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Part of what makes a great chef is the ability to adapt, cook, and to taste. A great chef will use all their food knowledge, food memories, and senses to work with each ingredient and apply themselves to the dish they are creating.

I don’t have sophisticated tastes. I have average tastes. If you looked in my collection of DVDs, you’d see ‘Jaws’ and ‘Star Wars.’ In the book library, you’d see John Grisham and Sidney Sheldon. And if you look in my fridge, it’s, like, children’s food – chips, milkshakes, yogurt.

I do remember how it was to be poor. I do remember that in my early years, we had to grow and raise all of our food, even our animals. And I remember in my early life, we didn’t even have electricity. So it was very, very hard times then.

I can pick good food, but I can’t pick a good man.

Something I learned when I was very young: with cooking, it doesn’t matter where you are; you can always cook. You can end up in small village in Peru where somebody’s cooking, take a spoon and taste it, and you might not be too sure what you’re eating, but you can taste the soul in the food. That’s what is beautiful with food.

When I venture out to eat, I like to go to places with food that I don’t know how to make. So my favorites are Japanese and Indian. Indian food has so much layering of flavor, and the dishes go together so harmoniously.

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  • Carl Lee: For those who didn’t understand the title in English. It should be “This plant is called ‘poor man’s sparrow nest’, we call it soap bean, we cook it like rice”. Sparrows’ nests are an expensive delicacy in Chinese cuisine. Soap bean’s outer shell has a similar consistency with sparrows’ nests, so it’s eaten in the way a sparrow’s nests. That’s why it’s called ‘poor man’s sparrow nest’.
  • Mbb Rese: 1:27 i remember my childhood memories eating this ?
  • Jb will be my first kiss & kim taehyung is my lover: We have this tree in our home but i never know we could eat it. I thought it was just some wild tree and inedible. Now m also gonna try ur recipe
  • Uma Mageshwari: எங்கள் நாட்டில் இம்மாதிரி மரம் உள்ளதா என்று கூட தெரியாது நன்றி வாழ்க வளமுடன் மா
  • William Janzer: I just want to say I love these videos. I don’t understand a word of Chinese but they’re amazing!
  • skysame: 당신의 음식은 정갈하며 사랑이 있습니다. 항상 보면서 따뜻한 정을 느낍니다.
  • IamAarati Tamang: Until now i didn’t know the name
    These are lots in my village ?
  • Aliex Simth: Wow, I thought that I have known a lot by my age and education, however, this beauty is really an encyclopedia. I’m kinda like a lost boy in front of her videos.

    Whenever there are three men walking together, one of them is bound to be wise enough to act as the others’ teacher.

  • Anais Grey: When I was little this is what we use in playing cooking with my gang ( i was 8-12 yrs old)
  • Choenyi Sonam: I love the cozy atmosphere in her family
  • Julie Seiyao: We have the same food habit and kitchen items used here is exactly the same like ours. I just love your videos ??? Best wishes from North East India
  • Neesa LoveOfArt: It’s so lovely to see family coming together and each one has it’s share to do. But,still find time to help each other.
  • Вася Ветров: тоже ищешь русский коментарий?
  • Irosha Perera: I love to watch your videos. I like yours charm and simple life. Your food preparation is marvelous. No words to say. ??
  • Yengkhom Linthoingambi: This is called tree bean and its one of the favourite food of manipur its very tasty but the way of eating is different…..but i believe that this will also taste good….☺☺
  • C M: I love to see how the daily life goes on, and the beautiful scenery, the village, i love the sound while she’s cooking and then the whole family gathered to eat, looovee village daily life , thank you for making these videos ??
  • 아윤: 쟁반? 무늬 넘 예뻐요 음식도 넘 새롭고 그릇색감도 예쁘고 넘 좋네요
  • minh nguyen: 0:17我从来没看见这么大的树
  • pee mai: Remind me of my hometown. I love it very much
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  • floralgirl _: in malaysia we call this “petai” . love from malaysia ??
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    Love from Malaysia.

