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Because of media hype and woefully inadequate information, too many people nowadays are deathly afraid of their food, and what does fear of food do to the digestive system? I am sure that an unhappy or suspicious stomach, constricted and uneasy with worry, cannot digest properly.

Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.

Metaphysics is a restaurant where they give you a thirty thousand page menu, and no food.

When I’m under stress, I do yoga. It’s when I’m happiest that I have a problem with junk food.

I’m not really a fan of healthy food – I love eating! But, of course, I do work out.

I remain faithful to bourbon sour. It’s absolutely delicious. You’d have to ask a bartender what’s in it, but I think if you know you might never have a drink. I also love a little rum, 7 years aged, brown, when it is chilly, before dinner.

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  • Mags Honey: Her face when she bites the fruit is so cute
  • Xanthe: If there was a zombie apocalypse I’m going straight to Liziqi
  • Hellen n: I guess deep down inside each of us longging for these kind of connection with nature. Where nature provides all and we care for it. Thats why it is felt so peace, given human condition nowdays that is so disconnect with nature
  • Pixie Snow: I was watching this and forgot that I was cooking some apples in the kitchen. For a minute there, I thought I could smell the jujube steaming lol
  • Thornback: I’m from Iceland and none of these things grow here. But I’m watching anyways because these videos are so beautiful.
  • Eel Eyes: Everybody gansta till the wild jujube is ripe
  • Tayla DeMello: I love these videos even you know I have no idea what any of it says in any of them. there so relaxing and she is so beautiful
  • Nanmi Zimik: There are plenty of those fruits in Manipur, Northeast India, too. It’s Usually cooked with sugar and eat it like compote or jam. In our local dialect (Tangkhul) we call it Khaneithei.
  • mtcondie: I totally dont know whats going on in these videos but, I keep watching them anyways… The videos are awesome!
  • Anagha Menon: Are we just ignoring the fact that she made a fricking bracelet out of the seeds so casually. She is so pure❤️
  • TiDot -: did this youtuber just united the whole world with food and beautiful scenery? awesome
  • Catri Je: Everytime i watch it feels like I’m at the garden of Eden everything is provided.
  • Min Min: When I watch her prepare and create meals I never see a fly, mosquito, ant, gnat, fruitfly, a bee. Nothin
  • Hanan Ali: سبحان الله ?
    العربي الي يمر من هون ومعجب بحياتهم يحط لايك??
  • Savitri Lakra: You are like a real princess friendly to the nature, you have you own castle of ideas.
  • Lixian Kok: 小姐姐被酸到样子好萌!!!
  • Awai: But like … How does her dishes NEVER get bugs in them? It’s amazing xD
  • Sad Lad: I love how she makes use of everything, it’s so fulfilling
  • Sahil Gayak: In Nepal, this fruit is called ‘Lapsi’. And the above jujube cake is called ‘Paau’ or ‘Mada’. You can make pickles of it also. U can simply mix those skins with salt n red chilly powder and dry it. And take it as snacks.
  • 대원: 哈哈 被酸到的那表情 也醉了?
  • Chinnary Honey: love from India what a pleasant nature… give me English subtitles please
  • Amberly Kim: The face she’s making when she tried the unriped jujube? so cute
  • Psycho Jiro: 1:17 that’s the cutest reaction I’ve ever seen from you ?❤️
  • Joe Kung: love to see people all over the world being so into this girl
  • Nguyễn Peter: She have everything she need <3 OMG i love her life,it's so beautiful.
