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For me, Eid means having lots of yummy food.

I love to take something ordinary and make it really special.

I don’t take supplements – I get nutrition from food.

I like the exactness of baking. I’m not someone who’s like, ‘I’ll just throw a bunch of stuff together. This is gonna taste delicious.’ I am a rule follower: I really like the measuring. It’s completely tedious, but I love that. It’s calming. And I am a total sweetaholic.

The reason people buy Kind bars is that they’re delicious and they’re healthful. If the product doesn’t taste good, isn’t the right price, or doesn’t fit their lifestyle choice, even if it’s made by Mother Teresa, it’s not going to work out.

In Ethiopia, food is often looked at through a strong spiritual lens, stronger than anywhere else I know. It’s the focal point of weddings, births and funerals and is a daily ceremony from the preparation of the meal and the washing of hands to the sharing of meals.

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  • Nancy Joy: The guy laying down at the end is a mood.
  • 족제비평창동: 안녕하세요 한국에 사는 학생입니다 언젠가는 여행가고싶네요 항상 잘보고 있습니다 한국어 자막 달아주시는 분 복받으실거에요^^/
  • cida Oliveira: Oieee povo” ?❤✔
  • Suelen C.: Churrasco é especialidade do Brasil!??♥️
  • Dew San: Chinese version of letchon here in Philippines. ?
  • Susan Frometa: Omg i swear i smelled roasted pork it’s 2:47am and now I’m hungry.
  • 내맘남Outdoor Cooking: 와… 진짜 식욕 팍팍 생기게 만드는 영상 ㅠㅠ 너무 맛있어보인다…
  • 시내シ-ネ: 음악 엄청 경쾌하네요ㅋㅋㅋ
  • Crayfish Two: Omg…I’m in bed watching this!Not good coz now its made me soooooooo hungry!!! ?? looks soooooooo good!!! Yumos
  • 气泡大仙: 嗯,我从背景音乐感受到吃烤猪的快乐了?哦噼里啪啦砰,哦噼里啪啦砰,在这里给大家拜个早年了哈哈哈哈哈??
  • torys astro.: 꼭 운남 가고말겠다…
  • Tik Tok مشاهير: الحمد الله لاني خلقت مسلما?❤❤❤
  • جنتي امي: ??? يععع الحمد لله على ديننا واسلامنا يارب ???
  • 墨M: 感觉皮不够脆
  • Rosely hulang: Looks delicious
  • My life style Channel: น่ากินมากเลยครับ???
  • 건강한 기다림: 너무 재밌다
  • ꧁誠實是美德,虛偽是缺德꧂: 妹子呢?
  • Terry Dumania Manurung: I remember my dad who always cook for my fam,he cook with love so its always delicious,he never reject people who need him for cook,they say if man cook,let him using dress,but my father still love cook,thats why i love him so much?,now i am hungry ?
  • Anak Probinsiya: oooh sooo yummmmmmy and so good to eat at the riverside with family and relatives like this missing bck home ????
  • عاشقة EXO و B.I.G مين بيو و سيهون: الحمد والشكر لله على نعمه الإسلام
  • 김수민: 지금까지 여기 영상보면서 당황한적 없는데 이 영상은 보고 조금 당황했어요ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ통돼지라니…신기신기
  • Cherry June: Amazing… I’ve never seen anything like this before.
  • 錦馬超: これは美味そうや
  • 蔡芳: 与我们广东的烧猪?有些像,但是我们一般都是烧一百斤左右,大的肥肉比较多,吃起来会有的腻
  • 인생이 길냥이: 돼지고기좋아..^^
  • 鄧運霖: 哈哈!
  • nicky di manu madagascar: People eating together lives in harmony
  • vida loca: ييييع الحلوف ???????
  • note: one of the best channel ………….subscribed
  • Ciana Emerin: Ang daming hiwa ng baboy kawawa naman?background music ang nagdala..?tong torotong yao?✌✌
  • 彭云竹: 我想吃一块猪皮
  • 요리연구가대령숙수 3000가지요리강좌: 맛나겠어요~~^^♡♡♡
  • kejal jain: How your skin so good??
  • Thia Ana: Your videos are just tooo good to watch. ❣️❣️❣️ amazing cooking skills ??
  • 에레레메리에: 맛있겠다ㅠ
  • BS Moon: 좋아요
  • Star Mobile: คนไทยขอเสียงหน่อยย
  • Chen Chen: The pork skin is so crispy and delicious! I love it.
  • أدوم القيسي: الحمد لله على نعمة الإسلام وكفا بها من نعمه
  • 神之使者: 可怜的小猪仔啊
  • lynn lei: 滇东北大姐支持滇西小妞
  • Mỹ Bình: 好吃! ?☺️??
  • kuzey k: Finally y feeling like he is the cameraman
  • All Acerz: 好像在看80年代的電影 配80年代的音樂
  • Allan Gianferante: Roast whole pig is so delicious!
  • Zhaohui Chen: 吃的真豪迈啊 羡慕啊
  • Habbouba Best: Good food yum I ate with my eyes
  • Fish Lips: Yes please ?this looks sooo good
  • Tharushi Chathumika: What is that background music
  • nana jack: Oh that pork looks so delicious!…
  • ヴァル犬: かわいい曲だなwwポークとたらこたらこって聞こえて草空耳?
  • Laura Aranda Lopez: les faltó las tortillitas y el molcajete de Chile
  • Hannya: ?????
  • Wanda Giovani: If it was in USA, that pork would only for five ppl?
  • Chanah Yoshioka: jadi pengin bikin, tpi di ganti kambing ?
  • 志清蘇: 妹子妳有沒有老公看到我都想娶妳了
  • Zippitty22: I had to get up and start doing the hokey pokey
  • Analilia Pacheco: I wished that I can have a piece of the pork!
  • SMP Kuala Tanjung: Enaknya, ngilerrr ???
  • ทวี สิน: 好想吃呀
  • Jai Sangwan: That Music…An army of Pigs marching towards victory
  • 김민수: 정말 힐링 됩니다 꼭 운남으로 여행가고 싶어요
  • ประไพ ขันทวี: อยากไปเที่ยว บ้านคุณจัง
  • mary Nella: WoW!
  • 지수: 맛있겠다 정말?????
  • Abdullah Ismail: From indonesia
  • 道吉祥: 大口吃肉大口喝酒
  • Lovesickblues Lovesickblues: Looks ?
  • Tupou Finucane: ??????
  • Thương Nguyễn: ?????
  • rlanderos80: I love the music
  • Jocelyn Richmond: What’s a cattie?
  • Vern Padilla: It was lechon here in the philippines
  • Trương Yến Phương: ??
  • Amore per animale Amore: ?????????????
  • kouch ya: ( ^_^ ) !!
  • Arun Gopi: where is she ??!!
  • Justin Mattingly: DRY AF
  • Fran Veinticinco: Que ricoooo:D
  • Lily M: 流口水流淌 T_T
  • SURYA PRAKASH ra: You bloody cheats where is my girl where is she
  • 楊綺綺: 山上也有沙灘的??!!!
  • Mary Lisbos: Adoro vc
  • Talia Ailen Sanchez Rodriguez: Frentiame el pupo yegua
  • anne hansen: Lokking good yum yum ??????
  • Veronica Gutierrez: this looooks soooo goood???
  • troye’s girl: Love the music!
  • modi· Narendra.: 在怒江边烤给?
  • Geetha Krishnan: Nce
  • Jany Cler: Bom..mais quase não dei ponto,porque não vi você e ninguém de sua família.
  • Chloe van Oeveren: What’s the song?
  • ลลิวดี ชูชาติไทย: ???????
  • كان يا ما كان Fdf: عوووووووووووووع ??????
  • Chathu’s Kitchen: what is the meaning of that song
  • ملاك صعب الأمتلاك: اللهم صل على رسول الله واله واصحبه واسلم اشتر كو باقناتي
  • Vanda Galvao: ??????
  • Luz Velez: Igualito a Guavate!!! P.R
  • irma sanchez: Wow ? so good

