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I know that every actor that I know, when Daniel Day-Lewis does a film, and he doesn’t work that often, but we run to the theater to see what he’s up to, and with such delicious excitement. The same goes for Meryl Streep.

If I’m making a movie and get hungry, I call time-out and eat some crackers.

The Kitchen’s mission is to strengthen communities by bringing local, real food to everyone.

If I go on summer vacation, I’d make a funny video about it for YouTube. For Instagram I’d show the gorgeous pictures. Snapchat is for the little side moments, like the hotel room, the food. Twitter is for whatever thoughts that come to mind about the vacation.

Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate.

Agriculture is now a motorized food industry, the same thing in its essence as the production of corpses in the gas chambers and the extermination camps, the same thing as blockades and the reduction of countries to famine, the same thing as the manufacture of hydrogen bombs.

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  • Farjana Akther: This is the best channel in youtube.
    Agree = like
    Disagree = comment
  • MR FZ: That garden probably had more fruit and vegetables than a market at city.
  • pudding: i am so jealous of this lifestyle ): i hate living in the city
  • optimist: She had all varieties of tomatoes in her garden
  • health and beauty remedies: Who is watching her video before sleep to have some cool dreams ????????? like
  • im sleepy: I feel guilty watching this video and there isnt a single ad. Some people make worst content and run ads about every minute or two.
  • Tuti Wahyu: Ada orang Indonesia nonton ini juga gak?

    ?? Like kalo ada.

