我。。。。??涨姿势了,惊叹于古人的智慧与创造力。
  • Luinimara Salaivao: I know my back will be hurting alot doing this kind of food chore ???
  • WONGA JERRY웡과 제리: 브금 뭔가 달빛천사 오르골에서 나오는 노래같당
  • Bouarfa fifi: تجي عليك تڨول ديت مرا ? ياخويا ياخويا ?
  • Bella GG: The amount of work she puts in is amazing! Love the video❤
  • GoldenMelody LuvieSone: I can’t explain how much I love your channel… its like healing
  • Lumi Nariel: This is amazing, you made natural taffy!
  • Diana Salazar: Que increíble volver a los orígenes aunque sea en videos. Haces un trabajo de gran valor y riqueza en cada video. Simplemente una hora de arte.
  • MrAaassdd: Daamn, she’s cute ?
  • Boldscheck: Can some one tell me the name of the song?
    It sounds so familiar to me but I dont remember the name D:
  • ヒソカ愛してる: ほんとこういうの好きー
  • farah aina: This vid reminds me of my childhood?? tho i always eat the candy while its still sticky and not hard
  • Rebecca Ramlugun Ünal: I have watched all your videos and it is like therapy to me
    Everything you do looks so effortless and elegant
    I would also love to taste your food as it looks appetizing and unique
    Love from Turkey ❤️
  • Abbie Mataio: New Zealand can watch your vids without end. Happy New year.. don’t stop making videos.. 🙂
  • 陈俊宏: 我最爱吃的麦芽糖
  • Serkanbah: youtube needs more videos like this,i am always watching with a smile 🙂
  • Freeda Mary: Oh mine so much of hard work I love to watch the video everything is so fresh
  • jennifer sotelo: I actually know the song lol
  • Fakhrul Yusof: the true meaning of beauty women <3
  • Raiane Vieira: That’s lot of work 0o0
    Amazing, I’d really love to try any of the food you make, they always looks fresh and delicious
    Really nice Chanel :))
  • Sbsirin Sbsirin: Shes keeping the tradition alive, thank you
  • Ronald Cacho: Whatever you do, its always amazing! Your connection to nature is ❤️. I love all your cooking.. when im sad, i just watch your videos then Im okey.
  • L B: All of this work is a full time job and you do it all effortlessly.
  • The She-Dragon: This channel is damn beautiful. I truly envy your way of life!

A poet could write volumes about diners, because they’re so beautiful. They’re brightly lit, with chrome and booths and Naugahyde and great waitresses. Now, it might not be so great in the health department, but I think diner food is really worth experiencing periodically.

Anime Food Wallpaper – Healthy Diet Wallpaper

Animals that we eat are raised for food in the most economical way possible, and the serious food producers do it in the most humane way possible. I think anyone who is a carnivore needs to understand that meat does not originally come in these neat little packages.

There are blessings in being close to the soil, in raising your own food even if it is only a garden in your yard and a fruit tree or two. Those families will be fortunate who, in the last days, have an adequate supply of food because of their foresight and ability to produce their own.

Avocado Emoji Wallpaper – Food Wallpaper Kitchen

My husband and I went to Japan for our honeymoon, and you look at, like, the presentation of the food, and it’s ridiculous. It looks like a Mondrian painting or something. Everything looks like a bunch of little Hello Kitty erasers when you eat a little bento box in Japan. It’s so precise and beautiful and processed and neat.

I really liked the food in Japan. There is something so organized, neat, and methodical about it. They put a lot of care and quality into their cooking. I also love Mediterranean, New American, and Italian food, because the cuisines borrow influences from all over the world.

Healthy Food Background – Grilled Chicken Wallpaper

If we want to fight people in the world, we should fight them with pillows – pillows stuffed with food, medicine, music… That would be so much cheaper than bombs.

Frida’ was a joy; this was delicious, I couldn’t wait every day to get to the set, although I was exhausted, and have my leg get cut off or lose the baby or be in her shoes and get to play my hero and be able to go places emotionally. You know, we live for parts like this. This is a dream for an actor.

Cartoon Donut Wallpaper – Banana Background Image

I feel it is an obligation to help people understand the relation of food to agriculture and the relationship of food to culture.

