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Grief is a bad moon, a sleeper wave. It’s like having an inner combatant, a saboteur who, at the slightest change in the sunlight, or at the first notes of a jingle for a dog food commercial, will flick the memory switch, bringing tears to your eyes.

What I like about Calcutta is the food. I like simple Bengali food like dal, shukto, fish, and mutton.

An almost forgotten means of economic self-reliance is the home production of food. We are too accustomed to going to stores and purchasing what we need.

Food can offer a moment of pure emotional pleasure in an otherwise hard and difficult world.

On my first date, my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to eat a la carte, and I said that I would prefer to stay inside!

Every major food company now has an organic division. There’s more capital going into organic agriculture than ever before.

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  • Gracia Maria: its always a pleasure to see younger people spending time with their elderlies.. children nowadays have tons of things going on their lives they barely have time to spend with their parents and as well as their grandparents. I love spending time with my grandma, especially ehen she gets into telling stories from her younger years, I can almost imagine that kind of world she live in many many years ago and they always have great advices and you can tell they are genuinely interested and sincerely listen when you tell them anything you want, be it dreams, worries, triumphs etc. Im always grateful for the days Ive been given to be with em because I know they can’t be with me forever. so I guess this is goin to be ine of my fave
  • ninja ozuno: admit it y’all want to see camera man for once ????
  • K Uthei: Seeing them make me miss my grandpa….. Wish I could have spent more time with him when he was alive….?
  • R P: These videos are like meditation, my brain rests……………………. =)
  • Kementiri: How beautiful ?Your grandfather has such a sweet smile.
  • David :D: The instrument in the background music is a hulusi! Very unique in Yunnan, China.
  • Mark Rigsby: She is devoted to her family. Good lady.
  • Vinita Gupta: Buffalo kid is very cute.
  • Angie S: I never met either of my grandfathers so this brings tears to my eyes.
  • anne marie: City life is so hectic n stressful that sometimes I feel like want to move to the countryside and live a simple, happy life like her.
  • 박주희: 좋다좋아
    정말 좋아하는 채널이에요
    보고 또보고 또 본답니다^^
    한국어 번역 좀 많이 부탁드려요!!
  • Mark anthony miranda: Dianxi xiaoge is such a talented girl when it comes to cooking..some of her recipe is so amazing..I really love watching her’s so entertaining to watch specially when her family is around to help her..(special mention)also to her younger brother who also helping values??????..
  • Dammika Vidyarthi: I loved this videos n my is really relaxing the way she’s cooking with lots of love n careering her grand parents n family ?
  • day zed: I wish my grandfather is still alive 🙂 and serve him all his favorites too
  • Wanda Giovani: ? the backsound is so relaxing
  • 박요: 이영상 설명이 너무마음아프고 아름답네요. 마음따뜻한 할아버지와 효심깊은 손녀딸이에요☺️
  • Faidza Guiamad: I miss my grandfather just by seeing your grandfather sweet smile
  • YS: 油菜花最好吃了 祝阿公健康長壽
  • Jim Kaspar: This was one of my favorites. So sweet.
  • Lhingneithem Mangvung Hoakip: Music it touch my heart,I miss my childhood .
  • Venus Guibay: I haven’t even meet my granpa from my father’s side and I was still young when granpa from my mother’s side died. Wish I’ll feel what you’ve felt having a granpa ?
  • 阿噗: 祝外公中秋節快樂身體健康萬事如意。
  • 時光: 好大的宠物?
  • Anna Lukarsono: What a beautiful and wonderful thing to get to know and have grandparents. I wish I knew mine. They are like a goldmine.
  • DIY Me: Such a heart warming place. I miss my hometown.
  • 柿沼芳子: 祥和而美丽的农村,慈祥可爱的外公,美丽又孝顺的外孙…
  • 李筠淑: 小水牛好可爱
  • Thuy Vu: 小水牛好可愛喔
  • Q. Taylor: Perfection. Simply, yet masterfully done. Intoxicating…is how I was feeling until so rudely interrupted by an ad. Which, sadly…makes me a little suspicious. Quite sadly…
  • Nini TheGucciBear: I so love the music. ?
  • sarah Kaewpilarom: This VDO warmth my heart really miss grandfather too …
  • Retno Susanti: I never boring see this video, I wait another video
  • Suriatina Husin: Adorable moment…. Miss my family so much
  • Nichayla Cooper: You inspire me so much! You pick your own herbs, take care of your family, run your YouTube channel, youre an amazing cool AND so pretty! I hope the universe rewards you.
  • Fyn Anderson E.: I miss my grandfather too???
  • Samurdhi Perera: I love the fact that the mother and child pair(the cows) got an outing instead of working on the farm. They got to munch away on the hills.
  • christina mckenzie: Love all your videos. If living of the land is how you live I would live like that.
  • Diana Garchitorena: What a beautiful life. Everything is out there in the back and front yard. Luv luv gurl. You are so pretty too.
