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Cultivation to the mind is as necessary as food to the body.

There’s a certain time of day after sunset when people naturally seem to feel the urge to gather by a fire or a stove or a hibachi or another common source of heat and food, and hunker down together to eat and drink. Call it the blue hour.

If we make it national policy that we will support small farmers the way we support agribusiness, we’ll suddenly see it change in terms of the cost of organic food.

Seagulls are a landfill nuisance because they fly away with food scraps and, as is their reputation, fight each other over them midflight, often losing them, and soon a lady has a half-eaten hamburger splashing into her backyard pool.

Humans have changed ecosystems more rapidly and extensively than in any comparable period of time in human history, largely to meet rapidly growing demands for food, fresh water, timber, fiber and fuel. This has resulted in a substantial and largely irreversible loss in the diversity of life on Earth.

I like to eat in proportion, eat healthy, home-cooked food with lots of salad.

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  • Aimi Akaibara: To those who are thinking that she doesn’t know whether she is eating poisonous mushrooms or not, please., looking at her, she has more experience than any of us becauze she has been living as a farmer with her family ever since. Don’t assume that she doesn’t know anything about those mushrooms or anythinfbecause she knows what she is doing.

    Besides, my grandparents are farmers and they know their environment way better than me because I was born in the State side and I only know things from books. For my grandparents, it’s experience that helped them survive.

