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It’s delightful, it’s delicious, it’s de-lovely.

I actually didn’t grow up in a household that loved Chinese food particularly, and it’s not really my go-to food or anything… We were more a pizza family, being from the Chicago area and all.

What we get at home is 100% organic food. We are also 90% vegetarian.

Robots will harvest, cook, and serve our food. They will work in our factories, drive our cars, and walk our dogs. Like it or not, the age of work is coming to an end.

Judy Garland was just so delicious in every way and just so honest and generous.

The only secret to food combination is a balance of protein, carbs and fat – they all play a key role in our health.

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  • LIeb Lee: I ‘ve been watching this lady in all her channels in her village. I was thinking whoever marry her will be one lucky person!!!!?
  • Надежда Москалёва: Никто:
    Абсолютно никто:
    Китайцы: китайский лук и чили
  • ronnel De Vera: Make a video with liziqi
    Colaboration lol
    Who wants that to happen ? Hiho
  • Ami Aks: Ur videos bring all kinds of people along… From different countries to different continents…. Ur videos are amazing… Filled with love and happiness…. Thanks for your videos…. Love from India ??
  • Linda Jay: I love these onions. I lived in Taipei and these are pickled as its seasonal!
  • Jambee Pup: I feel so relaxed every time I watch your videos. The life you’re living is the life that I dream—simple and calm, no pollution, no pressure on everything you do and all kinds of negativity. Keep doing these videos because you inspire me so much with your simplicity.
  • Creative Corner: Iam felling relaxed???‍♀️?‍♀️?
  • cida Oliveira: Bom dia Family Love you” ?
  • •Fantasy Melody•: Woow.. beautiful and peaceful environment ?? Nd it seems like she has everything n her farm ??
  • Dynamight71: Apart from the natural beauty, I come here to see her amazing Hair ? ?
  • Chingu RMsshi: Been watching your videos for months now and i really love it
    PS: You’re so cute??
  • ميمو والبنات: احب هذه البنت احسها قريبه من قلبي عملها دقيق ومرتب واحسها حنونه على اهلها تحمل كل صفات الانوثه
  • Eka Yustina: Aside from her cooking skills and great quality video. I admire how she cleaned the ingredients very well.
  • Fanny Villatoro: Alguien más en español aquí ☹️
  • Mon Monticha: I can stop watching your videos ?love from Thailand ❤️
  • Trio Anak Kos: Make me miss a lot about my childhood.
    I miss my grandma and my grandpa while watching all of your videos.
  • Kara Kits: I really love the way you work how you cook,plant etc etc everything you does really amaze me but, how can you pick a worm from ur hand ????
  • Wayan Kardita: English subtitle please !
  • blue irish: Oh my my….She is such a brave girl !!!She can touch a giant red slipy thing 0.30 …???
  • Deepanker Singh: In life I never seen this brain wth beauty….
    I loved her all vedios…..
    I always enjoy watching her channel….
  • Mubaah Seram: She cooks so well and she is very beautiful, indeed a fairy
  • Malak Lava: ياعيني كيف بياكلو فلفل ياترى مابيصير معكون بواسير ولا شو
  • molly988: 寧靜療癒的影片,我很喜歡
  • Tupou Finucane: Delicious vegetables.
    Thank you for sharing.
  • Bertha White: 最近才看到滇西小哥妳的視頻、讓人非常享受!好看到讓人忘了按讚?!!
  • Simon pang: 这样的女儿生多几个都不怕…!
  • دنيه غبرا: والله البنيه هاي عاجبتني ونضيفه وخادمه اهله اكثر من الازم
  • Sudy Ramy: I’m addicted to this channel ? makes me feel relaxed and joy ❤️
  • Biju Biju: your video make me relax in stress mood thAnk you very much
  • Andre Ely Cruz: 我來自巴西。我最近見過你的視頻,我真的很喜歡他們,他們在緊張時期帶給我和平。謝謝
  • killer boy: Oh damn i thought i lost u i couldnt find ur channel 🙁
  • 何學厚: 拍攝非常專業,更重要的是每一樣都很好吃。讚!
  • 구름나그네: 혀의기억을 소환한다를 입맛돌게 한다로 바꿔야 될듯
    구글번역의 한계
  • Queen bee: I love all your videos and.makes me just relax.and a.pleasure to look …Dianxi your marvelous and.keep with your families always …not for getting dawang ???
  • khattak01: Sweetheart what you are doing is my passion…love you so much. hope one day I am there and be with you forever.
  • cher young: your village almost has everything for your cooking is so impressive.
  • Momshie Lyn: I love this girl…she cook everything.. ❤️