As I see it, a green salad is an open invitation to carrots, onions, mushrooms, tomatoes, and the sprouts that grow in jars on my kitchen counter.

Chocolate Ice Cream Wallpaper Hd – Drink Wallpaper

In the 21st century our tastes buds, our brain chemistry, our biochemistry, our hormones and our kitchens have been hijacked by the food industry.

How absurd and delicious it is to be in love with somebody younger than yourself. Everybody should try it.

Christmas Dinner Wallpaper – More Delicious

You know you poor when you eatin’ breakfast food late. You fryin’ toast? At nine o’clock at night? With bacon? You’re broke.

Hong Kong is a wonderful, mixed-up town where you’ve got great food and adventure. First and foremost, it’s a great place to experience China in a relatively accessible way.

Background Of Fruits – Fried Egg Wallpaper

Simply by starting to cook again, you declare your independence from the culture of fast food. As soon as you cook, you start thinking about ingredients. You start thinking about plants and animals and not the microwave. And you will find that your diet, just by that one simple act, that is greatly improved.

Soup is really easy to make: you can take basil, celery, acorn squash and boil them and then put them in the blender with sea salt. It’s delicious and only takes about 15 minutes. You can make it the night before. It’s kind of like making baby puree, and there are a ton of super easy recipes.

Oreo Cookie Wallpaper – Apple Fruit Background

There are some who complain that there is not enough food grain. But I put the argument that at the moment we use 2000 census population figures and require 50-55 million tonnes for distribution.

There’s so much importance in honoring your everyday hero. It doesn’t take money. It doesn’t take connections. What matters is that people get involved. Whether your passion is gun control or food or whatever it may be, everybody needs to stop being so self-absorbed.

Fruit Tree Wallpaper – Food Wallpaper Iphone – New Cake Wallpaper

My ideal night would probably be a dope outfit, people that I love around me. Go to get some dinner, have some amazing food. Maybe sushi or Italian: I love both.

Restore human legs as a means of travel. Pedestrians rely on food for fuel and need no special parking facilities.

Opening a family-style restaurant with comfort food like mac ‘n’ cheese, ribs and burgers has always been my dream.

There’s a delicious irony in seeing private luxury jets flying in to Washington, D.C., and people coming off of them with tin cups in their hands saying that they’re going to be trimming down and streamlining their businesses. There’s a message there.

The reason people buy Kind bars is that they’re delicious and they’re healthful. If the product doesn’t taste good, isn’t the right price, or doesn’t fit their lifestyle choice, even if it’s made by Mother Teresa, it’s not going to work out.

Thank you, horseradish, for being neither a radish nor a horse. What you are is a liar food.

