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A delicious meal cooked by a colleague for many others nourishes not only the body but also the soul.

I’ve always believed in a rainbow diet. As many colors and foods as you can eat, the better, because if you focus on one food, there’s bound to be a report that comes out that says, ‘Broccoli actually… ‘ So I mix it up a lot. And I take vitamins, like Biosil, which I take for my hair, skin, and nails.

When I get down to Louisiana, I get to have a taste of some of that great food.

I’m not very good with spicy food.

A High Wind in Jamaica’ is like those books you used to read under the covers with a flashlight – only infinitely more delicious… and macabre.

Wherever I go, I am Italian. The way I talk, the way I eat, the way femininity is important to me. The way I love Italian food.

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  • suga first love: She is like an Angel and the place is like heaven. Everything about this is so beautiful
  • wonder woman: Is she real? Are the places even real? My Life seems so shallow seeing her. Respect and love to her???
  • Zerrie=Everlasting: At the end she is recreating a scene from Eternal Love
  • Roseanne Park: This is what we called “TALK LESS DO MORE”
  • DevInvest: This is one of my favorite episodes.
    It’s so beautifully shot, edited and scored.
    It came upon me, some people in the comments and the ?? perhaps just don’t understand there is a lot a creative license used in certain episodes by the creator of the videos.
    Some, are very rustic, raw and real.
    Others, are a dream. Symbolic.
    Just as in life, there is a Yin Yang aspect ☯️ ?.
    I love that she’s in that drop dead gorgeous white dress in front of a field of pink, intently and with mindfulness choosing each bloom to go with her.
    It’s a statement, her statement of intention.
    It, and she, is art.
  • Desi’s Corner: My 7 year old said that must be Mulan..?? lol
  • Alicia Peng: How could anyone dislike these videos? The effort and hard work that is put into making and editing these videos are incredible.
  • Andy Williams: Everything about you is beautiful: your hair, your eyes, your nose, your lips.

    Your face is so pleasing to look at.

    In that white dress, you look so angelic.

    You are so beautiful. You are our pretty princess. ??❤️????

