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A delicious meal cooked by a colleague for many others nourishes not only the body but also the soul.

I’ve always believed in a rainbow diet. As many colors and foods as you can eat, the better, because if you focus on one food, there’s bound to be a report that comes out that says, ‘Broccoli actually… ‘ So I mix it up a lot. And I take vitamins, like Biosil, which I take for my hair, skin, and nails.

When I get down to Louisiana, I get to have a taste of some of that great food.

I’m not very good with spicy food.

A High Wind in Jamaica’ is like those books you used to read under the covers with a flashlight – only infinitely more delicious… and macabre.

Wherever I go, I am Italian. The way I talk, the way I eat, the way femininity is important to me. The way I love Italian food.

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  • suga first love: She is like an Angel and the place is like heaven. Everything about this is so beautiful
  • wonder woman: Is she real? Are the places even real? My Life seems so shallow seeing her. Respect and love to her???
  • Zerrie=Everlasting: At the end she is recreating a scene from Eternal Love
  • Roseanne Park: This is what we called “TALK LESS DO MORE”
  • DevInvest: This is one of my favorite episodes.
    It’s so beautifully shot, edited and scored.
    It came upon me, some people in the comments and the ?? perhaps just don’t understand there is a lot a creative license used in certain episodes by the creator of the videos.
    Some, are very rustic, raw and real.
    Others, are a dream. Symbolic.
    Just as in life, there is a Yin Yang aspect ☯️ ?.
    I love that she’s in that drop dead gorgeous white dress in front of a field of pink, intently and with mindfulness choosing each bloom to go with her.
    It’s a statement, her statement of intention.
    It, and she, is art.
  • Desi’s Corner: My 7 year old said that must be Mulan..?? lol
  • Alicia Peng: How could anyone dislike these videos? The effort and hard work that is put into making and editing these videos are incredible.
  • Andy Williams: Everything about you is beautiful: your hair, your eyes, your nose, your lips.

    Your face is so pleasing to look at.

    In that white dress, you look so angelic.

    You are so beautiful. You are our pretty princess. ??❤️????

