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Understand, when you eat meat, that something did die. You have an obligation to value it – not just the sirloin but also all those wonderful tough little bits.

I’m such a Type A personality – when it comes to a road trip, I plan my food so far in advance. I roll hard with a cooler. I don’t mess around. I want to avoid ending up eating fast food. I try to stay away from that.

I’m the person who wouldn’t send back my food even if I got steak when I’d ordered fish.

I love making healthy lean foods delicious – that’s an art!

By eating many fruits and vegetables in place of fast food and junk food, people could avoid obesity.

Working with food was fraught with anxiety when I was a girl. Like all farmers, we were at the mercy of the weather, and we lived in fear of crop failure.

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  • H恵美子: This video kinda has a different feel to her other videos.
  • mounaimmalle selvamuthu kumar: How come so many Indians are here! By the way the music was so good. This tune is same as Ar Rahman melisaya song from Romeo movie
  • Rulong Chen: make maltose sugar candies from barley sprout and sweet rice flour
  • Hà Thư: Thank you so much for reminding me of my childhood. I had a bad day at work but i’m feeling ok right now, thinking back to the day when i was little. :).
  • Sushi Chan: You videos has improved so much more today compared to 2 years ago ??????????mothers recipe always works, daughters can learn a lot & practice their recipes for future use. Brings a lot of happy feelings when making & tasting it???????
  • 陳亞瑟: 長這麼大,頭次看到麥芽糖怎麼做!真不簡單啊!
  • 福森黃: 斗笠藏春嬌,貌美賽二喬。巧手制麥糖,甜沁心動搖。
  • Estaline Dorcine: I don’t know why I love to watch her videos when am hungry??
  • Mubashira 1: love from kerala
  • j alex: Thats amazing. Your knowledge and skill is awe inspiring and beautiful. I love your videos, very relaxing to watch. I appreciate your hard work and sharing it with the world. I’d love to work on your farm and learn.
  • t f: 勤劳,聪慧,美丽,端庄,娴静,温婉,博能,多艺,世间女子中之翘楚也。
  • my travel my life: camera work, editing, music and you very very pretty.. good work… congrats
  • Tedica Turtin: Thanks for the English subtitles I enjoy watching you cook, from the Caribbean with love
  • Susan Smaltz: I love to watch your videos. They bring me such peace. Much love to you from Indiana, USA♥️
  • Mona Bayomy: نرجو من المسؤل عن الفديوهات وضع ترجمه بالوصفات حتي تكون الاستفاد كامله و مما يسهم في نشر الثقافه الصينيه حول العالم
  • Sourav Nath: Your future husband will be so lucky to have you as a life partner. ??
  • Soil-Ain’t-Dirt: So very pleasant and peaceful to watch you. Thank you for letting us into your home 🙂
  • mirexy morales: I’m from costa rica?
  • Atmo Anita: incredible nice! thank you for sharing it, you show how small things can give us happiness and beauty! love, from Italy
  • 叶青: 背景音乐很哀伤…
  • Liz: The music is so calming
  • The One I Loved Most: The woman is very hardworking and she diligent in making delicious recipes.
  • is-haq wong: Ah yes I tasted like that one in my country when I was young. It tastes good and not too sweet, actualy I love that candy.
  • 雨林一陣雨落在森林上: 長見識, 第一次看到, 謝謝!
  • Nargis Prottasha: I loved the background music ❤
  • Logesh Waran: I getting amazed of this girl.. Native taste . This is what we want. Amazing.. love from INDIA
  • Dannia: The music soothed my soul and brought me inner peace. Thank you for this lovely and wonderful video.

    ❤️❤️❤️ from the Philippines.