  • Mystery Chan: Dont try this at home, she has been doing this all her life and she knows what she is doing
  • Pauline Sian: I like how she left the smaller ones, yes that’s what foraging is all about, don’t take all of them, leave the young/small ones.
  • Yumah Konyak: She has so much knowledge about the mushroom. I guess I would probably die eating the mushroom if I was ask to pick the wild mushroom.
  • Duata Duati: I only recognised one mushroom from all the varieties she picked
  • Engelberl Limon: Ang lungkot naman ng buhay mo luto kanalang ng luto mag shopping kanaman pasensya na ??God bless ??
    ? Miss ganda?
  • Diná NA: Acho maravilhoso o jeito que essa japonesa cozinha tanta dedicação vontade amor parece até uma oração ao fazer o alimento quanta paciência tô de careta ????? ela é chinesa ?
  • Mahisha Maheren: I love your village. It’s fresh our mind .?????
  • Mini Foodkey: Lots of mushroom varieties? wowww..
  • 강보영: 한글자막도 있어서 보기 너무 좋아요
    앞으로도 자막 부탁드려요
  • Abigail Sunuwar: Thank you for uploading new videos.i like your all types of videos.
  • Dayalini Pukhrambam: I almost forgot my duty since i found your videos ….always love to watch
  • deeksha acharya: really i just want to live this life .its a heaven
  • Happychicx: She’s incredibly talented ?
  • Edith Eve: Girl living the harvest moon lifestyle
  • Colleen Fung: 比看連續劇好看????
  • Izzah Amir: It is really amazing on how she can identify edible mushroom!! This is the type of person i wish is with me if i somehow got stranded in a forest… Another amazing video!!! ??
  • Zuzu Gonzalez: 你好朋友我看過你所有的視頻,我喜歡你的烹飪方法我希望你留下翻譯成西班牙語的選項。因為我想製作食譜。來自韋拉克魯斯墨西哥的問候
  • 하나된대한민국: 지친 일상중에
    너무 힐링됩니다.
    감사합니다 ^——-^
  • Dimx 93: I felt in love with you!
  • Raghuram Murugesan: What a hard-working and versatile girl! I wish I could marry her. I love all her videos and her demure and nonchalant style.
  • 徐建文: 我在台灣,很喜歡你的視頻,看了好療癒喔。謝謝你。我會持續追蹤喔。
  • 思為公: 蕙質蘭心天淨之,
  • 曾建龍: 菇的顏色看起來有可怕。確定能吃嗎?,有的菇有毒,要小心 。
  • Змей Горыныч: Грибы нужно срезать, ножом) после среза они снова будут расти ?
  • Tatiana Berger: Грибы надо срезать ножом, а не вырывать с корнем!!!!
  • Nazni Daniela: Omg so many types are there I came to know
  • Thủy Tiên Trần: anyone know the background music? it’s sound so familiar yet i can’t remember its name T_T
  • Heba Ardete: العرب الي تمر من هون حطولي اعجاب ?
  • Ruhana Che Rose: I love your videos. All make me feel relax and cool. The nature of life. Wonderful country. Rich of healthy and fresh foods.Thank you for sharing this interesting awesome mushrooms.??????????
  • Lê thị Thu thảo: 祝你有很多好消息❤️❤️
  • imthy anung: Most of the the mushroom she picked are also found in our place …we too eat those mushrooms
  • Jennifer O’Neill: Amazing how many mushrooms are edible, did you learn from parents? Thank you.
  • sue abdelzaher: I want to life in your world, i like wild life????❤️
  • ms Yi: In my province that mushroom is dangerous
  • Aliex Simth: 你漏了一个小字,你是采蘑菇的小姑娘,背着一个大箩筐。
  • MiewMiew Mini Tini Vimpi Kitchen Noi Noi♡*^ .-): 1:38 Nice^__^:)*
  • A -3- Person: How do you know which are poisonous!?! My mom says that those that are poisonous have pink under
  • Porsche Auto: Lovely vdo … i always watch when i hv free time , nice people, natural ingredients, extraodinary but simply recipe, also nice views and weather.
  • Uyen Nguyen: How can you know if those mushrooms are edible?
  • Jabes Khongsai: Ohhh how i missed those wild mushroom?i used to plucked when i was a child in the forest?
  • 서예림: 항상 잘보구있어요! 한글 자막 너무 감사드려요❤️
  • Marcello Gomes: Adoro os seus vídeos, são maravilhosos, existem alguns cogumelos na natureza que não se podem comer por serem venenosos .
  • 荊楚顽石: 云南真是块宝地哈
  • Edwin Salas: 多么棒的频道
  • Jucelania Oliveira: Que lugar lindo !!! Parabéns
  • Magela Murielle: ive always wondered who takes your videos. its amazing how many angle changes you have. if its someone else, kudos to him for such nice shots, more kudos if its only you.
  • Dee Lovian Handmade: She has knowledge to knowing something edible ?? wonderful ??
  • 요리연구가대령숙수 3000가지요리강좌: 자연산 버섯 얼마나 맛있을까요?~~^^♡♡♡