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  • EURIDES SANTOS DA SILVA: ??Brasil. Quantas diversas plantas temos no mundo que são comestível!obrigado por mostrar uma delas.
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  • bob blyss: that ancient tree at the beginning looks magnificent
  • Каринэ Шахмурадян: Жаль,что нет русских субтитров.Очень интересные ролики,красочные и профессионально снятые.Еще бы понимать из каких растений и что именно, готовит эта милая красавица:-):-):-)
  • Yuyun Indri: I like that from indonesia
  • Estrella S.: OMG!! Those trees are SO previous! Especially the biggest one! It reminds me of the one in Avatar! ?????
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  • Hằng Karry Kiều: không ngờ quả này cũng ăn được nữa
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  • Rirn Riru: 最高❗(*´ω`*)本当素晴らしい❗
  • The Ella: Ada yg dr Indonesia nggak ya?
  • Lola Purnamawati: Your house and villages remembering me of my grandma villages… several years ago before she died because of aging and become old
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  • Jo Ralte: You are a food factory. You know everything.
    Lucky are those living with you.
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  • Elena: 4:09 – 4:12 look at her face expression. so cute 😀
  • Norazlina Jamal: We as Malaysian called it “petai”
  • Lovely Woman: In Malaysia we called this ‘Petai’ delicious!
    eaten with rice .. can be used as vegetable and cooked with chilli beans
  • T H A O D U O C . N E T: 這裡的風景很美
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  • Novi Novi: That seeds in indonesia called mlanding ??
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  • Σοφία Σοφιανίδου: another one amazing video! you always remind us how unhappy is our life living in noisy places feeling anxiety and having many problems just because we’re far away from nature. we’ve lost the real meaning of our life. don’t stop beatify our days.many greetings from Greece
  • THO TIAN: Everything is food. Clever woman
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  • jessica hernandez: Love these videos I don’t if I could ever eat these,foods but I low watching you cook them how you use every thing I love it American and I wish I lived this life,seem so simple
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  • Tlahuicole XIII: In Mexico we call them “GUAJES”
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  • Chris Kagwi: I am going crazy watching your videos.. I don’t sleep, I start my day with them… this is nuts.hehe! But, thank you for the peace they bring me at night and for the smile they put on my face for the day. tks Dianxi
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Each day of the Obama presidency seems to bring a new, perversely delicious irony.

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Summertime in Montana, I become a monosyllabic baboon. I want to ride with the cowboys, go to brandings, doctor cattle, and train my horses. But in a few months, the snow starts to fly. The days become shorter; the yellow color of interior light becomes delicious. I look at my shelves, and every book just glows, and I want to be inside of that.

We’re lying ourselves into believing things are untrue, like organic food will solve all our problems, or vitamins will make us healthy, or we don’t need to vaccinate our children.

Cartoon Ice Cream Wallpaper – Fruit Wallpaper Iphone

Peruvian food is so simple yet amazingly flavored with their traditional spices.

I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage.

Cheese Background Image – Not Delicious

I grew up playing music and enjoying good food, friends and family in my own backyard.

Food not only connects us at the idyllic dinner table setting with family and friends: it is also part of our mundane, daily transit to and from work.

Kiwi Fruit Wallpaper – Background Study Of Banana

Women oftentimes are the ones making those economic decisions, sitting around the kitchen table and trying to figure out how to pay for rising gas prices or food prices or the health insurance costs. And I think that they see where they expect their leaders in Congress to also make those tough decisions.

A woman should never be seen eating or drinking, unless it be lobster salad and Champagne, the only true feminine and becoming viands.

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When I’m back in New York – and this is a terrible thing to complain about – I eat a lot more really, really good food than perhaps I’d like to. So many of my friends are really good chefs. It’s kind of like being in the Mafia.

Whatever I’m doing, I’m in that moment and I’m doing it. The rest of the world’s lost. If I’m cooking some food or making soup, I want it to be lovely. If not, what’s the point of doing it?