  • Glass Monkey: Waaa I want to be her! She’s so beautiful and lives in paradise.
  • drisme 22: It’s name is “lapsi” in Nepal. we use it in meat.. we make pickle and candy too
  • Chubby Bunny: I love how you can use the pits as jewelry <3
  • 許容菁: 住在這裡真好大自然食材免費供應
  • Mickey C: 世界那么大,总有人用你想象不到的方式在生活,就比如——子柒。真的太厉害了。
  • tarlochan singh: I Like when U taste that fruit and ur face expressions was so lovely
  • Yongky Yank 66: Li ziqi the princess of chinese traditional cooking art
  • Srijana Sharma: We also have these citrus fruit on my home, Nepal. My mom makes candies and pickles evey year.
  • Josh Christopher: Some dont need a same language to connect people, some of those are food, music, nature, love … and Li Ziqui
  • salfuric acid: this type of life I really want.. I am bored with my life
  • Simplement Ana: Tudo tão lindo e inspirador…❤?
  • Janz Curato: I have so much respect with these woman.?..
    Liziqi’s channel ??its a drugs im so addicted with it????
  • 以梦为馬TIANLOONGLI: 决定了,不炒核桃紫檀木了,改酸枣核串?????
  • amy X: 棗掉下來不會砸到頭嗎
  • Kanitta Topun: I love the way she react after test the fruit???
  • bc Q: 好想你多拍一点你家乡景色的片段啊,真的觉得好美!比如4:23
  • jessejauregui: Lizqi I’m so jealous of life, working hard and get no reward. I’m jealous of how you live! I love you ❤️ I wish nothing but good will and prosperity in life… some of us have it hard
  • Z.Ching阿晴吶: 子柒姐姐吃酸棗的表情好可愛呀?
  • Geneva Frank: Watching in 2019 absolutely pleased. Thanks Ziqi !!!!
    And your village has such a fresh produce of fruits and vegetables, that’s calming truely!!!! Love you Ziqi ???
  • Nina Huang: *when life gives you sour jujubes, make jujube cake*
  • Ruby Moon: 1:12
    *the cutest expression i ever did see*
  • Cindy Mark: I’ve just discovered your channel recently but I’ve felt comfortable when seeing every single video. It’s so awesome because the way you make it.
  • Ruth Rana: I missed my childhood days?… One of my favorite fruit?.. In my language it’s called kekking…. I love all your videos?… Lots of love from North East India Nagaland.. ??
  • Sylvia Farley: I just discover her video, I spent all night watching it, she is perfect, she knows how to do everything. From cooking to sewing, you name it. She is our young Martha Stewart.
  • cissa fernandes: Muita admiração por essa moça,tão independente,É sabe fazer tudo?????
  • Culvea Solvere: I’ve noticed all of her fruit preparations involve steaming or heating to break down the sugars.
  • Jenny Gumamera: Love it when tastes it and cringe because its really sour???
    Great video as always!!!!???
  • Hikigaya Hachiman: 1:18 so cute ?
  • Thor S.W.: 1:16 priceless reaction now I know what its taste like.
  • Defractvrem Official Channel: I don’t need subtitles, this images are enough for me. Thank you!!
  • Hữu Thiện Trần: 1:17 that sence was really melted my heart <3 :))
  • mikrokosmos: Everytime I come to watch this I keep reading “jujube” as “julibee” idk
  • BORSHA saima: This videos she makes everything is so beautiful and so relaxing. I love her and her videos .I feel much more connected with nature .so thank u laziqi
  • 大皓待: 霜結化白晶
  • Dinh Minh Tan: 1:17 so cute
  • Jangkhogin Lhouvum: I love this fruit,it remind me of my childhood n old friends
  • Wafaa Roswa953: I can’t understand anything
    But I can’t also stop watching
    You are my favorite girl in the world
  • naked professional: the bracelet though ?
  • Patty Liao: 被酸到的表情好真實!!XDDD
  • David Battlefield: 我想把李子柒的生活方式例为 中国文化遗产保护!
  • Riva S: Now I know what tree I have in my yard! I did so much research on it and couldn’t find it, and now, I see it on my favorite channel!
