Really gruesome, and the poor dog is screaming in a way..

I am an American living in a small town in Argentina. I was walking down the sidewalk with my two-year old son and my girlfriend’s dog (a border collie puppy) on a leash. The neighbors have a dog they let live out in their front yard (common in Argentina) and always follow me when I walk with my son. About 50 meters from my house is a some sort of industrial business with a dirt driveway about twenty meters long from the side to a chain link fence. Behind the chain link fence are two large dogs.

The neighbor’s dog (super friendly, loves everyone and all dogs and cats) that is following me runs over to the chain link fence. Then my son runs over following the dog, and I am yelling “Luca, come back!!” Suddenly, the two dogs behind the chain link fence knock the fence completely over, pinning the neighbor’s dog under the fence and start attacking the neighbor’s dog through the fence in the worst way possible. Never seen a dog fight and never want to see one again, it was terrible, it was like lions on an antelope. Really gruesome, and the poor dog is screaming in a way I’ve never heard a dog scream.

I start yelling for help. It is a small town so one is on the street. My son is right next to this dog fight because he had followed the neighbor’s dog. He is screaming and crying. My own dog is going crazy on the leash. I run over, grab my son and put him over to the side. I drop the leash of my dog, and start trying to separate these two dogs attacking the neighbor’s dog but I can’t. They are big. Kicking them in the head doesn’t work. I keep screaming for help. Finally someone from across the street comes over and grabs my son and runs back to the other side of the street. One of the two dogs starts attacking my own dog, which I don’t have control of anymore because I dropped the leash. It is just a mess. My kid is crying like a maniac. I am able to get my dog, I pick it up, run it across the street.

Then I run back and the two dogs are still attacking my neighbor’s dog, who is pinned to the ground and all bloody. I kick the dogs as hard as I can but they won’t stop. I know it is stupid but I grab one with all my strength to push it off but it just jumps back on my neighbor’s dog, which I am not sure how it is even still alive. Finally I take my backpack (that I use to carry my kid’s diapers and water bottle) and start smashing the two dogs over the head until they get off, and the neighbor’s dog limps off. No one knows where she went, I’m pretty worried she is dead.

I take my kid and dog back. Then I go back to this business and leave a note with my phone number. Then a car drives up, it is the owner and his wife. I tell him what happens, and that if he has vicious dogs he needs to fix his fence. He tells me it isn’t his problem if someone else’s dog comes up to his fence. I said well it is your problem when you don’t have a fence in good condition and they can just knock it over and start attacking. “You can’t leave your fence like that, it’s a danger to everyone. What if the dogs came after my kid? Fix your fence. If you don’t have the money, I’ll pay for it, but don’t leave hazards like this.” He says, “my dogs are puppies, they won’t attack people, they are friendly.” Then his wife yells at me, “Why was your son on our property?” And I said, he’s two years old, we live in a tiny village, he ran 20 meters in front of me. They yell at me to take better care of my kid. I respond, “My kid doesn’t t deserve the death sentence from two giant dogs because he dared to step on to your front yard.” The wife and husband stop talking to me and go inside their business and lock the door.

Is this my fault? Can I do anything about this business and their fence? I walk with my kid, the border collie, and the neighbor’s dog every day, and this has never happened.