  • liz xoxo: 好多種蘑菇阿。我一個都沒吃過_(:3」∠)_
  • HZ L: 拔香菇時的清脆聲,真的好動聽?
  • Bebs Tan: I love the soothing music it has a calming effect on one’s tired mind and body it makes us relax
  • seri zawa: your videos give the feeling of being in paradise.. ?
  • 예쥥님: 영상 구도?가 너무 이뻐요!!!!
  • Andrea Cristiany: Queria saber se essas pimentas são ardidas?
  • Terrayo Meran: Oh the fungus that’s among us!
  • 잉잉: 보고있으면 저도 모르고 고요하고 힐링중입니다!! 영상 올려줘서 참 감사합니다
  • Lyne Tatel: she is amazing… i admired her…
  • TheRawfishking: Hahaha…2:20-2:23 must be union break. Anyway…that looks like good eating. Also…love how you preserve the smaller mushrooms to grow. Great video.
  • Nirmal Maharjan: I wanna marry a Chinese girl who can pickup mushroom like this. I love mushrooms. ??❤
  • Kiba Liu World: Her videos always bring back memories. When I was a child, I used to go collecting mushrooms in the mountains with dad. Nowadays its not easy to find the eatable mushrooms because of cutting and clearing the forest mountains by people.
    She is living the life most people wants.
  • 강경은: 너무 예쁘다ㅠ 저런곳에서 살고싶어 ㅠ
  • Finn 37: Feel like in harvest moon! Amazing village 🙂
  • 김다훈: 너무 이뻐용
  • Videsha Munusami: I would gladly want to pick mushrooms for once in my life. Im so curious for the experience…nice video?
  • ramendra pratap Singh: Hidden treasure every where ?
  • Wonderful. You’re so brave. Mushrooms grow all over my property, trees and woods, but I can’t distinguish an edible one from a toadstool!
  • Monica Ribka: This is so refreshing!!!!
  • is-haq wong: Wow ! Plenty of mushrooms in your village cool ! And not just one kind but different varieties of mushrooms.
  • LAMY LAMY: She picked 7 varieties of mushroom.. can u imagine that?? U couldn’t find it in the market dude..i was just afraid if the snake appear to her..
  • 吳順賢: 背景音樂好療愈
  • thanhtuyen nguyen: how to know mushroom have poison or not
  • Bani M: It’s like documenter film . So beautiful . lovely
  • naima kamali: Iam from Morocco, I like your videos, I love your village ??
  • Luis Rocha: 0:03,esa vista no tiene precio,simplemente hermoso,daría todo por sentarme en ese lugar y quedarme mirando ese paisaje hermoso por horas.
    En mi ciudad y creo que en todas las demás solo hay ruido.
  • Augusty Ugeng: Saya IRI denganmu, memiliki alam yang PERMAI. Kamu wanita yang TIDAK CENGENG dan LUAR BIASA. GBU.
  • 강이래: 영상을 보고있으면 힐링되요 영상도 넘나좋고 자막까지 ~~ 한번가보고 싶은곳입니다
  • Coisas da ludy: Simplismente maravilhoso esse lugar e essa cultura.
  • Babu govindasamy: Ur the best friend to the nature
  • Cucumber Sandwitch: Anyone else think that this is really satisfying?
  • Phú Trịnh: Ilove china im from vietnamese❤️❤️
  • Mbay Wsn: 嗨,黛西,我喜欢看你的视频
  • ريحانة الزهراء ريحانة الزهراء: شو حلوة كثير هذا المكان اتمنى امشي فية يااللة شكد حلوة ??? بس هذا الفطر اوالكما أشكال الوان
  • Sharmin Rima: Mashroonms……..,????
  • Winefer Edaño: i always Watch your video i love it.. ♥
  • Manta Hakkoladam: ดูทุกวันไม่มีเบื่อ เลยจ้า?
  • Nxn: from all of the mushroom she was picked, i just know one and it’s so delicious mushroom… ???
  • rakib uddin: It’s amazing that her subscribers number are increased so fast and definitely her videos are wonderful ??
  • Бижунов Константин: Только рыжики норм, остальные стрёмные.
  • 조태균: 독버섯을 구분 못하니 우리에게는
    그림의떡이네 또 독초와 산나물도
    역시 구분할수 없으니 마찮가지
  • Sakorn Deeying: นำเสนอเรื่องราวได้ดีธรรมชาติสวยงามชอบวิถีชีวิตแบบคุณ
    fc from Thailand
  • Purrdy in LW: Beautiful mushrooms!!!
  • Caress Santos: I love all of your videos and you already! ❤️❤️❤️
  • 163 cheesegirl: Your video is relaxing. I miss my childhood playing in the garden and rain.
  • Hari Shankar: That was so satisfying! ?
  • Fredy Kipli: She fine the mushroom , what is your cook with mushroom siu ce
  • chhuantea hmar: Beautiful scenery.
  • Rikyntilang Lyngdoh: Mushrooms available in our place is similar to yours
  • Eugenia Rocha Méndez: There’s something so satisfying about watching you pluck mushrooms
  • dwi novitasari: I have been followeling you since 2 weeks ago, when you only have less than 1k subscribers, but now you have more than 19k subscribers…amazing…keep going girl…