  • Anon E. Mous: Oh, grandpa’s smile is so gorgeous.
  • jish 23: I miss my dad n my grandparents ????
  • Army Paris: Thank you for sharing landscape and rural life of your village. I need this to relax
  • Analyn Navida: I miss my grandpa cause we did same when where at the province.
  • Dong-Yeon Seo: 祝你爷爷奶奶的健康~!!
  • 方義杰: 背景音樂不錯聽,民族風濃厚。
  • Aquaries john: This video makes me miss my grandparents. They used to have buffalo too…
  • Fai Faz: missing my grandpa after seeing this. wish he still alive
  • Gloria Diaz: I’m sooo happy seeing both grandfather and grand daughter together and feels their love each other,and cooking good recipe
  • Grace William: I love the music. It’s make me feel relax hearing it.
  • Diana Garchitorena: I’m so touched. I miss my dad. He died 10 yrs ago..
  • raga Hdz: hola, aunque no se tu idioma, me encantan tus vídeos, los paisajes y lo que cocinas, saludos desde México.
  • Bee Bee: Love her video, watching her every day
  • Jojo Denka: Seeing you and your grandpa remaind me to my old day… i used to follow my grandpa around village… helping him feeding his sheep… but my grandpa died when i was 10 y.o… watching you make me really miss my grandpa…
  • 孫萍芬: 音樂配合景物超完美、音樂很好聽
  • mone thapa ale: When i was show your video rest my mind and feeling greatful .
  • Erica Dawing: I missed my granpa at home.
  • yamuna a: When I feel hard at that time I seeing your videos to relaxing??????
  • Veronika: All my grandparents have passed away. I miss them.
  • JuJu and WamWams: I miss my grandfather ?
  • ERICCA ZHIMOMI: Your an amazing chef.. love it.
  • Mariateresa Cristobal: While I’m watching this video I got smile until this video end up… very heart warming so lovely… nice girl.. ur lucky coz u still have grandfather like him…
  • Wai Fung: Grandparents are So special . He is happy you are there????
  • Nury Alinka: I Like This Video So Much,,I’m From Indonesia..
  • Camelia R Arzate: Wow?❤ nature looks so beautiful.
  • momkatmax: It’s great to have your Grandfather still living with you! Mine died many years ago so we miss him and his stories. His favorite dish was pig feet braised with cabbage.
  • Josue Morera: This is one of the most beutifull place in the world that i ever seen what i wpuld give to live lile this.the culture o love.
  • The Diving Comedy: OMG love this vid and the music reminds me of gondang Batak!
  • Darleen M.Igesumal: This is why I subscribed your YouTube coz I love your videos.I enjoyed watching them??
  • Alexandrea Calliph: love the background music different from ur othe videos … what a wonderful world wonderful life you got there … i wish i were there ?
  • Joya Joya: I love this background music it’s awesome ☺️
  • Chanthing Kashung: I subscribe . you deserve it u r hard working great cook and beautiful.
  • Ammy JR: I love to watching your video so much ❤️ I’m from Thailand.
  • The One I Loved Most: It really relive me from stress
  • Vivian Li: I love this channel! From Seattle
  • Kari Lynn: This was beautiful. I never met either of my grandfathers so I really enjoyed watching this. And, I think you should sell those hats that you have in this video. I would love to have one…
  • Hana avrily: i like see your grandfather,,, ????
  • DR.POOJA SUTHAR: This is one thing that I never get bored of to watch
  • Kavitha Kumaravel: amazing talent and work perfection.keep it up
  • 气泡大仙: 云南真的是一个人杰地灵的好地方,虽然我才二十几,但已经想去那里养老了怎么办?
  • Stephen Murphy: When her Grandpa smiles it reminds of spending summer’s with my Grandparent’s on their dairy in the countryside of New Hampshire.
  • Rahila Soni: Her videos fill my eyes with tears of happiness…Lots of love from India.
  • Chandni Pradhan: So touchy video…I love my grand parents….missing them so much
  • Shirley Yang: Yummy! This one of my Favorites also!
  • Ram Rajak: Beautiful girl and talented
  • Tilak miringching: Hi, Namaste!????………
  • Elise Cooper: Precious unforgettable moments. Much love ? for family.
  • Dan O’Neill: He is happy because you are there
  • syena manik: Miss my grandpa?
    Love you from Indonesia
  • Malikai Lailai: I love this video because it shows the connection with family and nature. Beautiful video. Thanks.
  • Judy Moraga: I love the human side of these videos!
  • Anak Probinsiya: ❤❤❤❤ watching them i remember my grandparents and a life thus is more peacefull and happy
  • Joy Molla: love from Banglades
  • lehaz Khan: Grandpa and Grandma ❤️
  • Jieza Ansay: Actually I watched all your videos
    Say hello to your beautiful family
    Gua ai ni dianxi ♥️?
  • choachoa cioah: I’m from Indonesian
  • Chui Hungyo: Aww that baby buffalo is so cute ?
  • Lola Bleu: The buffalo calf is gorgeous!!
  • lynn calara: your channel is my everyday habit.,,,… u are so lovely.
  • jincy paulose: All videos eco-friendly and I am so interesting to see all your videos. Thank you.
  • Jer Vang: Love your short video It’s so peaceful and beautiful nature.