  • Astha Tiwari: I request you to make a video on Chinese healthy hair care tips or routine PLZ ?
  • Mazni Aziz: She just like from fairytale
    Beautiful and talented
    Thumbs up to her
  • Arkan Tim: The girl can really tell everything in the world without saying a single word!
  • Kamaruzaman Muhamad: Me: She made her own basket!
    Me2: why are u so surprise! She made her own gdm furniture!
    Me: nevermind…
  • Angeline J: 我感觉看了一部真人版的仙侠片?
  • jan lin: She doesn’t talk very quietly and wants to sleep.
  • MY CLIPS: She is really an angel and living her life to the fullest..God’s own child…
  • Jason R: It can’t be real. She must be a Princess or Empress or something else
  • اه كم اشتاق ايام ابي اه كم اشتاق ايام ابي: اذا اكو عربي حط لايك خلي نشوف كم عربي مر من هنا ????
  • Queena Sherillia: This reminds me of bai Qian, ten miles of peach blossoms
  • Paul Liu: The face, the scenery, the art, plus the music. I am intoxicated !!
  • Brooke Bailey: This entire thing was acc too beautiful omg
  • sayma sufa: ur like an angel
  • 容音: 好有三生三世十里桃花的感覺
  • 留め置かまし大和魂: 天女現れた(^ー^)
  • Isaac Gonzalez: Basically your a living goddess. Some genius videographer decided to capture your life. This is amazing.
  • lei ls: Okay it never ocurred to me that the basket she uses was handmade by her wow she is sooooo talented ❤️
  • Sara Kuhl: I dunno about anyone else, but that’s exactly how I dress when I pick flowers in the woods. ? (in my dreams)
  • eenoh lim: 她簡直是个仙女,看她的Video就好像處身仙境。
  • Larry Kelly: I can’t express in words how beautiful you look in this video.
  • runningwolfkenpo: She is so strikingly beautiful and talented.
  • 玲玲: WOW her hair are so beautiful black and long her skin is beautiful her face is beautiful she is talanted and very kind she is so simple no so much makeup just a simple beauty she is natural beauty
    I love her and her videos
    She is angel
    The place is heaven
  • Yamiko kazuko: I bet if she were lived in ancient era, she would be noted as one of the most beautiful yet perfect person in the world.
  • Sandra Nasir: Because of her,now i want to see Sichuan but why isn’t this part shown in google images. all iI see is foods & pandas ?
  • Janeth Rodriguez: She’s just so beautiful and amazing for all the things she does oh my she’s a real hard worker woman just the fact she does everything from scratch unbelievable and the place that she’s at wow just too beautiful! I really enjoy all her videos this is real i wish she continues making more videos I’m beyond excited to watch them all good job !!
  • Raven GE: 姑姑,我是过儿啊!你不记得我了吗?
  • Camilla Lam: 好美啊!❤️
  • Nadia farouk: اتمنى ان تكون مسلمة وتشكر الله على هذه النعم ماشاء الله جنة الله فى ارضه اتمنى العيش هكذا ونبتعد عن صخب الحياة الذى امرضنا
  • Amrita pritam: Whenever I see u touching flower I Know that u are going to eat it ????
  • Roger Kenworthy: I wonder if they study Liziqi’s videos in film school? If not, perhaps they should considering the transitions, shots and so forth. True art. Love this channel!
  • GoddessOfThree: These videos helped me fall asleep during a particularly stressful time after moving between states recently. They’re so peaceful and beautiful and make me feel at ease for a few minutes when I’m otherwise anxious <3
  • Lynnie Roe: “Let me just make a basket real quick, I need to collect some spell components.”
  • 碧山水: 一个精通人间烟火的仙子
  • 慕逸: 花若盛开,蝴蝶自来
  • 锁金秋: Is this heaven?
  • Ni Daye: 太美了,人美景美,一切都是那么美好~
  • Mohamad Reza: I feel im gonna love her ?
  • minnie bunny: 2 Oct 2019
    This is my first comment on your channel, hope you noticed this, you are so beautiful like an angel, the place a sooo beautiful like a heaven.. Ni hen piao liang❤
  • Omoh Tapi: Beautiful+talented+hardworking everything you have no other words from my side…. I like you?
  • Shammos Galaxy: Actually, I really like and love all of your vedios because it talks about simplicity , peace of soul and chinese traditions in your village.