When I was growing up on our 53-acre dairy farm, we were obsessed with food; it was the center of our lives. We planted it, grew it, harvested it, peeled it, cooked it, served it, consumed it – endlessly, day after day, season after season.

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Everyone would be healthier if they didn’t eat junk food.

I was an overweight kid, and my father struggled with his weight, too. We would go for a ride on his motorcycle on Sunday morning to get doughnuts, to make pizza together, or go get ice cream. I quickly learned that food equalled love and attention.

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Puerto Rican culture is very lively; very lively people; very warm people; and the food is really great. We’re all about cooking a lot of food and having family around, we’re kind of loud. It’s that sort of vibe and it’s great.

The food industry profits from providing poor quality foods with poor nutritional value that people eat a lot of.

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I may be too craving of that rich gift, the power of sharing other minds. I have drunk deeply, long, and oh! how blissfully at this fountain in a foreign clime. Hearts met hearts, minds joined with minds; and what were the secondary trials of pain to the enfeebled, suffering body when daily was administered the soul’s medicine and food!

I loved the experience of going to the farmers’ market, seeing where your food is grown, turning it into something delicious.

White Background For Food Photography – Delicious In Cantonese

For me, religious festivals and celebrations have become an important way to teach my children about how we can transform living with diversity from the superficial ‘I eat ethnic food’, to something dignified, mutually respectful and worthwhile.

I think people should eat vegetarian food for 20 days and then see the glow on their faces.

Kawaii Banana Wallpaper – Wallpaper Menu Restaurant – Food Desktop Wallpaper

It was my Uncle George who discovered that alcohol was a food well in advance of modern medical thought.

I was always a junk food person, still am.

I love food, and not surprisingly, I often suffer from stomach upsets when I overeat in general, let alone when I’m competing.

We were so poor as kids. I didn’t even see a bathtub, running water, hot water, commode – we didn’t have any of that. We started with a humble log house, milk cow, garden-raised our own food, killed a hog every year in the fall, and had the meat hanging up in the smokehouse – that was our childhood, me and ol’ Si.

Being a consultant is like flying first-class. The food is terrific, the drinks are cold. But all you can do is walk up to the pilot and say, ‘bank left.’ If you’re in management, you have the controls.

I normally don’t love green juices, but Body & Eden makes theirs tasty by blending ingredients like avocado and banana with the usual suspects like kale and spinach. Delicious as they are, they’re low calorie, and the drink names are catchy: I Have Balance, I Have Energy, and my favorite, I Have Calm.

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  • ShadowWhelp: This girls name is Li Ziqi and she was orphaned at a very young age so she went to live with her grandparents in the countryside. As a young adult she lived in the city but then moved back to the countryside to take care of her grandma after her grandpa passed away.

    She uploads her videos on Weibo and her fans re-upload her videos on Youtube.

    She also has longer videos with bloopers that show she is the one setting up the camera and recording/cooking/building.. basically doing everything herself.

    I first found her through a Facebook video and was like “omg!!! the chinese girl version of primitive technologies” lol