We begin to see, therefore, the importance of selecting our environment with the greatest of care, because environment is the mental feeding ground out of which the food that goes into our minds is extracted.

Get up early and go to the local produce markets. In Latin America and Asia, those are usually great places to find delicious food stalls serving cheap, authentic and fresh specialties.

A delicious smoothie is a really easy way of taking on lots of amazing skin boosting ingredients and was my first port of call every morning in the run-up to my wedding – I’ll throw in frozen berries, banana, spinach, almond butter, almond milk, and oats for a quick breakfast quite often.

Food is art and science. So, you take something out, you have to work with the recipe to make sure that you’re providing delicious food with cleaner labels.

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  • Estefania hamasaki: Alucino en lo que ahi en ese campo
    Tienen de todo todo
    Es increible
    Es hermoso donde viven y el campo me encanta
    Como me gustaria tener un campo con muchas cosas ?????????
  • A K: how lucky you people are, can get fish, chestnuts and all produce for free, here we have to sell our kidneys to buy some.
  • yamunambiga thayalan: Mine and my grandma favourite. Missing her so much…
  • aims library: blessed family, always love to see.
  • Graziella Debattista: Lovely women living an honest healthy life… God bless ❤️
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  • 侑美ゆみ: 漂亮孝順,賢惠能幹的阿盆姊,手藝很棒~?
  • Beeline Khan: you are beautiful, in mind and body. in know how hard life can be. send you strength, love and happiness from vienna, austria from ingrid
  • Regine tolentino: These are Chesnuts!

    Translation for the title:

    Take a basket of chestnuts up the mountain! Stew a pot of chestnut burdock, chestnut is better than beef

  • Celia Oricom: You’re an awesome cook.. Where you live in China.. Maybe u can do English sub titles so that we can understand you better.. Love ur cooking?
  • anthony solazzo: I love your show and transfixed by your culture and beautiful young expert cook, what is her name ? English captions would be very helpful and educational so we can understand more including explanation of what the various ingredient, plants and spices are that she uses.
  • MiewMiew Mini Tini Vimpi Kitchen Noi Noi♡*^ .-): 1:00 Her life so beautiful, love it!!_ _:)*
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If God did not intend for us to eat animals, then why did he make them out of meat?

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One pillar of my cooking is that salad dressing is sacred and that you always make it with the most delicious oil you can find. Usually, that means extra-virgin olive oil.

Facts are to the mind what food is to the body.

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There’s so much importance in honoring your everyday hero. It doesn’t take money. It doesn’t take connections. What matters is that people get involved. Whether your passion is gun control or food or whatever it may be, everybody needs to stop being so self-absorbed.

Newlyweds shooting budget: 5k for actors, 2k insurance, 2k food and drink. 9k in the can. We only shot 12 days. That’s how to make an independent film.

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Learning about issues such as sustainability and locavorism are things that you need to have as part of you as a chef because it will make you cook more delicious food.

Sweet, delicious Dungeness crab is always a treat.

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I read somewhere that abs are made in the kitchen, and I’d like to agree. I like to think that I try to eat pretty clean, pretty good food.

There are certain comforts of living here in Dubai, the comforts of so many mosques and so much good food… It’s just that much more secure. And may God keep it safe.

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Reminds me of my safari in Africa. Somebody forgot the corkscrew and for several days we had to live on nothing but food and water.

Without sharks, you take away the apex predator of the ocean, and you destroy the entire food chain.

Never be a food snob. Learn from everyone you meet – the fish guy at your market, the lady at the local diner, farmers, cheese makers. Ask questions, try everything and eat up!

Food for us comes from our relatives, whether they have wings or fins or roots. That is how we consider food. Food has a culture. It has a history. It has a story. It has relationships.

In America, people think being South Asian is still kind of exotic. When you go outside New York and Chicago and L.A., there are people who have never tried Indian food… they’ve never even tasted it!

Food feeds both the body and soul – there are clear reasons to eat a balanced diet, but there are also reasons you cling to your mom’s secret chicken noodle soup recipe when you’re sick.