  • Astha Tiwari: I request you to make a video on Chinese healthy hair care tips or routine PLZ ?
  • Mazni Aziz: She just like from fairytale
    Beautiful and talented
    Thumbs up to her
  • Arkan Tim: The girl can really tell everything in the world without saying a single word!
  • Kamaruzaman Muhamad: Me: She made her own basket!
    Me2: why are u so surprise! She made her own gdm furniture!
    Me: nevermind…
  • Angeline J: 我感觉看了一部真人版的仙侠片?
  • jan lin: She doesn’t talk very quietly and wants to sleep.
  • MY CLIPS: She is really an angel and living her life to the fullest..God’s own child…
  • Jason R: It can’t be real. She must be a Princess or Empress or something else
  • اه كم اشتاق ايام ابي اه كم اشتاق ايام ابي: اذا اكو عربي حط لايك خلي نشوف كم عربي مر من هنا ????
  • Queena Sherillia: This reminds me of bai Qian, ten miles of peach blossoms
  • Paul Liu: The face, the scenery, the art, plus the music. I am intoxicated !!
  • Brooke Bailey: This entire thing was acc too beautiful omg
  • sayma sufa: ur like an angel
  • 容音: 好有三生三世十里桃花的感覺
  • 留め置かまし大和魂: 天女現れた(^ー^)
  • Isaac Gonzalez: Basically your a living goddess. Some genius videographer decided to capture your life. This is amazing.
  • lei ls: Okay it never ocurred to me that the basket she uses was handmade by her wow she is sooooo talented ❤️
  • Sara Kuhl: I dunno about anyone else, but that’s exactly how I dress when I pick flowers in the woods. ? (in my dreams)
  • eenoh lim: 她簡直是个仙女,看她的Video就好像處身仙境。
  • Larry Kelly: I can’t express in words how beautiful you look in this video.
  • runningwolfkenpo: She is so strikingly beautiful and talented.
  • 玲玲: WOW her hair are so beautiful black and long her skin is beautiful her face is beautiful she is talanted and very kind she is so simple no so much makeup just a simple beauty she is natural beauty
    I love her and her videos
    She is angel
    The place is heaven
  • Yamiko kazuko: I bet if she were lived in ancient era, she would be noted as one of the most beautiful yet perfect person in the world.
  • Sandra Nasir: Because of her,now i want to see Sichuan but why isn’t this part shown in google images. all iI see is foods & pandas ?
  • Janeth Rodriguez: She’s just so beautiful and amazing for all the things she does oh my she’s a real hard worker woman just the fact she does everything from scratch unbelievable and the place that she’s at wow just too beautiful! I really enjoy all her videos this is real i wish she continues making more videos I’m beyond excited to watch them all good job !!
  • Raven GE: 姑姑,我是过儿啊!你不记得我了吗?
  • Camilla Lam: 好美啊!❤️
  • Nadia farouk: اتمنى ان تكون مسلمة وتشكر الله على هذه النعم ماشاء الله جنة الله فى ارضه اتمنى العيش هكذا ونبتعد عن صخب الحياة الذى امرضنا
  • Amrita pritam: Whenever I see u touching flower I Know that u are going to eat it ????
  • Roger Kenworthy: I wonder if they study Liziqi’s videos in film school? If not, perhaps they should considering the transitions, shots and so forth. True art. Love this channel!
  • GoddessOfThree: These videos helped me fall asleep during a particularly stressful time after moving between states recently. They’re so peaceful and beautiful and make me feel at ease for a few minutes when I’m otherwise anxious <3
  • Lynnie Roe: “Let me just make a basket real quick, I need to collect some spell components.”
  • 碧山水: 一个精通人间烟火的仙子
  • 慕逸: 花若盛开,蝴蝶自来
  • 锁金秋: Is this heaven?
  • Ni Daye: 太美了,人美景美,一切都是那么美好~
  • Mohamad Reza: I feel im gonna love her ?
  • minnie bunny: 2 Oct 2019
    This is my first comment on your channel, hope you noticed this, you are so beautiful like an angel, the place a sooo beautiful like a heaven.. Ni hen piao liang❤
  • Omoh Tapi: Beautiful+talented+hardworking everything you have no other words from my side…. I like you?
  • Shammos Galaxy: Actually, I really like and love all of your vedios because it talks about simplicity , peace of soul and chinese traditions in your village.
    I am a syrian citizen and I appreciate your vedios since it brings calm and peace to my heart through the horrible war that we face her .
    Thanks for your fresh ideas ❤
  • Joahuakyle 14: Shes like an angel from the heaven and down to earth to love me?
  • jimIN forSure: My soul has been purified by her videos, this gorgeous woman is out of this world
  • 男無臉: 美……!太美……昏倒!????
  • Hasan Halim: the dress so beautiful, and the girl is more beautiful, wo ai ni 😀
  • juan Guerra: She is a calming angel for a world gone mad. Thank you wonderful angel!
  • Prevana Gogoi: She’s an angel from heaven living on the earth?
  • MaXiMOs Feguro: A leaving princess in this generation ❤️
  • Donald Walker: Beautiful gown
  • Heathen_Pride: I never really believed in angels till I found your channel. You are truly a treasure my dear ♥️
  • Kaely Isaak: Please don’t stop uploading videos
  • بحر السعادة: الملابس بالبداية كولش حلوات اتمنا البس مثلهن و اسكن بهيج مكان حلو??
  • Arathy K S: Kindly share the link of this background music. It’s so beautiful….
  • Min yoongi: She is very pretty❤
  • 栗原雪: 说实话如果我在森林看到这样的一个女生,真的会误以为是仙女下凡,一身琉璃白~
  • WackAssWaffles: i would love to know the name of the song lol
  • Stephanie Mcbroom: She’s so beautiful and so talented!!
  • moon light: i love this place i really want to spend my whole life there ☺
  • Crishell jane Cartagena: This channel is so peaceful? hayyysss i want to live like that ❤❤❤ your so beautiful and awesome girl ???
  • gamermouse guo: 汉服果然是韩服以及和服的原始模板!谢谢你重塑汉服的美丽!
  • Tzen Sco: 亲爱的,差个古筝?
  • 忠于自己身不由己: 4:10~4:20 让我想起宋继扬来了☺
  • Heny Kota: ?? love and respect from Indonesia
  • Widia yaksa: So beautiful,like a dream oh my god, im from indonesia,i want someday i can to meet you
  • ハイパー警備員: 綺麗の一言に尽きる。人も花も綺麗。現代だという事を忘れてしまう。?
  • Jenny Wu: 画面太唯美了,爱你!!
  • Hannah Krynicky: I love your unique energy <3
  • 吳若菲: 子柒家後山什麼都有~
  • Nanni Vinod: Just got addicted to this young lady and blessings from India.
  • Micha Richa: You make me feel make me feel relaxed and peaceful..thanks for showing us this heavenly life…I love being in nature. Peace
  • riddhi shreya: The real angel. lots of love from india. Please give the subtitles in english.
  • polaris code: This looks like it come straight out of a Chinese fantasy drama!
  • Ker002: She is literally a goddess in human form
  • Septina Rahma Wati: She is Angel and Beautifull ?????
  • Via Aala: Kahawig nya si dada ng love of a condor heroes??
  • Dewi Santi: Liziqi you are just greattt, inspiring so much, wonderful, warm regard from Indonesia
  • Donna DeWeese: Simply beautiful❤️?
  • big fat bunny 大胖兔加油: 粉色的樱花配上这身白色的汉服,真的是很美。看你的影片是一种享受,视觉盛宴。
  • VrinDa Sharma: She’s from some other realm.. ??
  • Safir Mohamed: Awesome! you are a real angel. you steal my hearty dear. I love you so much. “O ai nee”.
  • Soso Matar: يالله كيف الله مسعدها لانها طيبه القلب❤️
  • leciram araba: While watching this I feel like watching a Chinese fantasy movie.? She’s so beautiful . A REAL PRINCESS OF NATURE ?The GODDESS ?
  • Manisha Mondal: This is a dream land… ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Leon.C.W: 4:16 nem tinha nada no copinho… ?
  • Bakiyam Lakshmi: then, no words to say she is a ”ANGEL”??
  • ervindine: Love from Greece ?? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ u are perfect ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Athirah Zakaria: Omg she’s a goddess on the thumbnail ?
  • TristanDmarco: I’d love to have some tea with you ?
  • hhee g: Appreciate , her videos let me notice how beautiful rough hands are, the real beauty is created by people’s hardworking and creative minds.
  • Alexia Morrow: I really would like to know the camera that is used, absolutely perfect! Love
  • Tom Kristiansen: Hi, from Norway. You are a beautiful ambassador for your old culture.
  • Omni Shoryu: Wow real life xiao long nu! Where’s your yang guo though? ? loving this old classic TVB melody, remind me of my young childhood watching those dramas

