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The equal right of all citizens to health, education, work, food, security, culture, science, and wellbeing – that is, the same rights we proclaimed when we began our struggle, in addition to those which emerge from our dreams of justice and equality for all inhabitants of our world – is what I wish for all.

Most fast food is fried. Fried food tastes great, and people don’t seem to care about the fat aspect.

I love photography, I love food, and I love traveling, and to put those three things together would just be the ultimate dream.

Humor is a powerful tool, and some of these politicians are so far out and easy to lampoon. They just provide such delicious opportunity.

The things that make Korean food delicious are garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, chili powder, and chili paste. They make anything delicious.

Newlyweds shooting budget: 5k for actors, 2k insurance, 2k food and drink. 9k in the can. We only shot 12 days. That’s how to make an independent film.

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  • Yutthachai Wadsumrong: This is what the Mother Earth give and now only few people know how to use it without destroying nature
  • Kaze: Using the banana trunk to make the chips is so smart. Love it.
  • J N: I feel like they hve most peacefull life in this world
  • Sonyeo Margit: I like that everything is clean.
  • 감자똥: 생각없이 보자니 너무좋음 걍 좋음 조오오오온나게 힐링되는느낌
    리틀포레스트같음 생리중이라서 개빡쳤는데 이거보니까 진정되고있음 채널주 존나 사랑해요 ❤❤❤❤
  • Moonlight: I’m more and more surprised about the filming skills and the quality of the videos
  • Raw Oyster: Me *want to eat healthy*
    Me: watches this
    Me: “too freaking complicated”
    Me *drives to McDonald’s*
  • Shon West: This woman is a warrior strong and beautiful, just goes to work all by herself without complaining
  • mochi mochi: I want all people to live like this, it’s so peaceful and our mother earth would be happy for that
  • jan sarah: The best part is that when you eat together with everyone loved it ❤
  • bosmanbing: this girl is dreamy, i really like her
  • Lina Villar: que legal ela cozinhando tudo orgânico parabéns além de ela ser linda , tem experiência na cozinha
  • 김마오: 사계절에 맞는 온갖 식재료를 요리 방법 저장방법 어떻게 다 활용하고 아시는지 진짜 대단한 것 같아요!
  • Apo Malo: I finally realised what I love about these videos apart from the food… it’s the sfx of the cutting, chopping, mixing etc… ahhhh
  • 사랑해: 저 것을 먹으면 건강해 질것 같은 생각이. 구독자 248만……오늘 첨 알았네요. 구독하고 갑니다.
  • Christoph Noiya: And i am here in concrete jungle eating junk food
  • Konstantin: С первой женой развелся из-за того что ни хрена не хотела ничего готовить послала её Зато другая Умница красавица и готовить любит а я и помогаю
  • Tammy Lien: Fast food never seemed so fast after watching her cook.
  • jeffrey suerte: Having this kind of talent is a gift.I love the way she cooked,the way she talked to her family,and also by dawang(one time that dawang ignoring Dianxe,so lovely)hope all of us use what Dianxe did!??
  • Aishwarya: Who is the director? The quality of these videos is amazing!
  • Lola Purnamawati: You have a traditional house and equipment…wow…it is more delicious than if you cooking just using modern equipment…keep your spirit to makes other amazing videos.
  • Tamar: Wow, God bless her! She takes her time to feed her family!
  • 동물 친구들animal friend: Wow…you put in your wholehearted to cook. You are truly amazing.
  • 석진: 3:24 홀리쉣 마음의 안정감 오진다
  • Özlem Solak: I just wished to be at their table together with them. lovely people lovely food.
  • Harjit Singh: One word “amazing “.
    Lucky family who gets all this and living on a heaven like place.
    Really you are amazing. God Bless You
  • Jaxx Luu: I need a tree…

    ::goes chop a tree::

    Badass level: grand master

  • Josimara Sato: Essa menina é surpreendente estou amando que força que ânimo ?
  • 최지훈: 음악하고 배경들이 너무 힐링된다….
    또마침 비오는데 보고 있어서 그런가…
    몰입감이 있다 !
  • Rob Sten: In term of cooking, the western culture is thousands of years behind chinese. This chinese cooking is way way more advance than the french cuisine.
  • Suck ma deck: why is everything so perfect.?
  • K. Alkuwait: Girl you are so talented ♥️ god bless you beautiful ?
  • Dung Nguyen: Hạnh phúc là đây chứ đâu nữa :))! happiness is here!
  • Kake PoP: She needs to open a restaurant! I’d go there!
  • Louie Epifanio: This video is so relaxing ? it’s worth it ????
  • zeb rana: She is so religiously done everything love to watch her doing choruses without a single sign of tiredness
  • Melody Dream: is it just me or hers looks very similar to Liziqi’s videos?
  • Pop Gas: I feel like I’m meditating when watching your videos, what’s going on!? Love your work though (^ , ^)/
  • 비누: 콘칩인가?
    (it looks like a korean snack called conchip!)
  • 양꾼TV- 야생이야기: 진짜 누가 찍는거지. 영상미 진짜 소름 돋는다… 난 언제면 이렇게 찍을 수 있지… ㅠㅠ
  • Fang Fang: 厉害的云南人,都是我喜欢的美食??
  • Riski Bahtiar: At some part of Indonesia, we called the crackers “Kerupuk Asoy” ?
  • analie reveche: i was so amazed for your cooking skills..?
  • kiran B: Pappadam in china ??
  • POPY BEGUM: Aĺl is beautiful.u r so pretty.what u use in ur face?
  • SHAUN ROBERTS: why isn’t she guesting on ellen yet?
  • Zoe101: oh damn she upgraded with that sun drying shot
  • K g: Amazing people ? everywhere soooo clean ?. The process of making is very specific, i wish I can try some of their food looks very healthy.
  • Wachito Revuelto: I so awesome that you make with the food.
    Process :v
    I’m sorry. try write in english.
  • wanda H: I LOVE your wood fired wok!!!!!???
    New backyard project!??
  • gopal krishna aika: Wow,, so many uses of one ingredient ❤️
  • Job Franco: I feel that each video is a work of art… Amazing
  • Clashing with Thunder: The most stress relieving videos ever
  • •̄ _ •̄뿌앙: 옆모습이 제이플라 닮으셨당
    She looks like a jpla. Youtuber
  • Will Jerome: This woman is very talented. The chips should be good ! Will done ! ??
  • Harshitha Nagendra: Ur so lucky to lead this beautiful amazing life
  • Gitima Das: Oh my god! My state also got the same cuisine and also same processes of making!!! I m shook. Love from India ❤
  • Gongju Kwin: It looks like I am watching an anime….I don’t know why?
  • eund charming: 3:33 so beautiful
  • Wild Wayne wild: The little boy his eyes are so beautiful
  • storm: 4:39