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  • Itolu Dazo: My favourite part of her videos is probably when the family comes together at the end to eat
    There’s just something very wholesome and warm about that
  • asmaira sugadol: This kind of lifestyle I been dreaming, everything is fresh, peaceful,
  • Bittu Bhaisare: You don’t use any modern equipment for cooking. You use fresh things for cooking. While cooking you look calm. And you are beautiful. I liked your video. Thanks for upload.
  • Bebs Tan: So peaceful and simple love the feel of the place and the wonderful food she prepares nothing beats this simplicity that makes one feel happy
  • Iris Li: 特別喜歡你們那裡的竹編器具、好看又環保?
  • Lise Lo: These channels have become my favorites. I love nature and I love that family atmosphere. it’s great in the way things do
  • 오혜령: 아니 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 길가 풀이 레몬그라슼ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
  • Jany Cler: Delícias de peixe, parabéns abraços
  • Bernardete Bonello Domingos: Tudo tão lindo e tão simples. Família linda. Amo os idosos. Amo seus vídeos ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • Sally Li: 呢個女仔真係又靚又叻入得廚房出得廳堂???真係好鍾意睇你視頻
  • prashant dhyani: I want to join you as an apprentis . Will work for free.
    Your style your simplicity ….is not comparable keep on sharing your videos
    And god bless you
  • Talk to Me in Tagalog: Everything you used in this video, from utensils to ingredients, are all natural. Awesome! ???
  • Aly Kae: Honestly, my favorite fish of all time is Tilapia. I really love the taste especially when my mom cook it as adobo and fried. It also taste amazing when you mix it with coconut milk.
  • candy Lewis: Yummy delicious love the way you cook everything so fresh
  • Jane Wu: 小哥好幸福,吃著味美的烤魚。
  • Leny Sy: OOh. i really love to live there in yunnan.. it seems everything you cook are all fresh..the place is so relaxing…
  • Mina Marta: I feel speechless… I don’t know how to express my feeling everytime I watch the video… It’s was really amazing n it’s really peaceful life… Very hard to get that kind of environment…. Can’t compare.. By the way thanks for all your amazing video.. I love all of it. God bless all of u
  • Monsoon Rain: I can live that place all my life ?❤️
  • king dark: 신기하고 정말카메라 촬영기법이 훌륭하다 연출이나 모든게 보통사람이 촬영한것같지가않다 편집도 마찬가지
  • Katherine Banatanto: what can i say about this girl..AMAZING just WOW
  • 楊綺綺: 我最喜歡後面大家一起享用美食的畫面,親情是這世上最純淨的感情…
  • Adiza Mohammed: I love how you love your brother, makes me miss mine. Love you from Ghana
  • Tai Clague: What do i have to do to become a part of your family!? Amazing food every time! ?
  • Edmond Dantes: You are so Beautiful! By the way, where is Dawang?
  • 林朱: 怎麼吃個烤魚也吃得這麼優雅,仿佛來到五星級飯店,???
  • devam rikhi: Grandpa’s eyes barely open???
    What a beautiful family??
  • Chiquita Reso: This looks very delicious!
  • Susana Kaden: It’s really amazing your nature equipment simplicity and healthy way of life and free from cancer.
  • 李灵儿: 喜欢看一家人吃饭时的满足表情
  • 順騰摸瓜: 喜歡妳在影片中的旁白! 很有料!
  • Liliana Benitez: Familia hermosa ?
  • 熊小圓: 跟筍干扣肉同款好呷~~減肥素一點也ok
  • Carlfie Kueh: I love yr all videos. I watch n watch again n again. Wow!!!! Sgt teruja. Sunggh… menakjubkan. ….
  • Zoe Chang: 我們家的包料魚是由魚背剖開,如此可以塞好多的香料到魚肚子裡!
  • 任命玉: 哇~哇(σ゚∀゚)σ哇
  • H.K Art: So peaceful and satisfying i love that simplicity it makes me happy , relaxing video ?
  • kuki yomenai: I would like to eat this with a rice ?
  • Yvonne Huang: ?爺爺吃?的表情很滿意。
  • artemio magiar perez: Lo hermoso de una cultura distinta y de una vida bucólica
  • Sally Li: 呢個女仔真係又靚又叻入得廚房出得廳堂???真係好鍾意睇你
  • glazn flip: Please have me over for dinner!!
  • Sit Meng Chue: I love lemongrass. Grilled fish looks so fresh n yummy!
  • Achum Bengia: Awww… The grandpa’s smile ❤ so adorable ? ❤ ?
  • j-mark flawless: i just wanna know who films whenever shes walking in a random place. like do you have random cameras set up at places ? lol so staged
  • honeyhive hirdhu: I can feel the juicy of tat grilled fish??????
  • Ms Kitten: I’m so addicted with her video? I want her life
  • Chopaka วีซ่า พาเที่ยว My travel: Oh my god look so good everything natural Clene and very Healthy
  • Tiger Shodan: Enjoyed watching the preparation of this dish. I liked the method of using the green bamboo pieces to keep the fish intact while grilling.
    A very tasty recipe.
    Thank you for sharing?
  • John abraham methews: Thank you so much for subtitles I’m a big fan of you
    Lot’s of love from India ???
  • Sumo Red: How lucky this family to have you miss,, i watched all of your videos. So fresh and calm.. i love you
  • Álvaro Ávalos: Comentarios chinoooos, jajajajajaja, los admiro, saludos de México ❤️. Sí traduciste esto te quiero.
  • P.E. Amueli: Beautiful love the way she is happy with her family big ❤️ from us here in New Zealand
  • Алма-Ата жара: Очень удобный рецепт для рыбалки!!!
  • Edith Eve: “Cabai rawit, for all you indo peeps”


  • Jake Penullar: I love your videos ? so relaxing, when I watched I feel so good . #Philippines
  • Omkar Chandrashekhar Gadgil: What a beautiful family. you cook like a goddess. great recipe. you deserve five stars. all the best.
  • 강경은: 대박 진짜 맛있겠다ㅠ 영상도 너무 예뻐ㅠㅠ
  • NONNY Heilbronn: I love China from Thailand.
  • Ainchase Ishmael: Where does one find these discount yiruma songs lmao
  • Sandra Wischral: Maravilhosa ???????
  • Raymond Choi: Dianxi, you have a rare quality.. Cherish it.. Never forget it..

    Respect to you Madam.