  • its_your_girl zZ: Her days are so productive and here I am in bed eating yesterday’s leftovers ??‍♀️
  • luv kim: 근데 이거 한국 전통 음식인데 중국음식이라 태그 넣는 노양심 무엇?
  • eva kang: Kimchi is the soul food of Korea. I’d never known that Chinese also eat Kimchi the same way we do… love your cooking love the way you live.
  • Jacob Barid: It’s difficult to imagine her sitting at a desk editing this…
  • Kirakakes: This is what I imagine studio Ghibli films look like in real life.
  • demian757575: 김치는 한국 고유의 음식입니다.
  • Tsira K: I think god created 1 person with the ability of 100 talented people named Ziqi
  • 꽁치: Kimchi is a Korean food.Don’t mistake it for Chinese food.
  • 수기: 김치는 한국 고유의 대표 음식입니다.
  • yong hee Kim: 중화사상 난리났네ㅋㅋㅋ유튜브도 우회해서 보는것들이
  • mei mei: 한국 전통 요리를 만들어 주셔서 감사합니다 ?❤ 전 한국인입니다 당신의 채널을 자주 보고 있습니다 ?
  • 정주희: I’m Korean. Kimchi was the korean’s traditional food. Your kimchi looked very delicious. Thank you~♡
  • 별아이: 한국의 김치를 여기서 보다니 너무 반가왔어요^^
    잘 익은 김치 그대로도 좋구요
    돼지고기 넣은 김치찌게도 정말 일품이죠^^
  • Priyanka Bhakat: Best Channel I hve ever seen .it’s so relaxing actually I m addicted ??
  • kagnomi: I love watching her twist the heads of cabbage off for some reason.
  • Mizrab Dogra: this is just beyond ordinary I just feel that I’m away from the worries of life while watching her videos love from India ??
  • 정현: 얘네들 또 남의나라꺼 지들꺼라고 우기네 그렇게 탐나냐 김치가? 느그들꺼중엔 자랑할게 없지?ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Dfathurr: The scenery is beautiful
    The girl is charming
    The food is delicious
    The comment section is amusing
  • Bernard Cedillo: Wow a nice girl , i like her the way that she cooked
  • Zatazha Maat: No shots of her eating it this time. 🙁 Looks delicious. I love how everything is reusable. She wastes nothing. And fresh farm food is so healthy.
  • kagnomi: People getting offended that she is “stealing” a Korean dish and passing it off as Chinese need to read what she wrote in the description box ?
  • Sad Lad: This channel is one of those things that define, “It’s a peaceful life”
  • Pi Nak Bet: I came here not to argue with anyone, I’m here to relax and enjoy these wonderful talent of an Angel.

    Just love… From Philippines ??

    Xie Xie !!! ☺️☺️

  • 김진: There are hundreds of kimchi varieties in Korea.
    ‘White kimchi’ is also kind of kimchi
  • John Volz: Wow, her Kimchee must be amazingly good,
    Just like almost my grandmother how she made it. She is truly amazing.
  • ashika miyu: 2.07
    Someone was walking
  • Susan MinhTrang Nguyen: I cannot believe people on this thread are arguing about Kim chi ??‍♀️ Every country has their own version of foods. I am Vietnamese and I make tacos, I dare you to come at me ?
  • Jhumee Jung: me: sees keyword “kimchi”
    also me: CLICK
  • 2013BTS Grandma: I found her videos by mistake and now I’m hooked
    The food and the scenery is so excellent
    I have fallen in love with Kimchi Fried Rice
  • ZamasusWife: Liziqi, please make a video showing how you take care of animals
    You are so amazing
  • Rini Richie mk: I forget myself when i watch her videos
  • Micaellano Eric: Where did you put your microphone? Why does it sound so close, or is it because your surroundings are so quiet?
    It’s so relaxing….
  • 은하수: Thank you for make kimchi, *KOREAN* TRADITIONAL FOOD 😉
  • Lenny Puspitasari: Masya Allah byk bgt tanaman sawinya❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ pny rmh ky gini betah bgt dirmh masak2 trs❤️❤️❤️
  • Hanie Alawi: Imagining my life in lanao would be like this 🙂 I miss my home town Lanao del sur
  • Edward Scott: I love Li Ziqi. She is amazing ??☺️. I would love to help her and learn from her.
  • Nasreen Khan: Dear sis can you tell us kimchi ingredients names in ENGLISH .
  • The Aviator: What a beautiful & healthy life she’s got. Away from technology and social media’s disease.
  • Kel de Almeida: Oh my Gosh! It looks so delicious ?! I wanna eat some of this tasty kimchi, too! ?
  • kim: This kimchi looks beautiful, wish I could see all the ingredients and amounts you added
  • S.S. Aqib: Why are you so amazing..?
  • Thalia Hwang: I made kimchi in the spring . Because of this video ❤
  • Loclac: The origin of kimchi dates back at least to the early period of the Three Kingdoms (37 BC‒7 AD)
  • الحمدلله رب العالمين: هل من يتحدث العربية هنا ????
  • HJ KIM: 개인적으로 저 항아리 겁나 탐남… ㅎㅎ 정말이지 밀봉 아닌 밀봉아닌가..
    그리구 언냐~ 김치찌게엔 돼지고기가 진리! ㅋㅋ
  • OhyoOhyo Myoui: I don’t know but I’m Inlove with her❣
  • Leave It In Beaver: I like how you do everything with alacrity. I noticed even how you do this when putting on your boots. I guess I’m infatuated with you. LOL!
  • Arushi Nayak: I’m so lucky to be able to watch ur videos and born in this generation too
    It’s a vibe that your channel gives me that is everything will be ohk and just live every moment and make ever second count ?….. And work hard
  • sadia hosain: I love to watch her cooking and any other channell those make videos of cooking… But never tried any of them ??
  • plazasta: The music in this video is absolutely magical
  • 디지몬: 설마김친가했는데 진짜넹.. ??
  • Wei Li: This video (2017) is so beautiful as same as the newest one (9/2019), which I just watched it in couple minutes ago.
  • Sue-Anne Wang: I wanna go live with her! T_T
  • Fred Samoluk: 2:08 Satisfying
  • Lilly Chan: Ahhh finally something that can be prepared from our local groceries!
  • me me: I always love every episode of her YouTube movie. It’s beautiful
  • Dennis Garcia: Dame! Your cute as a button. ❤?✌?
  • novella chases: ❤️❤️ me for you, you are amazing and beautiful girl
  • G S R: Wish I was there to share it with you and your Grandmother – it looks delicious!
    Scottish Lady ❤️
  • Asya C.: These videos are so relaxing. A lot of techniques you use reminded my mother, who lived on a farm in turkey before meeting my father, of her childhood and teenage years.