  • Sean Szolek-Van Valkenburgh: At 1:43 my brain thought “Giant Celery!”
  • colombsnow 0007: That woman is one in a million god bless you
  • it’sFckinRaw: that crackling is soooooo amazinggg!
  • ROB: *Haha.. That’s fried PAPAD and PAPAD Kadhi.. ???*
  • Joseph Nicoletti: I want yo live with these people
  • Ylove Kianotics Update: i really like this girl i always watching what they do ????❤
  • Jany Cler: Humm,delícias abraços
  • Jamie Chesser: She is simply amazing!
  • Nazneen Ansari: She works really hard…her job is not easy but she is doing it so well…she must be doing it all day long…
  • koko _2381: this what i call love for the kitchen❤
  • Claret Valle: Sería un placer que me invitaras a comer ?
  • Sunset Glow ASMR: I love this, but I wish there was no background music.
  • Ernest French: Their environment is so peaceful it makes me feel calm
  • ☽ аиаѕтаsіо ☾: “CHIFAAAAAN!”
    lol, even though i’m already 4th generation Chinese, the tradition of aggressively yelling “Chifan!” in the house so everyone knows it’s time to eat hasn’t changed ?
  • FQY PW: Omg those noodles looked so delicious!!!
  • Kumar Roshan: Someone pls tell her that she is cute ..❤️
  • nanann: 이분 채널 보고 나면 신기하게 힘이 나고 일할 의욕이 마구마구 생긴다
  • José: OMG It looks amazing
  • Ishrat Jahan Chowdhury: Your videos calm me down whenever I feel sad and restless. Everynight I watch your videos to fall asleep with happy thoughts. Lots of love ?? from Bangladesh ??
  • cZniee cttphrr: Yg terakhir kayak seblak .. ?
  • Sulakshna Sundaran: I just loved this video…The food looks yummy especially rice noodles..
  • Apurva Sathe: Was recommended this video by YouTube out of nowhere..but loved the video.
  • Lucy A: 동생.. 멋진 누나를 뒀군 부럽다
  • Quandolotrovolometto: It’s crazy how many things you made from a single ingredient! Amazing!!!☺
  • Muhammad Fadholi: Beautiful nature, talented girl, nice recipe, wonderful house, and perfectly documented
  • 姐姐太極: I want some of these chips ?
  • Orion And The Echo: My favorite videos of hers are when her family and friends show up, it’s heartwarming watching hem do it all together
  • شدى الفردوس: S’il vous plaît traduit le vidéo en français ❤️
  • Зоя Сейтмагамбетова: Как все очень аппетитно и небочное приготовление. Хочеться пробовать такую прекрасную еду.
  • Anna Steele: Thanks for sharing this and adding the text.
    Regards from Iceland
  • 매직스틱: 하늘 새파란것봐….
  • Jordan g: Why do i love this so much. Great work
  • santa claus: 嗨,我的名字是Katia,你住在這裡我在西班牙
  • sriregi: The equipments you used and the way of cooking reassembles ancient South Indian cooking style., nice to see…
  • なすとまと: I’ve found the amazing channel.
  • tri rustiningrum: I like ur video…the place so natural,fresh air,nice view 🙂
  • kitchen waves: She working very hard work, I really appreciate of u, I like it

I like food too much to go on some crazy diet. French fries are my favorite downfall.

Food Backdrop – Vegetable White Background

You have an impeccable argument if you said that Singapore, Hong Kong, and Tokyo are food capitals. They have a maximum amount of great stuff to eat in the smallest areas.

Simply by starting to cook again, you declare your independence from the culture of fast food. As soon as you cook, you start thinking about ingredients. You start thinking about plants and animals and not the microwave. And you will find that your diet, just by that one simple act, that is greatly improved.

Marshmallow Candy Wallpaper – Cute Dessert Wallpaper

Summertime in Montana, I become a monosyllabic baboon. I want to ride with the cowboys, go to brandings, doctor cattle, and train my horses. But in a few months, the snow starts to fly. The days become shorter; the yellow color of interior light becomes delicious. I look at my shelves, and every book just glows, and I want to be inside of that.

Fitness starts at home. What you eat is what you will look, just as what you sow is what you reap. Eat good food: eat fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and don’t go for sweet and trite food.

Simple Food Background – Fruit Garden Wallpaper

There is abundant science out there that connects mercury exposure in vaccines to not only autism, but to ASD, to SIDS, to ADD, ADHD, language tics – which is like Tourette Syndrome – OCD, asthma, food allergies, and diabetes.

People say history is boring, and that is true because people are boring. We haven’t changed since time began. We’re still the same. We’ve obviously made some changes. When we started, it was all about food, clothing and shelter. Now we watch ‘Top Chef’, ‘Project Runway’, and ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.’

Pastry Hd Wallpaper – Banana Leaf Background

Most wars are not fought over shortages of resources such as food and water, but rather over conquest, revenge, and ideology.

We can’t get to the $4 trillion in savings that we need by just cutting the 12 percent of the budget that pays for things like medical research and education funding and food inspectors and the weather service. And we can’t just do it by making seniors pay more for Medicare.

Hamburger Wallpaper Hd – Fruit Wallpaper – Backdrop Food

My grandmother taught me how to make the basic pate brise pastry crust when I was young. The one thing I learned simply by eating her endless variations on delicious tarts for dinner every night is that this dough can be used for just about anything – sweet or savory.

Food is a lot of people’s therapy – when we say comfort food, we really mean that. It’s releasing dopamine and serotonin in your brain that makes you feel good.

One should eat to live, not live to eat.

It’s around the table and in the preparation of food that we learn about ourselves and about the world.

If there is a spot where you have dictatorship, where people are not free, people are not satisfied, they do not find food and shelter, they are under the poverty level, this is a dangerous spot for the whole world, because those people will move, and they will move to different places. They will be carrying bad feelings towards others.

Food is one part of the experience. And it has to be somewhere between 50 to 60 percent of the dining experience. But the rest counts as well: The mood, the atmosphere, the music, the feeling, the design, the harmony between what you have on the plate and what surrounds the plate.