    Edit: But the squirrels eat at least half the fruit before I get my hands on it…
  • 無冥樺: 看到攪拌時突然想到史萊姆
  • akino khedim: Its the first time I saw this fruit….. Thank you so much ????
  • gisele lemes: Que maravilha, ver uma fruta que conheço do Goiás, chamamos de cajázinho ?.
  • Jonathan Lowell Brown: Peace love and happiness inside and out thank you thank you thank you my man ?
  • gigi love: Omg this woman is amazing!!!
  • Riski A: I just love her expression while eating a sour jujube, cute…
  • Anrie Vaskes Bananoff: That was amazing! Thank you!
  • yiyan lau: 酸棗泥滑成糰的樣子太可愛了
  • shasha TG: I remember me and sister along with our friends we used to eat this fruit when we were kids..it is so damn sour..but still we ate it with salt..my mom used to sun dry these jujube to use in dishes she cook at home.
  • lujayn3: when I first saw the seeds I thought they would make nice beads and low and behold she makes a bracelet out of them, I am happy
  • Natalka Poltavka: Очень люблю ваши видеосюжеты,?️ бусики классные ??
  • Mai: 1:49-1:51 she splat that jujube on the ground ???
  • DevInvest: I feel so uncouth –
    I only knew JuJubes as a cinema candy!
  • Qing Wu: One of my favorite memories from childhood was my grandma making dried jujube cake back in Hunan. During the season when the fruits were ripe, many neighbors made the same thing and the yard in front of our building was full of bamboo racks where these cakes were dried. We barely had any other deserts to eat those days and the sour taste of the cake was so delicious that I could never find it again…not in any of the Michelin star restaurants I visited in my adulthood. Thanks Ziqi for creating this wonderful Proustian moment for me.
  • 闫国强: 酸的口水呼呼直流,看子柒的表情,感觉太酸了!
  • Sony m: God thank u so much for this beautiful nature ? ? ❤
  • Chris Chel: I really love watching all your videos Mis Liziqi.? I’m a big fan of yours from the Philippines ?? I started watching your videos last week and then ’til now I keep on watching.?
  • Hemanta Ningthoujam: Whenever she need an ingredient , I feel like it’s available in her garden…what is she by the way…everything seems to be possible for her.
  • Lauren Elaine: In the US we have a kind of candy called “Jujubees”, but it never occurred to me that they were actually a fruit.
  • gin: It’s so nice that she returns everything in place~
  • Kiran Praat: I love these videos..she’s so beautiful
  • muselylove: I love those beaded bracelets out of the jujube seeds. I remember the scene at Fushigi Yuugi were one of Tamahome’s sister made Miaka a necklace made out of seeds, I wonder if those are Jujube seeds because it looks similar.
  • Butuzucki: if i pick up wild fruit in my hometown in Germany… People will call the Police 😀 I hate my Country !!! i wanna go to China !
  • Eddie Martinez: Her village is in the mountains I love this . away from city that’s my dream home
  • Marcus Ao: This fruit reminds me of my childhood.
  • Asangla Jamir: Ah that’s where she hides her secret weapon..?
  • LOST LOVE: Pls tell me the name of background music.. it’s relaxing..
  • 胖子也有爱: 每次看到子柒姐姐做东西,总是口水流成河?
  • Kaxue Xiong: She puts her weapon back too lol take note ?
  • Aaron Zhang: I kind of come back to check if I liked all her videos.
  • MilliMayG 76: May I ask you where I can find a bowl/basket like the one you washed the Jujubes in? It’s absolutely stunning!
  • Kaka Lim: Your videos are amazing. It makes me happy everytime I watch them. I always dream of living a life far away from the city, just peaceful and calm.
  • C Cathrynnn.: 被酸到的子柒姐姐真可爱xD
  • KloeCoco94169: 完了 这两天看子柒的视频上瘾。。。