    I am a syrian citizen and I appreciate your vedios since it brings calm and peace to my heart through the horrible war that we face her .
    Thanks for your fresh ideas ❤
  • Joahuakyle 14: Shes like an angel from the heaven and down to earth to love me?
  • jimIN forSure: My soul has been purified by her videos, this gorgeous woman is out of this world
  • 男無臉: 美……!太美……昏倒!????
  • Hasan Halim: the dress so beautiful, and the girl is more beautiful, wo ai ni 😀
  • juan Guerra: She is a calming angel for a world gone mad. Thank you wonderful angel!
  • Prevana Gogoi: She’s an angel from heaven living on the earth?
  • MaXiMOs Feguro: A leaving princess in this generation ❤️
  • Donald Walker: Beautiful gown
  • Heathen_Pride: I never really believed in angels till I found your channel. You are truly a treasure my dear ♥️
  • Kaely Isaak: Please don’t stop uploading videos
  • بحر السعادة: الملابس بالبداية كولش حلوات اتمنا البس مثلهن و اسكن بهيج مكان حلو??
  • Arathy K S: Kindly share the link of this background music. It’s so beautiful….
  • Min yoongi: She is very pretty❤
  • 栗原雪: 说实话如果我在森林看到这样的一个女生,真的会误以为是仙女下凡,一身琉璃白~
  • WackAssWaffles: i would love to know the name of the song lol
  • Stephanie Mcbroom: She’s so beautiful and so talented!!
  • moon light: i love this place i really want to spend my whole life there ☺
  • Crishell jane Cartagena: This channel is so peaceful? hayyysss i want to live like that ❤❤❤ your so beautiful and awesome girl ???
  • gamermouse guo: 汉服果然是韩服以及和服的原始模板!谢谢你重塑汉服的美丽!
  • Tzen Sco: 亲爱的,差个古筝?
  • 忠于自己身不由己: 4:10~4:20 让我想起宋继扬来了☺
  • Heny Kota: ?? love and respect from Indonesia
  • Widia yaksa: So beautiful,like a dream oh my god, im from indonesia,i want someday i can to meet you
  • ハイパー警備員: 綺麗の一言に尽きる。人も花も綺麗。現代だという事を忘れてしまう。?
  • Jenny Wu: 画面太唯美了,爱你!!
  • Hannah Krynicky: I love your unique energy <3
  • 吳若菲: 子柒家後山什麼都有~
  • Nanni Vinod: Just got addicted to this young lady and blessings from India.
  • Micha Richa: You make me feel make me feel relaxed and peaceful..thanks for showing us this heavenly life…I love being in nature. Peace
  • riddhi shreya: The real angel. lots of love from india. Please give the subtitles in english.
  • polaris code: This looks like it come straight out of a Chinese fantasy drama!
  • Ker002: She is literally a goddess in human form
  • Septina Rahma Wati: She is Angel and Beautifull ?????
  • Via Aala: Kahawig nya si dada ng love of a condor heroes??
  • Dewi Santi: Liziqi you are just greattt, inspiring so much, wonderful, warm regard from Indonesia
  • Donna DeWeese: Simply beautiful❤️?
  • big fat bunny 大胖兔加油: 粉色的樱花配上这身白色的汉服,真的是很美。看你的影片是一种享受,视觉盛宴。
  • VrinDa Sharma: She’s from some other realm.. ??
  • Safir Mohamed: Awesome! you are a real angel. you steal my hearty dear. I love you so much. “O ai nee”.
  • Soso Matar: يالله كيف الله مسعدها لانها طيبه القلب❤️
  • leciram araba: While watching this I feel like watching a Chinese fantasy movie.? She’s so beautiful . A REAL PRINCESS OF NATURE ?The GODDESS ?
  • Manisha Mondal: This is a dream land… ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Leon.C.W: 4:16 nem tinha nada no copinho… ?
  • Bakiyam Lakshmi: then, no words to say she is a ”ANGEL”??
  • ervindine: Love from Greece ?? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ u are perfect ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Athirah Zakaria: Omg she’s a goddess on the thumbnail ?
  • TristanDmarco: I’d love to have some tea with you ?
  • hhee g: Appreciate , her videos let me notice how beautiful rough hands are, the real beauty is created by people’s hardworking and creative minds.
  • Alexia Morrow: I really would like to know the camera that is used, absolutely perfect! Love
  • Tom Kristiansen: Hi, from Norway. You are a beautiful ambassador for your old culture.
  • Omni Shoryu: Wow real life xiao long nu! Where’s your yang guo though? ? loving this old classic TVB melody, remind me of my young childhood watching those dramas