I won’t eat any cereal that doesn’t turn the milk purple.

Background Donut – Cotton Candy Pink Wallpaper – Chocolate Images Hd Wallpaper

I’ve realized that I’m more important than food is. I love a big slice of pizza, but I love myself more. Being thin is about changing the way you think about yourself. It’s about saying that you deserve to be healthy.

Rihanna’s voice is just delicious for your ear. Sinatra had the same thing; anything he sang sounded pleasing to most people.

From dead plant matter to nematodes to bacteria, never underestimate the cleverness of mushrooms to find new food!

Stereotypical vegetarian food looks gray and brown.

The only kind of seafood I trust is the fish stick, a totally featureless fish that doesn’t have eyeballs or fins.

It’s essential to make sure you have proper kitchen tools for food storage – like cling wrap, bags, and containers – because they help keep food fresher longer.

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  • Evita: Everytime she twists the cabbages I imagine her twisting my neck like that
  • Anu Sharma: See no use of plastic anywhere only wood iron and ceramic ??
  • Arien Ferrer: I planted cabbage . Just to experience to twist and pull it from the soil
  • Sakshi Jain: Hello mam…
    I’m from India…
    I’m a student of class 12th. I started to watch your video just befor 2 weeks…. and I alwalys become stress free after watching your video… ..
  • Epiphanie Always: Nevermind the dish. Look at those carrots! So vibrant and beautiful in color. I bet they taste divine…..
  • jannaty khanam: who is reading the comments?
    like me☺
  • Little Bean: I can’t imagine so much space for food to grow so plentifully ?. Is this a community garden or a your own?
  • Michelle ClaraS: She always have such a beautiful dress, nice casual clothes in every her videos.. I really love it so muchhh. She really generous, talented, beautiful and strong.

    #I’m from Indonesia

    And i really like all of her videos, her creativities, her inspiration, her talents, etc..

  • Megumi Cochran: I wish she made recipe books I could read. I’d love to try these dishes.
  • super granny: 1:02 awwwie lil puppy he took my heart so cute????
  • Agnes S: She is such a dedicated youtuber! I watched the behind the scenes of her videos and the effort is just beyond
    Love from Korea
    What a beautiful life you pursue?
  • Elie Sina: 1:02 and 3:43 Just look at this cuteness❤️
  • Cyanoxic Rose: I am SO jealous of her vegetables! And here I am in the West trying to avoid pesticides and chemicals in my produce. Love these videos.
  • Carrie Lonsdale: Such a hard worker your grandmother is blessed
  • meng jia: i watch this video before sleep
    i watch this video before i start clean my house , i just feel something peace in ur video,and love unconditionally .
  • Jenna Ellis: 0:45 I love to watch her harvesting the cabbages ~ twist and pull ~
  • Juan Bedoya: I wish to living like Liziqi ??????? some body too ?
  • Dae Semb: Likes for the cute puppy!!!
  • Farhana Sarmin: That small puppy is still look small, in ur new videos. Cutie pie
  • Rio Cristovan Mantiri: I can’t stop to see this channel. You done my mind.
  • Kannoolans Vlog: I loved her kichen utilities everything is made of wood, clay and rock ????????? she is really connected to nature nooo she’s really nature goddess???????? Chinese goddess
  • Mae Anne Binollas: 0:47 I can make a meme with that
    Changing head with the lettuce
  • Mehethab Sulthaana: I’m not Chinese but I love watching these videos. So serene and peaceful to watch. ?
  • Melanie Wang: Sweet, and sour, pickled mustard greens and veggies!!! Love that stuff!!! My mom makes it here in Canada all the time. My mom is from China too, but I was born in Canada.
  • Daiane Schmidt: Maravilhoso, colher da natureza todos alimentos. Belo trabalho. Parabéns!
  • TheOrisya: 0:46 you know what happen to your head when you mess with her ?
  • Afsana Mimi: When I watch her videos ,then I just try to imagine the heaven.

    So much soothing & relaxing videos,full of energy nd motivation.