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I want my food dead. Not sick, not dying, dead.

Christmas Cookies Wallpaper – Wallpaper Pasta

Food makes me happy. Make me work round the clock, but just feed me first!

I normally don’t love green juices, but Body & Eden makes theirs tasty by blending ingredients like avocado and banana with the usual suspects like kale and spinach. Delicious as they are, they’re low calorie, and the drink names are catchy: I Have Balance, I Have Energy, and my favorite, I Have Calm.

Fried Chicken Wallpaper – Cute Avocado Wallpaper

I grew up in an agricultural family, and I never distanced myself from where the food comes from. I think it’s quite natural.

Panda – We’re not really selling Chinese food, you know. Our real purpose is about developing people.

Watermelon Background Cute – Chocolate 4K Wallpaper

Human beings do not eat nutrients, they eat food.

My family lived off the land and summer evening meals featured baked stuffed tomatoes, potato salad, corn on the cob, fresh shelled peas and homemade ice cream with strawberries from our garden. With no air conditioning in those days, the cool porch was the center of our universe after the scorching days.

Food Lover Wallpaper – Fruit Wallpaper Hd

Fixing obesity is going to require a change in our modern relationship with food. I’m hopeful that we begin to see a turnaround in this childhood obesity epidemic.

The unmerited fear of genetically modified organism crops threatens scientific advancements in biotechnology needed to meet the growing global demand for safe and affordable food.

Wallpaper Sushi – Junk Food Wallpaper – Wallpaper Cute Food

If you like good ol’ fashion Southern soul food then, yes, I am a good cook! My specialty is chicken dumplings and poke salad.

We simply can no longer afford to deny the full potential of one half of the population. The world needs to tap into the talent and wisdom of women. Whether the issue is food security, economic recovery, health, or peace and security, the participation of women is needed now more than ever.

Food brings people together on many different levels. It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.

I remember the fact that milk was delivered every day by a milkman. In summer, my mother would make what now seem in my middle-aged imagination the most delicious iced milkshakes.

Sometimes a little comfort food can go a long way.

All the food we eat, whether Brussels sprouts or pork bellies, has been modified by mankind. Genetic engineering is only one particularly powerful way to do what we have been doing for eleven thousand years.

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  • C Mickie: These videos are all about respect and gratitude. She respects the land, the animals, nature and her Grandmother. She has gratitude for the things that surround her and sustain her. She has all that she needs.This is a beautiful thing.
  • Akhilesh Choubey: Anyone from India watching here.
  • Kayen Mayrain: I love the sound of fruits being pick. It’s soooooooooo satisfying.
  • Rosalia Godinho: Hi,
    I like the bamboo water tap which is outside ur garden can you show how you made that


  • tinman 001: i don’t understand why there are so many dislikes for this, its just a relaxing video about peaches
  • the legendary kong: Everyone saying they want this life . The Environmental beautiful surrounding her is not Easy . The trees the farm the life stalk everything that’s beautiful require lots of labour work on a daily basis in order to maintain it. Laziness will only ruin it . The things she does looks easy on your eye cause she is a professional at what she does . Don’t fool yourself inorder to want to live this live it requires certain decipline and Wisdom . Take a first step and keep a pet dog first it will take a toll on you and your responsibility taking care of it . My simple message to you is the best things in life are the most hardest and most sophisticated thing . Good luck to you all those who live the life of dedication and decipline you are the ones who will succeed on what you set out to do . Thank you people for giving your best. Live on life it’s worth it (it’s beautiful)
  • anis hidayah: I envy with this girl look like she has everything she need
  • Ẩm Thực Mẹ Làm: I love how this channel brings people together from so many different cultures and languages!
    .. Liziqi is my inspiration. I live in Vietnamese..
  • JIKOOK#eats FOOD: Anyone 2019
  • Irene Arlet: I seriously hope she never stops making these videos because this is how I unwind after a long stressful day in the city dreaming of places like these.
  • Jenny Hernandez: I go on this channel to escape my stressful reality
  • Wiem Kaidi: Actually I can’t stop watching these videos…you are unbelievable..you have such wonderful talents and skills
  • Arriety Moon: fairy woke up early to pick up fruits ??

    I’m addicted to this channel ?

  • Namchiaw Phakdirat: She’s beautiful i love it
  • John Fog: This is one of the most amazing you-tube channel in the WORLD!
  • Dzung Le Van: For anyone who don’t know. The song in this video is “big fish” or “大鱼”
  • Hemi Chan: I just found out that this channel exists and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
  • JCY Tan: 谁是四川的请举手
  • Mr mohammed Abdow: wow i like that it is so wonderfull that’s my favorite food
  • Sara Gonzalez: I love her dress she is so beautiful she looks like a angel that fall from the sky??
  • Chelle Villanueva: I’ll give up w everything for a life like this

    Who’s like me?