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I don’t find it a struggle to maintain a healthy diet now as my palate has changed. I don’t crave rich food.

Carrot Wallpaper – Food Tumblr Background

The problem is when that fun stuff becomes the habit. And I think that’s what’s happened in our culture. Fast food has become the everyday meal.

City farming is not only possible, it is the very definition of the kind of meaningful, sustainable innovation we will need to meet the grand challenges of the 21st century: climate change; population growth; ageing population; urbanization; rising demand for energy, food and water; poverty; and access to healthcare.

Ice Cream Sundae Wallpaper – Hamburger Wallpaper

I remember debating the finer points of flaky pastry with my chicken-pot-pie-obsessed American dad. I remember the divine mix of Thai food, TV dinners, and hearty, homemade goodness that have shaped this palate of mine to this day. I remember all this, but I still Google my husband’s birthday. Thank God he’s famous.

Healthy people eating healthy food should never need to take an antibiotic.

Tasty Food Wallpaper – Grains Hd Images

I have never denied my background or my culture. I have taught my child to embrace her Mexican heritage, to love my first language, Spanish, to learn about Mexican history, music, folk art, food, and even the Mexican candy I grew up with.

Eating is so intimate. It’s very sensual. When you invite someone to sit at your table and you want to cook for them, you’re inviting a person into your life.

Fruit Wallpaper Full Hd – Street Food Wallpaper

I hold a mini-New Year’s Eve party each year with my son Ronan, and we make pigs in a blanket. They are delicious!

I was raised by a single mother who made a way for me. She used to scrub floors as a domestic worker, put a cleaning rag in her pocketbook and ride the subways in Brooklyn so I would have food on the table. But she taught me as I walked her to the subway that life is about not where you start, but where you’re going. That’s family values.

Funny Food Wallpapers – Meat Wallpaper – Pizza 4K Wallpaper

There was a kid that used to pick on me… he used to drop my food and beat me up in little corners. Nothing serious, but tease me. I remember knocking his food out of his hand one time when he in the middle of explaining something to his friends, and they all laughed, so I thought that was pretty nice. ‘Well, there you go buddy.’

I am a sucker for those old traditional places, and Rome is as good as it gets, particularly when you throw in Italian food.

An almost forgotten means of economic self-reliance is the home production of food. We are too accustomed to going to stores and purchasing what we need.

Patience is the secret to good food.

A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap.

I feel it is an obligation to help people understand the relation of food to agriculture and the relationship of food to culture.

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  • MD Tafshir Uddin: You’re the most talented girl in the world,, I just love your videos I watching your video instead of watching TV before going to sleep,, who else here??
  • Annastacia Fang: Ms. Li’s fans have added English subtitles to some of her videos. We are just waiting for approval from YT. In the meantime, here’s the recipe:
    Outter layer: flour 100 grams, lard 40 grams, powder sugar 20 grams, water 40 grams. Mix everything together and let it sit for 20 minutes.

    Inner layer: steam 5 purple yams, cut into piece and let it dehydrate in the sun and pound them into powder. Cake flour 80 grams, lard 40 grams and a some purple yam powder into the mixture. Mix everything together and let it sit for 20 minutes.

    Filling: purple yam powder and some honey. Mix together and form a ball. Brush egg wash and sprinkle with black sesame seeds and bake for 15 minutes in an oven.