  • 陳子昂George Chen: 小哥超美的
  • Elenita Nunez: we also have like that kind of sweet candy here in the Philippines. we call it tira-tira.
  • ꧁誠實是美德,虛偽是缺德꧂: 只要看到阿盆給個贊先

    這個視頻不是 阿盆

  • Venkat Damodaran Naidu: traditional cooking amazing
  • sandhya gohitha: Back ground music awesome?❤
  • Omanty Tayeng: Sister you so prefect really in the world who great cook for vegetables ??
  • Priya Krishnakumar: Your cooking is like a poetry.I enjoy it very much
  • đm đời đm tình yêu: Hihi <3 ♥♥♥♥♡♡
  • Prithwish Tantri: You are the sweetest and also your Hat is the best. It’s like the hat Poe wore in Kung Fu panda..
  • Ann Jones: Beautiful music! I have been trying to learn Chinese cooking. Some of what she makes is too difficult. Love your videos. Hugs to Dawang.
  • Sweta Rai: Wow that music tone ???
    Much love to u …❣
  • Fernando L: The music is wonderfull!!! Just like the sounds of every video!
  • Indahaha ha: I always love her… this video soooo?
  • Cilla Moke: That’s absolutely incredible!!!
  • Betty Liu: 加拿大Canada :这音乐太好听了我已经被陶醉了.这么漂亮的妹妹!
  • Syairul Bilad: Cewek ini kreatif, masakannya sulit d tebak. Viewersnya pun pasti d atas 1juta
  • Puravee Bordoloi: Background music ??
  • Sandro Cassio: Every time I watch her videos I become more in love.
  • Falco Cheng: 背景音樂把她襯托出如此古典仙氣。
  • Keanu Tuen: Love your hat, very beautiful!
  • Dan O’Neill: <3 <3 <3
  • ravi k: Fantastic, mind blowing, awesome dianxi,
    I wish you will be the top 50 female chefs in the world….all the best …
    Keep cooking..?‍??‍?
  • Ledisant Ledisant: LOVE THE MUSIC
  • David afshar: This lady is so pretty.
  • RAJALAKSHMI1973: my god this lady knows each and every bit of cooking awesome
  • Jennifer O’Neill: Thank you for subtitles??. Natural candy so good.
  • ShadowPasta: I recognized this song from a “Straw Hatz” dance video
  • Jon Jon: Wow, just wow! I am totally amazed by this. Obviously I know what Maltose is but really had no idea it was made this way. Terrific video! Thank You!
  • Eillin Te: 很好奇! 是哪位幕后者, 视频拍的唯美, 配乐也动听。
    第一次才知道原来麦芽糖, 是这样制作出来的。谢谢分享
  • Tanti Nurian: love from Indonesia ?
  • Shay Wiliame: Your videos bring me so much peace… its beautiful thank you for always posting.. stay well..
  • Abrille Valensuela: love from Philippines..nice vids so refreshing…
  • Hae Kim: My mother dried them under the sun first. Then make them into powder keeping dried grain shells. And mixed with steamed sweet rice into white liquid sugar-candies- satang/ hard candies.
  • jowie luy: I use to eat that when I was younger and it’s really good now I miss it ??
  • nanda penjahit: I my self prefer natural sound for the backsound. Relaxing
  • 장동현: 수고하셨어요!
  • Isthatso notsofast: I really enjoy these kinds of videos. I wish there were English subtitles on the ingredients and also the name of the music.
  • Mauvaîse Penseé: Wow, i’m always impressed with your videos, you don’t know how much i have learned with you!!. Before watching your videos i didn’t know how many vegetables and fruits you have in your country, your culture is so different of mine but i’m an admiror haha greetings from Chile, South America, extreme south of the world ?
  • Carl Joseph Villarosa: Thank you for the subtitles
  • G’na Ross: I love your clogs, great content. Hello from Southern California USA???
  • cantantealexa: Gracias por los subtitulos, saludos desde Colombia.
  • Raul Mendoza Argueta: I really admire you, I am your fan number one, I send you greetings from mexico.
  • HeraldoRufinogomesRufino RufinoGomes: Amei tudo, do fogão a lenha até os pratos maravilhoso, e a música, me faz sentir vontade ir a China ?????
  • Junie junie: Hello l’m froom indonesia,,,,??
  • No Face: Wow this was great!!!! So relaxing, I like the music
  • รวมหนัง อนิเมะ: อยากให้ทำ คลิป ไปเรื่อยๆนะครับ
  • Iyinesh Muthusivam: Bgm reminds me a tamil song mellisaye
  • Jo Ha Nna: Wow, what a process ?
  • Linwang Tyring: Wow! So nice the way you cook and inspiration music too! Love it, Much love from North East India.
  • Артем Полушин: you are very beautiful, happiness to you
  • Jany Cler: Trabalho maravilhoso,parabéns beijos
  • Lokesh Gurung: U have a lot of idea and knowledge which is really i appreciate …keep it up…
  • Norhan Nanjung: ❤ from indonesia
  • Rashmi Rai: Wow music which i have only heard in anime till now?
  • Insook Jang: 엿을 만드는 거네요. 운남 사람들이 우리랑 똑같이 엿을 만들어 먹는 걸 처음 알았습니다. 신기하군요.
  • Hasan Mahmud: Love form Bangladesh.. ♥
  • bie fortz jr: love from philippines ❤️
  • Poornima S: No words in your cooking so so amazing madem
  • arazia mahmoud: The biggest kitchen in China, you can cook anything ??
  • Joye B: This video is totally therapeutic. It made me feel so happy and peaceful.
  • Ya N: So beautiful video. So beautiful muzic. What a muzic? Tell me, please.
  • Witawat Ponhan: love your music, thanks
  • Kuna Kuna: Addicted to this channel
  • D.v Cruz: Qué melodía tan reconfortante…
  • C. Huseyin: Peaceful, full of joy, tasty ?Namaste
  • Masrevi Yuliandri: seems that you’re really like to making malt sugar ? watching episodes like this many times on your chanel
  • Aslı Korkmaz: ?????? Thank you
  • Asmaa Khedr: سبحان الله…انتى شاطرة قوى..تسلم ايدك
  • lakshmi tulasi: Seeing ur vedios so relaxing sister
  • Ruslan Mammedov: Bizim.semeni?
  • Monisha Pai: I love? the music….So calming peace to mind….
  • italia italia: 第一次看麦芽糖制作过程?
  • Aji Anandan: I started to watch ur videos since last 3weeks….and now I’m a big fan of ur videos….Love from kerala??