  • Peter John Luke Deita: Ph: tilapia
    China: tilapia
  • 保毛穂下男: 幸せな食卓
  • Hùng Nguyễn: 我希望他是我的妻子
  • Poornima Sudhakar: How talented u r lady lots off patience smilyy face wowwww wonderful life while watching ur video getting peace of mind
  • saukwan Lau: 這種做法很好???我也學着做、謝謝阿盤姐姐的分享???
  • En-en Barto Cua: Thank you i.love this recipe..i remember my grandma ..
  • Heather Gustafson: That looks absolutely Devine!
  • foxhuntercustom worx: You learn something new everyday, that technique on grilling tilapia is awesome thanks for the tip.
  • Joel Arndt: So thankful for English subtitles – Hong Kong
  • 정원호: 옛날 시골모습이 생각나네요~
    너무좋은영상 잘보고갑니다
  • Zoe Chang: 我們雖住台灣,但是這一道把拔的故鄉味兒也是吃得到的,我們眷村這兒叫包料魚,由魚背改刀,也是用的香茅草捆紮,好吃的很
  • Vilanice Coelho: Amo olhar vc cozinhar. maravilhosa a maneira simples e ao tempo sofisticada de cozinhar.
  • PajHuab Ncua Vwj: The fish looks so good!
  • Timmy Del Agua: Siling Labuyo!!! Yasss! Was contemplating if its the same! Thanks for mentioning it! I’ve been addicted with your videos for days now! Dreaming of going back to the province! -Yes I am shouting- haha
  • abhijit das: Today I was thought that u don’t eat fish.. ? and I have seen that u cooked fish today… ??
  • 王紀英: Plastic free, purely natural world. What a life!
  • Nyoman Subawa: 堅強而偉大的女人,健康永遠…… ??
  • Pop Gas: Oh god, I miss home already.
  • Palasala Swathi: I like ur videos, everything is fresh, peaceful and I love cooking
  • zhao Hannah: 异国他乡很想念这些美食 希望你能一直发下去!
  • recepto: You have created such a unique style of video! A life of beauty in simplicity. I love watching them all.
  • 此生不悔入华夏,来生再做中国人: 这把菜刀在妹纸手中幻化无穷啊!
  • j pacudan: iLove the music background ??? aLso iLove your cooking styLe.from Philippines here.keep it up girl.
  • Theresa Dalrymple: This is so amazing there is every food imaginable grown on that land, there is fish in the rice paddy swamps, goat, cow, pigs, rabbit, chicken, fruits,so much provision, with which other food is made, this young lady is so talented its unbelievable. She even makes cake from the flowers, unusual eatables grown in the ground and under the ground, it’s just unbelievable!!! Absolutely amazing. God has so blessed this family. How wonderful.
  • kios spam: What a nice family..luv it very much
  • george Lopez: Wow. They really make it look more like an art
  • Kristine Sacay: The background song is so relaxing. I love your vid. ? Hi from philippines.
  • Maldita Forever: Such loving person u can feel the love.
  • taa san: ジブリ化決定。
  • Kitty Leen: I just love seeing your grandparents smile and laugh
  • Thuy Le: She got my likes before watching as I know all of her videos are great 🙂
  • Sara Albalawi.77: Love u from Saudi Arabia????.
  • Hammer Thailand: แดจังกึมเมืองจีน
  • Eriqa Blunt: I would eat those yummy fishes with yam rice ???? n chilie + soy sauce
  • 數位老嬤: 一定是美味
  • 장은규: 애기가 엄청 잘 먹네요^^
  • Cynthia Sulaiman: Tilapia tastes reaaallly good grilled.
  • Jessica Jin: 阿豪真幸福啊!
  • Yan Ngai: 这鱼?要烤多久啊?你很有耐性哦???

When you’re out grocery shopping for your family, maybe you can put a can of cat or dog food in your cart and bring it to an animal relief center.

Fruits Hd Wallpapers 1080P – Fruit Tree Wallpaper

I wrote a techno song about the four things I love in Germany to make myself happy, which are my grandfather, my two poodle pets, bread, and a strange but delicious Turkish dish called Doener Kebab.

At home, my food is just sort of comfort food. It’s not super fancy, but it’s certainly tasty.

Chocolate Ice Cream Wallpaper Hd – Food Wallpaper Iphone

If we chew every morsel of our food, in that way we become grateful, and when you are grateful, you are happy.

We all have incredible relationships to what we eat, to what we don’t eat, to what we’ve eaten since childhood and what we were fed, to what food means to us. And so I find it a really powerful tool in storytelling and in opening people’s hearts and their minds.

Hot Dog Wallpaper – New Cake Wallpaper

If everyone wants to eat like people in Bangladesh, then we would have food coming out of everybody’s ears.

It’s like spicy food – sometimes you have to tone it down so more people can enjoy it.

Taco Wallpaper Iphone – Sandwich Background

I would like to find a stew that will give me heartburn immediately, instead of at three o clock in the morning.

Bad food is made without pride, by cooks who have no pride, and no love. Bad food is made by chefs who are indifferent, or who are trying to be everything to everybody, who are trying to please everyone… Bad food is fake food… food that shows fear and lack of confidence in people’s ability to discern or to make decisions about their lives.

Kfc Chicken Wallpaper – Food Tumblr Background – Grains Hd Images

People are getting famous now for serving food out of a truck, or for, well, pork buns. I don’t know if I’m really pleased to be a part of that. I’m somewhat terrified of what the future holds, especially in America.

Food feeds both the body and soul – there are clear reasons to eat a balanced diet, but there are also reasons you cling to your mom’s secret chicken noodle soup recipe when you’re sick.

Sweet, delicious Dungeness crab is always a treat.

My ideal night would probably be a dope outfit, people that I love around me. Go to get some dinner, have some amazing food. Maybe sushi or Italian: I love both.

The trick is preventing yourself from becoming overwhelmed; just adding in one new serving of fruit or veg a day is fantastic. Some sweet potato wedges or guacamole make an insanely delicious addition to any meal, and they’re such an easy place to start.

When I venture out to eat, I like to go to places with food that I don’t know how to make. So my favorites are Japanese and Indian. Indian food has so much layering of flavor, and the dishes go together so harmoniously.

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  • jimingotjams: The perfect girl doesn’t exi-
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  • Rose Lawrence: this woman made a sink… a functioning… frigging… sink… WHAT AM I DOING WITH MY LIFE???!?!?!!!?
  • 방탄아미 곡: She’s Wife and Husband Material.
  • SunsetDots 19: For those humans saying this is all fake and acting, she is doing it right in front of your eyes, AnD yOu JeAlOuS sHe Is BeTtEr ThEn YoU
  • Hannah Smith: I can’t imagine having even half the will and knowledge she has, I’m in awe of this incredible woman.
  • 林鹏辉: I used to feel super proud of myself putting together IKEA furniture…… until now
  • Traveller World: Do you guys realize that she even does not wear work-glove ?
  • Ugly Angel: When the zombie apocalypse happens I want to be on her team.
  • maddy adams: This is the real definition of I don’t need a man in my life. The rest of us can shut our mouths and stay on the sideline. This beat Kim Kardashian sink and vanity. ??
  • chayma taoussi: I don’t think she knows the word procrastination.
  • Nikki Reign: Me: I have nothing to wear and I’m hungry!

    Her: No worries, I’ll make you something to eat and sew you a dress right after I build us a house ok?