  • Apichart Ratsamesorat: So cute when you give flower to a cow. ^_^
  • MEKHA MATHEW: She is unlike other youtubers.” Less talk and more work”??
  • isme eiger: this food is served in Double seven festival(七夕节). Chinese traditional Double seven festival come from a love story: the highest ruler in heaven has 7 daughters, one day, they sneaked out and down to mortal’s living land, summer day was hot, they found a crystal clean pond and got naked to play in the water. A cowherd(牛郎) saw them, he was fascinated by these beautiful girls so he stole one girl’s clothes and hide, those clothes happen to belong to the youngest daughter(织女),when the time was late,all goddesses need to go back to heaven secretly, but the youngest one couldn’t find her clothes and started to cry(their mother is a strict goddess),the cowherd felt sorry for that, so he showed himself and returned the clothes and said sorry, goddess and cowherd begin to like each other. the youngest daughter did not return to heaven, she decided to marry this cowherd, they’ve been living together for ten years, goddess gave birth to two sons. but goddesses’ mother finally knew.(in chinese fairy tales, a day in heaven last one year in our world). She was so angry that she commanded warriors of heaven to take her daughter back. cowherd put his two sons on the back of his cow and chasing those warriors and his wife. it’s almost done at the gate of heaven, goddess’s mother used her hairpin drew a line in the sky between the cowherd and her become the heaven river(now we call it milkyway), the young daughter begged her mother, her mother permitted them reunion once a year. in every year’s Double seven festival, millions of magpies fly over the river and use their body to create a bridge, the family reunion in this day. you can still find a bright star(Altair) with two small stars waiting on one side, another bright star(Vega) on the other side of the milkyway. Chinese make special food to celebrate their reunion every year.
  • Sabrina Dong: for those who say that she is fake and stuff, pause at 2:52 and see just how rough her hands are from HARD WORK.
  • Gina Zheng: I’m Chinese but live in USA so I celebrate both Valentine’s Day so instead of one day of loneliness I have two days ;-;
  • syncmaster915n: Thank you Ziqi, my wife after watching this, is now trying to replicate this purple flower cookie.
  • Pinokio: very peacefull wathcing this ??? like love from Indonesia|?? always
  • 2eyeson2b: The Chinese government can have no better ambassador to the world than you and your short videos. The direction, composition, lighting, editing, sound and all, make your videos a beautiful, meditative, relaxing and an inspiring experience. You are reaching millions of people around the world. Your confident, yet graceful, efficient movements as you move from task to task through your days are mesmerizing. Although I’m across the sea in California, I can almost smell and taste the simple, healthy meals you prepare. Your familiarity and ease with farming and cooking implements suggest you’ve lived that lifestyle for many more years than possible for someone so young. Your video technical skills, your beautiful, delicate appearance and dramatically stunning outfits that you occasionally wear, belie your rustic, rural village life.

    I’m surprised I’ve only seen one proposal of marriage in the comment sections. Thank you for posting these delightful videos that calm my mind and touch my heart.

  • Michelle ClaraS: She always have such a beautiful dress, nice casual clothes in every her videos.. I really love it so muchhh. She really generous, talented, beautiful and strong.

    #I’m from Indonesia

    And i really like all of her videos, her creativities, her inspiration, her talents, etc..

  • Yimei Cai: 你这烤箱还是上下火的!牛爆了!
  • W玲: 這比米其林還米其林,用原始的方法,完完全全呈現,而且創意無限,手法多元,這種精神比起高檔美食更有可看性。
  • Reem Rime: I love Chinese heritage very much …and I hope to visit China someday
  • Saleh Al Yafei صالح اليافعي: الي يتفرج وهو عربي يخبط لايك ?
  • Ale S: Oh my god. This is the most beautiful food video I’ve ever seen. My eyes were filled with tears when I saw those beautiful flower pastries. Breathtaking!!
  • Kitty Cat: She is like my favorite youtuber ❤
  • Nana Yang: I found my ancestor’s traditions in Ziqi’s videos, I supposed to learn.
  • INhealth FASHION: I always feel like I’m watching Chinese historical drama
  • Sara Khalid: This is so beautiful that it makes my eyes tearing … no joke
    Stay healthy and happy
    Thanks for your hard work and these beautiful videos ??
  • nanping wang: 视频好看,评论也好看,人人喜欢她,就看评论也好舒心啊!
  • 元气小英: 迢迢牵牛星,皎皎河汉女。





