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The reason people buy Kind bars is that they’re delicious and they’re healthful. If the product doesn’t taste good, isn’t the right price, or doesn’t fit their lifestyle choice, even if it’s made by Mother Teresa, it’s not going to work out.

We use competitive markets to arrange for delivery of our food supply.

One of the things I’ve learned in playing a character like Becca from ‘You’re the Worst’ is that there really is such a joy and freedom in behaving badly and in being a character that you do roll your eyes at. She’s just so delicious to loathe.

We know that without food we would die. Without fellowship, life is not worth living.

My parents were/are straight-edge hippies. Mom roamed around gardening so we would have fresh food, and Dad was on wood-chopping duty to heat our passive solar home that they figured out how to design and build together. I was the kid with green peppers in my lunch, and I liked them!

My mom was a volleyball player, and my dad was a soccer player. I never thought about it, but they always served healthy food at home, and I love it, and it kind of was a regular part of my day.

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  • Praveena J: She is always concern about her brother ??
  • EXO – L: She should go in master chief
  • In Xii: I never thought that there is someone living without technology..without buying his own food but you make everything by your hand like wow this is so inspiring ❤☄
  • Andy Zhang: I can’t stop watching these videos. I’m surprised such a traditional village family decided to purchase a professional camera and managed to record beautifully shot cooking videos, but its a stroke of genius.
  • キョリュークルカーン: I love how Ghibli your life is.
  • Andianto Wijaya: U make everyone want to live with you ?
  • jeNOJAEMin: 0:13 at first i was like “wtf”
    Then i realised that’s how sunflower seeds look like without being processed
  • cida Oliveira: Bom dia Family Linda”❣?☕?
  • johannes pramudya: your videos are like therapy
  • Louise Monreal: Its so satisfying and relaxing espescially with the background music. Btw love your vids reminds me of my lola
    Love from Philippines??
  • Beautiful Nepal: No use of micro wave / oven
    Plastic bags
  • H. Herzog: I watch your Videos every night, it makes me calm and give me a good night sleep. You r wonderful.
  • mubin shaikh: I love her simplicity. Always surrounded with family in video.
  • Trịnh Duy Vàng: 0:15, that cartoon have been my favourite film for 5 years ago. I am Vietnamese but I and my younger bro r big fan of “大 bear” and “二bear” hahaha:)))(
  • Ross G.: I’m so happy to see that strong family union they have, this values miss with a “modern life”. That’s why we need to step aside from technology and social media to look around us and see the true beauty of the world.
  • surewaan natnaree: Your life is a perfect life, smooth relax and more food.??
  • Erna Mahfud: I love how everything is very traditional.. ❤?
  • Roberta Baker: Watching from EAST TEXAS
    I really enjoy your channel.
    Blessings to you and your family.
  • Sayni Lam: I just love the way she turns simple ingredients into varieties of beautiful dishes..
    Everything looks so beautiful and delicious.
  • staying alive is not enough: Your life is a real piece of art,thank you for sharing one part of your lifestyle , honestly you are inspiring and hard working beautiful woman ? I hope one day you will add English translation love all the way from Nepal ????
  • Alex Ronny: when Profesional chef meet profesional editing then bang!!!
  • L -S-: я давно такого качественного видео не видела. умничка! амузыка-прелестна,как и молодая особа.
  • Алена Мезынко: Дай бог ей счастья и здоровья
  • nazir aloush: the best thing when you love to give your child or brother the food to take to school you are loveley wonderfull it is the best channel in utube
  • 리도나: 오븐 없이 쿠키 만들어 평화로워 보임!
  • James Swn: open your own restaurant I’m sure it will be a hit. YOU ARE THE BEST COOK I ever seen DO IT.
    YOU EARN IT. I love to see your video’s. greatings en love from Holland amsterdam.
  • VIVIAN Han: A lot of furniture is made of Bamboo, light, well-designed and functional.
  • Sally Moodley: Wow!!!
    You do so much. You are so amazing. Your cooking is awesome in every aspect. Thanks for sharing
  • alisider: А мы просто гречу варим.
  • PouloDebo: Oh Lord, please help me! I have been spending the whole day watching this woman and her extraordinary cooking and neglecting my work.
  • Ophelia Yee: Can you please put the recipe below so we can try it at home. I really love watching all your videos and thank you so much for sharing it with us???
  • Лариса Ткачук: У Вас талант, дорогая!
  • Tori M: ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I was a baker by trade and love it . I will always be one in heart ❤️ even if I’m retired now and what you baked today looks yummy gives me an idea to make ? something I never had .
  • Cap Mohamed: انا مسلمه مش باكل لحم الخنزير لكن بجد المخبوزات كلها روعه وجميله جدا ♥