Everyone who gave me food, who took away my hunger, inspired me to compose. They told me their stories, and I had no other way to console them than with a piece of music, and that is how I learned. I did not resolve their problems with my songs, but I created a moment of release.

Pomegranate Hd Wallpaper – Carrot Hd Images

I love to cook comfort food. I’ll make fish and vegetables or meat and vegetables and potatoes or rice. The ritual of it is fun for me, and the creativity of it.

Climate change, if unchecked, is an urgent threat to health, food supplies, biodiversity, and livelihoods across the globe.

Food Themed Wallpaper – Onion Wallpaper

If I’m making a movie and get hungry, I call time-out and eat some crackers.

Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.

Food Wallpaper Cute – Food Styling Backdrops

Los Angeles is such a widespread city, sometimes it’s hard to see your friends, and food is a great way to get together – it’s a great way of giving love.

A heart can no more be forced to love than a stomach can be forced to digest food by persuasion.

Banana Wallpaper Hd – Bread Hd Wallpaper

I have these brownies that I make that are just a home run with my family. I make them with almond butter, prune puree, walnuts, cocoa powder and whole-wheat flour, and I like them because they’re delicious, but they’re also guilt-free.

Love and food are very similar in many ways. We can’t survive without them, and they bring us great joy, and just as there is junk food, and you can become obese, there’s also junk love.

Donut Pattern Wallpaper – Food Art Background – Leftovers Wallpaper

I think Australian food is probably some of the best in the world.

If you’re a juvenile delinquent today, you’re a hacker. You live in your parent’s house; they haven’t seen you for two months. They put food outside your door, and you’re shutting down a government of a foreign country from your computer.

Man seeks to change the foods available in nature to suit his tastes, thereby putting an end to the very essence of life contained in them.

We’re lying ourselves into believing things are untrue, like organic food will solve all our problems, or vitamins will make us healthy, or we don’t need to vaccinate our children.

I don’t take supplements – I get nutrition from food.

The more natural or eco-based products you can introduce into your beauty regimen, the more beneficial it is for your skin. It’s similar to introducing organic food into your daily diet.

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  • Cyanoxic Rose: LOL Grandma snitched on the crab
  • Eloísa García: The best part of these addicting videos is the final scene, where she shares the fruit of her hard work with granny. I love that part!
  • Aslans Angel: Wait. She just made the utensils right before they ate? This woman is amazing.
  • BTS is my life and soul: Me:heyy so where do you buy your stuff
  • Hena Asdfg: That poor crab ? tried its best to escape.
  • Morningstar Ghuleh: The grandmas laugh at the end when she is trying to eat more crab is so cute
  • Federica Demori: 1615 dislikes from the crabs
  • MacKeeper: “im just gunna rustle up some steamed crab’
    4 days later
    “dinners ready!”
  • Alli Costello: i want gordon ramsey to see one of her videos
  • Erika Guevara: Doctor: Dear madam please take of your body.
    Granny: sure


  • Anonymous User: Me: OOO how’s she going to get that crab
    She : grabs with bare hands
    Me : ??
  • chris shimizu: oh to be a simple crab, swaddled in a leaf bundle on the way to be steamed
  • M Goreti: This is why I love Chinese culture, ‘respect elderly’??
  • Amaya Kanosh: Your grandma’s laugh makes my heart melt and reminds me of my late grandma ??
  • steven huang: Grandma : That one is getting away!
    Crab : Et tu, Nana?
  • Lewlav Abra: that one crab felt really adventurous lmao
    “omg i escaped i’m finALLY FREE– oh wait nvm”
  • Dian aja: When she took out all that crab meats with simple tools she made, i felt like i’ve been living a useless 30 years of life…

