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Simon Pegg is terribly talented, very funny, such a delicious sense of humour.

I’m Italian. I love to cook Italian food, so I learned from my dad how to make sauce and meatballs and all that stuff. With my wife and kids, I started making homemade pasta. The very first time, I didn’t have a pasta maker, so I had to cut it with a knife, the old-school way! The noodles were all jacked up, but it was fun.

Regulation is necessary to protect our natural environment, keep our food and medicine safe, and ensure fair competition and fair treatment of our workers.

The job of uncovering the global food waste scandal started for me when I was 15 years old. I bought some pigs. I was living in Sussex. And I started to feed them in the most traditional and environmentally friendly way. I went to my school kitchen, and I said, ‘Give me the scraps that my school friends have turned their noses up at.’

Years ago, during a John Grisham phase, I tried to pinpoint exactly why I found Grisham’s often predictable legal thrillers quite so comforting. The best answer I could come up with was the frequency with which Grisham tells us that his lead characters are sipping coffee. When it comes to food and drink, predictability can console.

Food feeds both the body and soul – there are clear reasons to eat a balanced diet, but there are also reasons you cling to your mom’s secret chicken noodle soup recipe when you’re sick.

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  • Sandra Holloman: It was some of you are saying she’s copying! This is her culture and her everyday life probably. A lot of people ppl e have to do these things to survive and eat. She’s sharing that with us and it’s refreshing to see her so close to nature. Also she’s passing it on to the little guy in her video. There needs to be more videos like this. What if the world goes to SHIT and we don’t have grocery store anymore? Are you gonna know how to do all this? It’s great she’s passing on this stuff. I’d like there to be more of this, than more of the nonsense bs like fake pranks and what I eat and wear for a week videos. I think she does an awesome job!
  • urmila kumari: Girl in this video :- beauty + brain + lots lots lots of talent. ..???
    Anybody agree with this??
  • Marita Chief: You take care of ur little brother, like ur own child.
  • Ling Yanna: I prefer the life like this.I really hate modern life, big building, factories, and air pollution.
    I really hope that all people around the world back to life like this.
    We still have chance.
  • Dina Geertruida: I love how the way they work together, so cute! Her bro so cute, n he enjoy to help his sister
  • Jedjane Moreno: I just found out this channel last night and I couldn’t stop binge-watching all the videos. They are so calming and makes you appreciate just about everything.

    Thank you so much for sharing these.

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    In Korea, we have mung bean cake?
  • voyd foxgaming: The technique of corn starch is so natural. I love the way you cook .and the way attached with nature
  • Shobha K: You just love to be the way you are, that’s your specialty… keep going….I love watching you and your videos, love from India
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  • 陳海婷: 可以請問一下這是什麼配樂嗎?我覺得很好聽耶!
  • S Wg: I love your more family oriented style of video, you focus more on the whole process rather than just a bunch of beauty shots. Thank you for all your hard work and I look forward to all your future videos 🙂 加油↖(^ω^)↗
  • Tharun Gayathri: Love your videos from India. Here especially in South India, we use the same stone grinder for making flour. Wonder you’ve also used that.
  • Cooking with Lily: I love the way she cook it reminds me when i was growing up in the island
  • Free Human: I remember my childhood life when I was helping my sisters and mother in my village and those days were golden days of my life.those days will never come enjoy your present life it will never come back.
  • Lalboi Haokip: I enjoy watching all your videos, A beautiful Master Chef ?
  • suman rani: Pretty hardworking women??
  • 李小豬: 好會煮菜
  • quetzal coatl: Gorgeous girl, great talent, simple
  • Shuxin McDonald: 请问滇西小哥可以分享一下米醋的制作配方吗? 谢谢
  • Yeon Sha: I’m ready to leave my gadget life and going there.
  • Wenjeuu Luo: 從來不知道玉米還有這種吃法,贊!
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  • Matthew Miranda: I still have this type of grinder used by my grandmother.
  • Rojita Naorem: You are sooo good so hard working, you are living your life so peacefully once I saw your videos I don’t want to see other now….. So close to nature quite and calm…. It’s so refreshing….. I Love your family….. Your little boy is. So cute… ?
  • SAI SUDARSAN: u r beautiful as well as talented..


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  • Jessica Ortiz: I admired u and you’re place sorrounded by lots of fruits and veges
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  • Pub ad. paper1: Plz English subtitles ….love from India
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  • la poupée algérienne: توفو نبوشيلك بيه حتشونك و نديرلك فيه بزالف الملح و التوابل و نزيد نخرى فوق المكونات و نعحنهم مليح بالقفاز الطبي و نبدى نحشيهم في سوتك بالشوية حتى تتعمر ڨاع
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  • Serge Samouel: Thank You To serve Your Parents Wonderfully, We Pray For Gob Be With You at all Time,
    Deeply Sincerely
    Serge And Donna
  • Dzung Nguyen Lam Quoc: the thermos flasks remind me about my childhood 🙁 huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu
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  • aulad hossain: The background music is soooooooooo beautiful
  • DeeJay Calvin: fascinating old fashion cooking style…this bring back my childhood memories back when I live in the northern village.
  • sri nethi: I love watch all her videos… rarely seen plastics that to cover… I need the basket that she uses… and the stainer …etc… all in bamboo nicely weaved want to get … good going loved all ur videos ….
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  • Cindi Moore: I just recently found you!! I subscribed and watched all your videos. Love them. I saw the one where you explained why you do this. You are an amazing young woman and I wish you the best. I’m from the Southeastern US. You inspire me to try new dishes. Can’t wait to see your next video!!
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  • ZZZ1368: First time I see this rice vinegar making technique, nice!
  • BoRe He: 純天然的粟米淀粉!
  • Gary Clayton: To #Dianxxiaoge , The skills that you share with us all are so amazing. The love that you show all of us for your family through all your hard work is wonderful to see, this is very rare to see in other cultures of today. Please contiue to set an example of pure love for us all to follow and to show to one another. Please have a wonderful day , you and all the fine members of your family. I send to you all the best wishes for you and the continued making of your very fine videos , From your friend in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Merly Joy Lomibao: The elder sister enjoyed cooking a lot.. ?❤
  • Mike Teo: 你的幸苦,我们都看进了了心里,加油?你的辛劳一定可以换成家人和自己更好的生活!
  • Md Omar Faruk parvez: Amazing
    This video reminds my childhood.
    When my grandmother comes to visit us she always brought some tasty homemade traditional Bangladeshi foods.
    Thanks for the video.
    Love this video from Barisal,Bangladesh 🙂
    keep up the good works.
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  • yk kael: i observed in her videos that she never let her nephew carry heavy stuffs. what a great aunt
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  • M Ildiko Mester: Love watching you create wonderful earthy foods!!! Beautifully done!!!