Iberico de Bellota is best when cooked medium rare with a nice, pink center to allow the delicious acorn-infused flavor to come through.

Banana Tree Background – Macaroni Wallpaper

Liver, lungs, heads, tails, kidneys, testicles, all of these things which are traditional, delicious and nutritious parts of our gastronomy go to waste.

Most cultures traditionally link food and spirituality directly with periodic restrictions and celebrations punctuating the year. Abstinence from particular foods or full-on fasting is part of many religious traditions and holidays.

Good Morning Breakfast Images Hd – Yummy Food Wallpaper

I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.

The house I was born in in Somalia was right next to a big market. A lot of beggars or panhandlers would be in front of our house constantly, and my grandfather and grandmother would always invite them in to have food with us and have them take whatever was left over.

Grapefruit Wallpaper – Ice Cream Background Tumblr

Constant deprivation is no way to live. Don’t always skip the delicious stuff for raw carrots and brown rice.

Technology is, of course, a double edged sword. Fire can cook our food but also burn us.

Salami Wallpaper – Food Photography Boards Diy

Confit is the ultimate comfort food, and trendy or not, it is dazzling stuff.

The only secret to food combination is a balance of protein, carbs and fat – they all play a key role in our health.

Photography Food Backdrops – Pastry Wallpaper Hd – Cake Shop Wallpaper

Ounce for ounce, herbs and spices have more antioxidants than any other food group.

Any startling piece of work has a subversive element in it, a delicious element often. Subversion is only disagreeable when it manifests in political or social activity.

I always encourage people to get out there, travel the world, see new things, experience new people, experience new food, experience new culture. What happens is that helps you to grow and be your best self.

What is it we want out of travel? Is it to take snapshots of ourselves in front of famous monuments, surrounded by other tourists? To eat unfamiliar food chosen from unintelligible menus? To earn frequent-flier miles? No. It’s to glimpse what life is like somewhere else.

It’s important to have a healthy balanced diet but not to get too bogged down about it. It’s important to enjoy your food, too.