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I don’t find it a struggle to maintain a healthy diet now as my palate has changed. I don’t crave rich food.

Carrot Wallpaper – Food Tumblr Background

The problem is when that fun stuff becomes the habit. And I think that’s what’s happened in our culture. Fast food has become the everyday meal.

City farming is not only possible, it is the very definition of the kind of meaningful, sustainable innovation we will need to meet the grand challenges of the 21st century: climate change; population growth; ageing population; urbanization; rising demand for energy, food and water; poverty; and access to healthcare.

Ice Cream Sundae Wallpaper – Hamburger Wallpaper

I remember debating the finer points of flaky pastry with my chicken-pot-pie-obsessed American dad. I remember the divine mix of Thai food, TV dinners, and hearty, homemade goodness that have shaped this palate of mine to this day. I remember all this, but I still Google my husband’s birthday. Thank God he’s famous.

Healthy people eating healthy food should never need to take an antibiotic.

Tasty Food Wallpaper – Grains Hd Images

I have never denied my background or my culture. I have taught my child to embrace her Mexican heritage, to love my first language, Spanish, to learn about Mexican history, music, folk art, food, and even the Mexican candy I grew up with.

Eating is so intimate. It’s very sensual. When you invite someone to sit at your table and you want to cook for them, you’re inviting a person into your life.

Fruit Wallpaper Full Hd – Street Food Wallpaper

I hold a mini-New Year’s Eve party each year with my son Ronan, and we make pigs in a blanket. They are delicious!

I was raised by a single mother who made a way for me. She used to scrub floors as a domestic worker, put a cleaning rag in her pocketbook and ride the subways in Brooklyn so I would have food on the table. But she taught me as I walked her to the subway that life is about not where you start, but where you’re going. That’s family values.

Chicken Dinner Wallpaper – Beautiful Fruit Wallpaper – Cucumber Wallpaper

A delicious meal cooked by a colleague for many others nourishes not only the body but also the soul.

In 49 countries around the world, including all of Europe, people have the opportunity of knowing whether or not they are eating food which contains genetically engineered ingredients. In the United States, we don’t.

I make smart food choices. I love food, especially fish, chicken, and beef.

If everyone wants to eat like people in Bangladesh, then we would have food coming out of everybody’s ears.

The things that make Korean food delicious are garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, chili powder, and chili paste. They make anything delicious.