    Much love from Germany, you are awesome!

  • HK Luna Kim: 대박. 이정도 촬영이면 완전 전문가가 제작한 수준….자유자재 아웃포커싱, 씬전환, 연출력…왠만한 방송국 다큐멘터리 제작수준….
  • Neethu B N Nichu: I would like to visit this place.. My dream place??waav
  • Kamea FourStar: *2:01** that low key scared me especially since I just came back from watching the new Pennywise trailer*
    hint: look to the right of the screen behind her
  • cristiano andrade merlin: Incrivel amei ❤
  • mrssyiem: I love everything about her Her skills so amazing, i know of course this is her life.. So, she know what to do.. Her house .. Is one of my dream.. Live with animal and plant.. Traditional house.. Good luck..
  • Hankyung Ryu: 언니 김치찌개 끓여줘서 고마워
  • MAHENDRA DILLON MICHAEL: What catorgory is her channel?
    My thoughts are: food, ASMR and Primitivr
  • fi za: Trust me no one doing it like her❤️
  • Valeria Blanco: the way she spin the cabbage around… she could be a efficient killer
  • Макар Стафорд: I’m from Russia, and I’m so excited from your films. I’m feeling cozy and relaxed. You help me ending a day and go to sleep. From Russia with love. You’re very cool. Stay do this. I’m subscribe .
  • 김경화: 아닠ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ김치를 여기서 볼줄이얔ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 심지어 김치찌개잖앜ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌㅌㅌㅌ
  • MAX PAN: I am in love❤️
  • oxtemp: Amazing! This is a chef masterclass! I so wanna taste the ” Buddha Jumped Over the Wall”
  • Rosa María Fierros Farell: I come from work and this is how I relax. Thank you for these wonderful videos!
  • Oh my god Becky: Oh my god. I’m late but I’m so ashamed going through the comments. Ya’ll are arguing about a CABBAGE. A. CABBAGE.
    I’m Korean and I eat kimchi everyday but I didn’t come here to fight. Just clicked the video bc i got excited to see her work with some tasty kimchi. DAMN. People dumb as hell getting offended over a vegetable.
  • 王曦冉: 就做个泡菜韩国人都能集体高潮,笑死我了
  • missy0390: When she mixes the kimchi paste.. mmmmm
    I can smell it from the other side of the wold #drool
  • 陳立縈: 四川妺子你有什麼不會的?太神了!?
  • Denny Benz: oh. How i love to watch her and the videos. She is amazing. Never gets tired. I do enjoy this it relaxes me.
  • King Empress: Me: *Looking for comments arguing about cabbage/kimchi* uh where

    Comment section: Majority is in Chinese and Korean

    Me: Oh. There.