I travel nearly 200 to 300 miles a day for my matches and promotions and end up eating junk food, which is not good for me. Things are better when I am at home; my wife is a very good cook, and she makes rice, dal, and chapatis for me.

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The most important thing is to snack on things that are filled with real food and nourishing ingredients that will leave you feeling energised and happy.

Anyone who’s a chef, who loves food, ultimately knows that all that matters is: ‘Is it good? Does it give pleasure?’

Delicious In Ilocano – Bento Wallpaper

Food is a lot of people’s therapy – when we say comfort food, we really mean that. It’s releasing dopamine and serotonin in your brain that makes you feel good.

I am a big car enthusiast. I totally understand guys like Jay Leno who have a thousand cars. But asking me my favorite car would be like asking my favorite song or favorite food – it changes everyday.

Food Iphone Backgrounds – Food Abstract Background

One of my favorite things is to try delicious different fruits from different places, in Japan or other places that have different fruits you can’t get in the States.

We’re all moving at such a high rate that we have to grab the frozen dinners and the McDonald’s. We can’t make it a way of life – we have to get back to real, simple, clean good foods. It will save our lives on so many levels; not just spina bifida, but obesity, diabetes, everything. Food is our medicine.

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Eating is so intimate. It’s very sensual. When you invite someone to sit at your table and you want to cook for them, you’re inviting a person into your life.

For me, the good food starts with good product.

Wallpaper Cake Cute – Pork Wallpaper – Kiwi Fruit Wallpaper

There’s something delicious about finding fault with something. And that can be including finding fault with one’s self, you know?

You know, if I listened to Michael Dukakis long enough, I would be convinced we’re in an economic downturn and people are homeless and going without food and medical attention and that we’ve got to do something about the unemployed.

One of the things I’ve learned in playing a character like Becca from ‘You’re the Worst’ is that there really is such a joy and freedom in behaving badly and in being a character that you do roll your eyes at. She’s just so delicious to loathe.

I will come up with a project that will wipe out poverty in the Philippines in two years. I want to remove the people from economic crisis by using the Marcos wealth. Long after I’m gone, people will remember me for building them homes and roads and hospitals and giving them food.

Fame is a fickle food upon a shifting plate.

I promised her an interesting life and good food, and the rest is history.

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  • xiaoling liu: I’m so proud to introduce that this is my hometown, Yunnan, a southern province in China. It is the place that I live since I was born and the dishes she cooked were exactly what I eat since I was a child. It’s so lucky and amazing to watch those video when I am overseas. They always remind me of my parents, my family and my hometown. Thank you!
  • Ankita Jena: I don’t understand their language but it’s a beautiful life they are living
  • Arkey: I started my own garden in my backyard (A suburban white neighborhood) though I’m chinese. I also got chinese bamboo from my friend. They grow like crazy and are dangerous if unchecked. I still decided to plant it though. They can grow a couple of inches overnight and in a week or two, large bamboo shoots start popping out of no where and I harvest them before they grow. I started growing more unique herbs and spices that you usually wouldn’t get in local super markets. Using a ginger/hot sauce spray to repel bugs. I have 2 persimmon and 4 lychee trees growing too, nice and strong, even through winter. I have a bunch of mint thats been growing out of control in the corner of my backyard and even encroaching like crazy into the foresty area pass my fence. So I have free mint for life. I have most of the standard herbs growing but I think I’ll try growing some Szechuan peppers. I’m not sure if the soil would accommodate it but I was thinking about erecting green house tent for more climate controlled herbs. Though they will most definitely die during winter. The temperature is perfect during spring summer and even fall. I don’t think I can bring them inside in pots because the entire reason for growing your own food is to save money. The energy and heat costs will negate it. Though, I think I might be able to rig a solar powered green house. My neighbors might think i’m growing weed lol. Even if I fail, the process of working on it is my hobby and fun.
  • SIMPLE DIGITAL PARTNER: She deserves admiration from various parts of the world…
  • Ardi Orbec: I loved when all family members get involved in the video.. peacefully
  • Zoro’s Fangirl: I have no idea about their conversations but I love all the videos. I finished watching all of them, keep up the good work, you have a subscriber and a fan from USA ??
  • Bao Dinh: Vn đâu điểm danh cái nào
  • Regine tolentino: Translation for the title, description and the ingredient:


    Title: Do you like to eat fat sausage? Doing a pot of dried fat in the pot at home, people eat more


    Long time ago, I said that I would eat fat,
    Xiaohao read and waited for his brother’s holiday to come back.
    This little boy grew up, even the peach at the door.
    Also missed to leave a few good for his brother!