    Why can’t thought about it…

  • Alondra M Vega: Screw mukbangs and asmr videos this is really therapeutic ??
  • Mrs. Wicked05: After watching this
    Me:- Mom C’mon let’s have a dinner at Chinese restaurant ??
  • Ameera Saays: Amazing perfect example of living one with nature ….A women of many virtues!!
  • Rav3r916: I love how grandma just loves to eat! Who wouldn’t with all the fresh ingredients and the way Liziqi makes delicious meals!
  • Becky Marrufo: Hahahaha “hurry the crab is getting away” super cute… “I’m not allowed to eat anymore crab” lol loved it, ur grandma is so cute.
  • FBI: : Mom im hungry, can we just have mcdonald’s?
    : we have food at home!
    At home: *flowers-*
  • Menthoy Grant: My God am so hook on watching this girl,she is so amazing,this is the life God wanted for us when he created man
  • Juana Maldonado: I love the way she takes care of her grandma I miss mine ?
  • KayeMaria: It’s amazing how she can cut things so tiny with that big hatchet of a knife. ?
  • appearz lightmoon: 羨慕愜意的生活,人生如此夫復何求????
  • jayjo joy: I saw this in my recommendation yesterday. The best thing I have done was clicking the video cause I was already watching stressful videos lol. Like daily crime watch or something like that it’s stressful. Now I’m glad I have something to watch that is very relaxing
  • Silvia Desouza: Those crabs were alive ? when she steamed them?
  • A.Berry 1: Adds alcohol to sauce
    My imagination: TIME TO GET ABSOLUTELY SMASHED *smacks head Into table*
  • zothan 88: I can’t even read the subtitle…it disappears so quickly. Make it up plis
  • นาย โบ้: 你是一个美丽而有才华的女人,当我灰心丧气时,我会看着你,你帮助我画了心,谢谢。
  • Shafia Islam: Your grandmother is so lucky to have you sister. God bless you and your family.
  • Rudy Alfonsus: thats why i plants more, if we water and fertilize them, they will grow fruits and pay us back.

    -Li Ziqi- 2018

  • Ming Fung: 我是你正在找的中文留言
  • Mango Mangpor: 1:18 mission impossible ??
  • 魔法使いchikako: 今日も癒されました??


  • zane ray: Whenever im stressed i watch your video. It’s so relaxing.
  • Ryan Liu: Her name is Liziqi she is an orphan and her parents already passed away when she was small she lived with her step mom but her step mom not nice to her and her grandparents took her back to countryside to be with her in age 14 ,and i heard she sets up camera everything by herself she stayed in a city for a while and she came back to her village to take care of her grandma.
  • Soni Thapa: she grows everything like fruits vegetables
  • Hani Hassan: Us: How many lifelong skills do you have?

    Liziqi: Yes.

  • Tiffany Johnson: That looked delicious. I don’t blame grandma for wanting more. I love how you take care of both of you. Thanks for sharing. Loved it
  • Jovelle Ann: Those plumpy pomelos. T^T Liziqi, can I have some? 😀
  • That guy: 281 crabs disliked this video.
  • dorking-too-hard 0.o: Granny is full of sass, i love hee
  • Micaela Voss: Yo I have that silk flower bush in my backyard in Georgia. I’ve never been able to figure out what it’s called till now. Lemme tell ya that little flower is one of the sweetest smelling things on this earth. I had no idea it was edible. Guess what I’m doing next time it blooms.
  • Livu S: these. are. amazing.
    at first I was sceptic coz of the romanticizing, her wearing pretty outfits and makeup for these videos but if someone really loves the lifestyle she promotes (beyond how it is depicted here to capture people’s attention), it really looks like this, from that person’s perspective.. if that makes sense

    back to the roots <3

  • 向东: 看到最后我会心的笑了,正所谓家有一老、如有一宝!婆婆太可爱了,吃了还要吃!???
  • CoolMidnight Blue: ????? look at Grandma’s face????

    You KNOW that crab is GOOD

  • Keiprice S: Grandma be wanting more after every meal ?
  • Hoodiebird: I’ve been watching your videos and wow, you’re really living the aesthetic life! Your videos are pure art!
  • Prayashi Kalita: “take care of your health”
  • Shaiah Violette: I always loved her video. Makes me remember my late Grandma, of the times we were together.
  • Wendy Poon: Such relaxing video’s after a stressfull day…
  • Yuan Maharani: I want to be her little sister:(
  • Jaesen Evangelista: Lol “freshness only known when drunk.” Ahem, okay I’ll see myself out
  • Jason LIU: 阿婆好可爱啊 哈哈
  • 1307scooter: Love how she ALWAYS makes grandmas food first. Grandma is lucky to have her.
  • Elisa Arifin: I’m from Indonesia ,, this video is very inspiring ,, I really like watching it, thank you? … good luck?
  • Sunset Horizon: Grandma is so cute when she tried to get another crab ?
  • 林柏君: 阿婆太可愛了?
  • nalla: awwww she wanted more ??
  • Showrin Moriam Shatabdi: I’ve been staring at that damn bamboo fountain for a while now. And my conclusion is that the water is coming from thin air cause li ziqi said so.
  • Smirk: I would fly to where this woman is and pay to have her home cook meals.
  • 甦丠: 说中文的请点赞
  • K Y: Thank you so much for adding subtitles finally ♥️
  • Derpstick: I adore everything you do, I have it playing in the background when I draw
  • The Woman in Me: Liziqi: they brought us lots of crabs!
    Master: because I can smell you’re the crab queen! Cancerian right?
  • saimiou he: 整多了真的要痛风
  • Nen Ken : Nhạc Liên Quân Mobile: team Việt Nam dd, ?
    muội mời các bạn ghé thăm Nen Ken 1 lần ! ?
  • Emily Brubaker: Me: Are those crabs still alive?
    (thirty seconds later.)