  • Loclac: Her eyelashes are so long and beautiful..
  • Loclac: Yup I can eat 3 or 4 bowl of rice with these pickles and a bit of soy sauce.. they are hella good.. no need meat..
  • Judien Wang: 好怀恋我妈做的泡菜、豆瓣醬、酥肉,我爸做的酸菜鱼、烂肉豇豆? 。
  • Jasmine Loren: 0:46 if you mess with me I’ll do that to you ? jk
  • evylynamit Tripura: Ur puppy is so adorable
  • fitri yani: hi li zi qi, here i’m sending love from indonesia?
  • T Nicholas: That is the most beautiful big pickling jar~
  • Lingya Hsu: 我也超愛吃泡菜,這個做法很詳細,看起來好好吃。謝謝。?
  • Arooj아롲: Its only me or someone else also here cute cat meow.?
  • Николай: Is it me or in the end of the videos there are HUGE thumbnails of others episodes which covers most interesting part of video (like eating food)?
  • Mitchiko Alejandro: Hello dear…from Philippines
    Continue doing a great job..
    Your a very talented and beautiful..
    I’ll admire you a lot…
    And still waiting for your next moved to inspire us???
  • Khor Lim Long: The best channel on YouTube…
  • Ratul Ahmed: whenever i see cabbage first thing come into my mind is Plant vs Zombies ?
  • leslie l: i would love to see a diagram of the farm….how the gardens are laid out in relationship to the house
  • dida dida: I love that styl of life, i hope that i can live just one day in this land, !
  • Liyah Liyah: APA d sini cuma q Dr Indonesia yg nggk pernah ketinggalan chenel nya liziqi ??seneng bgt pokonya klw nonton tu bawaanya enaaak ja ??
  • Nikitha Sharma: Hi mam, I from India I love to watch your videos so much
  • Kyaw Khine: I can eat 10 bowls of rice just by watching you cooking. ??
  • Wirtualny Świat: I don’t understand Your letters (or words), but Your videos… Just love them.
    Greetings from Poland!
  • Purvi Ghosh: My mind get refreshed while watching your videos, blessings from India<3
  • Nikki Jackson: What beautiful storage jars. I love them.
  • Naseem Khan: The pickles are my favorite as well. The dish looked scrumptious and with rice will blend really well.
  • Rahoi Remmei: I felt contented watching her videos. This is the way how I wanted to live, attach with nature.
  • Sanam Singh: 1:03 what a cutie ♥
  • Jayda Diamond: All her meals look delicious! And imagine how healthy they are! They are all natural!!!!
  • C O M F Y P E A C H Y: The dog so cute ❤️
  • Aventurz: 嗨,我來自秘魯。 我喜歡你的視頻,
  • Lolita Lis: Your chanel is amaizing! so peaceful and relaxing
    adoring beauty of nature, sounds and camera work!
  • Krishna Krishna: She is doing every activities like drawing something…omg awesome..
  • Sindhu Sterly George: Loads of love from India?
  • nidsal: I would really Appreciate english translations in all her videos
  • Thanh Duong: Amazing! Can anybody tell me the name of the background music?
  • Madhya Pramarta: This is what i dream for.. farm to table.. healthy, peacefull, and wonderfull place
  • Thảo Nguyên: i want live here, so peaceful <3
  • Nessa Myers: I love this so so much ????
  • Gabrielle Martins: Tem pouco tempo que conheci seu canal e não consigo parar de ver seus vídeos. São maravilhosos ❤️
  • lilstep noel: I love her vegetable washing system made from bamboo.
  • Cindy V: I’m so in love with her videos?
  • Roselin eve: I love the music it’s help me calm
  • Zita Annza: MasyaAllah so beautiful
  • Maileen Ong: In Sichuan province, some families have a big piece of land and a portion of a mountain for them to plant.
  • Chris Chih: 扭菜的那個畫面讓我想道她扭人腦袋
  • Jessica Back: I love the way that you live. You grow your food, butcher your meat, make your own clothing just everything. It’s a beautiful thing you do
  • Life Diary: You are so amazingly amazing and I’m so in love with your channel. You make everything seems so easy and delicious to eat and how you just freshly pluck the veggies shit gdi I adore you so much ❤
  • Amitav Bhattacharya: Gentle, Gracious, Talented, Beautiful, caring, loving and very very cute Keep it up Liziqi…Tons of love from India Pansy Gomes.
  • Maya Giri: I love ❤️ the way you cook the food ?
  • KE BILL: 她的生活正是我所嚮往的
  • Muoi Mai: I need English translation, pretty young lady. I love the beautiful & peaceful countryside, the sound of nature, your healthy lifestyle and your cooking.