All those spices and herbs in your spice rack can do more than provide calorie-free, natural flavorings to enhance and make food delicious. They’re also an incredible source of antioxidants and help rev up your metabolism and improve your health at the same time.

Watch Featured Videos

  • idontevenlikebarbequesauce especiallyonmytitties: Everytime a phone or a laptop is in this video I get confused because I forgot she’s living in modern times
  • Jess Does Stuff: Some people are complaining how she’s only an actress and how this is fake. I don’t think she is only acting it but even if she is , I don’t see a problem ? I’d rather watch her ‘act’ all of this rather than the kardashians painful screaming and crying.
    Her videos are so refreshing and calming. I love them !
  • yj harvey: She is not an actress. She is an orphan from teenage living with her grandmother. Most of the skills are the daily life in village. Some of them were learned later on like making this bread oven. She worked in city for a few years but had to move to village when her grandma was ill and getting old. She then started filming. She now has a camera man because it is too difficult to film by herself.
  • DangerNoodle Shahalie Walker-Waltz: The glass bottles to focus and contain the heat are genius
  • Zualbawih Rawihte: So the oven she’s been using for all this time is also made by herself?!!! Multi billion times wow.
  • Akari: All those people who said she is merely an actress and all of these are staged, go chop a piece of wood like her. I bet they can’t even swing the ax.
  • RingshadowCat: Sagan: To make an apple pie you must first make the universe.
    Li Ziqi: I’m on it.
  • Henry Rahardja: imagine try to give her a gift,
    “do you want an oven?”
    “nah, i’ll make one”
  • almira özek: *me, a level 2:* _proud of myself cuz I could make a bread without burning it_

    *her, a level 97:* _proudly eats breads she made herself in the oven she also made herself_

  • Tom Phan: This fairy is a chef, a brick builder, a capenter, and paper maker too.
  • Jacksepticeye Jackspediky: Did u know?
    Liziqi built the hospital she was born in.
  • SpaceHeretic TM: You need a show on Netflix!!!!
  • abel perez: The way she kicked that wheelbarrow was kinda epic
  • Zikri Musa: By looking at her rough hands i know that she is a hardworking lady
  • Martin Santos: Chef, Architect, Plumber, Builder, Carpetress, Artist, Designer, Engineer, Gardiner, Agriculturist and an industrious woman. A woman mentioned in overbs 31. She should be praised. She ate the fruits of his labor.
  • neko fan: these videos inspired me to wash the dishes.. and i haven’t done that for a long time.. thank you
  • samc1nonli: Its killing me to know what she wrote on that note in the bottle…
    Probably a universal spy code to the secrets of the universe…or that she’s crushing on the camera man.
  • Pomin Chang: 從後面的作品開始看
  • crescendo: Just like us she sometimes has to watch tutorials too! Haha
  • kate sand: Nothing is strange in this video. I lived in morocco in a farm. This is more than familiar. We work hard for our living and I love it. The joy from that bread freshly made and that hot cup of tea surrounded by nature and lambs and dogs barking … no money can buy that. The only difference os the weather. It looks very cold in their and it is very hot in here. Thank you for sharing the video. Stay strong and healthy. Love from Morocco ??
  • Wick B.M.G: I’m only saying ..she is a masterpiece of a human being
  • 孙静云: Awww, she named the oven after her dog “Guo Gai” (pot lid). Cute❤️
  • Mirra Nadhirah: I don’t understand why some people said she’s faking about her talent. Don’t you guys see that she’s a very hardworking & creative person? ?
  • Erdbeerspinat: Yesterday I was thinking about building an earthen oven for my parents and now this video popped up. I always find the right inspiration on Liziqi’s channel. Perfect ?
  • JjkXbbi 97: “How many talents do we put in her?”


  • Bitter Sweet: How To Make Bread ?

    Step One: make an oven

  • Ambrosia Gacha: God creating Liziqi:
    And a splash of talent!
    *pours whole bottle*
  • Somebody Toucha My Spaghet!!!!: Liziqi: *makes her own oven all from scratch*

    Me: *complains about my arm paining because I slept on it for too long*

  • Louise Qing: Let’s baking: mixing flour, water, sugar…
    Li Ziqi: mixing sand, cement, water….
  • breezter: I always thought, man what a super cute oven she bought!