  • hashini chathurika: Oh very nice girl.so beautiful simple life with her vegetable garden. god bless you sister.
  • Binu Gopinathan: Just Amazing ! God I envy such a life!!
  • Benjawan Lewis: You’re skillful I really appreciated your efforts in each of every one of your clips video. ???????.It’s very special to me, thank you!!!??
  • Rey Samy Yuliem: Hermoso. Vivir en el campo <3
  • 李李子: 我也是這幾天才看到滇西小哥的視頻,超級喜歡,我在香港生活,壓力很大,看見小妹妹煮的每一種菜,总是好好吃,看見她们一家人吃飯,我也很想吃??
  • Tiya: 1st time i saw small knife? in ur hand ??
  • امنية صيف: لا اصدق ان هذه الفتاة الناعمة الجميلة الفتية النشيطة تأكل لحم خنزير
    و تتمتع بهذا الجمال و الصحة ?
  • Hanifah Abdulrahman: Chinese onion? here in the Philippines, in Marawi City we call it PALAPA??
  • yMa: I want to live with you. How beautiful and honest
  • Joice Joy: The Ecofriendly girl????
  • Nayana Kumari: Pls I want to visit to your house peaceful ur innocent family so simple beautiful family god bless to u and your family
  • Augusto Gutierrez: Much Respect for your grandparents!! Even at their age right now they are still working hard? ❤
  • Gaby Gutierres: Such a hard working beautiful women and a great cook I admire you ☺️
  • aa Ahlawat: I wish i would be a cook like you but it is impossible ???? to be like you
  • om jannat: ماشاء الله وتبرك الدحمان الكلكم صحي كتير ?
  • Russell Sion: I really enjoyed watching your video.thank you so much for sharing your knowledge to us
  • Mara Venu: Such sweet smile from my beautiful chinese princess!!!
  • rr vẻ: Thank’s Lady to bring me all the travel
  • Judith Galindo I F: Te admiro mucho, sabes tanto y haces todo con amor ?
  • The Imperfect Guy: God bless u Eche( sister in Manipuri )
  • Irene kim: Damn.. she is beautiful ??
    Love from nepal
  • morad Ku: I’m half chinis I love and I like how the way you make our culture good on our backyard
  • Kim Jeon Namjoon: You’re wonder woman in this Era ♥
  • nong lego: I love to eat those baby spring onions raw …salad with cherry tomatoes ?
  • Jany Cler: Delícias, parabéns abraços
  • Anonymous Anonymous: I love fermented food! This must be very delicious!
  • Jason Inrikes: I haven’t seen dawang ?
  • Myrna Edna: I love watching your video I hope there is an English translation I learned a lot of things though its really hard to understand. Good luck n more power.
  • 莫哲哲: 哇 我超喜欢吃藠头的,小时候一直以为这个就是用大蒜做的哈哈哈_(:з」∠)_
  • Mahapitiya sadu!! sadu!!sadu!!! Soma: She love mam and daddy brother God bless you are all family….❤❤
  • maria catacutan: Right now. I prY God to bring me to you even in one week i would like to enjoy your food the:-P
    Ways you cook im so stand in awe
  • nive nivedha: i dnt evn knw yur receipe.. i jst came here to watch ur videos..ur vds makes me so peaceful.. love ur place whr u live,collect food.. nd ur kitchen accessories.. i jst luv all ur entire videos..
    -luv frm tamilnadu??
  • jerwine bulseco: Really feels nice to live on a countryside ?
  • jup iter: with all this hard work you stay beautiful,so are you a real village girl or an act ores
  • Maureen Mee: I have here a pickled Chinese onion. It’s from kowloon Hong Kong. ?
  • 수림: 운남 요리 한번 먹어보고 싶다
  • Bredina Shrestha: 0:29????
  • Ivy Diaz: Your videos inspire me to plant vegtables in my garden..u can make everything tasty..love your videos !!
  • patpen patpen: I am filipino and i loved watching your videos, like living in a simple life and preparing amazing and delicious foods for your family…
  • DEBALA AKHAM: The chillies?
  • love wuli: 比什么舌尖上的中国 向往的生活更接地气 在这个喧闹的社会中难能可贵 不知道国内有没有频道 希望让更多的人看到 最喜欢的还是 你对弟弟 家人的微笑 支持你
  • nabeel meeran: She got good cutting skills …love her presentation …
  • ReeM SY& ريم DZ: ماشاءالله ما يقولوش عيينا
    النظافة واو
  • choy_25 mattio: Who’s pilipino watching here?✋????
  • Renata Martins: Sou do Brasil amooo seus vídeos vc parece ser chefe de cozinha.??
  • Kai Ngaoprasit: Your video make me feel calm and peaceful. Thank you so much. Your fan from Thailand <3
  • Solomi Elovia: Your is so awesome
    I will like to watch everyday
    Thanks for sharing ua beautiful video??????????
    Always keep it up
  • Megan shi: 每次看小哥的视频都有一种温暖的感觉
  • 雷振寰: 人美,煮的菜應該是特別的香吧!
  • Tomas Justine Falconitin: 0:58 that smile