  • Sandeep Singh: she has such a deep knowledge in the young age. who agrees with me?
  • G Forero: She must live in a place like the garden of Eden. She has just about every vegetables and fruits.
  • Top Factor: There are three things you can watch forever: fire, water, and other people working
  • 白沙烟: 我知道你翻了很久终于翻到一条中文评论,此时你不点个赞吗?!!
  • Usharani Mangaraju: These videos world famous because everyone wants to live life like this
  • Pispi Pispi: Who else wants to live like this when they’re adults and have enough money to buy a house ???
  • Ayu Izbirera: I’m so jealous you have everything in your garden
  • Ауез Шорманов: Можно ли писать на русском рецепты которые написаны в боку
  • upsc 2020: Best Cook
    Best Farmer
    Best Home maker
    Best Tailor
    Best Gardner
    Best Carpenter
    Best Granddaughter
    Best Environmentalist(by not using plastic)
    All in one ???
  • Iris Deidalina: I’m almost sure she makes her own makeup
  • Nightingirl 600: If she transmigrates to the ancient times like in the light novels she’ll have no problem adapting
  • brain storm: You’re blessed every organic you must be very healthy such a peaceful place
  • HEMALATHA MK: Definitely this is the heaven in the earth and she is an angel, God bless you.
  • Anna aye: Who else loved her DIY oven?? ❣❣❣❣ her videos are so relaxing ❤
  • Spellmaker Niar Official: respect for the cooker,everything is so nice,paradise living place
  • Captain_ d.Y.s.: She have everything ?. I think she don’t need super market.
  • SuperMarbelle: My grandmother cooked us some chicken feet one time. She said that was the only time she would. Same with a fish head.
  • Kezevituo Sote: Her channel should be called cook with liziqi”!!… ??
  • el xero: Eat like this everyday and you’ll live for ever
  • Pree s: Wen see those fruits…I remember the Eden Garden…
  • Cholid Tusitala: Everyday like this, it’s such she lives in perfect harmony..
  • Sadhi Sadhi: i like ur garden,fruits,vegetables really…….speechless
  • Boot animation: damn she got every type of vegetables in her garden..
  • 炸Chipr: My mind: I want a garden like LZQ
    My body: No, you want more snack. Stay here and watch LZQ’s video.
    My mind: ok
  • 1irumi8: the most satisfying part of her videos is when she’s harvesting or preparing her ingredients
  • A CARROT WITH no SUBSCRIBER: *I feel so sad for the tomatoe left alone in there ? **0:48*
    *’till now i’ve been dreaming about it.*
  • D’yco Im’ran: She is Absolutely fabulous & Knowledgeable.
  • Princess Somi: Im stunned that she has every variety of veggies and fruits in her farm and everything looks so fresh. Enjoyed the video but im still in shock ?
  • swathi chowdary: cutting of those tomatoes from plants is sooo satisfyingg??
  • Agus vlog: I really want to have a house with the garden like that.. feels very peaceful.. I’m bored with the urban atmosphere with all its busyness.
  • Sara Tran: I feel so relax when I look her videos ?
  • Alan Barrett II: *This whole production is better then most movies*
  • HeyoItsNatalie: I wanna live with this lady so bad. It seems like an absolute dream.
  • Trupti K: Every glorious edible ingredient grows in her garden.
  • Lucky Girl: This is my dream life❤️❤️
  • moskhds Modsb: ماشاء الله
    عايشة بجنة على الارض
    ربي اطعمنا الفردوس الاعلى
    انا وكل من يقول امين
  • 黄靖涵Ng Jing Han: my local supermarket doesn’t have the range of vegetables and fruits she has in her garden. ?
  • Belle P.: What a hardworking girl. I wonder if she ever gets tired doing all that work. Beautiful place though.
  • djwaglmuffin: I’m growing tomatoes next year. I’m so sick of the tasteless ones we get here in the states.
  • Alona Madarang: This is the life I want ?
  • pen boy: She’s really beautiful 🙂
  • TeleportingPotato: Man I’m so jealous of her garden 🙁 to think that everyone on earth could have a farm like that and the only reason we can’t is cause we can’t afford land or a house with a backyard :/ I think the world would be a better place if we were able to grow our own food
  • المجنون عموري: اكو عراقي مثلي يتابع ويتحسر علمكان الكاعدة بي هاي??
  • La Consentida: This is living off the grid. No supermarket needed.???
  • salwa rayhan: Please adopt me hhhhhh I’m crazy about your life style please take me with my children ???
  • wenika wannachoksiri: ดูเพลินนมากกก สุดยอดแม่ครัว?????? บ้านสวนในฝัน เศรษฐกิจพอเพียง
  • Crystelle Na: Who else clicked super fast when the notification came because its Li Zi Qi
  • Henry Vibal: I feel satisfied this video?❤️❤️❤️
  • ak.98: Wow that oven is actually the same as the old medieval ovens in Hungarian Folktales here on Youtube
  • subathra nayagam: Credits goes to camera man who shoots this greatly… Luv this video
  • monir uddin ahmed: The place is not less than a heaven on earth.
  • Aya Mi: Me: Watch her videos at midnight before I going to sleep because it’s so relaxing
  • Yanjun Chen: 令人羡慕的田园生活,看你的手知道你勤劳且心灵手巧,将来你的另一半有福气啰,真妒忌那小子!
  • kagnomi: This was a video suggested to me and since then I’ve subscribed and watch her vids every night
  • Jeff Dunnell: Spellbinding to watch an angel in the garden of eden preparing the most delicious dishes from Mother Earth,thanks for sharing
  • Seven Stars: i saw your vedio daily before sleeping .
  • CF Justice: She has the entire grocery store in her garden!! it’s so impressive!
  • Jennifer Arzate: I just want to live with her. Such a peaceful lifestyle ???
  • MissPiggles88: This is incredible. The filming. The editing. The cooking. All of it is so wonderful ?
  • Kimdei Oh: She makes cooking look so easy. I need to train under her
  • hannhsearthmom: Love this ❤️
  • Noodle Soup: The way how she takes care of her grandma makes my heart melt ☺️
  • Tina Sarah: Indo maravilhoso!!!
  • amie kazuki: In my thought, she has a mountain to plant all those plants. So happy to see fresh picked vegies, fruits, and other spices from own garden. But that looks so large ?. Like I want that ranch. So lovely
  • En Heng: 连我这个中国人都看的馋了 老外们得馋死吧 哈哈哈
  • joy seli: she is so talented omg… and i always loved farm life im glad shes showing people more how amazing it is.
  • may: Liziqi : *goes into garden and forest almost every single day
    Me : *only seen outside the house once a month?
  • lester dont-trip107: Todos quisieran tener una esposa como esta que todo hace muy trabajadora
  • Rowena C.: I’m mad for tomatoes, but have only enough space to grow a dozen vines. I LOVE her tomato garden!
  • claudio oliveira: Good evening, what a variety of foods, all so natural ,, my name is Claudio .. I really like this lifestyle. Congratulations woman.
  • Asian Girl: The way she cooks is calming but also kinda aggressive in a way
  • jennifer blaine: you should make a video of your grandma she so cute, people would like to see how you care for her. I think it would motivate more people to do what you do . I think everything you do is probably for your grandma , your a hard working women who will never be poor because you work so hard. there for you will always have what you need , God bless : )
  • Aling Lena: She’s amazing. My inspiration that why I make village cooking in my province. Love from Philippines
  • 여고생보지털: 요즘세상에 이렇게 아름다운 여자가있을가♡♡
    집안살림이 평온해서 행복하겠다♡♡
  • Rifa Ftech: Hatsoff to you.. am wondering and jealous to watching you..
  • Nawal l: This is amazing ,i feel in paradise??
  • Lâm Trần Chính: This is the first time, i comment a video of china, i’m from vietnam, the best channel, the best girl, i love you ❤
  • Jocelyn Gatan: I love ur place coz u have a nice vegetables and fruits… God bless and ur grandma
  • Hàn Mạc Danh: Đẹp quá ?
    Thấy gái xinh đau tim quá❤
  • Destiny Lynn: That corn was so pretty. ?
  • Charmie Dalluyon: I could say this girl is living a very wonderful life. So satisfying and peaceful.
  • Uthe UNO: Very beautifull and also talented Granddaughter from the earth ??
  • RUBY ROY: I’m just becoming a fan of this … Can anyone tell me more details about this women,family,and there lifestyle Does these kind of places are really there ? It just wonderful ??
  • Ariakay 247: This is aesthetic and satisfying at the same time