  • May Gan Villanueva: I wish I have a Sister like you ?
  • Thatiane Sugui: The boy is so cute! ???
  • vivianayee: 请问可以分享如何制作云腿的食谱吗?
  • silololol: the ham moon cakes look so good 🙁 ?
  • Grace Nagel: This life looks so idyllic. Thank you for sharing it with us.
  • Gilbert Molina: These videos are always so amazingly wholesome, I love watching her
  • Karin Them: Grandma is so lovely…ever smiling face ❤️
  • Yanglin Luo: First time seeing how to make home made moon cake ? epic!
  • Serentipity audios: she`s so beautiful and smart omg i love her
  • Daniele domingos Gonçalves: Seus vídeos me acalmam tanto, tudo tão simples e perfeito, lindo demais.
  • Chase Louie: I love how she used one egg to crack the other egg haha. I so love this video aah ❤
  • ÔVIVE: C’est magnifique une vie comme ça,!!!????????
  • cida Oliveira: Bom dia moça prendada”?❤?
  • Moon Bear ASMR: It”s so relaxing watching your channel. Please let’s stay connected ?
  • Preeti Tiwari: When u cut things with ur giant knife my heart stop beats for a minute as I’m always consern bout ur fingers ?️?
  • Артем Легеза: Ты лучик света в темном царстве храни тебя господь
  • Ana Miss: I love watching this videos, so satisfying, I wish I lived this way. Hope someone could translate this so I can try the recipes at home!
  • Bella Luna: Such a beautiful family! A lot of people wish they had your life!
  • Annie Mhaye: in life like this..back to where we we’re…amazing…❤️❤️❤️
  • Princely’s Kitchen: I’m really amazed by your cooking skill and the quality of your video. Really beautiful your village! Greetings from India ?
  • TheRawfishking: Hell YeaH I want some of thAt SomeSome…when you translate the recipe. I can figure out most of it…but there are some minor details that I’m missing. But…It looks good aF.
  • oliver cordoba: Estaria genial si le agregaras subtitulos en español : )
  • No Name: Ur videos makes my coffee time perfect!
  • Ezequiel C: Es…. bellísimo :’v
  • dream lover: I wish i could live there..?❤ Anybody else wanna go thr??..?
  • 702Bello: So beautiful, the way we supposed to live, in harmony with nature……. blessings ?❤️?❤️?
  • Christopher Tinoco: This is amazing!!!!! I miss this kind of living!!!! I wanna go home!!!
  • стасон вячеслон: Мда мне б такую невестку с далёкой деревни чтоб была действительно такой симпотичной и неиспорченой девулькой
  • prapun: I love your receive cooking and nice music, you are professional chef of Chinese ancient.
  • Yuri Wolfie: is han moon cake salty or sweet? I’m really curious
  • Michelh Arias: se ve que cocina con Amor ❤
  • Sillygamer Ph: Seems good to live with someone like you
  • jeNOJAEMin: She’s so pretty and cooks well :’)
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  • Aromma Singh: When you put those delicious cookies in the basket, kind of reminded me of 19 century basket! I will try to make some.
  • out_to_lunch: And I’m here just eating cereal ?
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  • Gilang Mukti: A mainstream way to enjoy sunflower seed at the beginning ♥️
  • Baby Johnson: It would be great to have a ingredient description of the delicacies your making…. I don’t speak Chinese or mandarin! ??.
    BTW, I love your videos ?
  • nikka margallo: I want to eat what she cooks! Looks so amazing and tasty. I enjoy a lot??
  • Sonya Bentley: Truly amazing wish I was a great cook
  • Mary Grace Salso: I like your simple life . When I was young I was dreaming to live in the city ,to experience to ride on the train or bus now my hometown already develope got malls, bus but i felt unhappy , theirs no more trees, birds and fresh air . If i will come back the time I want to live more in the province no pollution at all
  • Ryan: Greeting from Indonesia 🙂 this is how we suppose to live in this planet.. more organic, healthier & not too lazy lol.. 😀
  • GaoLeeYangJewelry metalsmith: Wow if there’s an apocalypse, I’m moving there.
  • NY K: I really want this ?
  • Supada Rattagan: OMG, eating sunflower seeds from the Sunflower !!! ????
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  • ธรรม ชนะอธรรม: High quality life! I love your works!!
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  • DarjeelingJelly: Your home is beautiful and peaceful. Thank you for sharing with us!!!
  • jullee????: You’re amazing ?
  • Kari mi: Такая красивая)))
  • Jusa Kiki: this is the best living model on planet Earth
  • Love China: 这等女子 只得天上有
  • Bạch Hồ: my mom loves this girl, likes to watch her cook
  • ライチュウ: 最後のおじいちゃんとおばあちゃんが笑うシーン「いい嫁をもらったな」
  • Leora Phoenix: Love you videos feels like home…i grow up with my grandparents i miss them althought theyre in heaven now seing you videos brngs back good and happy memories with them
  • Sunrise Dreams: I now wanted to eat :)))
  • oliviakomoro: I would love to stay with your family for a week and learn to cook from you. You have such a wonderful aesthetic. Thank you for making these videos!
  • megamazing: Wish I have a sister to make me moon cake on request.
  • Ashley Honeycutt: I just made these following your recipe! Its so good plus I added some apple to them…..WOW