    That f’in smile ?

  • ام معاذ وسارة: السلام عليكم أنا منى من مصر بحب فيديوهاتك جدا ونفسى فى ترجمه عربى بالله عليكى
  • Floyd Chen: 好喜欢吃藠头糟辣子炒肉!
  • Мухамед Балкаров: Все делает с любовью.Уважаю.
  • Rooki xxx: Your video are very relaxing, i always enjoy your videos and i love the frames, keep making delicious recipes.. Love from ??
  • 呂豐旭: 這個淹漬起來很好吃…我們台灣也有好吃…酸爽脆…
  • Rogelio Nuñez: Algo en español o subtitulado por favor!
  • Roswitha Schmidt: Ich sehe so gerne zu und bewundere diese Frau !! ?
  • 이미란: 우와!한국어번역 넘감사드려요♡♡
  • Surah: I love watching ur vedios. Respact from Afghanistan
  • Alok Saha: I am just just just surprised?.where is her mom and dad?
  • زنبقة الوادي -:: كل الفديوهات روعه??
  • ESTHER JOSEPH: What else cant she do? She’s a keeper! Love from Malaysia!
  • Bani M: I love all videos ..can’t imagine how broad you have farmland? You amazing and so beautiful

If you’re going to America, bring your own food.

Chocolate White Background – Wallpaper Fried Chicken

Anything is good if it’s made of chocolate.

I think people should eat vegetarian food for 20 days and then see the glow on their faces.

4K Food Wallpaper – Korean Food Wallpaper

Shop often, shop hard, and spend for the best stuff available – logic dictates that you can make delicious food only with delicious ingredients.

There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food.

Egg Hd Images – Christmas Food Wallpaper

I always try and have a snack before an event – usually a small bowl of chickpea pasta, which is quick to make and delicious with just salt and pepper and a little bit of butter.

If we tackle deforestation in the right way, the benefits will be far-reaching – greater food security, improved livelihoods for millions of small farmers and indigenous people, more prosperous rural economies, and above all, a more stable climate.

Pastry Wallpaper – Avocado Wallpaper Hd

I’m obsessed with Chinese food and culture. It’s food that I adore above all others.