  • C.o.R (Lex): Grandma: *hears intense banging noises outside* hm, I wonder what I’m getting this time
  • Zaheer A: Thanos: I collected all infinity stones
    Her: I made some on my own
    :Thanos bows
  • audrey: i think i skipped the tutorial for this game called life
  • Space Cadet: Love that little laugh of victory she does after her craft works.
  • Libby: Is there anything she can’t do, this woman is so talented.
  • Emilia Huban: I have been watching your movies for quite sometime and as being a civil engineer myself, I admire your knowledge, skills and guts to do what you do. Most probably you are 3 times younger than me, and you are my inspiration to do things and fulfill my days with creativity and joy. Thank you and God bless you.
  • Grand Caymans: Growing, cooking, sewing, drawing, building…Liziqi is amazing! There is nothing she cannot do ?
  • Nancy S: She made a sink. I can’t even unclog my sink and she made one.
  • Emma Goudie: THIS is why it takes women so long to get ready.
  • 馬が好きすぎるチャンネル: I would love to know how the tree water place in her yard works, too…?
  • Thea Daniel: The victory laugh she made when the tap started running??
  • de Vivre Jones: Noah: It’s going to rain. I am going to build an ark.

    Her: I can upgrade the amenities and build it in half the time.

  • 小豆子: 好美的洗手檯、好美的鄉村美景、好美的祖孫情……一切都這麼質樸??
  • burningplumbranches: “I think I’d like to remodel my bathroom”
    *build her own sink*
  • Dayna Goodchild: I have a full day ahead of me but I can’t stop watching these videos. Of course, I’m feeling more and more useless after each video but WOW!
  • Olivia Broughton: Hey Honey, what did you do today? Liziqi- “Oh, I built a sink.”
    Also, damn. Thats alot of hard work for a 7 minute video.
  • naughty naughty: Miss I want to meet you and want to know, how you do everything ,how you learned all things ,and what is the source of your energy?
  • BulmaChan: I have never been more attracted to a woman….Nd I’m a female I like men
  • vitalya: this might sound silly but like…im so proud of her. she works hard and deserves success
  • Silver into gold: What is my life even? ? She can build anything and cooks everything. Incredibly amazing! ❤
  • Lovely Sunshinee: Why is nobody mentioning the fact that she literally CARVED STONE
  • Original Ideas: she made her job done even after her left thumb was injured at about 3.03 in the timeline.
  • Greesniel McClaskey: This woman is incredible skills hard working
    Is there anything she can’t do ?
  • Marinara Sauce: granny: I think I’d like to remodel the bathroom
    her: *say no more granny*
  • SNZ MG: Is everyone think same as me ‘ why she a lady? >_< my heart skip a beat when i saw what she done T︵T ' and i like men!! AHH DAMNN >“<
  • The Lavender Cliché: I love how peaceful she looks while doing such hard labor! a true queen ❤️
  • deetleskeet: Love her. She’s absolutely fearless.
  • Rowena C.: 5:44 – YASSS! I’m gonna show this vid to my husband…the bathroom needs an overhaul.
  • Rethabile Komane: There is so much positivity in these comment sections. What a breath of fresh air
  • 林月端: 手指頭受傷了 要小心啊!看得好心疼喔!
  • Evangeline Wanjiru: The landscape at the end of the video blew me away. I think this is how God intended us to live before we messed everything up.
  • Jazmín Cordero: I need her to design my future house like this
  • Marisabel: Wow! As a woman, I feel empowered watching her videos ??
  • Devynn Byington: People: You should get a husband to help you and make stuff for you

    Her: Hold my tea watch this

  • trisha roy: You are such a energetic girl along with the beauty..I find peace watching your videos. Always Stay happy with your Granny, God bless you.??
  • BigKetchup: Why am I watching this and why do I love it so much?
  • Chiasa Takahashi: Her satisfied “haha!” when she tried the faucet for the first time made me smile 😀
  • Janeth Rodriguez: She can do everything no doubt I’m impressed some of us we can’t even put a furniture together even with instructions smh and she made that from scratch ?
  • William Merrow: Introducing.. the most awesome woman on the planet.
  • aida adoptante: Proud of her Works Super Talented… She knows everythings?❤️
  • Melissa Westmoreland: OMG I want to meet her and grandmother,I watch them all the time, special when I’m in the hospital,thay take my mind off of things.?
  • 梁志友: 不是服字能表達,太厲害了!十八般武藝。
  • TheLwinja: Please tell me there is one skill that you don’t have ? much love to you and the people who raised you to be such an amazing lady ???
  • Alexandra Solano: Me encanta todo lo que haces. Tienes grandes habilidades culinarias ,artista ,y artesanal …Mis respetos y admiración???
  • Keeping Up With Mella Teana Teana: Wat else can’t this beautiful lady do. She can build a house???
  • Alder: I am always in awe at her focus! There’s never so much as a second of hesitation in her movements, one action flows into another so seamlessly, it’s a joy to watch.
  • Ruba Sousa: Wow you make me feel amazing every time I see you doing something unique ?❤️??
  • LouRu1000o: Stumbled across this channel just recently and instantly amazed by the quality and content of her videos. Frustrated by the lack of knowledge of her existence, I decided to come out under a rock and read up a bit on the internet. Can’t believe there were quite a large amount of people who question the legitimacy of her abilities (largely from old Chinese articles). After watching a few more videos, then this one, the comments or “assumptions” from those articles frustrates me to such an extent that I decided to write a comment.
    This was the project where she hurt her thumb! The way she continued on while avoiding using her thumb… rip my soul. Hell, looking at the progression of that black nail, I don’t think she even took a day off! She knows how to do everything; of course not, it’s impossible. Willing to take the time and learn with whatever little time she has, if not on the spot, and still pump out videos every week. The dedication and shear will to do what she set out for herself is insane.

    Your videos reminded me of our family’s old country home back in Asia. How I miss home… In the mean time, i’ll watch more of your 10 min. videos and get back to that half finished Ikea shelf in the closet….tomorrow. 子柒姐加油!!