    –古诗十九首 《迢迢牵牛星》东汉 无名氏

  • Sakshi Jain: Hello mam i’m from India…
    I started watching your videos before two days and i really like your videos , specialy your simplicity and way of presenting videos………..
  • Chang Chang: 0:08 Qixi Festival, also named Qiqiao festival. In ancient China, people eat specially prepared Qiqiao food, and listen to the whisper from milk way.
    0:18 five kinds of fruits for the moon goddess
    0:22 girls make wishes toward milk way, hoping the goddess make them be good at ladies’ works(eg:needlework)
    0:59 It says 7th of July is the cow’s birthday. shepherd boys put garlands on cows’ horns to celebrate.
    1:27 steam with high fire
    1:40 let dry
    2:11 purple yam powder, a natural pigment
    2:13 ingredients of skin: flour 100g, powdered sugar 20g, water 40g, lard oil 40g
    2:36 wait 20 minutes
    2:39 Ingredients of filling: lard oil 40g, low gluten flour 80g
    2:48 purple yam powder 10g
    3:45 roll to the cow tongue shape
    3:52 rest for 20 minutes
    4:09 rest for 20 minutes
    4:55 brush some egg
    4:57 black sesame
    5:12 slowly bake for 15 minutes
  • Lucy Nie: 好想吃 再也不想吃美国甜到齁的cookie了?
  • Estefania hamasaki: Esta chica es increible y maravillosa
    Sabe hacer de todo todo
    No me extraña que tenga muchos suscriptores
    Si es que es estupenda en todo
    Y unos paisajes preciosos y esas estrellas fugaces tan bonitas
    Hace un trabajo estupendo
    Me gusta mucho sus videos y su musica
    Me encanta ??????????✌????????
  • Game Mode: So thankful that this Channel appeared in my YouTube recommendations.✨
  • sugarfreee: What a beautiful video. Your whole channel is absolutely wonderful.
  • phuongpb_vody: This channel has all: food, music, nature. Not to mention the storyline is absolutely amazing. Just perfect! I’m speechless
  • Desi Chulha – Official: You are goddess type girl. Your aura is amazing. And the way you do everything is just mindblowing.
  • Hmingte c: Can’t stop watching ? everything is so calm ,fresh …
  • Viketho Sachutso: There is something strong about this woman which is pulling me towards her slowly…
    Her grace and skill in cooking, her natural beauty and her surrounding to name a few…
    Any of you feel the same???
  • 魔法使いchikako: 綺麗ですね✨
    紫芋のsweets LOVE
  • มณีกานต์ ธนูทอง: I can watching this channel all day.????????
  • juan Guerra: Always calming! Always inspiring! Subtitles please dear angel.
  • Gordon Dean: truly beautiful in every aspect, thank you
  • Bijoyta Laimujam: How can c be sooooooo perfect..
    I can’t believe this
  • mojgan motamed: Such a beautiful soul you have. Beautiful inside out❤️
  • Penny: You’re such an amazing, inspiring person.
  • dido gull: i want this place and this simple life to feel better ?
  • Ayumu Hoshino: I love those flowers I bet it would taste so good…..nice videos by the way I’m looking forward for more
    (especially about baking)
  • Fatima: That cow said: thank you little cute girl ?
  • Lucynda Riley: These videos always make me want to go cook.
  • Stephanie Ruggles: Thank younger the English receipt. Highly appreciated. I admire Liziquis perseverance when it comes to grinding with mortar and pestle.
  • HEY: 把日子过成了花
  • Joy Sundari: would love to see english subtitles…
  • renata cipric: Lol I teared up, for no particular reason
  • The Spaghetti Takamina ate: She really inspires me to live like she does. Anyone know how i can?
  • Thuban News Online: every-time watch her then want marry her.. first time fallen love with a Chinese girl. what a beauty girl and nature.
  • Maru Chan: She lives in heaven, the Stars and the Moon are so clear and beautiful, I would love to live like her!
  • Ednea Lima Adauto Lima: Essa menina é muito inteligente e linda??
  • パンダ: 美味そう(綺麗)
  • mendoanz: help me…I found out her video yesterday and now I can’t stop watching her videos
  • 井手明希那: 那个竹子的水龙头喜欢
  • Rowena C.: Absolutely friggin’ GORGEOUS!
  • Ngốc Nghếch: ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
  • Skovlyste: This is so beautiful <3 I really want to make lovely cakes like this, just waiting for a good occassion :D
  • Damdari Antique: second time im falin in love
    pray for me to get wife very calm like you
  • Divo Galindra: The music oh god very relaxing
  • tvee: GORGEOUS!!! Your channel is the BEST and most beautiful one featuring traditional Chinese food, preparation, etc. Everything is perfect! Including your traditional style Chinese clothes. Dianxi Xiaoge channel is also very beautiful! Both of you are so special and different in your own unique and beautiful way!
  • Jade Caparas: I can watch your video all day without getting bored.
  • Sharmeen Dawood: I can happily spend my entire life there….i really envy her
  • jenn Arisa: That’s so wonderful!!!! and this girl do this too!!
  • 말티네지조하리: A life I wanted that she have??
  • Jenneth Gumba: i really learned a lot of things from her i really admire her so much.. i keep watching her videos from till night i have no more any other movies to watch only her video lol
  • Kyaw Khine: HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!! Li Zikai ❤❤❤❤❤
  • Josie Lyn: I love your channel so so much. ❤️ I wanna go home every time I watch your videos. Indeed the best things in life are the most simple. ✨
  • Alvin Arcala: can someone gave me the title of the song please im in love with it and i heard it somewhere its so nostalgic please,,, >.<
  • 胡小晞: 姑娘,您不需要乞巧了,已經太巧了!
  • violet nuit: WHY AM I CRYING
  • takep taloh: I used to see her all videos every day now situation is that my heart is beating for her what to do????
  • Tris Pa: Finally I can find your YouTube.. You realy give me good experience how life fell so easy even though in a cold village.. I imagine I can do it also in my rest of life ????
  • Matrixie Kitty: Seeing the cow in a flower crown was so soft?
  • Shiuan: 子柒,第一次看到你的視頻是你做胭脂的影片,那時覺得怎麼會有一個女孩生活如此愜意,活生生是從古畫裡出來似的,隨後去網上搜尋了你的相關訊息,卻發現你曾遭受如此惡劣的抨擊、謾罵,其實看你的視頻就知道,你的每個影片都是你用心做出來的,單看你的雙手便知道,請繼續加油吧!我很期待你的每一部影片!
  • DJ TNAOT: wOw mY cUTE Wife Is really talented
  • Sony m: Beauty comes from nature: perfect example
  • LUIS_IS_TENACIOUS LEGENDARY: 00:37 I thought she was digging up the jar she burried from like 10 videos ago of when she was making wine
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It’s easy for people in an air-conditioned room to continue with the policies of destruction of Mother Earth. We need instead to put ourselves in the shoes of families in Bolivia and worldwide that lack water and food and suffer misery and hunger.