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  • Ajer: 30% of your order is flying or jumping out everytime he put on that plate
  • leggooomyheinie: That egg is overcooked like a mofo
    I still would try tho lol
  • Radika Akbar: You dont have to drink after eating this.. Cause the oil is soooo daaamn Enough
  • BAGABILLION: He put more oil on the floor then in that pan
  • fazrin fauzi: 90% talking bout the oil
    10% talking bout a good dish
  • Alabasta Z: The oil is too much, US might come and invade his stall
  • Mohammed Khasim: 1litre oil
    ?Half on pan
    ?Half on ground ???
  • Phattanee lzidoro: สวัสดี​จร้า​หน้ากินจร้ายาย​ณี​ติดตาม​อยู่เด้อ​จร้า​???
  • ecah mooi: Mcm sdap uncle… ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
  • Jose Villanueva: Somebody alert the feds. We have another oil spill ⚠️
  • ruksar haroon: Why is he so rough with the oil he pour half of it on the floor!!!! That is israaf (wastage)
  • Shawmona Wolfe: Dont know who di hell would eat that nasty sump
  • Darryl Giffin: Singapore as well it’s delicious
  • Stefan Martin: The amount of the amount of oil comments on this video is going to give me a heart attack
  • Dandy Ainur: Nie mah telor oreg2 bisa aja lu raja plagiat???
  • Zinu: He spills oil more often on the floor
  • Rhoxe .C: I don’t know why I watch this, I don’t even eat seafood. But, I enjoyed watching this
  • Meila Agustin: Enak ini khas orang China mantap di Indonesia belum pernah liat
  • ren spc: the Oiliest food ever i guess???
  • notymilf: A little heavy on the oil, not very tasty looking. Fried oysters the Western way better, sorry ??
  • Afi Youl: Oke ???????
  • Eka Septina Arya: Too much oil..i dont care i wanna try..look so yummy?
  • Nashria Elmoda: salut to this grandpa, still working?? may God bless you more years to live❤️
  • Itzkiekie Channel: Cina ngn indo x de beza die punye pengotor?
  • Khondker Rifat Hossain: That looks really appetizing, I wish I could travel and eat, get to know different cultures up close in person
  • be the batman: habis..minyak, makanan tumpah banyak kebuang..wak wak..
  • Mainii: love you
  • Mohd Rijal Saffuan: toooooooooo much oil.. plus amount of oil spilling on the floor gives me a heart attack..
  • Bilawal sharif: Throwing off oil ???
  • Philip Soon: Thanks for sharing. Yummy, the oysters look so tantalizing
  • Tati Suwati: Not just wasted oil, I saw few oysters fall from his spatula ?
  • karly lim: i appreciate foods made by old people.. ?
  • Egidia Zulka: Mikir 10x buat makan… Minyak… Minyak… Minyak…
  • hl6ek6: I had this and they were so good! But watching him stirred the spoon so much it literally gives me headache.
  • Kagamine Len: He dips that spatula in oil like its water…
  • Vanilla Ventures: 90% fried eggs, 10% fried oysters
  • ป้าชุ นะคะ: ไม่กรอบ..เหมือนไข่ทอดใส่หอย
  • Olivia Dimagiba: I wish I could travel in that country so I can eat that fried oyster with scrambled egg.
  • Nabila: The amount of oil that spilled outside the frying pan…
  • JESSICA: 看起來真好吃,不過油一直灑在地上?
  • Universal Niles: อ้วนน่คนกิน
  • Cemplon Imut: Kolestrolku langsung naik nih makananya…
  • Know Me With No Name: Cakap melayu boleh tk? Kite org Malaysia,bukan org barat.
  • P J: jorok, kotor, banyak minyak, bukan makanan tapi penyakit
  • VijayRoy Anh Thu: Banyah rindu johor baru huhu
  • Kim Helena: 진짜 쓰레기같이 맛없게도 만드네.
    제대로 된 집은 저걸 하나하나 굴전처럼 부처내는데 온통 기름 범벅에 다테우고 먹다 남은거 마냥 드럽게도 나가네.
  • Ong Gek Eng: 蛋炒的久太老、蠔炒一下会熟嗎?粉水太少、不覺得好吃、这是偶的看法、
  • Fuzh KingJay: Asade lotnok sama lu smua ngedewede ngew ngew
  • Andrian Wahyu: Panganan opo iki
  • Jake From State Farm: I think he forgot to put oil on the plate
  • Jisoo Lin: hahahahah banyak do minyak BTW ni ape ahhahaha?
  • P’PAT NPPSK.: ผัดไท หอยทอดบ้านกุเองงง 555
  • Cicawa Ni: 一起炒不會比較快,蛋都被弄到很老了
  • xd1700: 10% is wasted.
  • 강냉이: 장염걸릴것 같드아….
  • Azra Rehman – Marriage Consultant: save food not miss use of oil 🙁
  • Video Troll: Looks so good!! ????
  • Omar Syaahim: Imagine cracking 30 eggs. And the last egg u cracked is a bad one. What would you feel?
  • Jéssica Barbosa: Quem tem coragem bate palma! ?
  • beby boo: nmpk sedap tp x berani nk mkn sbb takut peluh tu masuk lam kuah puteh tu (sorry sbb xtau nm ape) sepatutnye kuah puteh tu alihkn dlu di tmpat lain
  • 蓝毓雯: my love ❤❤❤
  • Timothy ORourke: Cooking outside is good when the chef flings the food on the ground.
  • นางาโตะ แสงอุษา: รู้สึกว่า….น้ำมันจะไม่ลงกระทะนะ
  • yusuf suyudi: Malingsia gak bisa bikin makanan yg enak
  • MIK MIK Kaeseolin: Pritong itlog ni aling mikmik
  • Tan TeckChong: Yes, it tastes so good, I tried before. But need to wait long, have to be patient.
  • lulu chen: 為什麼老闆不先把雞蛋打好再倒入鍋子裡??