  • Edith Savoy: Amazing, gifted, genius woman. What can’t she do!!!? She’s incredible!!!
  • Lhea Vibal: She’s a proof that women can live without men.. ???
  • chae: omg I think I love her.
  • H: This awesome YT channel, talk about girl power. Who needs to watch make-up tutorials or fashion channels.
  • Yummmyen: Discovered this channel at 6 PM…it’s now 1:02 AM and I cannot stop watching..
  • Carey Rhoads: i thought that u can repair motorcycle and vehicles
  • Oreo: I think we can all agree we are actually in love with this girl
  • vic talan: She is very incredible woman.
    she’s my idol. ?
  • eyesofthegoddess2: You are amazing Liziqi, this handmade solid wood sink is so beautiful.
  • Abdul Rauf Oekas: ?? I like it , she knows How to live ???
  • foo jason: 终于明白什么是“女的刚起来,没男的什么事了” 吃的她会弄 化妆的她会调 连家具她也能装 真想不到有那个人男的配得上了
  • april mabayo: Avril lavigne: uh huh uh huh lifes like this…

    Liziqi: opens faucet / HA HA! Thats the way it is!


  • Kunto Dewo: 17_11_2019…hadir mbak;-)
  • L catts: I’m waiting for her to build her own car! It should be coming up soon, on one of these episodes! ?
  • car7glass: the scenery at the end my god!
    and i wish i can build my own furniture
  • James Chmbrs: I fell in love with her as she made that living room set?
  • Flores Cost: Wow ,I need to go back to making my own furniture, thank you for the motivation.
  • JD Dee: These are fabulous videos but …Right at the end of every video you miss out on seeing the rewards of her labour because YouTube cover it up with the next suggested videos to watch!! Soooo frustrating!! Ridiculous!
  • Ivira Woodshop: I love this woman ??
  • Taetaelover: Me: * needs some drawers for my room so goes to Bed Bath and Body Works *

    Liziqi: *tf are you doing?*

  • 廖崇閔: 子柒姑娘!廖崇閔哥哥每天晚上!好喜歡看妳的影片!好像在拍攝影片一樣!身手技術不輸男生老師傅!
  • purple rain: I have never felt so useless in my life!!!! O.o
    Great job Liziqi, you are inspiring me to work harder <3
  • i am no one: NASA ,plz take her to mars,she will make habitation planet…
  • Frostblade Inc: Omg, she’s stronger than most of men
  • Steve D: Every time I watch a video I just get even more impressed… Bravo.
  • Megat Muzzamir: i like the last 3 sec of the video. who’s with me? ??
  • Spirit: This woman is incredible. I am so in love with her.
  • Oh Koko: When she drops the towel it’s like a mic drop. ?
  • Linda Lopez: That sink was absolutely beautiful she has alot of talent. Love watching her videos.
  • hyp3ract1v • XB1X: Love the rythm of your hammer when you pound nails ;]
  • SNZ MG: In conclusion, I respect u
  • Diana Mary: Her will is inspiring. She can and she does. Nothing stands in her way!
  • Big D: I’m in love with this beautiful woman. ❤
  • Chen young: 最后那声哈哈好可爱
  • DinoCat: 0:27 well she taught me how to remove a nail.
  • Anee Mushahary: 7:00 I guess heaven looks exactly like this!!!!
  • Cage07: i m speachless with every video i see…i still cant belive that she is doing all of those things alone, i mean she made women make-up, she does construction, she does joinery, cooking, she works the fields, raise animals, is really hard for me to belive that she doing this all alone…every video i m watching at the end of it i m like WTF…if she is doing this all by her self, that means she is like a multitasking all around factory….a year from now we will see a video titled LIZIQI AND HER FIRST SPACE SHIP
  • Stephen Deng: 很漂亮的洗手间,如果墙壁也是原朩做的就更完美了!
  • 方方惠美: 還是有用到她那把經典大頭刀啊!???
  • Auntie Yaya: “HA HA” She proves we can survive without Home Depot, Walmart, Ulta and Trader Joe’s!!!

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I like to use ‘I Can’t Believe it’s Not Butter’ on my toast in the morning, because sometimes when I eat breakfast, I like to be incredulous. How was breakfast? Unbelievable.

Chocolate Ice Cream Wallpaper Hd – Kfc Chicken Wallpaper

If you want to become physically stronger, you’ll need healthy habits – like going to the gym. You’ll also have to give up unhealthy habits – like eating junk food. Building mental strength requires healthy habits – like practicing gratitude – while also giving up unhealthy behavior, like giving up after the first failure.

If I can, I love staying in pajamas all day and watching movies and eating good food.

Wallpaper Steak – Food Tumblr Background

Haggis is delicious. It is wonderful. It’s spicy, it’s tasty, and you get vegetarian haggis as well.

It seems everyone wants to know if I have an eating disorder, and playing an anorexic character on ‘Make it or Break It’ probably didn’t help much. To set the record straight, I certainly do not have an eating disorder. I think as anyone can gather, I love food, and it is not just a front to cover up the fact that I don’t eat any.

Pizza Pattern Wallpaper – Grains Hd Images

My dream is to be a farmer myself, but also to provide opportunities to others who don’t have the land or the resources, in order to grow food themselves and teach them how to do it.

My most memorable meal is every Thanksgiving. I love the food: the turkey and stuffing; the sweet potatoes and rice, which come from my mother’s Southern heritage; the mashed potatoes, which come from my wife’s Midwestern roots; the Campbell’s green-bean casserole; and of course, pumpkin pie.

Ketchup Wallpaper – The Food Was Delicious

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

Long as I was riding in a big Cadillac and dressed nice and had plenty of food, that’s all I cared about.

Pizza Cartoon Wallpaper – Funny Food Wallpapers – Candy Bar Wallpaper

A waffle is like a pancake with a syrup trap.

We may find in the long run that tinned food is a deadlier weapon than the machine-gun.

One pillar of my cooking is that salad dressing is sacred and that you always make it with the most delicious oil you can find. Usually, that means extra-virgin olive oil.

Appetite, craving for food, is a constant and powerful stimulator of the gastric glands.

I spent my thirties living out of boxes and moving every six months to a year. It was my cloud period: I just wandered like a cloud for ten years, following the food supply. I was a hunter, gatherer, an academic migrant.

When you taste something delicious, ask for the recipe! Or offer to trade a recipe!