    – Pork intestines ( cleaned and washed, boiled for 20 minutes then sliced.)
    – some milled dried corn ( used to clean the intestines)
    – Spring onions, a thumb sized ginger and a splash of soy sauce to boil with intestines.

    sauteed pork:

    – thumb size ginger,
    – a cup of red chili
    – a cup of garlic
    – dried bay leaves
    – a few star anise
    – cinnamon bark
    – fresh pepper corn ( the green ones she added in the oil)
    – 2-3 Tbsp of soy sauce
    – pinch of salt.
    – 2 cups of water

    Other veggies to go with the mixture:

    – potatoes ( peeled and sliced like french fries )
    the potatoes are fried separately.

    – bunch of spring onions-
    _ celery stalks and
    celery leaves ( for garnish)
    – cauliflower
    – red chili
    – onions
    – jerkins ( the veggie that we use to make pickles)
    – fermented chili paste ( i think)

    Hope this helps.

  • Katisha Blackmon: I looooooooooooove her channel. She’s so sweet and caring. She makes me wanna cook for everyone in my neighborhood.
  • Lan tia: Those who have tasted the intestine leave a like ?
  • jessica classic: What oil they using ? Look like that oil make perfect combination n it’s safe ? I watch this before bed dreaming of simple life no stress at work , work hard n tired standing all day trying to please people . In USA We earning everyday just to pay it back .. when I have enough money I move back to my country n live a simple life with nature ?????
  • Bushra Ahmed: احب الاكل الصيني وطريقة طبخه لانه فرش
    I Like that
  • Ali Raza: She is so beautiful
  • Reine Mercado: I love this dish. It’s one of my favourite Chuan-style dishes.

    I know she’s in Yunnan, but, from what I learned, this dish is a very Sichuan dish.

  • Countrycowboy08: Dried-pot pig’s intestines

    Filipino: Pulutan! ???

  • Azhan Hafidz: The instrumental music is very good? can someone give me the link to that instrumental
  • Christina Dcruze: I really like your video but can’t understand the language or the ingredients
    But it awesome to watch you
    #fanfrom india
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  • 건강한 기다림: 시골생활도 부지런하지않으면 힘든데 저렇게 요리도 정성스레하시며 사시는게 존경스럽네요
  • Mark anthony miranda: Everytime i’m watching here cooking i feel so inspired ….
  • 江和瑞: 每次看到你的视频就好有感触,妈妈是土生土长的施甸人,却到泰国的山村支教,即便我现在泰国,可我从小就在异国他乡吃着她做的各种各样的施甸菜云南菜长大,现在她不在了,看到你的这些,真的好想她。
  • ZENG Lily: 弟弟好可愛,我小時候和弟弟也這樣,太值得回味了,!
  • Mari Aguilar: Pon traductor amiga para entender lo que dices
  • Bo He: 这个桃子好漂亮 听声就很脆 我超爱硬?
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  • SC 25: Watching your videos is so relaxing and always makes me hungry!!! ??‍♀️?
  • KJ Scott: Your little cousin (I think he’s your cousin) is so awesome. I love that he always wants to be with you and hang out and help. It’s heart warming.
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  • Divina Antonia: Amo seus vídeos! Vc faz tudo sempre com muito capricho; embora a culinária oriental seja tão diferente da nossa no ocidente, suas comidas me dão água na boca. ?
  • Vini Rizki: my kind of routine before sleeping is watching ure videos ? i love the back sound digabung dengan suara alam dan suara memasak..
  • meena kumari: I love watching you vedio and also enjoy the nature where you live. I like it when you enjoy your dishes with your family.bye-bye
  • Jenny Liang: 弟弟好帅? 要变成弟弟的粉丝了?
  • prudy123: We really enjoyed waching this video, its refreshing to see beautiful country side in china, we really loved watching it. And you have a very nice family.
  • PCShogun: These are eaten in the United States, but it is not a common thing to see. We call them ‘Chiterlings’ or ‘Chitlins’. Your dish is certainly more colorful.
  • Andrea Sirael: I’ve never try intestines, but all the dishes you prepare looks yummy and healthy.
  • Madz Ph: i wish i can try the dish that u cook.. it looks so yummy ?♥️ makes me hungry
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    أتمنى زوجة مثلها.
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    سبحان الله وبحمده سبحان الله العظيم
    انا عارفة بانك ماغاديش تفهمي تعليقي
    ولكن ماقلت عليك الا الخير
    الله يعاونكم
    نتمنى نجي نعاونك معا مابقا عندي مايدار
    انا بدون عمل
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City farming is not only possible, it is the very definition of the kind of meaningful, sustainable innovation we will need to meet the grand challenges of the 21st century: climate change; population growth; ageing population; urbanization; rising demand for energy, food and water; poverty; and access to healthcare.

Korean Food Wallpaper – Wallpaper Cake Cute

We were so poor as kids. I didn’t even see a bathtub, running water, hot water, commode – we didn’t have any of that. We started with a humble log house, milk cow, garden-raised our own food, killed a hog every year in the fall, and had the meat hanging up in the smokehouse – that was our childhood, me and ol’ Si.

If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.

Christmas Dinner Wallpaper – Pork Wallpaper

I’m a fast foodie – like, a foodie, but with food courts. I’d love to go with all my friends to a food court that’s also a buffet – with unlimited orange chicken from Panda Express, curly fries from Arby’s, Hawaiian pizza from Sbarro, and Coke Zero. I’m a simple man with simple pleasures.