Ounce for ounce, herbs and spices have more antioxidants than any other food group.

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  • 张凌玉: Guys stop sending roses to your girl friend.send them rose jam .?
  • Bakugou Katsuki: Other people: oh cool plants
    Liziqi: I can make 1,000 dishes from this
  • ms camille: OMG. I love her life style. So simple and peaceful. I watch her every night before i go to sleep. Just adore her videos.??
  • brad miller: This is the world we were meant to live in. I think we messed up.
  • Yuri Onna: Those drying roses looked like dresses for little fairy’s!
  • Junior Engineer: She does everything with lot of patience
  • Rem Sabri: We also in my country Syria make these roses a delicious jam.
    We also make rose syrup. It’s refreshing in summer with ice. ?
  • Myra Mo: Rose jam is called Gulkand in India, added in betel leaves for consmption after food. Tastes amazing!
  • crgaillee: You live a very rich life, It is a pleasant escape watching these videos. Thank you for making and posting them.
  • ত Rahman: I love her cooking utensils too. She doesn’t use nonstick/ aluminium pot. She knows all the healthy way!
  • Rakshata Sawant: I’ll die happily watching her..

    Those flowers r damn lucky to b plucked by her!….
    Lots of love frm Indian girl!
    U r real human. Real woman.. N yes.. Ur world is real!

  • Nike Calunsag: She’s super lady like in one vid, then the next thing you know she’s building benches, sinks, beds, and other things. ♥️♥️♥️
  • Rad Dude: The people who disliked this are flowers getting revenge
  • Jo The Witch: I’m pretty sure this woman is either a straight up goddess, or like some nymph. She is so graceful and everything she does she does so with meaning behind it. And she has a great personality, even if she doesn’t speak.
  • O K: These roses are not only roses but jams also. Love from India to Liziqi ; the chinese princess.
  • Anis Mudhoafah: She teach me how nature is so meaningfull for human for blessing everyday .. thank you
  • Cyclone syr: Greetings from Damascus Syria, your videos are great
  • Malsawm Dawngzuali: why is youre life so perfect?
  • Rayeesaa razak: Please .. Can u put english subtitle and ingredients in description box..

    And these videos are amazing.
    Living in a pollution free place.
    So hardworking.
    Keep going.

  • Lil Lily: 0:29 ? queen of flowers??????? she is like a living fairy ?‍
  • Anaya kaushik: Do you live in heaven.. Coz I never see a place like this
  • Yona Khan: She is so lucky to have simple and elegant and natural life style..☹️ i wsh I have also same life style as her…
  • Nikki Vang: She always make me wonder what have I been doing with life. Her video help relieve my stress after a long day at work.
  • Stardust lotus: In India we call the rose jam , ‘ gulkand’…I love it!
  • لبانة حيدر: I’m a big fan of you ?Lot of love from syria?
  • Melissa Ivy: Im jealoous of her lifestyle i would rather be there with all that peace and nature i love her productivity shes amazing!
  • Rifa Annie: In future I want to go there….. Your village is so beautiful ❤❤❤
    You are beautiful too ❤❤❤
  • Sushmita Basak: What a beautiful n peaceful lifestyle..???
  • Tim Singleton: I am doing the intermittent fasting thing. I have to save your videos for the last part of the day, LOL. My sweet wife introduced me to your channel; love the dishes you teach about.
  • Bela Skyx: I started to fall in love with chinese culture
  • Galilea De La Torre: This really makes me rethink my life choices
  • Happychicx: She truly live off the land. ♥️
  • Jani Loves Food: You are literally living my dream life. So jealous!
  • Jang Wonyoung: Her videos are so aesthetic❤️❤️The views are so beautiful
  • Prathi Dd: I’ll be friend with you sister
    Your every job doing well
    I’ll be interested those things
    God will bless you lots
    Happy always
  • reshmi chettry: this place is like heaven… and background music so relaxing…
  • WALEED KHAN: I love her and her lifestyle, she’s so cute , charm and full of beauty
  • Toko Tashi: I love here life , like her, she is so wonderful with everything what she does.
  • cloudxmilk: I’ve almost liked all of her vids..