  • Ghina Akim: Terlebih minyak…..?
  • Nokky G.: มันก้อคือหอยทอดของเมืองไทยนี่แหละ แต่ของเมืองไทยทำไวเสร็จไว น้ำมันไม่ต้องเยอะขนาดนี้!
  • sandy ejoc: i been there and the food was really really great..
  • micalo: ออส่วนนั้นเองเห็นเเล้วหิวเลย
  • รัตนติกาล คําไพล: น้ำมันหกเยอะกว่าใส่อีก
  • Xiaoning: 這是在吃油吧!習慣台式蚵仔煎,對米漿抄散接受無能…
  • Herit Last: Omg. Sedap ke? Takot plak nk mkn. ? Uncle halal x kuah tu? Risau ah.
  • Rany rany: Minyaknya byk bgt ngeeri
  • Raska Hidayat: Ini namanya telor orak arek wkwkkw
  • 條田音: 蚵仔煎
  • OT9877 GGMU: oysters and oil are taking off like airports …
  • Sasmitha Nadra: Tummy…
    Love you so much from Indonesia ??? ???? ??
  • Davi Davi: O pessoal asiático são uns porcos imundos
  • 楊Sir: 滿地潑油?
  • 로제: 굴전이 훨씬 쉬운데말야… 5분동안 계란지짐만 봤잖음?!
  • 早餐中国 Breakfast in China: Some of the oil that gets thrown out … is really wasteful
  • حسن بخيت: كومنت عربي?
  • Azman Saad: Yiiii yekkkkk…jijik
  • Andi Wijaya: NE iniaku cucumber nenek
  • Killine Unyil: gosong ???
  • suma bethapudi: Yaaaak..tpuuuuu
  • Mulya Setiawan: Makanan ga sehat,dongo
  • Evach Pink: Apparently this was the best oo jian in JB/Malaysia. I had it before, kinda oily for my taste but the oyster was realllly big and fresh.
  • Remonade Yellowade: Feel bothered. 1 liter for the amount of oil poured out by grandpa ?
  • Apsara Learning: Looks yummy! ?❤
  • Katelynn Mhel: ??? yummmyy
  • mana 11: ゲロじゃん、見た目汚ぇし。
  • Maepong: Look delicious, ?
  • Hadif Haikal: Sedapnya ??????
  • Cindy Meza: Really short for Dancing Bacons! ? but I always enjoy you content! ??
  • febry wahyu adithya: Kayanya enakk
  • 러브레시피Love recipe: 말레이시아 계란요리인가요^^

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All those spices and herbs in your spice rack can do more than provide calorie-free, natural flavorings to enhance and make food delicious. They’re also an incredible source of antioxidants and help rev up your metabolism and improve your health at the same time.

Sushi Cartoon Wallpaper – Hamburger Wallpaper Hd

Nobody in Singapore drinks Singapore Slings. It’s one of the first things you find out there. What you do in Singapore is eat. It’s a really food-crazy culture, where all of this great food is available in a kind of hawker-stand environment.

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.

Pomegranate Images Hd – Fruit Wallpaper

I travel nearly 200 to 300 miles a day for my matches and promotions and end up eating junk food, which is not good for me. Things are better when I am at home; my wife is a very good cook, and she makes rice, dal, and chapatis for me.

Provision as much pure and organic food as you can, and let the rest go by.

Food Background Wallpaper – Backdrop Food

We farm workers are closest to food production. We were the first to recognize the serious health hazards of agriculture pesticides to both consumers and ourselves.

I was mainly raised by a working mum who didn’t have much time or inclination for making food. So I had three or four basic meals: fish fingers and a tomato; a packet scotch egg and a tomato; pasta with a tin of tomatoes; and extra mild plastic-y cheddar chopped into cubes with bits of cucumber.

Pizza Background Wallpaper – Chocolate Brown Background

Chicken fat, beef fat, fish fat, fried foods – these are the foods that fuel our fat genes by giving them raw materials for building body fat.

Move to Italy. I mean it: they know about living in debt; they don’t care. I stayed out there for five months while I was making a film called ‘Order Of Death,’ and they’ve really got it sussed. Nice cars. Sharp suits. Great food. Stroll into work at 10. Lunch from 12 till three. Leave work at five. That’s living!

It Was Delicious – Delicious Wallpaper – Chocolate Brown Background

Thank you, horseradish, for being neither a radish nor a horse. What you are is a liar food.

I stick to a clean diet with lots of organic food and raw juices. Every now and then, I have a slice of cake or pizza, though; you have to have cheat days to keep you going.

If I am making a spice rub or a spice mix for a braise or even just to crust a piece of fish, I’ll use mustard seeds. If you soak them in a little bit of vinegar and let them get plumped and soft and then you puree them, they’re delicious.

My best hostess tip is to have good food and really good music!

Get up early and go to the local produce markets. In Latin America and Asia, those are usually great places to find delicious food stalls serving cheap, authentic and fresh specialties.

Hunger is a deep concern of mine, and I feel that no one should go without food in this world as long as there are caring people to lend a hand. I’ve had to struggle in my past and I know what it’s like to go without, so I try to do as much as I can to help bring awareness to an issue that hits very close to home for me.

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  • 10fps Cooking: Who’s watching this before sleeping ? Press like
  • diamandis80: She lost more calories making the breakfast than she gained eating it
  • Francis C: She must be the most fashionable n cleanest farm girl in the world.
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  • Eva Flowers: I can’t believe I just discovered her now
  • gimlley666: Everytime again i am amazed how she does it she is a goddess of nature its so relaxing and calming to watch, all her video’s show that nature can offer more than we think ?
  • you are worth it: the only thing i don’t like is i can only see what she is cooking i can’t smell it?
    I’m sure it smells good
  • • • Lola •: I love how nothing is wasted. The left over plants was giving to the animals. Such a sustainable way of living. She really is in harmony with earth & nature ?
  • Theary Lifestyle: Who’s watching this before sleeping ? Press like
  • Kitty Kitty: Those who dislike her video are people who are jealous of her simple but beautiful life
  • Flat Liner: Ive never met her but she still comes off as highly intellectual
  • kuku maku: She is like Leonardo Da Vinci: he was a doctor, an artist, math scientist, architector, etc. Liziq is an artist, a cook, a farmer, hard working girl who has so many skills, I cannot imagine.
  • Oryza sativa: I love the fact that she used chopsticks to foam up the egg yolk.
  • 楓晽栥Linzi: 1:44 Ziqi: “Why do you get up so early? You could sleep longer.”
    Grandma: ”Don’t need. I’m not that tired. I would like to sit for a while.”
    Then they’re sitting together and smiling so sweetly. ???
  • Sweet Queen: I love her she is so hard working hit a like for her
  • Sk Yesmin: Kon kon 16/11/2019 dakhraha ho like karo??
  • Val: no one:

    how my mom explains how she could cook at 4 yrs old :

  • fahmida shormi: They can make a game based on this so we can live a life of liziqi
  • Nenna Devi Shovia Roviana: I never get bored watching her video. Everyone here know why.
  • Rose Rose: She did it in the morning for breakfast and finished on time. If it was me might be at least till night cannot finish it. ?
  • Purbasha Purusottam: The background music is so very soothing it kinda relaxes and calms your mind and soul.
  • Rudy Alfonsus: this is like healthiest breakfast i’ve ever seen.
  • aa Ahlawat: Who want to visit liziqi’s place???
  • Yundengogo: This is an episode about breakfast:
    4:25 – Eggs baked with shepherd’s purse
    5:20 – Puple sweet potato rice cake, infused with honey and hot soymilk
    5:42 – Black bean soymilk (left) and purple sweet potato milk (right)
    5:53 – Round kumquat, which is a sweet citrus that you can enjoy with the skin on

    All healthy and delicious. *Thanks for correction guys

  • Sò Điệp Nướq Phô Mai: 抒情小姐,Youtube。 很伤心 我真的很喜欢你,你很漂亮,YouTube,我爱你
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  • Chanyeol at 1:44 in Love Shot’s MV: where is that place? it looks so beautiful
  • 哀愁の漂う雨は好き。: 相変わらず美味しそうなんだよなぁ〜……食器可愛いし音最高だし
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    羡慕有這麽美的環境種菜養花.養動物 .可愛婆婆很幸福 ! ?