Ice cream is the perfect buffer, because you can do things in a somewhat lighthearted way. Plus, people have an emotional response to ice cream; it’s more than just food. So I think when you combine caring, and eating wonderful food, it’s a very powerful combination.

Food Backdrop – Kiwi Fruit Wallpaper

Werewolves and Arabians. It’s like chocolate and peanut butter – a delicious combination.

Since music is so important to me, I don’t need to put in any extra effort to do this; it just flows for me. It’s as simple as drinking water and having food, so definitely, music is one of the main purposes of my life.

Garlic Wallpaper – Background Sandwich

In Ethiopia, food is often looked at through a strong spiritual lens, stronger than anywhere else I know. It’s the focal point of weddings, births and funerals and is a daily ceremony from the preparation of the meal and the washing of hands to the sharing of meals.

Part of the reason that women go to college is to get out of the food service, clerical, pink-collar ghetto and into a more white-collar job. That does not necessarily mean they are being paid more than the blue-collar jobs men have.

Fruit Tree Wallpaper – Food Wallpaper Iphone – New Cake Wallpaper

My ideal night would probably be a dope outfit, people that I love around me. Go to get some dinner, have some amazing food. Maybe sushi or Italian: I love both.

Restore human legs as a means of travel. Pedestrians rely on food for fuel and need no special parking facilities.

Opening a family-style restaurant with comfort food like mac ‘n’ cheese, ribs and burgers has always been my dream.

There’s a delicious irony in seeing private luxury jets flying in to Washington, D.C., and people coming off of them with tin cups in their hands saying that they’re going to be trimming down and streamlining their businesses. There’s a message there.

The reason people buy Kind bars is that they’re delicious and they’re healthful. If the product doesn’t taste good, isn’t the right price, or doesn’t fit their lifestyle choice, even if it’s made by Mother Teresa, it’s not going to work out.

Thank you, horseradish, for being neither a radish nor a horse. What you are is a liar food.

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When you’re out grocery shopping for your family, maybe you can put a can of cat or dog food in your cart and bring it to an animal relief center.

Fruits Hd Wallpapers 1080P – Fruit Tree Wallpaper

I wrote a techno song about the four things I love in Germany to make myself happy, which are my grandfather, my two poodle pets, bread, and a strange but delicious Turkish dish called Doener Kebab.

At home, my food is just sort of comfort food. It’s not super fancy, but it’s certainly tasty.

Chocolate Ice Cream Wallpaper Hd – Food Wallpaper Iphone

If we chew every morsel of our food, in that way we become grateful, and when you are grateful, you are happy.

We all have incredible relationships to what we eat, to what we don’t eat, to what we’ve eaten since childhood and what we were fed, to what food means to us. And so I find it a really powerful tool in storytelling and in opening people’s hearts and their minds.

Hot Dog Wallpaper – New Cake Wallpaper

If everyone wants to eat like people in Bangladesh, then we would have food coming out of everybody’s ears.

It’s like spicy food – sometimes you have to tone it down so more people can enjoy it.

Taco Wallpaper Iphone – Sandwich Background

I would like to find a stew that will give me heartburn immediately, instead of at three o clock in the morning.

Bad food is made without pride, by cooks who have no pride, and no love. Bad food is made by chefs who are indifferent, or who are trying to be everything to everybody, who are trying to please everyone… Bad food is fake food… food that shows fear and lack of confidence in people’s ability to discern or to make decisions about their lives.

Cute Food Wallpaper – Macaroni Wallpaper – French Fries Wallpaper Hd

When you cut human beings down to size, we’re really quite simple creatures; food, shelter, warmth, light, heat and you build it up from there really until you finally go Gucci shoes or whatever it is or whatever your consumer desires are. All those desires are ultimately, they’re about gratification.

Do but stand still in the hour of trial, and you will see the help of God, if you trust in Him. But there is so often a forsaking the ways of the Lord in the hour of trial, and thus the food of faith, the means whereby our faith may be increased, is lost.

Humans have changed ecosystems more rapidly and extensively than in any comparable period of time in human history, largely to meet rapidly growing demands for food, fresh water, timber, fiber and fuel. This has resulted in a substantial and largely irreversible loss in the diversity of life on Earth.

What we are trying to do is to create a social business in Bangladesh, a joint venture to create restaurants for common people. Good, healthy food at affordable prices so that people don’t have to opt for food that is unhealthy and unhygienic.

One should eat to live, not live to eat.

I always knew that food and wine were vital, with my mother being Italian and a good cook.

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  • Christine Pellew-Faucette: Okay, I clicked on one of these videos and I seriously cannot stop watching. She’s like crack for YouTube, and I want to go live with her.
  • Dark Skies Smile: I had to look up what “acanthopanax” was. Turns out it’s ginseng.
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    Subtitles: *hee hoo minecraft sound descriptions*
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  • Natalie Melnikova: Акация -это белые цветы, мы их в детстве кушали
  • Jason: Let me translate the description:

    It has been 24 years since my father passed away, and this season reminded me of a story my grandmother told of me when I was but a child.

    When I was a girl, there was this one time I threw a tantrum wanting to eat this specific dish, I was being unreasonable and threw such a big tantrum that my father finally smacked me for being selfish, but that didn’t stop me from crying and continuing with my childishness.

    Finally my father gave in and set off to find this wild plant for me… I can’t recall this memory anymore, but I felt it was fitting to share this recipe in memory of my father.

    She screamed “how have you been?” Into the mountains at the beginning, I assume towards her father.