    I love it.

  • Pappu Mohanty: So so nice garden.. Just want to be there ❤❤❤❤
  • Tahamina Rahman: I want to live here.. She is living my dream life.. grow your own vegetable and eat it with family.. so peaceful..
  • 蘇怡禎: 奶奶好可愛❤️❤️❤️
  • Neel Ana: I love it how they instantly cook and eat !
  • Khang Quách: From MixiGaming with love ❤
  • senorbeckon: I’ll have to try those sun-dried tomatoes!
  • morigan becks: I think we just had a mini tour of her garden.
    Very industrious video. So many things that you have to watch this again.
    Keep up the good work and have a good day.
  • Sonia Khansa: I’m definitely replicating that salad sooner or later :9
  • Sonia Rojas: I love how u work! ☺️

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If music be the food of love, play on.

Cake Background Wallpaper – Wallpaper Ice Cream Cone

Not only are pasta dishes delicious, but they are also great, easy options for a quick dinner during a busy weekday.

Hunger is a deep concern of mine, and I feel that no one should go without food in this world as long as there are caring people to lend a hand. I’ve had to struggle in my past and I know what it’s like to go without, so I try to do as much as I can to help bring awareness to an issue that hits very close to home for me.

Diy Backdrops For Cake Photography – Fruits Hd Wallpapers 1080P

The equal right of all citizens to health, education, work, food, security, culture, science, and wellbeing – that is, the same rights we proclaimed when we began our struggle, in addition to those which emerge from our dreams of justice and equality for all inhabitants of our world – is what I wish for all.

Throughout my life, I have tried to share my belief that getting and staying healthy doesn’t have to feel like work. My life is not about deprivation; I don’t diet or slave away in a gym. What I do is eat clean, nutritious, real food. I enjoy delicious meals with healthy fats, I eat until I am full and satisfied, and I remain thin.

Wallpaper Seafood – Cute Wallpapers Watermelon

I always encourage people to get out there, travel the world, see new things, experience new people, experience new food, experience new culture. What happens is that helps you to grow and be your best self.

Chicken fat, beef fat, fish fat, fried foods – these are the foods that fuel our fat genes by giving them raw materials for building body fat.

Apple Fruit Wallpaper – Drink Glass Wallpaper

Move to Italy. I mean it: they know about living in debt; they don’t care. I stayed out there for five months while I was making a film called ‘Order Of Death,’ and they’ve really got it sussed. Nice cars. Sharp suits. Great food. Stroll into work at 10. Lunch from 12 till three. Leave work at five. That’s living!