People want to think that staying in shape costs a lot of money. They couldn’t be more wrong. It doesn’t cost anything to walk. And it’s probably a lot cheaper to go to the corner store and buy vegetables than take a family out for fast food.

Dragon Fruit Wallpaper – Chocolate White Background – Salad Hd Images

When people say they prefer organic food, what they often seem to mean is they don’t want their food tainted with pesticides and their meat shot full of hormones or antibiotics. Many object to the way a few companies – Monsanto is the most famous of them – control so many of the seeds we grow.

I have never denied my background or my culture. I have taught my child to embrace her Mexican heritage, to love my first language, Spanish, to learn about Mexican history, music, folk art, food, and even the Mexican candy I grew up with.

I was always with a single mom, and we never had schedules or anything. We were just Bohemian, us against the world, which was kind of great, but it certainly didn’t breed security. I’ve gotten hyper-sensitive to schedules and bath time and eating at the dinner table. We don’t just ‘Bohemian’ go out at nine o’clock and go get Chinese food.

I’m being hypocritical because I have a Twitter, but I try to not talk about things like, ‘Oh, I had a grapefruit this morning and it was delicious,’ because, who cares?

The health of the planet is at stake, because the cruelty and the waste that accompanies the slaughter of billions of animals each year literally infects us all. We could consume healthy plant-based food produced at almost infinitely less cost. What does that say, really, about us and what we’re doing… to animals and to ourselves?

Climate change, demographics, water, food, energy, global health, women’s empowerment – these issues are all intertwined. We cannot look at one strand in isolation. Instead, we must examine how these strands are woven together.

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  • Water Under The Bridge: I thought she was gonna use the peel as fabric
  • 카미: Imagine… eating grapes while doodling a dress and then suddenly going hey, let’s do this
  • goof noodles: She was feeling all sift and feminine and airy…Then the cow chased her away!
  • angela chen: Am I the only one that loves her dog? Her dog follows everywhere she goes, it’s adorable?
  • Luna Endo: That might look really nice with the purple hooded cape you made
  • Natasha Turner: Who else thought she was going to use the grape peel for the fabric???‍♀️??‍♀️
  • Milk.: okay but like how does her clothes not get wet. touching that much water would have me soaked.
  • Kev Mac: I like the end. So funny. She looks so perfect then she gets scared by the cow ?
  • lol lol: I thought she is gonna use the grape peel as the fabric ?
  • Madison S: She’s an architect, a seamstress, a caretaker, a buisnesss lady , OH and an astronaut. And on top of all that, she’s really pretty
  • The Forlorn Knight: Can we just acknowledge the level of confidence in her ability to dye a bolt of fabric while wearing a flowing WHITE shirt and skirt.
  • vivian zhang: anyone watching in 2019?
  • Hou ston: Okay so why was purple so expensive when you literally could just dye white fabric with grapes?
  • Chelle Euraoba: Her: can cook, can make a furniture, can make a dress.Me: can do nothing.
  • Lillian Wang: Ok that drawing of the dress is beautiful
    Absoulote beautiful
  • Ericka: Her videos popped out on my recommendations and seriously, clicking it was one of the best decisions i made
  • moonstone blast: me: there is no one in this world who is perfe-
    sees this video ..
    me: I take that backkk
  • Lillian Wang: That fabric is extremely thin like thin”thin”
  • Sister Valentine: well this definitely inspires me to do more of what makes me happy
  • Mika Biree: She’s literally the definition of a hardworking, multi-talented person. Honestly.
  • Sarudeepak Lama: She is a wonderful fashion designer which none other than own manufacturing and a designer wow what a great work
  • Jenny Wong: 哈哈 ⋯⋯我笑出声来了,牛牛过来搶镜头 子柒被吓到了???
  • Danielle Lynn.: For the love of God, where has this lady been my whole life!!!
  • Umesafa Safahadi: I thought she was swing grapes ?
  • Jenna Baily: I actually thought she was going to sew each peel together to make a dress ??‍♀️
  • – Noura: I hope one day i can live a beautiful ans simple live like this.
    I hope ??
  • Panda’s weird life: oh my god she is literally a disney princess but in REAL LIFE and plus my favorite one omg
  • Trang Nguyen: I wish I can do this but it is too much work to peel all the grape skin off ?
  • Zenia the Veteran: beautiful colors of nature <3 also, the cow at the end 😀 lol
  • Hermia Dermentia: The Cinderella who doesn’t need a Fairy godmother ’cause the magic is in herself?❤
    Omg heartfelt thx to u ..I never had so many likes ever?
  • Imtiaz Brohi Tv: She was feeling all sift and feminine and airy. i love you so much
  • Aishwarya Pradhan: God she knows every single thing………….
    Such a gifted person she is.
    So glad to have found this channel.
    May God bless her abundantly
  • That One: Her life is literally puppies, trees, and nature! ❤️
  • Jason LIU: That cow is jealous also lol?
  • WolfGirlGamer: No one:Literally no one:

    Me: *imagines lady sewing the skins of grapes together*

    Edit: Thanks for all the likes (:

  • Dim Nu: I love how that there’s no fly’s in sight
  • はんもっこり: FC2で初めて見たけど、すっ……ごい落ち着くW
  • Niza Zafe: I miss your vedios,thats why i watch the old one ❤️?
  • Eleanor Arias: She should have a movie dedicated to her daily life ngl
  • Ok And?: I literally thought she made her dress
    (The fabric) out of grapes ?…
    My IQ is now -145
  • Kaitlyn Levy: The spirited away song really gets me every time
  • HingaSPL: The part at the end with the cow had me rollin ?. She is adorable
  • Dominique McQueen: Cow: OOOHH LEMME SEE!
  • Wowie OwO: I really want to be there I love how the area looks
  • Waqas Khan: All the persons who have found her channel recently are acting as they have found some kind of treasure..And they are totally right in every aspect❤️
  • Rosé’s Onions: Her: **makes these beautiful things**Me: um… *PENCIL*
  • Nicole Skinner: Life there seems to beautiful and simple…If we only lived in a quiet peaceful world like her..
  • Nilsa Cadisal: The last part ended with a cow ?You are so amazed woman??
  • Cathy Delacruz: Sometimes the title is very confusing. I really thought her dress is Literally made of grape skin! ???
  • KristaCraves: Title: Dress out of grape skin
    Me: **pictures tiny sewing machine sewing grape skins together for tiny person** SURGERY ON A GRAPE
  • Jaepeg Young: I love how it has instructions as if imma be out here making this
  • Najla: I believe this is how life in heaven gonna be like
  • 田楽海虫: BGMの千と千尋のアレンジ好き
  • doos dooosss: I thought she was literally going to wear the grape skin when she started pealing them ?
  • dragonlady 042: Two questions:
    1: Can I live with you?
    2: Would you teach me?
  • Apple Muffin: I’m ligit eating grapes and this popped up in my recommendations
  • Pradeep Kumar: She’s extremely talented i love just love her
  • A la Asia: I‘m jealous… she’s so pretty ??
  • Mai_Chi: The Ghibli music! <33 Also how is she so talented what
  • ashley_xdd: Her:
    Stores: am I a joke to you?
  • Cooking Ina Mo TV: I wish I was a girl wearing that dress.
  • Kayla Lowther: She is the best ?❤️
  • Meaghan Thurman: The title is so misleading lol.
    Pretty cool though!
  • ايه ايه: العربي يخلي لايك ???
  • Fairly sustained: What can she not do???
    She is living proof of multi talented.
  • Dear, 수야: She’s so pretty! Just like a princess <3
  • Tiempo Nuevo: Wow real grapes! I dream of real grapes again!
  • freya leane: I would love for that to be my life. It looks so relaxing
  • ぽちゃぽちゃまる: 千と千尋のオープニングの曲流れて、日本人として嬉しかった!!!
  • Ari T: @ the amount of people that thought homegirl was actually gonna make a dress out of literally hand sewn grape skins is astonishing ??
  • LNK TV: 4:56 LOL
  • Catie May: *Everyone saying “I thought she was going to use the peel as fabric”*
    But has anyone thought of her using the grape as fabric? .-.
  • Candy Apple: Omg you’re so talented I loved the dress ?
  • Damion Gordon: 4:09 when your boyfriend breaks up with you and your mad and I just want to take your anger out
  • AlistairAI: Engineer, Chef, Camera operator, dressmaker, Artist.This woman is incredible.
  • Blair Carter: imagine having to do all this everytime you want a new dress …
  • Crissy Olivia: Wish I could see the full dress on her , mostly hidden
  • kZ Dee: The last part of the video was so funny?. I Love you Liziqi?
  • Kevi Rhakho: One day she will make her own wings and fly away…
  • TaeTae: She’s an actual princess omg wow ? Never felt so calm watching a video before. She’s amazing
  • Dust bunny: I think we just found the newest Disney princess
  • جيلا بعد جيل: A young lady many talents amazing ? I just loved her so much
  • Sheetal N: U are so cuteee and too beautiful.
  • Pang Kou Xiong: So pretty. I love the color and design. That ending though.. ??
  • Daebxn: This is like a more peaceful and genuinely interesting version of those “primitive technology” channels
  • Ti Gu Lang ASMR: I laugh a lot when cow scared her….
  • Sara Will Gacha: Gracefull ❤
  • Theresa K.: Beautiful in every way! Inspiring!
  • America Singer-Schreave: Wait… Did she have a Signer sewing machine? O.o[Edit]: Probably not, I might just be seeing things. ???
  • Gachallant The Nutjob: “Oh my god what a nice lavender dress you have!Liziqi: It’s grape.
  • Akash Ratrey: 4:55 ????
  • Jeannie Hysell: So beautiful! I would love a dress like that!
  • Ivory Champagne: I laughed at the end ?cow scared her
  • Julie Gomes: Ela é incrível! ❤
  • Yummy Stuff: Omg the comments sections in her videos are like the most positive place I’ve been to!!
  • Christina Atwell: This is so beautiful it made me cry! And then laugh ?
  • Alya Batrisya: 4:22 oouuh
  • Life of Bangladesh: From dyeing to making clothes, it’s been amazing
  • S Zee: Someone doing a spoof on her would be hilarious.