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  • pjm x: disney take notes, this is a real chinese princess
  • Alice Walker: This is how many people thinks her vdos are so relaxing ❤?
  • Chris Lee: When I died, dear God, please let me come back as Ziqi’s grandma.
  • el rumi: I wanna know what is the motivation of people who dislike this video.
  • Arjuna Delhy: Sometime Lizi looks like a montain fairy sometimes when she is hungry looks like a skinny squirell…
  • Jeon Kookie: Do you love Liziqi ?

    Yes – like
    No – comment

  • Keine Ahnung: I’m watching this eating a McDonald’s big Mac , fries and a Coke,man my conscience is killing me.
  • Kimberly Smith: Granny use to do all of this. And now Granddaughter is taken care of Granny. Just Beautiful
  • dini agustini: Im from Indonesia,i love youre garden.i want to learn how to had like u re garden.
  • Nazish Jan: She make everything look soooo delicious….i am feeling so useless now…She is soooo talented
  • Aesthetic Plants: Deep down I know this is how life is supposed to be lived
  • Karenmich Pinet: When you realized after this video that you have been living in the wrong place all this time and you just want to be out of technology living with the Mother Nature, without stress and rejecting McDonald’s….
  • Carinto Stubbs Pahin: She’s one in a million.She know about nature.She know how to cook.She’s know everything..I wish i could be liked her..She very confident.She so humble and respect eldest.Especilly her grandma.Salute you..Hope her video inspired everyone.All the best to you..Keep up the good work.??
  • Patti Thompsett: the fact that she has millions of followers shows just how much we miss and naturally need this kind of connection to the earth
  • panomporn Yapakai: This is my first time to see where walnut come from.
  • Blue Lemonade: anyone misses the lamb that used to follow her around
  • Sandra F: The music totally mesmerized me into such a calm feeling
  • Sarah and Emmanuel Music: I love the pumpkin design, glad to learn that simple technique.
  • Angel Lepcha: Just wanna know who the camera person is ?
  • V’s Victory: She really inspired me now cus of her 2 melons plants wih 4 melons already growing one cucumber and lettuce 🙂
  • Jen A: She’s Soooo rich with all the variety of fruits and veggies ? I’ve been doing a marathon with all her videos.. it’s so relaxing ?? Thanks LiZiqi
  • Kim: She’s perfect! I wish I can live this way instead of the hustle and bustle of the city. She inspire me: Damn, we as women can do anything!!!
  • Health And Beauty Tips: Whenever i’m watching this channel I came out from all stress n feel like its the part of heaven I always wish I could visit her place…?
    She perfectly make do many recipes out of 1 fruit or veg i’m how could she so strong the way she makes the objects in a very easy way she design everything very nicely I dont know what she is exactly she has got all the qualities in every field…may her grandma & she lives a long happy life together??
  • Deenar Channel: It’s too hard imagine the life like this now. Everything makes it by ourselves. No time to relax. But it’s so quiet and peaceful??
  • Asmita Das: I watch these videos because somehow it reminds me that in some part of the world,the earth is still beautiful,is as pristine and raw as it should be. It’s resources are properly utilized and least of waste is being produced. It just makes me genuinely happy!
  • BOI George: You live in a vegetarians paradise, your garden is beautiful!
  • sachindra ekanayake: She is real… and working really hard.. love to watch ❤
  • Technical Support: Aslam o Alikum !
    Make a vedio of your Garden plz plz
    I am very intersted
  • Anand: My GOD I felt like in fairy land …God bless u..
  • Abdul Jamil Ajmal: Liziqi! Take us to your garden someday, we need to see your beautiful garden.

    Guys! Like if you are agreed with me.