    0.o …YUP!

  • Lavender Fem: This is my favorite channel ❤️ from Philippines
  • мīккī HO: 每次看見妳夾菜給婆婆吃那個畫面好溫馨,太有愛心了,看見那個畫面我想起了遠方的婆婆?
  • fluffy apples: 婆婆好可爱啊!! ??
  • Alanoud Almishari: How is love her grandma ?♥️♥️♥️ !!!
  • Katey Lynn Caballos: 4:23 love the cow powered skateboard.
  • Nana Yang: I like crab food very much, just watching this video made me full enough with mouth watering. LOL.
  • Phillip Oukh: Thank you for this video. Heart warming scene with your grandma. Wishing your grandma lives many more years with you
  • Chang Chang: 0:40 “ help me sent the guest off!” “ Coming!”
    1:23 “ Ziqi, hurry up, the crab is running away!” “Ha? (Is the crab)crazy? Will be there right away”
    1:31 “ where is the carb” “ hide in that hole!” “ let me take a look!”
    4:37 “Grandma, hurry up! I got something delicious for you!”
    4:42 “Grandma, hurry up!”
    4:46 “ smells so good”
    5:14 “take this one”
    5:35 ” no more crabs for today, let’s leave them for tomorrow, let me help you get some rice!” “(Pretend to be unhappy) I’m not allowed to eat more crabs” “that’s not the case, but you should not eat too many crabs once (for your health)” “hahahahaha”
  • Baby Sangeetha: U r really amazing dear.i love ur all videos.god bless you with all the happiness dear
  • Tamara Kwanita: That looks Devine. The elder did a job well done bringing those fresh looking crabs. That one crab try it’s best to get away. But it was too drunk to see where to go. That’s was funny. Awe! Poor crab.
  • infinateU: amazing ingredients. there must be so much flavor. this looks so healthy.
  • Fruitydc ri: 1:15 Osmanthus flowers are crazy fragrant used in teas and food to aid digestion
  • sherry Thong: 奶奶真可爱 说了不能多吃还要再吃????
  • Anna Ly: That ending though! ?
  • hansacu1: 1:18 I like this part.
  • we are one EXO: Hurry hurry my dear the delicious crab is running away ♥
  • Nhung Phạm: I love the way she takes care of her grandma <3
  • Life Experience: I don’t understand why there are some people who hate this girl. Her videos are worth watching, it makes viewers feel very comfortable …. simply if you feel it is good, you watching, if not, you don’t watching it, even if it is created like that It is still their effort, you only watching it for free, so why do you think in a negative way about others? If you like, you can watch the ad to support her with funds to continue producing more videos. envy is a bad virtue.
  • Zang Hua: 生活有诗意,传承有新意,人生有情义,真是做的很好,很好的传承
  • Bigfoot 2 With internet access: 2:49 “stem the crab”
  • ลัดดา สกุลทอง: I love her family and her farm,i’m Fanclub in Thailand ^ ^ love love.
  • Lin Rueangsri: I love these crabs so tasty, i was drunk too when i ate them lol
  • Y M: Grandma want more, but Ziqi said ”Grandma, you can’t eat too much today, dear, leave it tomorrow, ok?’ Oh, that’s so cute.
  • asaf mazareb: this oddly reminds me of that one scene in terminator where the big ass machine put all the little humans in a box XD
  • Kuku Rawat: Love you ? I love all your videos , it’s very comforting . I m just addicted to watch your videos again and again….?
  • Irene Edem: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️,it’s really good and healthy life style that’s why they live long,I wish I have that kind of life?????????
  • Mai Vue: When I get lazy cooking, I come back to her channel, and it inspired me going back to my kitchen.
  • Kőnig Barbara Anna: My happiest moment on Youtube is when YOU upload
  • ?????: I love how she is always eating! ?