Technology is, of course, a double edged sword. Fire can cook our food but also burn us.

Funny Food Wallpaper – Drinks Hd Images – Blueberry Wallpaper

The most dangerous food is wedding cake.

Let’s face it, a nice creamy chocolate cake does a lot for a lot of people; it does for me.

Beware the hobby that eats.

If you’re out, and starving, and need a bite to eat, then you need fast food.

A lot of people think Japanese food is difficult, a lot of work. But you don’t have to buy the knife I have. You don’t have to train as long as I have. You can do my cooking in your kitchen.

I was a poor kid. I came from nothing. We didn’t have any money; a lot of times we didn’t have any food, and now, all of a sudden, I’m a superhero in a Marvel movie? Talk about the American dream, man – I’m living it.

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  • alicia ali: Compare to Kardashian’s , the useless bunch who give nothing to new generation to follow and girls are dying to follow them . She is a real princess.
  • Itty BittyBite: Me: Ahah!! How cute! Taking a moment to chase some geese!
    [Immediately washing a dead and defeathered goose]
    Me: *O H*
  • Peter’s Corner: Just Incredible, You got more fruits and vegetables in your garden then my local supermarket.
  • Devonpahu: Can you imagine the amount of work that goes into growing a garden like that? I don’t think she ever sits down except for meals
  • Hosneara Mukta: Every time she ran over chicken or duck they are done
  • Christopher Sian: I wanna live in a place as beautiful as this. I’m tired of the city
  • Ms XY: This grandmother is very blessed to have such a sweet, caring and hardworking grandaughter ?
  • Merry yangfo Merry yangfo: Am i the only who keeps returning to watch her videos even when am already watched all of her videos .?!
    No! Okay.
  • BelgiumShady: you just know when she runs after chickens or ducks what’ll happen next lmao
  • Composite Outlet: She inspires me to be a better version of myself?❤
  • Marianna Kovalev: I love to see her with her grandma. It warms my heart. People from every culture can relate to it. Спасибо.
  • Erica Okan: Her garden lots of vegetable and fruits how nice i wish i have too..
  • Lilli L’amour: I smile every time Grandma shows up
  • Sandy Husacek: *I absolutely adore her relationship with her grandmother. So loving and respectful. I wish more people would learn from her.*
  • nalla: 2:17 so cuteee. they’re backing away in unison ??
  • Yanina Aulasevich: Those vegetables in this garden are so nostalgic to me! I feel like I’m missing my grandpa’s village house so much! ??

    RIP my grandpa (who died a month ago)

  • Lulu Disong: Everything is available in her garden I can’t believe it?
  • Karan Kapoor: The sound feels like 3d audio in earphone?
  • Banira: It’s insane to me that his is someone’s life. It looks like a fantasy book…
  • parasnath shah: It’s looks easy but there is lots of timing, hardwork, passion and planing involved.
  • Karan Kapoor: The scenery makes feel like heaven will be like this……?
  • sven goolie: 我不会说中文,但我希望你知道我喜欢你的内容,我每天都在看你的频道……这给我带来了平静
  • Kaila Kim: I really love how you care for your grandmother. It puts smile on my face. Everytime i watch your videos it keeps me relax. If given a chance i like to live where you live…
  • Nagah Alsubaie: Her videos has helped me to overcome the major depressive disorder .. thanks ??
  • ArchRockK: 1:03 it’s amazing that nature can provide bountiful water to you ^^
  • 李淑君: 除了美麗的李子柒及慈祥奶奶, 幾位可愛的汪汪及咩咩也上鏡.
  • wu vince: I read that some people criticize her for being unreal! l want to bring to your attention that in her interview, she stated that her video are A reflection of her dream lifestyle. There nothing wrong in trying to live to your dream or prefer lifestyle…moreover she is doing it in harmony with nature. How many of us can claim that we are able to achieve such “dream”.
  • Trendy Golbin247: If it was a zombie apocalypse she definitely on my team!
  • Amy Kinz: I love the little pup chasing the ducks with you like “I’ll help you get ’em!”
  • Crystal Van Roekel: True art inspires action. This is living art. Many blessings to you.
  • Joy Waylett: This lovely Angel takes such wonderful care of her Grandmother. This is how it should be for all of our old ones. To love and care for them the best way possible.
  • Arcyan: I totally read past “duck soap”
  • princess 14: The relationship that you have with your grandma is so priceless ❤️?
  • Daiane Farias de souza: Oque mais me encanta❤é o amor que ela cuida da velhinha❤❤❤❤
  • Cristheljoy Ancheta Gallardo: ,she’s so good in cooking i love how she harvest vegetable
  • Remedios Miguel: She is very loving to her “lola” (mean grandmother)
  • Kim Watchman: I’m truly amazed, your plants still growing in winter…it like garden of eden, beginning of time!!!
  • Alexandre de Freitas: I use to watch your videos before sleeping. To have nice dreams…
  • petrobob: 2:12 her and the puppies running down then geese, lmao.
  • CutyPatooty Bargani: Those puppies though are the cutest :)!
    God bless you and your grandma Liziqi!
  • Gin Hooper: Every time I see her chasing a chicken or a duck, I say RIP to it.?
  • EMY Show: صلى الله وسلم على محمد وآل محمد الطيبين الطاهرين
  • Pooja D: Am the only one who eagerly wait for her videos, never missed a single video,my favorite YouTuber,