Studies have found that preparing your own food is usually healthier and less expensive than buying fast food. But most people just don’t have the time.

Delicious Food Wallpaper – Ice Cream Cake Wallpaper

Keep it simple in the kitchen. If you use quality ingredients, you don’t need anything fancy to make food delicious: just a knife, a cutting board, and some good nonstick cookware, and you’re set.

I know it’s not cat food, but what exactly is it that they put inside of tinned ravioli?

Ice Cream Wallpaper Hd – Cartoon Pizza Wallpaper

De Palma is delicious! He respects music; he respects composers. For ‘The Untouchables,’ everything I proposed to him was fine, but then he wanted a piece that I didn’t like at all, and of course we didn’t have an agreement on that. It was something I didn’t want to write – a triumphal piece for the police.

I think that once people understand the great risks that climate change poses, they will naturally want to choose products and services that cause little or no emissions of greenhouse gases, which means ‘low-carbon consumption.’ This will apply across the board, including electricity, heating, transport and food.

Wallpaper Seafood – Mango Fruit Wallpaper

Food from Quebec is not known to be amazing. Actually, even though you can eat really, really well in Montreal, it’s crazy. It’s one of the best cities I eat in, but typical Quebec food is like food from people that work in the woods. It’s potatoes, meat and sauce.

Even though it’s meant to be the season of jollity and goodwill, there’s something delicious about the anticipation of a Christmassy ghost thrill.

Banana Background Image – Fried Chicken Hd Images

The menu should be part of the entertainment, part of the dining experience. It’s kind of like reading the ‘Playbill’ when you go to the theater. It should be an alluring and interactive document. Does it have burn marks on it from the candle? If you ever get a greasy menu with food stains on it, it’s time to run like hell.

There was a kid that used to pick on me… he used to drop my food and beat me up in little corners. Nothing serious, but tease me. I remember knocking his food out of his hand one time when he in the middle of explaining something to his friends, and they all laughed, so I thought that was pretty nice. ‘Well, there you go buddy.’

Animated Food Wallpaper – Hd Banana Wallpaper – Cookies And Cream Wallpaper

Food is art and science. So, you take something out, you have to work with the recipe to make sure that you’re providing delicious food with cleaner labels.

What is poor? We had food. We dressed well. We didn’t have a lot, but what we had fit, and it was always neat.

We’re all moving at such a high rate that we have to grab the frozen dinners and the McDonald’s. We can’t make it a way of life – we have to get back to real, simple, clean good foods. It will save our lives on so many levels; not just spina bifida, but obesity, diabetes, everything. Food is our medicine.

I get on a real serious health kick when I’m on the road, because as a singer, you can’t really get sick. If you get sick, your whole instrument stops working. I’ve done all these different vitamin drinks. I drink coconut water, and I run. I eat food. I juice.

Nobody trusts the industrial food system to give them good food.

Along with some of my college friends, I would often bunk classes and drive to Murthal, which is about 50 km from New Delhi, just to have some piping hot parathas. There was this small roadside dhaba where they would serve absolutely delicious aloo parathas with dollops of butter.

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  • Amruta K: Plz make a video on your garden tour…. I am very interested to see your garden…… Plz… Hit like if u agree guy’s ?
  • Drip Drip Drop: She’s taking “homemade” to a whole new level
  • thoai vong: She literally has everything she needs in her garden/back yard or in the mountain/ river nearby. I want to be her neighbor.
  • Yasoda Mensah: I thought living close to a Wholefoods was advantageous. This woman lives in the Garden of Eden!
  • Dita Bryant: Whoever is behind the camera is lookin out for his Grandma! Loveeee it!
  • *insert actually good username*: I am shocked whenever she is showing her modern day appliances because I forgot that she is a real life person.