  • AmazinA100: She yells “Dad, how are you/how have you been?” in Chinese if you listen carefully.
  • Jody Xie: 看了你好多的视频,希望你可以找到疼你爱你的另一半。奶奶真的老了,可能没办法陪你很久,希望你会很幸福
  • Sebastian Lau: For those who don’t know. Ziqi has quite a sad childhood, her father died when she was a child. This video, as far as I am concerned, is in memory of her father. In the description, she said she had a vague memory about when she was a child she cried to her father for this vegetable in the video and got beaten by her old man. The old man realised he is hurting his own flesh and blood, and then made a silent apology as most Chinese father would do — he went up to the deep mountain and found the vegetable which his daughter cried for. She was so sad to have recalled this memory — one of a few about her father, yet vague one. This explained why she tried to yell in the mountain and why the flute is in this sad tone which drastically different from her other video.

    It’s my first day subscribe to her channel, and so far I’ve already watched dozens of her videos and done some research about her and her family. I was triggered to write this comment just because the English subtitle said she “pretend to yell”, that just made me feel not so right. Is it really appropriate to add personal evaluation in the subtitle?

  • JennzOrs: I couldn’t stop snickering at these English “captions” lol!
  • Kai Jessop: She pretends to yell
    Wow these CC are very descriptive
  • 赵选卜: 看着像戏,却是人生,令人动容。
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  • GlORIA Quivas: Hi my name is Gloria I live in Florida I’m from Puerto Rico I’m very happy to see how you live how you beautiful paradise how you take care of your grandma how you work and let me tell you that is the best best place to anybody in this forklift I’m very proud to see a person like you do so many beautiful things with you hang the food eating healthy in America with only the healthy we have to do is a lot of food here is not healthy and that you see you the you the chicken is healthy a that everything healthy fruit flowers evening to make a TV in there the lipstick shade and the everything is I can’t believe it I want to see and that I’m very happy and we’re really really very happy to see you doing what you doing in China I don’t know this is he, China but I’m very proud to see a person that you do what did you do for yourself or your grandma and you have a parrot rice beautiful play Malcolm Terminator for leaving is beautiful congratulations and you’re very smart person I can see that to congratulation I used to do that when I used to be in Puerto Rico used to use my hemorrhoid that used to work I used to do stuff and I wish I can go back to the life that’s it real life and we come here we think of this is the real life we really appreciate it. This is not the real life real life is the one that you have around you and where she was young again and hi to you Grandma God bless by
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  • Kartika Soeharto: Her: I want to make some delicious foods, I’ll go to the market for the ingredients