  • Ruben Matthew: Way of cooking is amazing, love from india?
  • kon chiwa: 景色真的太美了
  • THE MCMARTIN: 0:27 slippers want ?
  • فاطمه حسين: آحـبُ:* قناتج كلش فديتج استمري
  • allavarapu pallavi: I like all your videos…. before going to bed I watch so I that I will sleep easily n happily enjoying the weather, nature ND the way of ur cooking
  • Amrutha K M: The sound of leaves when she is plucking it out o soil is heavenly,..
    Fresh from farm…♥️
  • Rei-chan K: I’m Korean American, when I saw this video I was actually really excited to read that you were going to make kimchi! I didn’t think of it as appropriation at all, especially when I saw what you wrote in the description. Just throwing that out there, keep doing what you do! ^u^ Gonna watch the video now, I already know I’ll love it. <3
  • Beme Roro: No introduction needed!! Really amazing! ?
  • Brett F.: I’m Korean, watching a Chinese girl make Kimchi. I’ve come full circle.
  • InformationIsTheEdge: When I see this presentation, I am struck with the width and breadth of knowledge and skill this girl has. Impressive, really.
  • Xander M: I worried for the geese for a second ?
  • Nunu Kire: you are just so perfect ♥️
  • Sean Tran: I love it how everything’s either fresh, cured, dried, smoked or fermented ??
  • MS Education: Please mention the recipe ingredients with names for those who cant understand Please
  • Ayma Mir: Liziqi picking veges like” I want you and you and yes you as well and that round one yea both of you come along”
  • Antoine Antoine: Ur cooking ways are amazing n tasty and it’s very spicy ??️?️?️?️?️
  • Randall Pong: It is so relaxing to watch your videos. ????
  • mafurock33: Most beautiful cooking show ever!
  • Sabrina Flipse: Best YouTube channel ever! With admiration from California 😉 You’re amazing! ?

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I was a vegetarian first. I had high blood pressure at 27, everybody in my family died of cancer, and I knew it was in the food, so I changed my diet.

Chicken Food Wallpaper – Kawaii Banana Wallpaper

I’m a taco guy, so I like Mexican food, and any form of a taco, I’m going to eat it. During the season, I’ll make it a grilled chicken taco. But after the season, give me a regular beef taco and fill it to capacity. I need meat, cheese, sour cream, lettuce, pico de gallo, and everything you got.

I love to cook comfort food. I’ll make fish and vegetables or meat and vegetables and potatoes or rice. The ritual of it is fun for me, and the creativity of it.

Leftovers Wallpaper – Wallpaper Menu Restaurant

I know that a lot of my life is spent thinking about crisps and eating crisps and hating myself for eating crisps. It’s just not worth it. Or it wouldn’t be if crisps weren’t so delicious.

I was always a junk food person, still am.

Wallpaper Waffle – Food Desktop Wallpaper

What is this drive to be thinner, prettier, better dressed, other? Who exactly is this other and what does she look like beyond the jacket she’s wearing or the food she’s not eating? What might we be doing, thinking, feeling about if we didn’t think about body image, ever?

The 1 to 2 billion poorest in the world, who don’t have food for the day, suffer from the worst disease: globalization deficiency. The way globalization is occurring could be much better, but the worst thing is not being part of it. For those people, we need to support good civil societies and governments.

Healthy Diet Wallpaper – Food Desktop Wallpaper

I’ve always joked that my food memoirs will be titled ‘Brutta ma Buona,’ the phrase Italians use to describe food that’s delicious but rustic-looking at best: ugly but good.

There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food.