    Love from INDIA ??????

  • Ka Roll: Who don’t like this? Are you serious??
  • Hoàng Tina: I love her channel ❤️ and natural in life.
  • Brittany Whitehall: Everything is so beautiful ?
  • Cpn. Beartato: Wow your camera is amazing i feel im watching an episode of a show or movie, like real life Ghibli
  • Isabella Ramsingh: Wow she has everything in her backyard . It always amazes me the things she harvests.amazing
  • Mai: The 2 doggies moving away from the splashing water are so cute ?
  • snapple187: 0:35 I’m gonna break yer neck!
  • Samanta K: The dog in the basket ????❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • CrackCrowKyle [Spare-6]: watching your videos always gives me a bit of comfort whenever I’m going through rough times, thank you.
  • Lena Heinemann: I love your Humor at 2:10 😀 so english!
    Greetings from Germany 🙂
  • Vinitha dev: I wanted to meet you and learn these culinary skills?loads of love from India?
  • Angelina K.: Those puppies are so curious! (And adorable, of course ♥)
  • THAMIL THAIII: Wow I like that l see this all vedios
  • Joey Ertman: So much work for one person. I hope you get plenty of rest.
  • カムイカンナ: i have depression and I recently found this channel and it is so soothing to my soul
  • patayayok pacharawaja: I love the end of the vdo, you make your grandma happy,smile,laugh and you smile that is everyhing.
  • Jensku: I find peace in every video she makes. I’d love to live like her. ❤️
  • Reyn Reyn: I really like the lifestyle here. I miss my province.
  • Mingdong Wei: she lives in Sichuan province, the hometown of giant pandas
  • Pauline Espiau: your Grand Ma She is so cute <3
  • hestia petrina: Love her sharp knife. Perfectly sattisfied
  • Natalie B: I LOVE YOUR DOGS!!! They’re so cute!
  • Trishy: This is so beautiful to me. I just found her channel today and I’m so amazed and I’m jelly! Lol I want to live like this. It’s beautiful.
  • clary fray: 講中文的都來點個讚貝~
  • ZOTI T`RUEJT: BRAVO! Shummmë bukuroshe je ??
  • Anika Binta Nazrul: She’s the real life Wonder Woman, dude???
    So damn hard working❤❤❤❤
  • Thanh Hang Nguyen: The sound production in this video, so outstanding ?
  • karim mimo: يا ناس جزائري مرا من هنا اللهم صلي على الحبيب المصطفي صلى الله عليه وسلم.
  • Shruthi MS: The place where she washes her vegetables almost in each of her videos is my favorite spot! The bamboo tap looks so beautiful
  • Vikrant Kumar: She’s so strong excellent skills and top of that shes so beautiful.
  • 蔣芳婷: 夾上一塊菜給婆婆….…“ 來!乾杯,呵呵呵呵!”鼻酸、莫名的感動
  • Tamara Kwanita: This is very heart warming. I love it.
  • Naphat_ Naphat: เหมือนผมโดนมนต์สะกดเลยครับวนอยู่แต่กับคลิปของเธอทำแบบนี้ทุกวันดูแล้วดูอีก??? #หลงเธอหนักมาก
  • Joy Gaudiano: Everytime she run after the chickens or ducks.. oh well, we all know where its going ?
  • Daniel Liu: 00:34 感觉脖子一痛
  • Kiran Mandhar: I love the place. ??its my dream place. ???
  • Sarah Doodnauth: I wish I could live there ♥️
  • windyhawk: 2:09 That’s so unreal
  • geminilicious: She looks & living like a real Disney princess!!