  • Nike Panasonic: She’s not a princess…she’s a goddess!
  • Valerie Purdi: It’s like watching a movie but actually this is a real life. Reality show. Much better than keeping up with the Kardashians.
  • Amy Wang: Me getting ready: sun cream, primer, foundation, brows, blush, balabalabla
    Ziqi goddess getting ready: comb her hair by hand for 2 seconds ?
  • Kiona’ Of Old Stones: Boiled peanuts are something we from the southern United states enjoy also ? I love these videos reminds me of the best days of my life spent cooking/eating with my grandma ?
  • btsshitforlife: It’s just so satisfying when I hear the sound of her picking the vegetables
  • Milady Torres: I love love love love love ❤️ this videos I feel like I’m in heaven so,relaxin I wish I can go to her place
  • Ali Abbas: Sooo relaxing… I just bought goji berries online ?
  • Nurul Cholistya: Amazing… Young lady, can had skill live for simple thing.
  • umemustafa222: Shes so lovely and hard working .please make a video on how you grow these vegetables around your house.
  • weird but flex: Honestly I would prefer living in her house rather than in cities
  • Liz Malcom: I wonder how long it takes to make a video. These are seriously my addiction, I love watching them, rewatching them, and seeing new things. Shes amazing!
  • Alex Henriquez: OMG if she had an Airbnb there, I would book it for a whole year. Just watching this video cured my anxiety
  • Stitchpuppy01: When I watch your channel it really feels like I’m somewhere else. I look around my room in a stupor after each video.
  • Evandro Fernandes: Meu Deus, que mulher linda?perfeita♥️
  • Diera Ali: The channel wants to show us what human loses among meaningless struggle and false development.
    Actually happiness is so simple, just to be natural.
  • Kahar Syah: Perfec girl … cewek idaman .. cantik dan jago masak apa aja .. ???
  • Error 404: Hands down would love to live where she is. Her home is so amazingly beautiful.
  • Gaby Sanchez: Omg I love your place where you live such a dream. You’re so beautiful and talented. ??
  • Reyna Rivera: I wanna live with her and learn everything she knows
  • مروان ناصر: اي صحيح اني اتفق وياكم لانه مامفتهم شي بس اريد لايك من اليقرة تعليقي
  • Rolanda Haloo: This woman is amazing!
  • HaibTshajHaib: Love her place. It’s so peaceful and beautiful.
  • Bianca Mendez: Today I learned peanuts grow underground. Yes. I’m embarrassed. I used to make fun of people who thought strawberries grew on trees.
  • Jyothi: She prepares all those healthy food just for grandma , and she’s like she wants her grandma to be happy and healthy forever. I just love her ??

    Thank you for the likes guys , hv a good and Bright day ?

  • Juliet Pongyan: I love to live there , everything in there are amazing environment and healthy lifestyle.. Perfect ☺☺
  • Gemini Marak: I just love the way she live ?????❤️
  • Corina Orellana: It’s so beautiful ?
  • ゆあゆあ: 寝る前に見ると穏やかになる
  • sreeraj. design: ആരേലും മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ ? anyone from india ?? i am from kerala lots of love liziqi love from heart ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Đảo hải tặc: ?Tôi lạc quan giữa đám đông?
  • WithUr Shield: I just got to say, you and your Grandma eat very well. What spices did you use for the boiled peanuts?
  • Andrew Silva: Caraí a Horta dessa mulher é grande RS
    Tem de tudo ?
  • Bernardete Bonello Domingos: Liziqi, amo você e sua Vovó. Que lindas. Sua família é linda.❤?⚘
  • Pat H.: Greetings from France
    Blessings to grandma and courageous doggy

    I like it so much when you do vegetarian
    Pumpkin, smiles and lotus flowers
    Roses, rising sun and beautiful colours
    The world is enchanting peaceful paradise
    When you dress in blue and sit in the garden

    May you be happy
    May you be healthy
    May you be at ease
    May you be free