    感謝分享美好視頻 ! 真棒 !???

  • Seher Eren: Vıcdansız. Karı. Binlerce. Insana. Zulum. Yapılıyosenın. Ulkende. Sen. Yedıgınnpıs yemekleri n. Reklamını. Yap.pıs. çinli. Ac. Köpek. Pısırde. Bokunu. Ye


  • Thanh van Tran: This morning, i saw ms Hoang Anh, who likes to teach Mathematics ,scolded lier all day long. That shouted at me and I broke my mouth ? and started beating Hoang Anh’s hand. Phuong Anh’s friend told me not to love Hoang Anh any more to hate to clean ? the pink room. Sleep ? to the other side. After lunch.
  • Thee Sire Royale Crown King Shawn Michael Wallin: A real lady after my heart are pure ❤.
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  • Dani M.: There’s magic in your soul. May you be blessed with happiness.
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    Any one for brealfast
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  • Nahyun Kim: i wonder if our lives will just be like that..???
  • Ren Yam: 每次看你的影片都感覺心情平靜,謝謝你,壓力減少了..
  • whatarewetalkingabout?butterflies?: translation for title and description box:
    title: made soya milk and a few slices of purple sweet potato cake — no matter how busy, eating a good breakfast is a must!
    this is the season which i experience many different weather conditions in the morning!
    made 2 bowls of soya milk, and a few rice cakes
    used the leftover egg yolks to make fried eggs with shepherd’s purse
    no matter how busy (you are), we should all eat a good breakfast ~
  • Hand craft at home: Im in soo luv with her that I even love how she washes those vegetables simple and beautiful life
  • Milena Nuñez: Hola, me encantaria que tuviera subtítulos es español o inglés, tus videos un desestresante para mi ?
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  • Phoebe Lemon: wait since when did she have 7mil subs???? i remember watching her when she had like 200k
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  • J J: 4:15 I can make that one
  • Emily Williams: I think this would take me all day. Breakfast for dinner
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  • Sweta Verma: You have stolen my heart. I wish to meet you one day. Love from India❤

    Hit like if you love Liziqi❤

  • Artist Light: After all of these years I have come to realize that we as human beings need fresh air, fresh food and nature to function well both physically and mentally. This lifestyle has all those needs. PERDIOT
  • Sadik Review: Oh!!!! This place is the house in the Khmer movie “Kon Pous Keng Kong” ???
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  • kkjenny12: La presentacion de cada plato .
    En las manos de esta hermosa mujer un arte…
  • 唐二妹: 用美食征服世界恐怕是最美好的霸权了吧
  • Somsak1992 Inthaliyavong: Love
    FC “Laos”
  • Faye Maxx: Morning
    Liziqi: Wakes up early; digs for crops; makes breakfast

    Me: snoozes off alarm 5x; boils water; opens instant coffee

  • Begüm Nur Dinç: This channel is Youtube’s safe and calming side ?
  • Sò Điệp Nướq Phô Mai: 让我问一下您是否是唯一的youtube。 我非常喜欢您的频道
  • M Shf: Oh God .. what a perfect breakfast time. Love u and your Grandma. ❤
  • Blues Man: 2:08 Wow! The princess raises a bunny! It’s a surprise. The Princess looks like Snow White. Love it. ? ? ? ? ?
  • The Raym Twins: Who’s been here with Liziqi before 2019?

    Show yourself in comment section ?♥️

  • samm sssja: If only I could have spent more time with my grandparents!

Readmore Comment Video

Kissing – and I mean like, yummy, smacking kissing – is the most delicious, most beautiful and passionate thing that two people can do, bar none. Better than sex, hands down.

Sweet Background – It Was Delicious

Now, if you notice how the swan, putting its neck down into the deep water, brings up food for itself from below, then you will discover the wisdom of the Creator, in that He gave it a neck longer than its feet for this reason, that it might, as if lowering a sort of fishing line, procure the food hidden in the deep water.

I do a lot of reading about food and the food industry, so I try to eat locally and go to the farmer’s market.

Food Kawaii Wallpaper – Delicious Wallpaper

Owners of dogs will have noticed that, if you provide them with food and water and shelter and affection, they will think you are God. Whereas owners of cats are compelled to realize that, if you provide them with food and water and affection, they draw the conclusion that they are God.

Murals in restaurants are on a par with the food in museums.

Cute Dessert Wallpaper – Chocolate Brown Background

Gluttony is an emotional escape, a sign something is eating us.

Women now influence the majority of consumer purchases. It is women’s votes that will secure victory at the next election, hence the altogether delicious spectacle of Messrs Brown and Cameron vying to tell stories about broken nights and childcare as men once boasted of goals scored or pheasants bagged.

Colorful Fruit Wallpaper – French Fries Wallpaper

When a man’s stomach is full it makes no difference whether he is rich or poor.

Food was a labor of love you felt by cooking it and eating it.

Chocolate Brown Background – Delicious In Arabic – Chicken Food Hd Images

I like food too much to go on some crazy diet. French fries are my favorite downfall.

Japanese culture? I kind of love everything about it. I love the food. Everyone’s really nice. There’s just a lot about Japan that’s really cool.

Having a birthday cake squashed into your face by young kids? Delicious. I always don a Santa suit at Christmas. Remaining childish is a tremendous state of innocence.

Healthy people eating healthy food should never need to take an antibiotic.

McDonald’s revolutionized fast food. They introduced a way to eat food without knives, forks or plates. Most fast foods can be eaten while steering the wheel of a car and the restaurants are usually drive through.

In Buddhist culture, offering food to the monk symbolizes the action of goodness, and if you have no opportunity to support the practice of spirituality, then you are somehow left in the realm of darkness.

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  • Henry Chueng: The Title:
    Stewed pork bones soybean sauce flavor. In winter, you’ve got to eat meat to stay happy.