  • Fortuitous Son: Hearing “Shiki no uta ” from minmi at the beginning ❤️ got me thinking of Nujabes …
  • Emily: This is what I want to have when i grow up
  • Zephania Yamanu: Love this girl I feel like I was there in my past life, I really love your videos xoxo from Philippines?
  • Leylani Cotts: Binged watching her videos on free time. I am obsessed with the bamboo fountain. The fire pit. I’ll tell my husband I am going to build them. He ask me to stop watching her videos.?
  • Adi Susanto: She’s said that “”hi,.. come on follow me , to her dog, “”
    Dog : certainly yes ,??? //
    may be ??
  • Pari Dewry: I so wish if I could live her life❤❤❤❤
  • mel Rain: I seriously love her water..i never see anything like it before in my life..like seriously how and how??that handle is on a tree??wow
  • reshmi choudhury: 2.8 k dislike! WTF !! Why? Who are those people? ?
  • Zhuoxuan Li: Everyone loves her, how I wish we could bring this mood to everyone also, to praise each other~
  • Harley p: Ok but can we talk about how adorable her dog is
  • Mohamad Reza: Im in love with her ???
  • Esther Lumbantoruan: She is so beautiful with her dress and i like her dogs it so cute
  • Màu Xanh: Chắc có mỗi mình là người Việt Nam lạc bước đến đây, gặp tỉ, quên cả đường về.
  • Rough Diamond: Love her videos. Wish some of the ingredients/spices were translated in English.
  • Baishakhi Ghosh: When i saw her videos i forget all my stress
  • bangladeshi vlogger priya: I love the most in my heart this channel… this is a very very satisfied vedio in channel and a lot of things teach for us…….
  • Bsbdv Hdbdhd: I’ve seen all the videos, and I loved them.
  • Angeline Raggett: Seriously thinking this is a film by how incredible the Cinematography of it is
  • moufeed alguheim: Please tell me what are you doing to your hair I lost my hair ??
  • Guilherme Ramon: Liziqi shows to us how everyone should live, this is real happiness! I love this channel so much, and i love how you live Liziqi, much love from Brazil! ^^
  • Pang Kou Xiong: Wow. I love this. Finally something I think I can do.?
  • Shi Ni Yang: 1:11 That sound tho…
  • Dinu Nadee: I’m sri lankan. & this is my dream life style
  • Valdira cavalcante dias santos: Boa tarde seus vídeos s msm umas delícia para os olhos d qm ver parabéns ñ tem igual ñ Deus abençoe a paz a tdos amém ???❤
  • Roy Lu: 赞!如果是我的话,我会再放点枸杞,好看又好吃~
  • anukmotaknea satub: Love you … when I stress I alway watch this clip #from Cambodia
  • Simply Maha: I decided that i will learn Chinese.. and someday i will visit china ??
  • Le Sandy: She looks like a Fairy in Legend! ❤ her!
  • Arif Khan: This is my favorite celebrates…
  • Taufique Afridi: Background music is very naturally
  • Thị Cám: Hi,
    I’m from Viet Nam
  • Dahlia White: The way she lives is everything I wanted to be.
  • Yukun Weng: 大鱼真的超级好听!!!疯狂打call
  • philip chung: Love when she wakes the pooch to go with her.
  • lady amore: wondering if they have airbnb there so that I can leave my current life and enjoy life there even for short while
  • Cô Tấm ngày nay Country cuisine: There’s something so serene and beautiful about the way she work. This channel is better than any Tv series i have ever seen.who agree with me ?
    She inspired me to cook Vietnamese food
  • tom aaron: 真給中國人長臉讚
  • Charles Loveday: Don’t know how she’s able to do all the things that she does… with all the amazing things she cooks, cans, and preserves!!! She’s so beautiful and an angel, so awesome at everything!!??✌️???????
  • meli pretzel: I love the water spigot perfect for cleaning garden produce. Can you show how that is assembled please❤️thank you for lovely videos
  • Yoz Walker: This my favorite food!!
  • SeaSky Guy: Time to plant a peach tree in my backyard!!!!
  • Tí Nị: Có ai là người việt nam đang xem không cho tôi thấy cánh tay của các bạn đi ??????
  • EthaJR: I feels so calm relax and peace just to watch her video…her life is so beautiful?
  • Sydney Luo: One of my favourate food since a child.. 🙂
  • 鄭婷: 我好喜歡看妳的影片,
  • nora Jalal: آستغفرالله…☘️❤️
  • pramila namdar: I don’t understand what the video says but it’s really relax my mind..
  • Michael Lapaille: She helps me relax and feel at peace with the beauty of life and food.
  • lena puspitasari: Like this chanel … make me feel in the faradise …. all fruit, and the view so beautyful …???
  • sillywafflefries :]: The quality on these videos are amazing! The camera quality, lowered framerate and high saturation makes them feel unreal.
  • Pink Rose: Love you liziqi? iam from iraq every time look to you
  • Alan Douglas Randall: Audio visual poetry. You are a true artist! Greetings from Canada
  • Rlyn Rosethrough: Your life was a living testament of heaven on earth… How I wished I could have a life like yours…
  • Skip- Ad: Love your videos!
    0:06 aww..no little bed for doggy?
  • esperanza Alcala: That FLOWER VASE it’s my favorite part, it tell the season always with fresh flowers ? ??????? I L?VE it
  • eja: the thing i love the most in all your videos is your smile, u always show happy face
  • Cogito Ergosum: I think I’m falling for her ☺️??
  • Christina Lovianna Bakara: From Indonesia