  • Evelyne Pentiani: I just cant stop watching her. The video is so relaxing. Much love from Indonesia. It will be such an honour to meet you in a real life, someday.
  • Deen Flower: In india we call it gulkhand (rose petal jam)and we make exactly like this .it’s good for activeness,blood purification and liver(bile) related problems.
  • Game Mode: Every element of this video is like a part of a fairytale ??✨✨?
  • nadia farnaaz: her lifestyle makes me to think about retirement plans of my life in such beautiful way
  • Min Chen: 请多多制作些如此充满东方神韵的视频。美得令人销魂!
  • Jay Davis: Heyyyyy! I remember when you made the rose jam? ( like I was there? from watching it like 3 days ago??‍♀️)
  • Divo Galindra: Everything about this lady is beyond wonderful
    *too perfect*
  • beentot gobalyo: damn so perfect…for family PAIN RELEIVER
  • صالح الرشيد: What can I say!!!!she has everything ??
    _watching from Saudi Arabia
  • Ramya Gupta: It seems an angel plucking the flowers . facinated to ur videos..❤frm INDIA ??
  • Nina Huang: 1:50 this is the most violent i’ve ever seen her O.O
  • Youssra Al Mourabit: I saw those flowers a lot when I was growing up!? But I didn’t know they were called Damascus roses!??I did know they were kind of roses because they grow similar??
  • Nina Noir Paints: You are absolutely amazing! If everyone strived for just half of your creativity and work ethic, this world would be a truly Special place. Do you ever make perfume, perfumed oils or any natural hygiene products? If so I would love to see a recipe for creating some with your method of creating using ancestral methods/recipes!
  • Hafijul Molla: I love your life style…I love your sweet home . & I love ur grandma
  • just4fun: My new life is to watch her living her life.
  • roxana rasol: Hi l am your fan from Damascus Syria, ???
  • Kristarrah Lee: Never have I ever seen any chef cook any dish that even comes close to this lady. Amazing!
  • Anni Dahl: When we die, do we get to meet Li Ziqi in heaven?
    I’m also pretty sure she is an eternal spirit
  • Lydia Loos: I literally got an ad for this channel while waiting to see this video. ?
  • Soyluna: Everything she does is done so delicately.
  • Angom Angel: Everything is in garden wish I could live here ?
  • Mariana Weinrebe: 0:56 i would die if I saw this at the night
  • Garry Dunkley: Wow I am so in love with her and her love of this life ! Makes me so happy to feel her beautiful soul ❤️
  • Erika Cardenas: She looks like a princess and everything she does looks absolutely amazing! I really enjoy all her videos.
  • Daniella Khalifeh: Everything looks like a dream in this video!Beautiful roses beautiful fruit trees!Tasty food!Nice cat!??????????
  • Saida Axmedova: This is so beautiful. Love from Russia.
  • Tim D. Ding WU: 睡前看一下子柒的视频,一天的疲乏,烦恼都烟消云散。所有凡尘杂念都荡涤开去。谢谢子柒,继续关注你的作品。
  • Love Urself: 0:18 No difference between Ur Face ??? & Rose ???
  • 吳冠霆: 想吃玫瑰花餅?
  • J Mak: So much better than Gordon Ramsey, she is the true Iron Chef
  • Jesyl marie Natividad: This is life ???
  • janvitha soyam: A woderful person in the world with
    Multiple talents + beautiful + high patience = Liziqi?
  • hansi Weerasinghe: She’s like Princess every work so beautiful
  • Rada Radosteva: Greetings from Russia.My heart melts when I watch your beautiful videos.❤️
  • qiaorong zhang: I made this rose honey paste. It helps my period a lot.
  • AJ RainWater: Wow, your videos are always so beautiful in execution and relaxing to watch. I really like this one a lot.
  • Milady Torres: I wish that I have this opportunity to leave this kind of life ,beautiful flowers and fruits ? and ? and natura life I think this is the best of the best
  • LuLuRockOn: Such a beautiful living! I wish I had this kind of life 🙂
  • 李沅澧: Now you know that it’s fact rather than myth that little fairies are fed on flowers and dew.??
  • Juneo Joan: Beautiful dream of real life.. Reminds me my childhood times. Once I knew how to make the rose jam from rose petals, now I forgot it.
  • Grimsy sangma: I feel so relaxed everytime I watch this channel , feels like im in a different world where there is no worries and sorrows.
  • 海因斯: oh yeah, touching, warming and relaxing. beautiful.
  • Cherry G.: This woman has lots of blessings in this life… very beautiful hard work! Love from FL, USA!
  • AmberKiss Love: her life and place is like in a fairytale ☺☺❤❤
  • The real deal!: Just let me know first if you’re cooking with roses I’m not eating flower rose petals?
  • tupjakz navarro: you are so beautiful and your cooking is good regards from philippines
  • Lemon peels: This makes me hope that one day I too can have a small game and make my own food. Sadly I’d probably starve ?
  • zhen LI: Production Method: material:Damascus Rose,brown sugar,honey。Use Brown sugar mixed roses milled,Sealed with honey,Then ferment for more than two months.Want to use it to take a little。(According to the Chinese translation of the video)
  • Divina Biccay: Nothing is hard when done with wat u do and enjoy it?and shine like the stars that everyone gave lights❤
  • jocy madyl: All her videos relieve my stress… her place is a paradise… i just love the organic plants around… ???.. avid fan from PHILIPPINES
  • GlassAngel: The production value is amazing and a great nod to traditional activities
  • Niharika ojha: I love you u r so natural and beautiful lady
  • Quyen Nguyen: I am Vietnamese, after watching the videos of this sister, I have had very good im pression on the food, the people of China, they really are great and not like I thought before, I love China
  • snakue loveshobi: this is what i call just beautiful
  • 。。。 ً: The girl that ive been waiting for my whole life but will never have wig
  • mnemosine itahncristos: De lo mas hermoso y delicioso que he visto en esta vida.