    0:05 婆婆:柒娃子,做那么久站起来走一哈儿蛮。腿杆纠麻了哇。
    Grandma: Ziqi, you’ve been sitting there for too long. Stand up and take a walk otherwise your legs are gonna numb.
    0:10 子柒: 嗯,我等一哈就切煮饭。
    Ziqi: Ok, I’ll be cooking in a minute.
    1:00 婆婆:把鞋子换哈子嘛,免得把鞋子弄脏了。
    Grandma: You should have changed your shoes or they will get dirty.
    Ziqi: Ok, I will. I didn’t know it is muddy outside.
    1:20 婆婆: 柴是不是润的哦?
    Grandma: Are these firewood damp?
    Ziqi: Just a little.
    1:24 子柒:嘿嘿嘿,过切。
    Ziqi: Go away.
    2:09 冰糖 rock candy
    2:37 生抽 light soybean sauce
    2:38 老抽 dark soybean sauce
    2:39 料酒 cooking wine
    2:47 醪糟fermented glutinous rice wine
    2:49 盐 salt
    2:56 子柒: 来火我来砌。
    Ziqi: Let me add firewoods .
    3:27 酱大骨 Stewed pork bones soybean sauce flavor.
    3:33 把子肉 Stewed pork belly Shandong flavor (a famous cuisine in Shandong Province )
    3:36 子柒:来婆婆,你先吃点肉。
    Ziqi: Granny, eat some meat.
    3:37 婆婆:咦,这么大盆肉呢。
    Grandma: Wow, such a large portion.
    4:12 子柒:吃饭饭了。先吃肉。
    Ziqi: Time to dinner. Eat meat first.
    4:16 子柒:像我这么夺夺夺,舀起来。
    Ziqi: Chop chop chop like what I do and scoop it up.
    4:20 婆婆:炖耙了的。
    Grandma: The meat is so soft.
    4:22 子柒:这烧耙点吃起来才幸福哒。
    Ziqi: Happy to enjoy soft meat.
    4:25 子柒:婆婆这菜可能熟了,我去把它舀起来。
    Ziqi: Ganny, the veggies are ready. I’ll ladle them up.
    4:37 酱….各种 Various veggies in soybean sauce soup
    4:42 婆婆:嘿,整那么多,吃不完叻。
    Grandma: Hey, you’ve cooked so much. We can’t finish them all.
    4:47 子柒:恩,看到硬是好吃恩。
    Ziqi: emmm, they look delicious.
    4:50 婆婆:嚯哟,吃的完啊?这么大一碗,胀飞起了。
    Grandma: Wow, can you finish such a big bowl of food? You are gonna be so full as a balloon.
    4:52 子柒:不得,婆婆叻。哪得嘛。
    Ziqi: Can’t be, granny. I won’t be.

  • Amber J: Your animals are so freaking precious omg and this is hands down the most calming channel I’ve ever come across. I could watch video after video for hours.
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    You’re such an inspiration ?
    Be Blissful Eternally ??
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  • Charizard Academy: 作为济南人我看到把子肉的时候哭了 T﹏T 不知道多久没吃过了已经 想念那个味道啊啊啊啊
  • Pham de West River: I can feel the core spirit of Chinese culture is eating ?.
  • 여시주: 긴긴 겨울날에 맛있는 음식을 만들어 할머니에게 공양하는 모습이 아릅답다.
  • sweet potato is sweet: 4:24 the doggies r hugging! Omg
  • elly林慧麗: 動物們好可愛, 就是家的感覺.
  • Just Me: Can we just stop for a minute and appreciate how cute she looks with those glasses? ?❤️

    Btw I love your videos, they are so calming and interesting

  • Rina Walker: I’ve been watching for the last 3 hrs and it’s been a real pleasure and very calming to watch. You work very hard indeed to sustain your lifestyle and take care of your grandma. Your recipes are amazing and your surroundings are too! Thank you.
  • thecapital universe: *Also I love how her grandma says go for a walk you have been working for so long. She goes only to start working on something else? Girl you rock! More power to you!* ?
  • Evelyn Duong: she reminds me of a disney princess ?
  • Abu Naser Chy: Woo the another master piece l feel like I’m living there ?
  • R Kive: she really looks like Mina of Twice , they have the same angel features ❤❤ . .
  • Choose to Shine: I​ don’t​ know​ what​ to​ say
    But​ LOVE​ this​ life​style.
    Respect​ this​ channel.​ ??
    Love, from​ Thailand.
  • 阿坤在干嘛: I ‘ve never seen such a beautiful view in real life. It’s really where the little fairies live
  • Tussa Tradepost: Oh no tge sheep! It stole my heart <3

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How delicious is pleasure after torment!

Cute Donut Wallpaper – Chocolate Brown Background

Food makes travel so exceptional, because you get to taste what it’s actually supposed to taste like. To eat the real Pad Thai or finally have a proper curry is something pretty amazing.

Temptation is like a knife, that may either cut the meat or the throat of a man; it may be his food or his poison, his exercise or his destruction.

That Was Delicious – Delicious In Arabic

It was this weird confrontation of these two delicious flavors that got me consciously or subconsciously combining Lincoln and vampires as an observational in-joke with myself.

I was on a strict diet to stay in shape for ‘Jack Reacher,’ but each day on set in New Orleans, catering dropped off delicious food at my trailer.

Dark Background Food Photography – Chicken Food Hd Images

Must whales and dolphins be subjected to deafening noise that will cause more than 3.5 million instances of temporary and/or permanent hearing loss? For species that depend on hearing for survival – to find food, migrate, and communicate – any hearing loss could be catastrophic. As one scientist noted, a deaf whale is a dead whale.

I’m kind of obsessed with food. I like to eat.

Fruits And Vegetables Background Images – Chicken Wallpaper

I don’t always buy organic food. It is more expensive.

It’s difficult to believe that people are still starving in this country because food isn’t available.

Onigiri Wallpaper – Hd Images Of Sweets – Pizza Background Wallpaper

As people flock to urban centers where ground space is limited, cities with green walls and roofs and skyscraper farms offer improved health and well-being, renewable resources, reliable food supply, and relief to the environment.

Truly, love is delightful and pleasant food, supplying, as it does, rest to the weary, strength to the weak, and joy to the sorrowful. It in fact renders the yoke of truth easy and its burden light.

Meals make the society, hold the fabric together in lots of ways that were charming and interesting and intoxicating to me. The perfect meal, or the best meals, occur in a context that frequently has very little to do with the food itself.

I have a huge belief in the importance of bees, not just for their honey, which is a healing and delicious food, but the necessity of bee colonies that are vital to the health of the planet.

Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water.

Sometimes it’s hard to eat healthy on the road, especially on the days when we play fairs and festivals! There is lots of fried temptation there, and it’s hard for this Southern girl to turn down some good fried food.