  • Beth Tulipas: Happy & contented liziqi..i wish i live like that also ❤
  • 성룡: 멋진 요리와 아름다운 풍경,아름다운 당신.그곳을 찾아가고 싶군요. 멀리 한국에서 당신의 요리를 보고있습니다. 감사해요美味的菜肴,美丽的风景,美丽的你。我想去那里。 我正在远离韩国看你的烹饪。 谢谢
  • Asia xian: I never finish a YouTube video surprisingly I always watch Liziqi’s video full and always binging on them. Great content and peaceful!
  • Zoy Zaeemah: Wow wat a natural Life style ,l love to come and enjoy??
  • HOPE ASMR: I keep telling myself not to watch it until tonight before bed, but can’t help it. You make the most amazing videos on YouTube. Thank you ♥️
  • Zen By Baheya Aysheh: I appreciate your presence, Grace and Divine Spirit. You are true beauty my dear sister. Shukran 4 sharing your light with all of us.
  • Sesehang Limbu: Wow! how cute girl n how hardworking she is.Her hardwork made me so inspired n gave me lots of inspirations to do somethg in life.It’s really great job.???
  • Celine: I love you…❤️❤️❤️ I loved that steamed pumpkin bun and other dishes with pumpkin..
  • Placid: This reminds me of my grandma for some reason.
  • huifen Guo: 花生跟南瓜、胡桃!
  • Maria Velasco: She’s my best actress for MULAN.. I think she’s is MULAN in the real life …..ohhhhh yes… she’s ist
  • Bruna Soares Lobo: Gostaria de conhecer esse lugar lindo. Parece um paraíso. ?❤
  • Shoaib Alam Ansari: I really fall in love with you
  • Leila Karlson: Since you can find anything in her garden, I want to see if I can find a boyfriend.????
  • Ardine Derf: she’s a package…? God bless!
  • Imtiyaj Mulani: I m in love with this girl?
  • gopal krishna aika: U know what I eat everyday.
  • bounab karim: Hiiiii liziqi i am Karim from Algérie lots of love from m’y Heart ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️?
  • Sea Muffin: I love these videos and then going to read the wonderfully positive comments. So great.
  • maly rojas: Creo que lo que saco de la tierra es maní?!!!!♥️?muy interesante me gustaría ver cómo se come??
  • nadasaeed: Love from Sudan. This queen make me feel shame of the way I live in the city
  • Nguyen Phu: I love her…?????She is good woman…intelligent and beautifull…?
  • Pim Dotterweich: I like when you have English subtitles also. ??
  • POTATO ARMY: My automatic google translator translated the title to:
    ‘It’s time to eat the fruits and vegetables, and the brains are sore.’
    lol i’m dying
  • sunshine em: Exactly the life i wanted. ❤
  • Theresa Liah: I love the pumpkin err… patch thingy??ý
  • Wing Keung Lee: 好想到这地方生活
  • Nicolette Swinton: Just found the channel and oh my gosh!!! Wow! Beautiful!
  • A NO NAME moose: 7 minutes is not enough for me. I would love to watch Ziqi the whole day?
  • Sake Kent: love her dedication and every thing about her.. ? taking care of herself and grandma too..
  • Ashley Powell: I feel like she is a humble and down to earth girl. I wish I could live like her!
  • May Aljurany: Amaaaaazing Liziqi❤❤❤❤??
  • Amber D. McCammon: Your grand mama remind me of my mom .so much
  • Todd: Sometimes when I see her grandma, I wonder if she was just like her now, just living in an era when she couldn’t film her work and share her videos
    And I secretly wish that somehow Liziqi will have a daughter or grand-daughter who will keep living at the farm and taking care of her just like she does with her grandma
  • Chantel Susu: Wooow im so amazed. Watching from philipines ?❤️ ilove you already

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I will come up with a project that will wipe out poverty in the Philippines in two years. I want to remove the people from economic crisis by using the Marcos wealth. Long after I’m gone, people will remember me for building them homes and roads and hospitals and giving them food.

Hd Food Wallpapers For Mobile – Food Art Background

Food makes travel so exceptional, because you get to taste what it’s actually supposed to taste like. To eat the real Pad Thai or finally have a proper curry is something pretty amazing.