Watch Featured Videos

  • katie kawaii: This video represents *two years* of work. That’s incredible.
  • Ann I love your channel Zhou: at the end shows she was invited to visit Malaysia and meet the King and queen.The King also a fan of Liziqi.
  • Niranjana Sanjeev: She made her own paper.
    She made her own ink.
    She made her own brushes.
    I see the hard involved is huge, 2 years of hardworking presented in 10 mins.
    God didn’t give her wings, she landed here. She’s an angel.
  • Rajani Chillal: How many of you love her?like me
  • Get back to work: Hangs brushes
    Me: well now she just needs paper
    Starts cutting tree
    Me: DUDE! ?
  • laishram tombisana: Why isn’t she in the Guinness book of world record for being the most talented person in the world?
  • Ray young: she introduce the forgotten chinese cultures, arts, spirit and wisdoms to the world again
  • Username 606: When she cut that wood down, I was like, “Don’t tell me she’s gonna make her own paper?”Boi, was I right.
  • Jewell Manabat: She made everything. From ink to paper. Ugh. This woman amaze me every single day.
  • nur suh4ilah: Malaysia? MALAYSIA???!! Omg you’ve been in Malaysiaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ???????
  • Chiara Sirianni: Seriously, is there ANYTHING this woman cannot do? Amazing.
  • Ale: Me: wow, I’ve just fixed a lamp, I’m a genius!Also me after watching this: *teach me master*
  • Rahoi Remmei: The man who marry this girl will be the luckiest man in this world
  • rmzozsener: Never in my whole life have I seen such a multi talented individual…I am absolutely amazed.!!!!!
  • Pang Danny: Liziqi is not just the National treasure of China ??, she’s a Global treasure ??that’s able to rebuilds civilisation once more ??????salutes
  • Lee impp: She could literally build a civilization after nuclear war…..《Fallout 7:Go find Liziqi》
  • Slappy: Carl Sagan: “To make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe.”Liziqi: “Challenge accepted!”
  • 諸葛亮: 中國偉大復興靠的是傳承。。我很欣賞你,在這個年代還能傳承中國傳統文化。這才是真正中國生活。我很喜歡五千年中華傳統文化,包括古人傳下來貴寶發明。馬來西亞同胞
  • SUNNYCURLYGIRL: She is blessed and has grace in what They tought her
  • madcableguy: This channel has some of the best audio and visual work on youtube, this lady is incredibly talented.
  • Zazie L.: Strong woman in city : I don’t need a man.
    Man : Admired.
    Liziqi : I dun need the whole world.
    World : Wow @o@
  • Marylynn Folau: 4:36 was she hiding it from the lady? Lol
  • sophie keo: You got her you got everything.
    She knows everything.
  • Lynnette Jennings: I’ve been watching her videos for a while . Now , whenever I’m working outside on our land, I try to slow my pace down like she does and really be in the moment. I’m in awe of how much more at peace I am just by changing this; which in turn brings me tremendous joy and gratitude. Now, I just need a relaxing soundtrack in the background. ?
  • Cherry Blossom: Why does this make me want to get up and get stuff done…..elegantly
  • Asiyah Shaikh: Now I get how she’s able to support herself financially.Back breaking hard work.
  • Junry Agad: Wow… Honestly when while I watching her all doing, I felt like I’m fallen in love with her… I never ever see a girl like her she’s so creative, talented and course humble
  • River Snow: 我是听不懂四川话,但“偷”羊毛那段太好玩了,想起自己小时候的时光
  • Regina Davita: This girl.. She literally can do everything!! And by everything I really mean EVERY THING!!!!
  • Sophia Dang: Her future kids: mom can I get a new bed?
    Her: goes into forest, comes out with a handmade bamboo bed
  • Jun Jing: 佩服,古代人原来要一年多来做墨。
  • Fei Fei: 她的视频强过太多厉害了某个国,输出文化和文明才是真正强大。了不起?
  • louisa0628 -: 原来生活也可以这样的,原来我们还有很多古老的手艺和文化被我们遗忘了,谢谢你,李子柒
  • Miss Vang: 4:30 she stole the goat hair without the owner knowing lol
  • Cody: This is why writing was such a privilege back then. A sheet of paper alone is very expensive.
  • Iron Shark: WAAAH! How do you know soo many skills?Even the editing of this video and sound… amazing
  • deus ex machina: I first saw her videos on facebook & I was hooked ever since. I can watch her for hours on end, even without the English subs. She’s amazing.
  • Avril Kalungwah: From today onwards i’m gonna try to be as hardworking and motivated as you Liziqi…you’re unique,amazing and rare!!!!
  • Constantine Mao: 看到柒姐打砚台,我笑了:“柒姐太狠了?”
  • Jake Javier: TEACHER: boys and girls, where do you buy your school supplies?
    LIZQI: i made them myself..
  • Lorie Rael: she so very pretty, very talented and very artistic chinese celebrity, i admire her, ❤❤❤❤?????????
  • HungmanX XXX: Is there anything that this girl CAN’T do?/////
  • Ania Tamas: Girl “Are you going to write me?”
    Boy “Wait for 2 years and I will”
  • KerryandRay Rosene: It’s so soothing to watch and listen too. ?
  • 박제이: I wouldn’t complain if she’s named as the world’s most hardworking and talented person. She’s soooooo amazing
  • Ann Salfaeg: everytime i watch her videos makes me emotional??
  • 魂逍遥: 中国的传统技艺,太厉害了!
  • รําเพย ธรรมพัฒนจิต: Only one girl with only two hands can make several
    Amazing things, for this reason China becomes
    Great country with all great hands.Love from Thailand.
  • Wen Qing Li: 专注的人最吸引人,这姑娘真美
  • ILOVEALLNCT ANDFUTUREMEMBERS: I’m really convinced that she transmigrated from Ancient China ?
  • Estael Nolasco: Perfect ! ❤❤
  • ramya sanjay: Amazing talent,no words to tell about this woman
  • Mehtab Alam: No women in this world like her ,she’s amazing she’s so pretty she’s she’s not a human she from other planet ohh god ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Rina Singh Singh: She is extremely talented and she use every elements of nature beautifully ?
  • Simulation Omega: Holy fuck she made
    & an Ink slab
    Crazy awesome
  • Avia Littlehawk: Now I know how expensive caligraphy papers are. It’s expensive because of the handiwork of the maker
  • Mike HAN: 4:41 translate “wow that scared me” XD
  • 程安娜: 好喜歡子柒的影片
  • Sabrina Spellman: God: how many skills/talent you want me to grant you?Liziqi: YES!
  • Sia Shergill: Li Ziqi, you are so talented, love from India
  • 桜上水Lyrico: 发明笔墨纸砚的祖先们此时已开心的棺材板快压不住了…
  • Speed Art [NS]: 9:11
    my heart <3
  • Simin Lin: 很多youtuber可以看看的,Ziqi这个短片居然花了两年时间
  • Henry Z: If you really think about it, all of her videos put together are basically a DIY video series on rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse
  • JASHAN E JANNAT: She is real living Legend
  • luv_nane28: “Honey, we don’t have anything to write with”…. “don’t worry, I’ll make some ink, and brushes, and paper” ? I can’t anymore. This human is AMAZING!
  • jan lin: 有什麼是妳不會的?
  • Jhelly caparas Sune: So pretty and talented she can do anything im so amaze to watching you
  • Willem ng: 子柒姐,原来有来马来西亚啊。
  • John Crawford: such beautiful craft, poetry in motion. Amazing!
  • ishita mandal: Is there something which she doesn’t know? ??
  • Andrew Bridges: Hello,I work in Contemporary Fine Art and I was curious if prints might be available from this breath-taking piece.
    Making every part of the process from beginning to end is something few artisans and crafts-people can boast.
    I would be very interested in a print of this work.