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I tell my students, it’s not difficult to identify with somebody like yourself, somebody next door who looks like you. What’s more difficult is to identify with someone you don’t see, who’s very far away, who’s a different color, who eats a different kind of food. When you begin to do that then literature is really performing its wonders.

Pickle Wallpaper – Donut Pattern Wallpaper

But all that being said about modulation, if you’re serving people delicious food, they won’t complain.

I recall feeling an almost delicious terror when one day I found myself alone in the midst of tall June grasses that grew high as my head. But here the secret working of self consciousness is almost too entangled with the things of the past for me to explain it.

Nachos Wallpaper – Food Art Background

I prefer more spicy food to your Italian to be fair.

I had eel at a sushi bar once; it’s disgusting. I thought it was chicken. It looked like chicken. It was brown and looked delicious, and I was like, ‘That looks safe.’ It wasn’t.

Photo Background Banana – Leftovers Wallpaper

I like going out to have street food without being disturbed. I like taking walks, but it’s been so long since I’ve been able to do that. I miss feeling what I want to feel and walking around freely in crowded places.

I’m not very good with spicy food.

Melted Chocolate Wallpaper – Cake Shop Background Images

Since music is so important to me, I don’t need to put in any extra effort to do this; it just flows for me. It’s as simple as drinking water and having food, so definitely, music is one of the main purposes of my life.

My favourite Korean food is delicious black five-layered pork belly, cooked over a charcoal grill. And Jeju chocolate, in citrus fruits and green tea flavour, which is famous throughout Korea.

Delicious In Ilocano – Fried Chicken Wallpaper – Ice Cream Sundae Wallpaper

Quebec City is the most European of any city in North America; they speak French all the time. There is a part of town called Old Quebec which is really like being in France. The architecture is just gorgeous, food, shopping. I’d say Quebec City is the most beautiful city in North America I’ve seen.

I love food and I love my curves.

I will never forget experiencing Venice for the first time. It feels like you are transported to another time – the art, music, food and pure romance in the air is like no other place.

I’ll never, ever be full. I’ll always be hungry. Obviously, I’m not talking about food. Growing up, I had nothing for such a long time. Someone told me a long time ago, and I’ve never forgotten it, ‘Once you’ve ever been hungry, really, really hungry, then you’ll never, ever be full.’

A city is a place where there is no need to wait for next week to get the answer to a question, to taste the food of any country, to find new voices to listen to and familiar ones to listen to again.

I love Indian, Italian and Mexican food. And if it’s a romantic type of thing, I like a good French restaurant.

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  • Leonor Ong: looks like she’s living in an online game, and she’s Level 999
  • Crystal May Brual: She looks like a leading lady in a historical drama.
  • Fiona Nguyen: Is this her everyday life?? Cause mine is just sleeping all day
  • zs9: why is no one talking about how delicious and succulent that roasted lamb looks
  • David Riggs: This video made me realize I’m living life wrong. She has it figured out.
  • Tamar gangmei Tamar: Who want subtitle while watching this…if u wan u can hit like
  • tisha Tish: She’s not just a china social media celebrity she’s famous in all over the world…. ❤️
  • Jolly Jokress: A life without plastic. Is that a dream? Also, this woman has some serious skills.
  • world peace: When she ride on the horse she looks like a warrior princess in red hood so majestic so beautiful what a beautiful life with nature! One day I will live like that!
  • ek_do_teen: She is not tired of working so hard, m tired by only looking at her work
  • lesb lee: Do U audience need a eng subtitle? I m chinese I can translate what she is saying.?
  • Rume Rahman: she is a princess of nature…. China wants to know their delicious food
  • loïs: 1:08 is she saying “i love you” here?
  • valdez moore: I don’t need subtitles here, i can feel the vibe.
  • Jo Newton: Hello from Texas. Today I tried to make hand-pulled noodles after watching you demonstrate. Ha, I did not do well. My first time. That’s okay, I keep rice noodles in the house. The chili oil was amazing! I learned a great deal in the attempt, and shall try hand-pulled noodles again soon.

    Thank you very much for the videos. I enjoy watching your work. Your area is very lovely, and your grandmother is an adorable lady with a smile that delights. Next, I think I shall attempt one of the weaving techniques. The braiding of wool yarn, and then sewing together the braids, that you used on the purple cloak was clever!