    Edit 3.2k likes………I just wish my actually funny comments could get half of these likes!

  • Envy Jo: Finding this channel feels like finding the elixir of life.
  • Loclac: 4:54 Man even the snails in her garden are beautiful..
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  • yoselin A.: I feel so peaceful and relaxed when I watch her videos. This lifestyle is my definition of a happy and fulfilling life, a life that I aspire to live.. ❤️
  • Phoebe Yin: i’d like to see gordan ramsey’s face after he sees this video
  • halimatun saadiah: The clip of her and her grandma laughing at the end while eating ice cream makes me miss my late grandma. ?
  • Kristine T.: Haha i was curious to see how she’d freeze the ice cream. Didn’t expect that freezer.
  • zzz zzz: After watching her,i feel ashamed to be lazy
  • Thasneem Balkees: Me:can’t even handle a fork and spoon

    Liziqi:four chopsticks!!!

  • Lauren Victoria: Awosome….Wanna taste everything Atleast once….?
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  • Mei-Xing Pen: I love seeing her and her family interact and smile. <3
  • Flat Liner: It’s so funny if you’ve followed her for a while bc you see stuff she’s using and are like “oh I remember when she built that-“
  • VLog Lover: I’m so excited seeing you made Durian ice cream… It’s my favourite.
  • Tutorial 1st Drawing: She’s 29yrs old doing great already.
    Me(29yo too): still wasting time. So sad.
  • jan lin: There are flowers and fruits, good environment, very suitable for living.
  • Sydney: 6:05 Puppy alert! <3
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  • kinzer: I love those glass wood containers! I want some of my own!
  • Tanaya Rahamani: O my god… I think u work vry hard to this???
  • Oh my god Becky: Thats a nice refrigerator

    But lets be honest

    *she probably built that too*

  • reno seta: im from indonesia , im love this family ?
  • Belle P.: Omg what yummy beautiful looking fruits. And the surroundings look heavenly. I wish real life is that perfect.
  • lobna farid: Sure you are in the paradise ??
  • adnan raza: This is what called life.
  • Mhiko Sale: She got berries in her garden. I only have weeds in mine.
  • marripalli bhoopathi: Nature is like heaven , delicious food ? ‌we are keep on watching from South india
  • Edna Hernández: 7:32 that moment made me cry, it remind me the important of life.
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  • btsshitforlife: When i saw her put the ice cream in the fridge, i was like “did she build that fridge too?” ??
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  • leticia fernandes: Que fofinha, a descrição do vídeo está em português ?
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  • sylvia wow: Before the ice cream……
    Grandma:which dish is mine?
    liziqi:the smaller one
    Grandma:it is too little
    Liziqi:you can’t eat too much.

    After the ice cream……
    Grandma tried to eat more ice cream secretly,when liziqi was talking to the other.
    then the cameraman reminded liziqi immediately.
    liziqi took the spoon from grandma and said nonono…you can’t eat it anymore.i told you don’t eat too much cold stuff in summer. You already ate it.
    the grandma was so is true that when people get older,they are even more childish.