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It’s better to get the nutrients for healthy skin from food, not supplements. Salmon, walnuts, blueberries, spinach… lots of my favorite foods happen to be amazing for skin too.

Listen – of course money changes everything, but so does sunlight, and so does food: These are powerful but neutral energy sources, neither inherently good nor evil but shaped only by the way we use them.

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Soup is really easy to make: you can take basil, celery, acorn squash and boil them and then put them in the blender with sea salt. It’s delicious and only takes about 15 minutes. You can make it the night before. It’s kind of like making baby puree, and there are a ton of super easy recipes.

I have my new food line in the works – I think it’s over 200 items. Hopefully I can make a difference; it’s delicious food that’s just so easy. I think it’ll help people enjoy their lives… it’s good!

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I’ll paddle board, swim in the ocean, roll in the sand, soak up the sun, eat good food, be with friends and family and go fishing with my dad.

Food not only connects us at the idyllic dinner table setting with family and friends: it is also part of our mundane, daily transit to and from work.

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If my fans want to do something for me when that time comes, I say, don’t waste your money on me. Help the homeless. Help the needy… people who don’t have no food… Instead of some big funeral, where they come from here and there and all over. Save it.

My grandmother taught me how to make the basic pate brise pastry crust when I was young. The one thing I learned simply by eating her endless variations on delicious tarts for dinner every night is that this dough can be used for just about anything – sweet or savory.