    Also her: *goes to the woods and gather what she needs *

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  • juca aiyolanda yolanda: i never see plastics when i saw her videos, she teach us how we should be freindly with earth
  • Lauren Eighmy: “More pan flute” she’s so funny ?
  • Alacia Fowler: The black thumbnail….sign of a hard worker!
  • Bran: Please provide a playlist for music <3 that would be lovely!
  • ハイパー警備員: たらの芽?かな日本だと、天ぷらが一般的かなちょっと苦味があり美味。しかし、美味しそうな料理天ぷらより美味しそう。(=゚ω゚=)
  • Janice Garcia: The photographer in this video can be a photographer in a movie, because the quality is nice and good
  • Bushwacker: Love her videos ❤️ But God I’m starving each time I watch them ?
  • Lana Su: 非常感谢和欣享你的视频?☕️看了感觉是一种享受像看一部好电影一样期待着?同时又有些心痛你做了那么多的事情…很多很多…我分享给我的朋友都学习你很会做事情。以前我所看的视频如果不配音基本都会关闭可是当我看到你的后非常吸引我如果再有声音就更加完美哈棒!多谢阿柒!
  • Jenelyn Rosal: She reminded me of azumi in her thumbnail ?
  • uwu: Loving the closed captions ???
  • the power within Wolf: A brave lady gives me strength every moment
  • Agung Thurbin: I really want to live there with you :'(
  • luna silva: Turn on the captions, it’s the best thing ever
  • Fariza [فريضا]: Love the environment u were living in ? ?… also need to be there to get rid of stressful life ? #naturelovers
  • Xiaode Littleone: Translation of text in the description, explains her mood.
    Grandma told me a story about when I was very young, it happened roughly around this time of the year. I had a temper tantrum because I wanted to have some thorny dragons to eat. My dad gave me a good spanking! I cried and cried like nothing else. In the end, he was afraid that he had really hurt me that he actually went up the mountain to find this wild vegetable for me. The truth is, I do not recall these things, and I do not remember how this vegetable tasted. It is just something grandma often mentioned, so I wondered… It has been 24 years; I hope dad is well where ever he is…
  • Gareth Davey: “She pretends to yell. Sounds are added in post production.” LMAO
  • Bharati pathave: I really feel like this vedios are hypnotising me??
  • Filho Negro Do Loyd: CC:Gravel crunches
    Deaf person:now *T H A T* is some serious ASMR i’ve got here.
  • 길로틴: 대륙은 두릅 크기도 어마어마하군여 영상이 너무 아름다워요❤
  • Azus: Not only is your story touching but your work is better than many Hollywood movies could ever dream of being, I hope you have a good time where you are right now.
  • Mknoll Abao: Maybe it’s better without translation?? sorry just my point of view
  • Farwa Azeem: Love her.
    She is to much hard working?
  • s: That thumbnail lowkey looks like a scene from the Mulan live action remake
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  • LA Dama De Nadie: Where is grandma!? I missed her in this video. ❤
  • 蘇睦詔Crystal Su: 全然無法想像的滋味,然而山村裡的清新自然,讓人一直流連忘返⋯
  • Jabes Gonzales: I feel relaxed and hungry while watching this.
  • Shelinda Passee: You are an inspiration to me, I hope to live like you when I’m older 🙂 thank u
  • 保毛穂下男: 演出ありの動画好き
  • Wu Yuemeng: Her dad passed away, when she was yelling at the mountains, she was asking 你还好吗 how were you. In Chinese. Translation: grandma said when I was still young I once got beaten by my father for crying for this dish. I can’t really remember but its what father left me. Its been 24years how were you on the other side? Forgive my horrible grammar and language, its basically what it means for those who don’t understand mandarin. 看到那个24年了,你还好吗……真的秒泪。君埋泉下泥销骨,我寄人间雪满头……
  • Orix Js: I just can’t with the english subs…?
  • Cynthia Jaime: I want to go there such a nice place ❤❤
  • Wolfi aus Stahl: you are so inspiring and beautiful ❤️
  • Steven Lee: I really like your videos madam…. It’s really wonderful and giving me peace of mind. You are great and living out of rat race. Keep making more videos?
  • Chim Chimney: this lady is EVERYTHING , she’s smart strong talented a good cook and so pretty as well i mean is she even real ? , i’m finding myself looking up to her
  • Celine Leisan: I want to watch more of searching foods in the wild
  • biela novelier: Just found her channel few weeks ago and I love all her videos! Can’t stop watching
  • Shahin Khan: Where I are living it’s so beautiful and mostly the fruits and vegetables I just loved u r videos
  • Pinokio: ???????????? alwaysforever
    ❤ from Sipirok , Indonesia|??
  • Chittaranjan Maibam: How can someone dislike this
  • Cao Nguyễn Văn: Vietnamese love u ❤
  • Maria Tischler: There is YOUR grandma?
    I miss her.!
  • N.v Sanq: móng tay cái bị bầm nặng vậy ? chắc làm gì bị dập mạnh lắm đây
  • Shana Mia Dueñas: When Im down?!
    This reminds me that everything has a purpose! ??
    But where’s granny??
  • Divo Galindra: Is it a movie? So beautiful and so unreal.
    I’m addicted with your videos
  • Bibie Linda: Liziqi can i live with you ??
  • 楢原ゆり: 李小姐一你真的是手藝萬能體力也萬能真羨慕❤️❤️❤️
  • Lương Linh: Love you❤️
  • 이상현: 정말 아름다운곳에 사네요
  • 恋上一条街: Li Ziqi’s mother died when she was very young, and she had been often beaten by stepmother, life is very rough, and then her father died, so she has been brought up by grandparents. In order to lighten the burden on her family, she has been to the city as a waiter and night club DJ, and this experience has never been mentioned in the WEIBO Li Ziqi, and reluctant to mention this past, only with a sentence “experienced a lot of bad things” to take. Then Grandpa died and Grandma grew older. In order to take care of her old grandmother, she chose to go back to the village to accompany her grandmother and live in the countryside.
  • Joyce Hoskins: Where she lives is beautiful. I could live there forever.
  • Phillip Garrett: Perfect beyond wildest dreams!
  • Caroline Pinheiro: How’s everything is so perfect ?
  • Alan Qu: i need to visit China now, right away,
  • ERMAHGERD WUT: Oml. The quality of these videos are absolutely breathtaking.
  • PAYEL MALLICK: Where is grandmother..?? I am missing her..❤️
  • anushree Das: I really feel too good whenever I watch ur videos. ?
  • Yesi Nuqilla: oh i can feel the wind in my skin
  • Bing McElroy: 好像川北的大山呀!
  • Marek Haring: Note to English translator: Those are accacia flowers, not eucalyptus.
  • Chika with MaliaLoke: Just in case you happen to see my comment
    Please change your name to “Wonder Woman”
    Yes, You don’t have a supernatural power but you do have a superhuman powers – that nobody else in this world have
  • Kimi Dawn: The English closed captions give me life ? why? I just want to know why? Lol
  • Lalo vazquez: Delight wonderful❤. Such a wife?. Blessed?
  • Adriana Nicolenicolasdanubiavitorgui: Amo esses vídeos sinto uma paz tremenda os lugares lindos paisagens maravilhosa e a comida deve fica maravilhosa so experimentado né bjs pra vc

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I doubt whether the world holds for any one a more soul-stirring surprise than the first adventure with ice-cream.

Very Delicious – Cute Food Wallpaper

I like to say, ‘Chop suey’s the biggest culinary joke that one culture has ever played on another,’ because chop suey, if you translate into Chinese, means ‘tsap sui,’ which, if you translate back, means ‘odds and ends.’

If we had no hope – for a cure, for winning the lottery, for falling in love, for the end of war, for being free of abuse, or for having food, warmth, clothing, and shelter – we would have no reason to go on. What you hope for doesn’t matter, but rather the essence of hope itself.

Food Abstract Background – Macaroni Wallpaper

Airline food is cooked in an oven and then kept warm. Space station food is often cooked in an oven and then thermo-stabilised, irradiated or dehydrated and then stored for a year or two before you even get to it.

Everyone would be healthier if they didn’t eat junk food.

Healthy Food Wallpaper – French Fries Wallpaper Hd

What I really, really want to do is pre-packaged meals. Fabulous versions that are delicious, healthy, not too expensive and very low in fat. So, that’s my big dream, because there’s a massive hole in the market for that.

Once I hit 45, there was a real downturn. But I got an incredibly provocative, delicious lead role in a television series called ‘Saving Grace,’ and I loved the character.

Italian Food Wallpaper – Egg White Background

I found a place under a bridge in Goa where you could have fresh crab and beer. It was nothing complicated, but delicious.

I eat the basic food groups: fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, good fats and oils. I do have butter on my bread because it’s delicious. I eat meat, especially chicken, sparingly, because I’m not a good cook.