    And then I realized… *she built the oven*

  • 林煒: 子柒謝謝妳 一開始教人怎麼做麵包窯的老師我怎麼好像看過 後來想起來在台灣的節目上看過 謝謝你最棒了?
  • Maram Elkherbawy: 你好,我喜欢你的视频,你是多么独立和强大,并希望我访问中国并与你一起学习所有这些惊人的技能。
  • just4fun: Now, that’s bread from scratch. She’s amazing and beautiful.
  • brito: 0:26 好羡慕摄影师,好美啊?
  • WhiteTorn: Other baking videos: First we get a bag of all purpose flour…
    Li zi qi: Ground a bowl of flour…
    Other baking videos: Then we add some potatoes starch…

    Li zi qi: Washing potatoes into starch…

    Other baking videos: Arrange some slices of fruit onto the pastry…
    Li zi qi: Hacking a bamboo to pick fruits…
    Other baking videos: Now you put your pastry into the oven and turn the heat up to…
    Li zi qi: Building an oven…

  • Adagio: Me throwing all of my responsibilities and deadline 1:04
  • Pastries and slime: Girl: I made bread all by myself

    Li Ziqi: I made an oven all by myself

  • magdalyn: Is there anything this woman cannot do?! And what a wealth of resources at their doorstep.
  • jne K: She should teach classes on how to do all these kinds of things.
  • fany oktavia: Feeling cute today,
    Maybe i’ll build an oven later. Idk
  • Michelle Ventura: She’s gets even more beautiful when doing some hard work chores.. she’s inspiring. Keep it up Li zi qi..! Aja!!!
  • hocky 1026: このお家に時々文明が出てくると謎の感動がありますが
  • TheNanadith: When you live in the country to almost primitive way then came with the sight of a mac notebook. ?
  • 聶振華: 才女我太佩服你了。天底下的大大小小的事都難不倒你。
  • 李謀富: 人這麼漂亮又這麼有才我超愛你的喔
  • ms shah: i found this channel 4 dsys ago since that i only watching this in my free time.. amazing , beautifull n motivated videos .. lets see when i will be watch smthing else at YT .. ?
  • Ranjan Aribam: Your channel always gives me those enchanted Ghibli-esque magical fantasy???
  • swathi midhu: She is beauty with brain very rare combination
  • tamakikawaii: News anchor: what can you do?
    LiZiQi: yes
  • リィサナ: 1:09 it’s hurts to see how she throws these bricks while i have almost 100 of them at my backyard, and every single brick that falls from my hands gets broken
  • damascusraven: 2:30 And here we see Liziqi writing her confession about her drinking problem, then burying the evidence.
  • Creative worx: I’m in love with that.
  • ryanh2013: I pre’d a little when she opened the bread up.
  • Sky Sailor: Omg, she can do anything.
  • Rani Sinjali Magar: I was literally searching for this video
    Finally ?????
  • mochiminie_: You know she’s worth keeping if she owns/affords a laptop but still makes an oven herself. ?✊??
  • Steve solar: 3:35 one of the most beautiful moments in life.
  • Crag Mc: That is the coolest oven EVER!
    Love it!
  • carl krebs: The respect and love you have for your grandmother warms my heart .
  • Ria Miya: The oven made that I thought made with her grandfather long time was her own creation.. Really WOW!!! You are such a talent
  • Hanis Rosli: everytime she grab that knife my mind automatically goes ” here we go, chicken..” ?
  • Sayuri19: if you had been experienced a hardship in your childhood life then you gonna be tough like this young lady , she is super strong and very determine girl, I really adore her.
  • That One: I already know that it’s going to be gorgeous! <3
  • Emily Baxendale: I love this lady.
    Wakes up: *yawn* I think I’ll build a clay oven today.
    Edit: omg thanks for all the likes! <3 ;)
  • Taty Gosuen: Thank youtube for recommending me this channel!
  • Bob Rohubres: She’s like a real life minecraft ??
  • Abdhut Deheri: She is amazing hardworking….. And I love the background music… So mind relaxing…..
  • Cristian Cardona: Yo quiero que se has mi esposa UD es toda una mujer de verdad
  • Jolty Merry: U are really amazing what a man can do you do it wonderfully incredible it’s so inspiring everything around u are useable nothing is being wasted
  • Lee Zhang: @1:03 THIS IS SPARTAAA!!!
  • Lucy: She’s watches a video on how to, and does it.
    Me watch a video or pin ideas, that there end of it. ?
  • Hye Kang: Genius finding happiness in the small things from the nature 🙂
  • A L F I: I wanna ask my uncle to make it ?‍♀️
  • H K: 第一次看見電腦,你真的好利害,焗爐好可愛?
  • Roberlene Silva: Oi tudo bem minha linda flor, gostaria que você soubesse que eu adoro os seus vídeos amooooo tudo q vc faz bjs???
  • Ripona Khanom Ripona Khanom: I am from Bangladesh,, and i likes liziki’s videos very much
  • valarie 254: Interviewer: what can you do
    Li zi qi: everything?
    Thankyou so much for 1k
  • 卍卍全: 原來做這個窯,妳是看台灣節目裡的老師學的啊!希望有機會妳也能來台灣走走逛逛?
  • Peter Sonatan: Making an earthen oven from scratch, from her own concept drawing, own materials. Impressive.
  • Leo Ambuyoc: You know what guys!? If you just know her story, it can touch your heart. She’s amazing?