    This looks like a fairy tale!!

  • Em Marvel Avengers Girl: I love how talented and hardworking you are!! Super inspirational!! Love your videos!! Keep up the amazing work!! ?❤️???
  • Paul Standing: Every time I watch this amazing young women cooking or doing something it amazes me how much knowledge she has I hope she can understand ???
  • basmit amal: Just I like your life I love you so much I’m from Morocco ??
  • Chris Villafuerte: 2:16 and i oop
  • Michael Byron: 亲爱的李子琪,
  • kim min ji: How lucky willbe the man who will marry a girl like her…truely a goddess
  • Kidon Kim: Everything is beautiful
    Look like great ? drama-!!!
    and u are so beautiful-!!!
    I’m a South Korean-!
  • olivia Liu: I can watch these videos again and again. So beautiful and peaceful. You inspired me a lot.
  • Taura Helms: I need to live the way she’s living.
  • -sanasignal -: your grandma is so cute! I love how you help her!
  • *vroom* *vroom talk show*: Honestly I never knew that such beautiful fantasy place was there on this earth.
  • karol de Sg: 美麗這個地方。我想知道為什麼你用這麼多的糖代替鹽
  • Jawaher Alsulaiman: Amazing life amazing place and l love the way you make every single dish?????
  • Jun Benitez: Goodness. There’re even strawberries in the yard. ???
  • 강해져라지구인: 2:17 She got the goose fur on her neck
  • Niko Ji: Enjoy watching her video and the feeling of peace is so good.
  • Whatsapp Status: She is a gem of a person.??
  • Park Annae: omg :(( her and her grandmother are so cute

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Instead of going out to dinner, buy good food. Cooking at home shows such affection. In a bad economy, it’s more important to make yourself feel good.

Passion Fruit Wallpaper – Funny Food Wallpaper

The problem is when that fun stuff becomes the habit. And I think that’s what’s happened in our culture. Fast food has become the everyday meal.

On my first date, my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to eat a la carte, and I said that I would prefer to stay inside!

Potato Wallpaper – Drinks Hd Images

If you’re out, and starving, and need a bite to eat, then you need fast food.

Baking makes me focus. On weighing the sugar. On sieving the flour. I find it calming and rewarding because, in fairness, it is sort of magic – you start off with all this disparate stuff, such as butter and eggs, and what you end up with is so totally different. And also delicious.

Wallpaper With Grapes – Blueberry Wallpaper

My smile has been my ticket to the world. Smiling releases the same feel-good hormones you get jogging. Caring for your lips and gums is important. I brush my teeth morning and night, alternating toothpaste brands. In addition to flossing, I use a Water Pik to massage my gums and remove food particles.

When I eat cilantro, it’s like someone sprayed perfume down my throat. It closes up my throat, even if there’s only a little piece. I like Mexican food, and I’ll go out to a Mexican restaurant and tell them, ‘Look, I will die if you get cilantro in my food.’ Then there’s always that one little piece that falls in, and I gag.

Food Photography Background Diy – Sushi Iphone Wallpaper

I’m Irish, so I’m used to odd stews. I can take it. Just throw a lot of carrots and onions in there and I’ll call it dinner.

Culture and tradition have to change little by little. So ‘new’ means a little twist, a marriage of Japanese technique with French ingredients. My technique. Indian food, Korean food; I put Italian mozzarella cheese with sashimi. I don’t think ‘new new new.’ I’m not a genius. A little twist.