Watch Featured Videos

  • Nicole Chen: Is nobody going to talk about her just sticking her hand into that bee hive and taking their honey

    The bees are like nahhh she can have it she’s nice and plants flowers for us so we Gucci

  • Fatima Clare: I bet her grandma will live until shes 150 yrs old. With all that fresh foods
  • 瞻星师: Angel:God,what skills shall we put in this woman?
    God: yes
  • Heather Schwartz: Holy crap her aunt lives in woodland fairy house
  • Leah Pearl: It’s like watching national geographic + disney (mulan) + master chef all together ?
  • Low Quality Videos High Quality Recipes: Definition of a girl that dont need no man. She is literally other worldly.
  • devz 8: Her hands are so rough, shows how hardworking she is. She’s a Superwoman.
  • Neil S: I cleaned my room and the bathroom after watching her videos…. I don’t know why I just have the motivation to do it….
  • Orius25: That big mature root of ginseng she dug up is at least 7 years old, and that would be about $800 USD.
  • just a dumb faggot: Her videos are completely wholesome and aesthetic. She’s such a family person and I just love her ingenuity. She’s the only YouTuber that I watch the entire ads for
  • Dyanara Banaña: Girl, drop that hair and skin care routine.
  • Troy Gent: I think she is awesome and a beautiful person all round. She is everything the youth of today need to aspire to be. Whole, skilled and respectful.
  • al Gigirl: Ziqi you really love your grandma …can see from the look of your eyes.

    Bless you and grandma

  • Jack Wen: 这位小姑娘太孝敬老人了。心灵的美胜过一切。当然,她的厨艺也是NO.1
  • 瞻星师: 一句”婆婆,我回来喽”萌翻我了???
  • Jesse Vyrus: I really hope she doesn’t pay attention to the negative comments.
    Her channel and content are amazing.
  • Jim NORRIS: LORD, this woman Inspires me.feel like I can do anything.
    Takes 10 yrs for that Gensing to grow that big.
  • shawnny lee: did anyone realized what she take for breakfast.
    Me: Milo
    sister: coffee
    friend: tea
    Her: Ginseng honey
  • Teresa Adela: That ginger honey water prob tastes so good in winter or when having cold.
  • katierose5683: its amazing how gentle she dug that ginseng out, i’d have unknowingly rip that shit outta ground lol
  • FJkhushbu: Only for her, I never skip the ad. I want her to get that money.
  • hiroshi tsu: ハチを諸ともしない。
  • ChunPok Tang: 从吉林长白山挖人参 在坐高铁到四川绵阳……好远啊!
  • Zero: That must be some well expensive honey, Ginseng is one of the most expensive herbs in the world.
  • Kali Gadi: When I see you my heart melts. Watching you every day silently lying on bed become my habit.
  • Fitriani D. Kurniasari: So I read an article about her, her parents divorced when she was very young, then she went to live with her grandparents in the rural area. When she grow up, she tried various job at the city.. once upon a time, she got a call that her grandma was sick so she left everything and cameback to hometown to take care of her nana. She was inspired by her brother who uploads singing videos on Meipai (Chinese social media) and thinking that she could do one of that too. Over the years through trials and errors she was able to build her channel.
    After learning this about her, I was really impressed. All i can say is, she is truly a hard working person and never leaves her family. We all should be inspired!!

    Ps: All that woodworking and cooking skill she learned from her grandpa. Apart from this channel, I heard that she is also a bussineess woman ?

  • eden yan: little did people notice, the train tri; she took was 3000km (at least 2979km) trip, about 23 hours, not include get to train station from the mountains and back to her local mountain from local train station. From Prague to Bordeaux its about 1500km by train… her honey and gensing went on a real long journy to her home….
  • Naked Eagle: 2:00 lol they smoked the lights out of those bees
  • Pollyana IPDA: Legenda português porfavo ??????
  • pidaparthi sailakshmi: Hai Liziqi, could you help me from where can i get that Ginseng Herb please.
  • Xiu Min: She is a good granddaughter since she didn’t left her grandmother all alone by herself in the mountains
  • jne K: Grandma must be so proud to have raised such a hardworking generation of kids.
  • Nürîa3str Portiyomorij3:16: That honey ? looks delicious ? I love the way you treat your Grandma?
  • Nank Dug: 去长白山采点蜜当天坐车回绵阳来。。。
  • 贾晓凯: It’s professional enough.
  • Silba-Lo: *Grandma must be 200 years old eating food 1000% natural* ?

    Edited: Thank you for the likes everyone, I’ve never thought this comment would reach so many hearts?

  • Jordy: I’m proud of her family that taught her endless educated of nature and life instead our society teaching with taxes and war and history.

    Whatever she live in and it has less discriminating(I hope) and compare to our world. oof. there is no true peace for our mental health.

  • juan Guerra: This woman can do anything! Hand into bee hive, no problem. I love the subtitles. Thank you my angel!
  • krysjan: She makes everything looks so easy while I’m here struggling to get up and make dinner. Liziqi, you’re Amazing!
  • Jheancito Tv: OMG animals love her, plants love her, flowers too, she has the strength of a man and the subtlety of a princess, more she is intelligent. Blessed by God
  • Eco Unicorn: i love how she is so respectful to nature of what the earth gave her. we all should be like that .
  • angeluse: 我是法国人,我发现你家的生活比我们长寿更美丽、更快乐了
  • JOUR VITTE: ?: guys don,t sting her shes so beautiful, nice and nature lover
  • 日向/石川: こういう所で、こんな女性とゆったりした人生を送りたいなぁ。
  • Megha Jindal: Can your grand mother adopt me please?! I would love to be your sister ❤️
  • Vũ Phạm: I didn’t skip the ads to help her make more videos
  • Hạnh Dung: 3:16 con tem nước có sẳn, bắt ống tre cho chảy nước để làm gì vậy??? Xàm
  • MISS 6: This is literally asmr
  • Raja reddy: probably I wish to be your assistant at work.
  • Ulisse Primerano: 長壽的秘訣是:吃一半,走兩次,笑三倍,無愛無息。
  • Annie Nguyen: without any gear, calmly grabs honey combs with bees flying everywhere….. you know she’ll be the one to outlive any apocalypse
  • lutfi ramly: u r saying u r sweet? well,, thats true
  • 伏挺身: 內山A姑娘實在金家水,黑!
  • R.P. ‘Ts’m’olaka: 2:54, Charming hands… but wear gloves.
  • Creatifer: if you look close at:

    you can see a master editor at work

  • Charlene Cruz: All of you says so much, but for me this is better than TV shows
  • DARKDAD69: Got to be the sweetist and prettiest girl in the world. I am enamoured!
  • ένα σέσκουλο Βασίλης Λότσιος: 我是希腊的养蜂人,已经看了几天您的频道,我一直在看您的视频,让我们开心
  • Mendra: You’re special. <3
  • leah Paez: I feel peaceful everytime i watch you videos..??
  • April Sun: Actually she is promoting her own home made brand, which is selling the products from Taobao(like chinese version of eBay)showed in video. This one is honey ginseng paste and Chinese believe it’s good for health and immunity. She also had some home made Szechuan chilli paste. This is such an awesome idea to start a business. I followed her Weibo 2 years ago and loved her so much since then. She always gave her fans gifts that made by her: such as fruit tea, wine and sausages she made in the video. I am so proud that I am her fan haha
  • Patty Farghaly: Beautiful and interesting. Thank you.❣❣
  • ريشه – Feather: Your husband is so lucky?
  • Lenny Puspitasari: Masya Allah gingseng n madu❤️
  • brito: 众生皆苦,而你是甜的,小姐姐,要继续甜下去啊~~~
  • Katelyn Smith: I’ve seen her be an artist, a chef, a craftswoman, a seamstress, and now a beekeeper?? Next time she uploads she’ll be flying to the moon in a rocketship she built from herbs she found in her backyard. I am so amazed by her raw and powerful talent!!
  • Taegguk’s Bora: My mom was a farmer too. I showed her this and she said *You are being surprised seeing this but I’m not. I’ve done all of this in my younger days. Being a farmer is both hard and challenging but we always found happiness and enjoyment.*

    I feel so happy and proud after this. I know I can’t be like them but I’ll make my mom proud in my own way.

  • Woodworking Woodturning: dream my life <3
  • Haze moon: Soothig
    Great as ever thank you?❤
  • Bisquick DTHZ: it seems I’m in love
  • Alex Arkadios: In another life time i wish this had been my life. Living in nyc might have rendered my consciousness about real life. I envy hers, it seems absolutely beautiful and simple
  • 艾芬: 神奇的不知道該說甚麼
  • Jerry Ridge: OMG ginseng that big and wild you never see it in America so expensive. I saw two, each half that size, once and they wouldn’t sell it to me.
  • Ua Yoyok: dimana liziqi belajar semua itu pintar sekali?
  • mimax bigbuck: I thought she was gonna start singing in the beginning lol
  • 민소 MinSo TV CS Hàn Quốc: Team việt nam????

    a girl skillful and hard work….

  • Jesse Gene: This is pure peace to me. Thank You Liziqi. Something I could never obtain in my life, I may experience and live vicariously through You. I have found peace.
  • Someone took my ?️iscuits: 1:13 When you accidentally use your pickaxe to mine dirt
  • HydnBB2: I can’t believe I’m this excited to finally see the water hose…! For the longest, I was trying to figure out where the water was coming from ??
  • BTSARMY4LiFE!!!: omg!!! her haircut makes her look like my mom when she was little!
  • Kimberly Anne: Making today❣️Thank you.
  • rere zoldyck: Could you please tell me the name of instrument/ backsound music you used? Love it so much ?
  • RexorCall Skyline: This doesnt look fake. She just highlight the good stuff & skip all the tedious part. I know when ppl fake stuff, these are not.
  • Mohmmad albalushi: Iam from ?? Oman when I see her video I forget my all stress thank you ? soo much for making such a natural video love my sister❤️❤️
  • Renee Luera: This one is my favorite one.
  • inivas ahgnisabus: In the beginning with her pickaxe my Minecraft instincts took over and I liked the video to make sure for good luck she wouldn’t run into any creepers
  • dennis queliza: From the moment I’ve watched li ziqi’s videos, I’m already hooked. I wanted to go to China and have a tour at her home. This is the best videos ive watched in youtube. and you’re the most talented person I’ve known. Keep up the good work! Hope to meet you in person.
  • Dhanang Wibowo: I’ll tell you something, most people who judging her for being fake won’t even be able to name 10 trees they see in a forest.

    Haters gonna hate. Save your time from replying to them.

  • MSR Tv: You’re truly amazing
  • ritmo gamer: I am Brazilian and I love the way you live, your culture, happiness is in simplicity congratulations for the channel and continue to grow every day.??????
  • anushree Das: First time I read about u. I feel so motivated ?
  • Anh Luu: 0:38 the name of song please
  • game vibe a youtube host edited show: Its me again your nephew im uploading two tshirts i made original images op on black and olive color tshirts
  • Anizooh Ang: The grandma is living the best of her life.. ????
  • BETO CUENCA: Thanks for show your live! From Argentina i send a big hug! God bless you.
  • SAMEER: i love this place channel content i feel alive when i see this nature
  • Xiang He: I just want to see cooperation between this channel and the primitive technology…
  • 남재희: 내가 수많은 유튜브를 봤지만 이분처럼 영상미가 뛰어난 방송을 하는 사람은 본적이없다 정말 최고다 마음이 편안해지고 힐링된다 너무 아름답다 마치 선녀가 하강한거같다 ♡
  • Florida Tomy: Beautiful and smart girl!God blesh you!
  • Thoriqul Huda: The perfect woman.!☺

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I think Australian food is probably some of the best in the world.

Chocolate Brown Background – Onigiri Wallpaper

My body was built through years of good food – and beer.

I’m very unpopular for my dislike of this food, but I’ve never liked avocado. Everyone gives me so much flack for it because they tell me how healthy it is for me, how delicious it is. I don’t like it, but it’s not for lack of trying. I tried to like it, and it’s just not my thing.

Omelette Wallpaper – Hd Images Of Sweets

I love trying out different cuisines. In Delhi, I love Megu at the Leela, and TK’s at the Hyatt. I also enjoy Khan Chacha’s rolls. In Mumbai, it’s Royal China and Shiro. And in Bangalore, I like the food at Bricklane.

If the composer withholds more than we anticipate, we experience a delicious falling sensation; we feel we have been torn from a stable point on the musical ladder and thrust into the void.

Blackberry Fruit Wallpaper – Pizza Background Wallpaper

There’s no such thing as ‘bad’ food or ‘good’ food.

If my fans want to do something for me when that time comes, I say, don’t waste your money on me. Help the homeless. Help the needy… people who don’t have no food… Instead of some big funeral, where they come from here and there and all over. Save it.

Donut Wallpaper – Steak Hd Wallpaper

I was on a strict diet to stay in shape for ‘Jack Reacher,’ but each day on set in New Orleans, catering dropped off delicious food at my trailer.

You do need some dispensation for local farmers, because the fast food industry will promote the unsanitary conditions of farming. With vegetables, you have to be careful where they come from; you have to know the farmers and trust them. If you buy from the farmers’ market, it’s already been investigated.