    Thank you very much and this channel and videos is amazing!!!!!
    Thank you for such wonderful and educational content.


  • Bushy Raps: Not only am I grateful for the videos, I’m so grateful for whoever is translating and captioning these
  • Raha B: she made paper ink brush…I’m crazy right now
  • Monzer Qubbaj: Is there any thing in this earth you girl can’t do? ? I just can’t stop loving you…
  • Pawat Seritrakul: If there’s an apocalypse, save this one lady and you’ve essentially saved all of human civilization.
  • binyang luo: 4:30子柒你学坏了 竟然偷羊毛 哈哈
  • It’s your Boi: I wanted to write a comment asking can i marry her but then i realised that literally nobody deserves this woman
  • Hana Avelina: your grandfather might be a terrific person, he will be proud of you .
  • Julie Wei: 之前不了解情况也以为假的。做了一番了解,我觉得你真的很棒。加油加油?!我会一直看你的频道
  • Bernice Woo: Woah she came to Malaysia! Who else here is from Malaysia?‍♀️. 在微博看了这支影片 但没想到你来到了马来西亚。好希望你能在马来西亚办粉丝见面会 让更多人接触中华文化。
  • Madeleine McKellar: Your videos are such an absolute joy to watch! <3
  • Desireé Navas Pineda: Who’s she? She’s a multi talented person, literally a princess, warrior, artist, teacher… admirable ❤️❤️❤️
  • Liza Cagara: This girl is so amazing i really admire all her works.???
  • Kireshnee Pillay: Omgosh..? Such a graceful process through time, And everything around is sooo heavenly.. Omw.. even the ?’s are in such a great condition ?.. ?
  • Mighty Reds: The best channel on Youtube ever, this is amazing
  • natkwq: She came to Malaysia, I’m so happy ??
  • dana pallessen: this woman is a treasure. may all young people learn to value the traditional skills of one’s own culture!
  • Azilrun AB: She is a fair maiden, so beautiful young single lady with good characteristic and qualities.
  • 40KoopasWereHere: ….
    (looks down at my 6-in-1 multicolor pen and crummy spiral notebook)
  • hsifegnaro: 谢谢你的分享!真的很喜欢!—来自马来西亚的粉丝?
  • mariyam jaufar: Masha Allah she is Amazing and her talent my god cant discribe hard work ? she is one of my favorite love from Maldives ??
  • JellyBoulder: Wow, the sound design alone that went into these videos is amazing!
  • AERI AERI: She met the King himself…Im beyond impressed???
  • health and beauty remedies: I also want to land on this good natural place ??
  • yan cai: She’s showing the ancient ways of how Chinese people live, though life is much better nowadays in most rural areas of China than 20 years ago, many traditional cultures and lifestyles have been preserved.
  • Eric Draven: look some idiots disliked i think they live in a box of dead flys
  • Loretta Posey: You madam is simply amazing and I love watching you and learning your way of making things from before
  • Monkeyd Luffy: She is talented,strong, adorable and beautiful girl…

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In Tennessee, you can live off fast food. It’s everywhere… But it’s nowhere in San Francisco, and I didn’t know how to navigate the city to eat.

Delicades – Pizza Cartoon Wallpaper

How delicious is pleasure after torment!

Dig into life with wild roving abandon, opening your mind to the delicious possibilities that perplex the mind, entice the heart, and excite the spirit.

Meal Wallpaper – Funny Food Wallpapers

We farm workers are closest to food production. We were the first to recognize the serious health hazards of agriculture pesticides to both consumers and ourselves.

Summertime in Montana, I become a monosyllabic baboon. I want to ride with the cowboys, go to brandings, doctor cattle, and train my horses. But in a few months, the snow starts to fly. The days become shorter; the yellow color of interior light becomes delicious. I look at my shelves, and every book just glows, and I want to be inside of that.

Wallpaper Carrot – Candy Bar Wallpaper

Our children’s health and well-being are dependent on our commitment to promoting food access and good eating habits at home, at school and in the community.

Most cultures traditionally link food and spirituality directly with periodic restrictions and celebrations punctuating the year. Abstinence from particular foods or full-on fasting is part of many religious traditions and holidays.

Fruits 4K Wallpaper – Chocolate Ice Cream Wallpaper Hd

President Obama has almost doubled our national debt to more than $19 trillion, and growing. And yet, what do we have to show for it? Our roads and bridges are falling apart, our airports are in Third World condition, and forty-three million Americans are on food stamps.

Nobody in Singapore drinks Singapore Slings. It’s one of the first things you find out there. What you do in Singapore is eat. It’s a really food-crazy culture, where all of this great food is available in a kind of hawker-stand environment.