  • K: 0:47 I’m legit so scared at the expert way she did that. My first thought was “damn she really could snap my neck without a second thought huh.”
  • ChizuAmori: Watching those videos it’s so relaxing and beautiful.
  • G S R: Your videos are so beautiful and relaxing. I watch them over and over before I go to bed and I sleep like a baby!
    Scottish lady ❤️
  • Erlene França: Nossa tudo da terra ? tudo natural ????nada melhor,queria ver minha terra assim.tudo lindo essa moça ela incrível ? linda talentosa ?????
  • Aamy Jayan: Wish once I were there ..In this beautiful wonderland
  • Evangalin Shalmi: After watching your every videos I become stress free ?
  • Heather Michelle: I love her lil doggy. ?
  • smile wu: 狗狗超搶鏡的 <3
  • Blu me: Mashaallah wie unglaublich schön! ?
  • Grand Caymans: What a pro, I never enjoyed cooking so much. ?
  • Simon pang: 我是永远爱你❤
  • niroshini perera: Love her videos! ? love how she pushes her self to go that extra mile to be sustainable and self reliant.
  • 司馬正是: ,偶然進入妳的視頻,才知世上居真有奇女俠,十八般武藝樣樣行,出手乾淨俐落,取景配樂專業水平,羨慕妳呈現出來的一切事物,如天上人間,與世無爭!極致逍遙!台灣同胞敬佩妳!這些天,忙趕著補看妳以前的影片,加油,繼續妳的執著!!
  • K.S Brownies: 1:01 OMG. That cuteness
  • Nou Xiong: I love every dish you make…wish there’s more clear instructions. I love this veggies dishes.
  • Wen Du: Oh I’m so hungry watching this?. I’m going to make this pickled veggies these days, and using her video as tutorial.
  • Shreya Mistry: the music in these older videos seemed to have been changed…loved the older ones but videos.. amazing
  • Ane Walsh: Thank you for your films. they are divine and inspiring. Keep making them, they are Joy, Freedom, Craft, Creativity.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Big hugs from Brazil.
  • Cassia Frasson: Beautiful! So much salt, though.
  • glass sandals: How does she know how to do all this? So amazing at such a young age!
  • Bolo Boloyo: 1:03 suddenly i press the like button, no actually i love all her video plus her dogs and the little lamb
  • Cat Mom: You’re awesome. To grow and harvest you’re own vegetables! When I was a kid we always had a garden and there was nothing like the taste of home grown vegetables!
  • Esraa Jaafreh: I really like the music .. ❤️❤️
  • John Fontanilla: I just love watching your videos. Everything can be obtained in the surroundings. Amazing! And the meat preservation. ❤️
  • gurriata: Thank You for uploading videos on Youtube, so here in Europe we can watch them 🙂

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Everyone would be healthier if they didn’t eat junk food.

Blueberry Wallpaper Hd – Background Donut

I hate the way they portray us in the media. If you see a black family it says they’re looting, if you see a white family it says they’re looking for food.

I’m the type of person who far prefers a vacation filled with trips to museums and art galleries, shopping and exploring vintage flea markets, people-watching at cafes, and discovering delicious restaurants as opposed to lounging on a beach for days on end.

Avocado Emoji Wallpaper – Cotton Candy Pink Wallpaper

An almost forgotten means of economic self-reliance is the home production of food. We are too accustomed to going to stores and purchasing what we need.

When a mother goes to the store and purchases food for her child, she has the right to know what she is feeding her family.

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I can testify to what UNICEF means to children because I was among those who received food and medical relief right after World War II.

For breakfast, I eat organic food with high fat content, such as whole milk yogurt, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit and a scrambled egg. I cook it in organic grape seed oil for its high omega content. I drink a cappuccino for its dose of milk and the coffee for its taste, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

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I get way too much happiness from good food.

I know it’s not cat food, but what exactly is it that they put inside of tinned ravioli?