    -From Philippines

  • Uncle Fiction: I appreciate your creativity and hard work, my career leaves me empty.

    Your videos remind me there is more to life than the daily grind.

  • Ruthe Movic: Ela é de verdade? ? Que mulher perfeita ❤️
  • Monika Tanwar: You are so hardworking girl I love ur all video’s
  • Abia Toxef: Amount of hard work she puts I to these fabulous videos is just amazing. Huge respect honestly!! ??
  • Rini Richie mk: multi talent girl no words to praise you dear your great?????
  • unebonnevie: Please when you get married, make sure to marry a good man, who appreciates your talents, beauty, creativity, and arts. And above all, respects you. Anything less is not worthy of you.
  • SunsetDots 19: 2:20 anyone wanna know what the bottles were for?! ?
  • Erastus Kimemia: Beautiful Earthling…come and live with me 🙂
  • Charlie Vanmeer: Why the bottles? :O
  • Janie2Shoes: Great video !! I made a pizza oven a couple years ago, and we love it !!
  • Fabio Suave 狼: I’ve seen her use that oven a hundred times in videos and now I finally find the one where she makes it herself XD I can’t believe this girl
  • susan sap: What I noticed about her after no endless hours of watching her Vedio’s that’s she never smile’s …… and yet every thing around her is pure perfect ?
  • 1979 Hellcat: Ohh now I wanna make an adorable kitty oven ! That is sooo cute!!! ????
  • Sarita Kumari: OMG she can do everything means everything ?
  • akime Yuki: I saw this oven a few times already in her other video and I’m not even suprised the fact that she made it herself. If u tell me she built her own house I will believe it
  • Potato head: I first thought she is an actress or something like that. But then I observe the way she does things. She does everything so perfectly like an expert. Im pretty sure that she is not acting.
    Even if she is acting, I don’t find anything wrong. All she is showing is how to live simple and humble life. How to enjoy nature and how grateful we should be for everything we have. I have a huge respect for her.
  • Isabella W: She counts her blessings with a bite of that delicious French bread that was baked from an oven she built from scratch! Extremely talented! Although the most admirable is the delicious bite worth all the hard work that she put in.
  • Tracy Osbourn: She’s a Chinese Martha Stewart. ♡
  • Lenny Puspitasari: Masya Allah..super woman❤️ luar biasa bikin apa aja bisa..smp oven bikin sendiri????

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Not to like ice cream is to show oneself uninterested in food.

Burger And Fries Wallpaper – Chicken Dinner Wallpaper

I like going out to have street food without being disturbed. I like taking walks, but it’s been so long since I’ve been able to do that. I miss feeling what I want to feel and walking around freely in crowded places.

I think that once people understand the great risks that climate change poses, they will naturally want to choose products and services that cause little or no emissions of greenhouse gases, which means ‘low-carbon consumption.’ This will apply across the board, including electricity, heating, transport and food.

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For me, food is about generosity, and this should reflect on the plate as well.

Although I may not know a lot about football, I do know a lot about food! As a result, not many people ask me to join their fantasy leagues, but they will come to me for suggestions on what to serve for guests for a weekly Sunday get-together.

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I have a healthy relationship with food. My problem is, as a comic, I eat dinner late. But I’ll have a smoothie for breakfast every morning, and I keep it pretty low-carb and healthy during the day. At night, I’ll have a basic protein, quinoa, and vegetables.

For a long time, I was an assistant in the NFL to George Allen, and George was paranoid that other teams were cheating on him… that they were offering bounties, that they were wiring our locker room, that they were putting food poisoning into the pregame meal of the other team’s stars, stuff like that.

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A delicious meal cooked by a colleague for many others nourishes not only the body but also the soul.

Know you food, know your farmers, and know your kitchen.