    I am very happy I found your channel

  • Thanh Lê: you have knife ? I’m from Vietnam with love
  • Priyan Kubi Sangma: I always wait for your new channels. I really like it and i’m addicted to your channel. I always see your videos to make my mind fresh….it makes me feel cool. Thanks you dear n God bless you?
  • chiisai lady: Like seriously who dislikes this videos? These are so peaceful how can someone not like them?
  • Galactic Nova: 2:04 Badass woman with a badass knife!
  • Mary Paila: I want to eat the peach
  • Guilherme Ramon: How can someone be so beautiful, talented and smart? This is AMAZING!!!
  • Suzy Wrobel: I’ve noticed the dogs change throughout the videos. I absolutely love those animals ❤️
  • Nikki Vang: she live a beautiful lifestyle that we will never get to experience
  • Dipika Boro: How beautiful ❤️
  • Mama & Zach: In our province we sleep very early and wake up super early ?
  • Alua Baimuratova: Love ???
  • Leonila Bitoncol: Everything is awesome?
  • Lieuwe Jongsma: Wish I could read Chinese.
  • Eric Chavez: Watching her videos before going sleep is such a stress remover. What a relaxing and peaceful environment you have. You’re so lucky. And the fooooodd!! ??So fresh! You really are lucky eating those fresh fruits and veggies.
  • Sha Niyamol: Njn jeevithathil Kanatha thram frouts okke aanu ithilullad.. Alhamdulillah
  • Astha Inoue: At 1:35 : wow what a beautiful sky

    She: keeps a plate on it!!

    Me: That was a table!!??? Damn
    Her recording skills are just amazing!! (or maybe my imagination blocked my field vision idk)

  • DamienNightmarish: You live in a dream. Omg!
  • nancy lee: watching and rewatching her videos..never gets tired..soothing music along with it..great videos to calm my stress levels anytime!!!
  • Meredith T: I love how she also includes her pets in all her videos. These cute cameos play well
  • Yani Purwati: I think she have perfect goals life?

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I have a beautiful platter of various fruits as my computer screen saver. It’s a constant reminder to eat healthy! It helps me to make healthier food choices throughout my day.

Food Banner Background – Wallpaper Sushi

The bottom line – customers want delicious food served quickly in an interactive format, and they are increasingly unwilling to compromise.

I delivered Chinese food on Long island, which is pretty depressing. I lived with my parents and did that for six months. I got a job a few towns over from mine so I wouldn’t have to see people from my high school.

Delicious In Cantonese – Junk Food Wallpaper

I work on most weekends, so my husband is the executive chef. He is an amazing cook. I love the way he does salmon, and his apple pie for dessert is delicious.

Barbecue is the good old technique of people making a fire and putting some stuff over the top – I mean, look at the S’more: it’s just got a stick. A lot of those goofy toys, it’s people who are looking at things to do. I think if you focus on the food, at the most you need tongs or a spoon to flip something; that’s about it.

Hot Sauce Wallpaper – Wallpaper Cute Food

How I show love has always been through food. That, for me, has been the foundation of how I express gratitude for anybody around me.

It was very liberating, living in a foreign country, a place where everything was new and strange – the food, the customs, the climate, everything.

Fast Food Hd Wallpaper – Chocolate Chip Wallpaper

I have these brownies that I make that are just a home run with my family. I make them with almond butter, prune puree, walnuts, cocoa powder and whole-wheat flour, and I like them because they’re delicious, but they’re also guilt-free.

To me, food is as much about the moment, the occasion, the location and the company as it is about the taste.