    No cabe duda que los chinos son muy sofisticados.

  • Jessie godwin: Living with nature how beautiful isn’t?
  • Ate Anne’s life vlog Anna: You are adorable im your fan here in the philippines. Your one of my inspiration thats why i started to plant veggies… Tnx for making vids and sharing to all of us. I love those fruit you featured, that is expensive when buy here
  • shailesh gangwar: whenever i fell stressed i watch your vedios ….spiritual and from INDIA
  • RivqYahBat Tanakh: I really love your outfits so beautiful.
  • Ny Ny: Good music let me ask for the name of the background music

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Do not allow watching food to replace making food.

Fruit Juice Hd Wallpaper – Photography Food Backdrops

Create a garden; bring children to farms for field trips. I think it’s important that parents and teachers get together to do one or two things they can accomplish well – a teaching garden, connecting with farms nearby, weave food into the curriculum.

The most appealing thing to me about food is combining and layering flavors, tastes, and textures. So the perfect sandwich has to be toasted. It has to have Emmenthal Swiss cheese and a combination of sweet and savory – some cranberry or fig thing happening – with different kinds of meats like Black Forest ham and roast beef.

Banana Tree Background – Pastry Wallpaper Hd

I’m such an impulse buyer. I once went into a pet store for dog food and left with a fish tank and five fish. And yes, of course I forgot to buy dog food.

Not eating meat is a decision, eating meat is an instinct.

Donut Background Wallpaper – Cake Shop Wallpaper

Ounce for ounce, herbs and spices have more antioxidants than any other food group.

If we want to improve American food and make it much cheaper, we should deregulate the food trucks and the other street vendors, provided they meet certain sanitation standards. Many cities have already moved down this path, and people are not keeling over with salmonella.

Food Wallpaper Png – Fruit Wallpaper 4K

It’s essential to make sure you have proper kitchen tools for food storage – like cling wrap, bags, and containers – because they help keep food fresher longer.

It is an old custom amongst Jewish children, to become war-like on the ‘L’ag Beomer.’ They arm themselves from head to foot with wooden swords, pop-guns and bows and arrows. They take food with them, and go off to wage war.