  • v2na naga: She’s fitted for a role of strong female lead in Chinese historical drama
  • Mr. Gray: Was I the only one thought she was making butter.
  • buds and flowers: She seems like a warrior Princess in this video
  • සුවපත් චරණය DIVINE JOURNEY: Riminds me of the movie “ HOBBITS “
    Real life fairytale
  • Ayushi Kumari: The moment when everyone was enjoying barbeque foods and all were singing and dancing together …. such a heavenly moment ??????
  • di zhang: Some information LIziqi uploaded in Chinese Weibo:
    She really likes the kumiss received from friends in Inner Mongolia.
    And she learned how to use the horse milk to make the kumiss.
    The horse milk is bought from Tibetans(her friend’s friends). There are Tibetan tribes in the place where she lives.
    That day is the New Year of the Qiang people(One of the ethnic minorities in China).
    Her uncle brought a lamb, then she roasted the whole lamb.
    They celebrate the New Year and used the Qiang language to express the New Year’s greetings to the Qiang people!
    I just simply translated a small part of what Liziqi said.
    All in all, she lives in a super magical place with a rich culture.
  • Dani Austin: How is anyone hitting the dislike button?!?
  • Blood Reaper: She’s beautiful” she have a lot of skills than the other women!
  • Chi chan: I feel like I could live up to 300 years old if live in that mountainous region.
  • 小陳Vlog: Who love Liziqi?
    Who love Liziqi?
    Who love Liziqi?
  • Yundengogo: 2:04 – Add sour horse milk culture
    2:17 – Ferment for about a week
    2:26 – Churn once in a while
    2:36 – A week later
    3:21 – Sour horse milk
    4:06 – Chives
    4:35 – Here comes the wine!
    4:42 – 4:45 – Chili, peppercorn, cumin, salt, ginger, garlic, green onions, onions, soy sauce, rice wine, cooking wine
    5:02 – Marinate for over 2 hours
    5:15 – Simmer lamb loin
    5:24 – Stew lamb bone soup
    5:30 – Dough mixing
    6:29 – Egg, salt, soy sauce, ginger and green onions
    7:25 – Horse milk wine
    8:39 – Respect gesture to honor the sky and earth
    9:16 – Roasted whole lamb

    I believe this is an episode dedicated to showcase the Chinese ethnic Mongolian culture.

  • 田友昌: 實在好厲害,住在都市無法常常享受到這種田野生活,有時間露個野營已經很奢侈了,感謝子柒分享那麼多手工藝及中華美食,文化傳統,加油……為自己而作不需要在乎他人特殊眼光,人都是為自己圓夢??
  • Alex: And they told me the movie companies are struggling for Mulan audition?
  • Lee Hill: She has life figured out. The perfect woman! Beautiful in so many ways.
  • Nar Tamang: Also do u think u should umm take ur

    Horse a bath??? ? ?

  • Martin Hwang: Hey, she’s a happy drunk. That’s probably important down the road.
  • Khongor Altangerel: She is making Mongolias airag made out from horse milk and whole lamb is also mongolias traditional food.
  • Lucy Thomas: Watching her make the food made me so hungry ? especially when they started eating the meat
  • joycel laman: Watching the intro:

    Me: A warrior princess descends!!!

  • Trashcan’t: I like how everyone want’s to live like her, probably not realizing, that she pretty much works her butt off every day lol

    Edit: ok why is this the top comment now wtf

  • weicy: 李子柒的视频感觉渐渐有人烟了,之前的视频感觉在差一步就羽化成仙了
  • Nar Tamang: Not in a bath like in water like ocean or nearby big rivers
  • Riz Chayung Wu: Can not imagine if you have the heart like? ?
  • CUTE GIRL GAMER: I want to go there and live with her?plzz adopt me!!
  • Unusual Thoughts: When she was riding the horse,she looks like a princess and at the same time,a prince.
  • Indry Morissa: The first scene is so dramatic. Like my whole life ?
  • Dana Marzouq: and they lived happy ever after…
  • chae: lol the real life Cinderella doesn’t need a prince.
  • Evelyn333: I really like your hairstyle and clothes at the beginning of this video!
  • Enless San: people : Lamborghini Ferrari
    LiZiQI : Riding horse with my homemade liquor.
  • Muhammed Noufal: Probably she must an angel fallen from the sky and leading a beautiful life with human.
  • Brimi Libe: “你的饺子包得好丑”
  • Kg Wang: 天蒼蒼,地茫茫,風吹草低見牛羊。
    一襲紅色披風座下勁馬直飛馳,似乎回到唐朝紅拂女世界,大口吃肉 大碗喝酒武俠世界。
    ~此景只應天上有 人間難得幾回見~
  • Blinkmoo Moo: I really like their vellage I want to live there?????
  • valshee: the prince of my dreams ?
  • GRRL.: At least brush the horses tail, jeeez.
  • Jhelo Viernes: Shes even beautiful when she is talking,i am fan of you from phillipines
  • 李小花: 真的好喜歡妳展現出的東方美,妳辛苦了,但,一切都值了.
  • Ẩm Thực Mẹ Làm: Once upon a time, there lived a princess named 李子柒 Liziqi. She lived with her grandmother in a village located in south west china. She had three puppies, a lamb, a cow and three geese. She also had her own eden garden full of fruits and vegetables. Everyone who watched her videos envied her. Some evil people became so jealous of her that they even pressed the dislike button on her YouTube channel. But princess 李子柒 Liziqi had more admirers than ever and she became famous throughout the world.
    I was inspired by her to film my mother for my channel…
  • halee Xio: 3:26??? 4:26 is that dog??? ???It look so much like a dog??
  • Roseane Silva: Será que sou a única brasileira pernambucana que ama assisti Lisiqi???!!
  • poonam Sharma: This place where u live is beautiful
  • Fita Fibriani: Watching this in the middle of the night ?