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If you have good food, people will come to your restaurant.

Jollibee Wallpaper Background – Dragon Fruit Wallpaper

If people want to believe that the organic food has better nutritive value, it’s up to them to make that foolish decision. But there’s absolutely no research that shows that organic foods provide better nutrition.

For breakfast, I eat organic food with high fat content, such as whole milk yogurt, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit and a scrambled egg. I cook it in organic grape seed oil for its high omega content. I drink a cappuccino for its dose of milk and the coffee for its taste, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vegemite Wallpaper – Chocolate White Background

Barbecue is an incredibly democratic food. It’s cheaper than McDonald’s in many places and far more delicious. On the other hand, the only reason it can be that cheap is they use commodity hogs, the worst of the worst, which is – you know, it’s an industry kind of ruining North Carolina.

The lack of access to proper nutrition is not only fueling obesity, it is leading to food insecurity and hunger among our children.

Wallpaper Pastry – Salad Hd Images

My smile has been my ticket to the world. Smiling releases the same feel-good hormones you get jogging. Caring for your lips and gums is important. I brush my teeth morning and night, alternating toothpaste brands. In addition to flossing, I use a Water Pik to massage my gums and remove food particles.

If food were free, why work?

Taco Bell Wallpaper – Food Photography Backdrops Diy

Hunger is a deep concern of mine, and I feel that no one should go without food in this world as long as there are caring people to lend a hand. I’ve had to struggle in my past and I know what it’s like to go without, so I try to do as much as I can to help bring awareness to an issue that hits very close to home for me.

There’s so much importance in honoring your everyday hero. It doesn’t take money. It doesn’t take connections. What matters is that people get involved. Whether your passion is gun control or food or whatever it may be, everybody needs to stop being so self-absorbed.