  • Ruth Laho: Love the sound of birds in the background ?❤❤❤
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  • Jim Whitcomb: I just found Li Ziqi’s Channel 2 or 3 days ago, and I can’t stop watching her channel. In my opinion, she does the best job of anyone I have ever seen with creating a wonderful, simple, and beautifully shot video. She makes them fun to watch, beautiful with all the flowers, mountain scenery, etc., cute with the baby animals following her around, informative with building amazing things from clay and bamboo, and creating really delicious looking dishes. She does a wonderful job in front of the camera, and her videographer has an extremely artistic way of seeing the world around her too. Again, I have never seen anything like these videos. They are captivating to me, and I think I have watched almost all of them in only a few days! I’m happy that so many people watch her channel. I truly feel that she deserves huge success with this. I’m very happy I found her videos (completely by accident) 3 days ago. I’ve never seen anything else quite like her channel. I hope she keeps doing them, and doesn’t allow success to change how she creates them. The “simplicity” of the videos is a huge part of their charm. I like it best when she is in her big rubber boots getting muddy! She and her videos are really something very special. Li Ziqi has a real talent for this. Jim from New York.
  • Weihong Yu: 好羡慕你生活的环境。美丽勤劳心灵手巧
  • William K. Seo: She has everything in her area and she is amazing cook…
  • Our Crescent of Gems: ???
    This is so beautiful and amazingly done! My jaw has dropped and I am left breathless with each recipe, with the process, the time,the effort,the love put into making every single one of these. I would love to try it and learn where she learned how to do all this from scratch.
  • Ana Recio: Your place is amazing. I would love to go there it’s so peaceful
  • Diela Yacob: addicted to all of your video. love from malaysia
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  • TOP PHENOMENA: she is expert in everything
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  • Don Cresswell: I used to be addicted to those “fun & easy” 5-minutes meal and craft videos. After I found this channel, I realized that the difficult and long process of preparing food from scratch is indeed more beautiful, delicate and satisfying to watch and experience. This process of cooking has culture, values, memory, knowledge, and also exquisite beauty and valuable skills in it. More people should watch this instead of those factory videos.
  • Najmin Ara Begum: Love from India❤
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  • Jinu Abraham: I want to go aand live in a place like this
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  • Caroline Yang: Can’t get over how cute last few seconds are so I’m here to help translate: basically grandma was not allowed to eat too much of the ice cream cuz..she’s grandma I guess. And when the girl was busy with something else, the camera man caught and called out grandma 7:39 for secretly eating more ice cream when the girl was not watching. Omg idk why grandma is so cute

    Edit: woah thanks for all the likes and comments!! Check out my channel for some travel vlogs ?

  • Cooking Food: love her lifestyle
    look incredible
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  • Z X: No one comments how she made her own tea? Nowadays tea roasting is mostly done by machines. Doing by hand is almost a lost art (and it’s an arduous task). Kudos to Ziqi.
  • Benone cosme: Que lindo tudo ao natural
  • mel gefenia: this my one of my favourite video 🙂
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  • Jose Juner Catubig: The man you’ll meet is very lucky..paradised with eve
  • Anonymous User: The only channel where i click video without understanding name of the video.

    Because i know i am never gonna regret it ??

  • Rich Proiln: Is there something that you cannot do?? ❤❤❤❤❤
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  • Tatiana Simion: Beautiful, thank you!????
  • huahualipo: This is hilarious if you know what they are saying.

    Girl: grandma don’t eat too much ice cream

    Girl: looks away

    Cameraman: Ziyi look at grandma!

    Grandma: is eating more icecream
    Girl: Grandma noooo


  • Joanna Moyano: I always watch her videos before sleeping, Cuz it gives chill
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  • Nely Lopez: Por fin un título en español. Ahora vamos por los subtítulos. Gracias.

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In Russia, we eat a lot of heavy food like potatoes and lots of meat. I can’t eat one apple or a salad a day. You wouldn’t want to come talk to me if I don’t eat. I have to eat, or I am in a really bad mood.

Tasty And Delicious – Animated Food Wallpaper

I generally always eat what I want. I think when you work out a lot, you can afford to eat more because your body’s metabolism is higher. I like healthy food and prefer that anyways, but if I want pizza or a can of Coca-Cola every once in a while, I’m going to have it. I just try to have a few slices, and that’s it.

Say yes to everything. ‘You want me to buy you some food?’ Yes. ‘You want me to buy you a car?’ Yes.

Background Donut – Hd Banana Wallpaper

Seagulls are a landfill nuisance because they fly away with food scraps and, as is their reputation, fight each other over them midflight, often losing them, and soon a lady has a half-eaten hamburger splashing into her backyard pool.

By eating many fruits and vegetables in place of fast food and junk food, people could avoid obesity.

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I’ve always believed in a rainbow diet. As many colors and foods as you can eat, the better, because if you focus on one food, there’s bound to be a report that comes out that says, ‘Broccoli actually… ‘ So I mix it up a lot. And I take vitamins, like Biosil, which I take for my hair, skin, and nails.

We don’t need to cure hunger – we know how to solve hunger – it’s food, it’s nutrition, and it’s really a question of access.

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Bad food is made without pride, by cooks who have no pride, and no love. Bad food is made by chefs who are indifferent, or who are trying to be everything to everybody, who are trying to please everyone… Bad food is fake food… food that shows fear and lack of confidence in people’s ability to discern or to make decisions about their lives.

I eat soup noodles for comfort. In fact, noodles of any kind. It’s a food that is very easy to eat; it’s very soothing and comfortable, too. If I could choose any, I’d say buckwheat was my favourite: it has a very good flavour and is healthy, too.