Dragon Fruit Wallpaper – Chocolate White Background – Salad Hd Images

When people say they prefer organic food, what they often seem to mean is they don’t want their food tainted with pesticides and their meat shot full of hormones or antibiotics. Many object to the way a few companies – Monsanto is the most famous of them – control so many of the seeds we grow.

I have never denied my background or my culture. I have taught my child to embrace her Mexican heritage, to love my first language, Spanish, to learn about Mexican history, music, folk art, food, and even the Mexican candy I grew up with.

I was always with a single mom, and we never had schedules or anything. We were just Bohemian, us against the world, which was kind of great, but it certainly didn’t breed security. I’ve gotten hyper-sensitive to schedules and bath time and eating at the dinner table. We don’t just ‘Bohemian’ go out at nine o’clock and go get Chinese food.

I’m being hypocritical because I have a Twitter, but I try to not talk about things like, ‘Oh, I had a grapefruit this morning and it was delicious,’ because, who cares?

The health of the planet is at stake, because the cruelty and the waste that accompanies the slaughter of billions of animals each year literally infects us all. We could consume healthy plant-based food produced at almost infinitely less cost. What does that say, really, about us and what we’re doing… to animals and to ourselves?

Climate change, demographics, water, food, energy, global health, women’s empowerment – these issues are all intertwined. We cannot look at one strand in isolation. Instead, we must examine how these strands are woven together.

Watch Featured Videos

  • Water Under The Bridge: I thought she was gonna use the peel as fabric
  • 카미: Imagine… eating grapes while doodling a dress and then suddenly going hey, let’s do this
  • goof noodles: She was feeling all sift and feminine and airy…Then the cow chased her away!
  • angela chen: Am I the only one that loves her dog? Her dog follows everywhere she goes, it’s adorable?
  • Luna Endo: That might look really nice with the purple hooded cape you made
  • Natasha Turner: Who else thought she was going to use the grape peel for the fabric???‍♀️??‍♀️
  • Milk.: okay but like how does her clothes not get wet. touching that much water would have me soaked.
  • Kev Mac: I like the end. So funny. She looks so perfect then she gets scared by the cow ?
  • lol lol: I thought she is gonna use the grape peel as the fabric ?
  • Madison S: She’s an architect, a seamstress, a caretaker, a buisnesss lady , OH and an astronaut. And on top of all that, she’s really pretty
  • The Forlorn Knight: Can we just acknowledge the level of confidence in her ability to dye a bolt of fabric while wearing a flowing WHITE shirt and skirt.
  • vivian zhang: anyone watching in 2019?
  • Hou ston: Okay so why was purple so expensive when you literally could just dye white fabric with grapes?
  • Chelle Euraoba: Her: can cook, can make a furniture, can make a dress.Me: can do nothing.
  • Lillian Wang: Ok that drawing of the dress is beautiful
    Absoulote beautiful
  • Ericka: Her videos popped out on my recommendations and seriously, clicking it was one of the best decisions i made
  • moonstone blast: me: there is no one in this world who is perfe-
    sees this video ..
    me: I take that backkk
  • Lillian Wang: That fabric is extremely thin like thin”thin”
  • Sister Valentine: well this definitely inspires me to do more of what makes me happy
  • Mika Biree: She’s literally the definition of a hardworking, multi-talented person. Honestly.
  • Sarudeepak Lama: She is a wonderful fashion designer which none other than own manufacturing and a designer wow what a great work
  • Jenny Wong: 哈哈 ⋯⋯我笑出声来了,牛牛过来搶镜头 子柒被吓到了???
  • Danielle Lynn.: For the love of God, where has this lady been my whole life!!!
  • Umesafa Safahadi: I thought she was swing grapes ?
  • Jenna Baily: I actually thought she was going to sew each peel together to make a dress ??‍♀️
  • – Noura: I hope one day i can live a beautiful ans simple live like this.
    I hope ??
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    Omg heartfelt thx to u ..I never had so many likes ever?
  • Imtiaz Brohi Tv: She was feeling all sift and feminine and airy. i love you so much
  • Aishwarya Pradhan: God she knows every single thing………….
    Such a gifted person she is.
    So glad to have found this channel.
    May God bless her abundantly
  • That One: Her life is literally puppies, trees, and nature! ❤️
  • Jason LIU: That cow is jealous also lol?
  • WolfGirlGamer: No one:Literally no one:

    Me: *imagines lady sewing the skins of grapes together*

    Edit: Thanks for all the likes (:

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  • はんもっこり: FC2で初めて見たけど、すっ……ごい落ち着くW
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  • Eleanor Arias: She should have a movie dedicated to her daily life ngl
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    (The fabric) out of grapes ?…
    My IQ is now -145
  • Kaitlyn Levy: The spirited away song really gets me every time
  • HingaSPL: The part at the end with the cow had me rollin ?. She is adorable
  • Dominique McQueen: Cow: OOOHH LEMME SEE!
  • Wowie OwO: I really want to be there I love how the area looks
  • Waqas Khan: All the persons who have found her channel recently are acting as they have found some kind of treasure..And they are totally right in every aspect❤️
  • Rosé’s Onions: Her: **makes these beautiful things**Me: um… *PENCIL*
  • Nicole Skinner: Life there seems to beautiful and simple…If we only lived in a quiet peaceful world like her..
  • Nilsa Cadisal: The last part ended with a cow ?You are so amazed woman??
  • Cathy Delacruz: Sometimes the title is very confusing. I really thought her dress is Literally made of grape skin! ???
  • KristaCraves: Title: Dress out of grape skin
    Me: **pictures tiny sewing machine sewing grape skins together for tiny person** SURGERY ON A GRAPE
  • Jaepeg Young: I love how it has instructions as if imma be out here making this
  • Najla: I believe this is how life in heaven gonna be like
  • 田楽海虫: BGMの千と千尋のアレンジ好き
  • doos dooosss: I thought she was literally going to wear the grape skin when she started pealing them ?
  • dragonlady 042: Two questions:
    1: Can I live with you?
    2: Would you teach me?
  • Apple Muffin: I’m ligit eating grapes and this popped up in my recommendations
  • Pradeep Kumar: She’s extremely talented i love just love her
  • A la Asia: I‘m jealous… she’s so pretty ??
  • Mai_Chi: The Ghibli music! <33 Also how is she so talented what
  • ashley_xdd: Her:
    Stores: am I a joke to you?
  • Cooking Ina Mo TV: I wish I was a girl wearing that dress.
  • Kayla Lowther: She is the best ?❤️
  • Meaghan Thurman: The title is so misleading lol.
    Pretty cool though!
  • ايه ايه: العربي يخلي لايك ???
  • Fairly sustained: What can she not do???
    She is living proof of multi talented.
  • Dear, 수야: She’s so pretty! Just like a princess <3
  • Tiempo Nuevo: Wow real grapes! I dream of real grapes again!
  • freya leane: I would love for that to be my life. It looks so relaxing
  • ぽちゃぽちゃまる: 千と千尋のオープニングの曲流れて、日本人として嬉しかった!!!
  • Ari T: @ the amount of people that thought homegirl was actually gonna make a dress out of literally hand sewn grape skins is astonishing ??
  • LNK TV: 4:56 LOL
  • Catie May: *Everyone saying “I thought she was going to use the peel as fabric”*
    But has anyone thought of her using the grape as fabric? .-.
  • Candy Apple: Omg you’re so talented I loved the dress ?
  • Damion Gordon: 4:09 when your boyfriend breaks up with you and your mad and I just want to take your anger out
  • AlistairAI: Engineer, Chef, Camera operator, dressmaker, Artist.This woman is incredible.
  • Blair Carter: imagine having to do all this everytime you want a new dress …
  • Crissy Olivia: Wish I could see the full dress on her , mostly hidden
  • kZ Dee: The last part of the video was so funny?. I Love you Liziqi?
  • Kevi Rhakho: One day she will make her own wings and fly away…
  • TaeTae: She’s an actual princess omg wow ? Never felt so calm watching a video before. She’s amazing
  • Dust bunny: I think we just found the newest Disney princess
  • جيلا بعد جيل: A young lady many talents amazing ? I just loved her so much
  • Sheetal N: U are so cuteee and too beautiful.
  • Pang Kou Xiong: So pretty. I love the color and design. That ending though.. ??
  • Daebxn: This is like a more peaceful and genuinely interesting version of those “primitive technology” channels
  • Ti Gu Lang ASMR: I laugh a lot when cow scared her….
  • Sara Will Gacha: Gracefull ❤
  • Theresa K.: Beautiful in every way! Inspiring!
  • America Singer-Schreave: Wait… Did she have a Signer sewing machine? O.o[Edit]: Probably not, I might just be seeing things. ???
  • Gachallant The Nutjob: “Oh my god what a nice lavender dress you have!Liziqi: It’s grape.
  • Akash Ratrey: 4:55 ????
  • Jeannie Hysell: So beautiful! I would love a dress like that!
  • Ivory Champagne: I laughed at the end ?cow scared her
  • Julie Gomes: Ela é incrível! ❤
  • Yummy Stuff: Omg the comments sections in her videos are like the most positive place I’ve been to!!
  • Christina Atwell: This is so beautiful it made me cry! And then laugh ?
  • Alya Batrisya: 4:22 oouuh
  • Life of Bangladesh: From dyeing to making clothes, it’s been amazing
  • S Zee: Someone doing a spoof on her would be hilarious.

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If you have good food, people will come to your restaurant.

Jollibee Wallpaper Background – Dragon Fruit Wallpaper

If people want to believe that the organic food has better nutritive value, it’s up to them to make that foolish decision. But there’s absolutely no research that shows that organic foods provide better nutrition.

For breakfast, I eat organic food with high fat content, such as whole milk yogurt, nuts, seeds, fresh fruit and a scrambled egg. I cook it in organic grape seed oil for its high omega content. I drink a cappuccino for its dose of milk and the coffee for its taste, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vegemite Wallpaper – Chocolate White Background

Barbecue is an incredibly democratic food. It’s cheaper than McDonald’s in many places and far more delicious. On the other hand, the only reason it can be that cheap is they use commodity hogs, the worst of the worst, which is – you know, it’s an industry kind of ruining North Carolina.

The lack of access to proper nutrition is not only fueling obesity, it is leading to food insecurity and hunger among our children.

Wallpaper Pastry – Salad Hd Images

My smile has been my ticket to the world. Smiling releases the same feel-good hormones you get jogging. Caring for your lips and gums is important. I brush my teeth morning and night, alternating toothpaste brands. In addition to flossing, I use a Water Pik to massage my gums and remove food particles.

If food were free, why work?

Taco Bell Wallpaper – Food Photography Backdrops Diy

Hunger is a deep concern of mine, and I feel that no one should go without food in this world as long as there are caring people to lend a hand. I’ve had to struggle in my past and I know what it’s like to go without, so I try to do as much as I can to help bring awareness to an issue that hits very close to home for me.

There’s so much importance in honoring your everyday hero. It doesn’t take money. It doesn’t take connections. What matters is that people get involved. Whether your passion is gun control or food or whatever it may be, everybody needs to stop being so self-absorbed.