    Now I’m craving for “kambing guling” and “pangsit kuah” ??

  • Noomwa Lis: It’s adorable that she parties with her grandma.
  • 妮张燕: 生活就是要这样???,好幸福哦?????
  • Aya O: What are the lumps in the horses tails? Anyone know?
  • Leyla Hussein: It would take me a year to do what she does a day ? ? ? such a talented girl!!!
  • berlyn mano: This video is one of my favorites, her food and her living style is so amazing.
  • Kathleene vlogs: By watching liziqi videos, my perception of China has changed. Their country is so beautiful. The mountains, people and the food just wow, I hope I can visit your place one day. A big fan from the Philippines.
  • Nar Tamang: I wish I lived in the wildness like u!
  • Rizka Putri: I love how she’s preparing and eating the food with her family, and crew.. such a heartwarming view
  • 夏增军: 昨晚我竟然梦到李子柒了,哈哈哈……
  • SH Green: I wish my wife was like that
  • Jack-of-all-trades Master-of-none: I absolutely love hearing her laugh and when her grandmother laughs it’s even better. ??
  • SOFIA MARIE: It’s heaven on earth, my dear Liziqi you are wonderful and I send you my love and respect from the USA???
  • Violet i: 보기 좋네ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • JJ: 8:33 Is Xiao Guang the camera man? 9:25 Even joining the dance ?
  • Yummy & healthy: Can’t believe how someone can be so perfect ? your life is just perfect ? ??
  • Erin: Ok she’s literally Little Red Riding Hood but a million times better
  • Matildas Fest: Is it possible to buy pomelo seeds from your tree? It looks like your kind can live in cold climate.
  • Thalia Hwang: 1:08 aww ❤
  • subaru maru: The thumbnail I thought it was little Red Riding Hood.
  • Art and Craft: living the real meaning of life 🙂
  • Weed Wilson: She made me think that we and her lives in a different century ??
  • rhadzna que: they really looks wonderful., im so jelous with this kind of life! so pure’ and clean.
  • Cooking Ina Mo TV: Oh my god. This content is perfectly amazing.
  • KIOSCOS BRISAS: 7:50 is the dog???
  • 椅子站起來: 哈哈哈
  • manju peter: Im i the only one who thinks dat Im wasting my life in this buzy and beautiful world…..
  • Oficial SuKTv: she is beautiful and very good and i am from vietnam, hello everyone ?
  • It is i Dianne: Dear: Liziqi
    You make me smile today thank you????❤️

    From: your number 1 one fan❤️

  • jboniface Helen: When she took the first bite my mouth is watering… hahaha.
  • fight or flight?: 幻想田园生活:李子柒
  • zhic Wen: Before watching her videos: I am proud that I am Chinese. After watching: Am I real Chinese?
  • Arthas Huang: 真是畫裡走出來的人物!好美!
  • Kagume Kazume: She is amazing they can do everything ?
  • Sheila Mayer: I love how the whole family comes together and cooks! This time its not just Liziqi, its everyone talking and laughing, dancing, and having a good time! Those dumplings sure look good!
  • A. C: Can I come live with you?
  • Papsy: finally a mount. i was like, she is level 120 already why is she still walking around on foot.
  • Thanh van Tran: This afternoon I ate rice ? when my mother called Ms Hoang Anh to come down to eat when I asked to buy that ring and neck lace, Liziqi. But my mom kept having a headache ?, she made Hoang Anh go to the 4th floor to sleep ? at night.
  • Shared future of Mankind: 小肋理好可愛喔!cute assistant
  • LadyCake ASMR Mukbang: aaawww. ? that was so beautiful ? im inlove with the place! ♥ so peaceful ?
  • Chanel Young: That lamb looks amazing I want some my mom bought lamb twice a year Easter and Christmas
  • Felix Foo: This is so humiliating, I can’t even tame a horse in Minecraft.
  • ymam Faisal alshmare Am: كم ? انت رائعة ❤️?

    انك تسعدين الاهل والأقارب الله يسعدك دائما ??❤️
    Irag BaGdad

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