We are delightfully trapped by our memories. I can’t drink a bottle of Chateauneuf-du-Pape Vieux Telegraphe without revisiting a hotel bistro in Luzerne, Switzerland, where I ate a large bowl of a peppery Basque baby goat stew. A sip and a bite. A bite and sip. Goose bumps come with the divine conjunction of food and wine.

Delicious – Wedding Cake Wallpaper

Food feeds our souls. It is the single great unifier across all cultures. The table offers a sanctuary and a place to come together for unity and understanding.

It’s easy for Americans to forget that the food they eat doesn’t magically appear on a supermarket shelf.

Wallpaper Menu Restaurant – Food Background Wallpaper

By eating many fruits and vegetables in place of fast food and junk food, people could avoid obesity.

If the food of friendship is time together, how do we make the time to ensure we’re all fed? My friends and I have recently come across a way to keep each other close. It fits into our lifestyles despite busy schedules and a surfeit of children. We call it the ‘kibbutz.’

Cheap Food Photography Backgrounds – Food Wallpaper Desktop

Cooking is like love. You don’t have to be particularly beautiful or very glamorous, or even very exciting to fall in love. You just have to be interested in it. It’s the same thing with food.

What we are trying to do is to create a social business in Bangladesh, a joint venture to create restaurants for common people. Good, healthy food at affordable prices so that people don’t have to opt for food that is unhealthy and unhygienic.

Apple Fruit Images Wallpaper – Fast Food Wallpaper Hd – Fruit Wallpaper Hd

I work on most weekends, so my husband is the executive chef. He is an amazing cook. I love the way he does salmon, and his apple pie for dessert is delicious.

Man should not try to avoid stress any more than he would shun food, love or exercise.

Doing things like playing music, something that’s so natural and basic to human function, running around in nature, eating delicious food. These things are intrinsic in basic, primordial to human beings, so that’s sort of a way to return to a blank canvas, allowing my true personality to return.

My ideal night would probably be a dope outfit, people that I love around me. Go to get some dinner, have some amazing food. Maybe sushi or Italian: I love both.

Everywhere the sky is blue. There are a multitude of cuisines and dishes. I think of them as the languages and dialects of food.

I am proud to have been born in Iowa. Through the eyes of a ten-year-old boy, it was a place of adventure and daily discoveries – the wonder of the growing crops, the excitements of the harvest, the journeys to the woods for nuts and hunting, the joys of snowy winters, the comfort of the family fireside, of good food and tender care.

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  • Bubble: Does nobody notice she doesn’t put ads in her videos?!
    She is just so pure I envy to be her, she is the definition of what life should be like, and not like the world we live in..pure angel.
  • S.: I think she is living in a story book.
  • Wolfgang Von Zubaz: She must be some kind of immortal Chinese mountain demi-Goddess
  • Zaur Aliyarov: I started watching her a couple of hours ago…It`s already 6 a.m. Need to go to work. You know what? I went to the kitchen took a tomato, a cucumber and a bell pepper…cut everything in big pieces, and mixed everything with hot chili pepper & salt. I am sitting now and ENJOING watching this BEAUTIFUL lady making our world MIRACULOUS. YOUR videos help stay calm and at the same time focused on beauty you are showing to us. YOU are AWESOME!
  • SRC EPIC: No school and no stress only enjoying every day ?
  • sophie kate: If only the whole world was as surreal and beautiful as this
  • minmina: I feel that her house will become a museum someday. So many people want to visit her and her fairy place.
  • Mochi Molala: 3:22 Can we all take a moment to appreciate her clothes? ??
  • ulan novita: I keep rewatching all of her videos ?. Am I the only one?
  • Abhishek Pariyar: I want to come to China some day, only to visit your village.
  • C Ka: Wow The melody, the scenary, the atmosphere, the food, the technique everything is mesmerising… splendid… don’t hv any words… mind blowing…. lots of luv from INDIA??
  • Olivena Moon: I just want to leave everything behind and live with her , just to learn her amazing cooking skills☺.❤liziqi
  • sx chen: 子柒啊,手冷不冷?来,阿姨给你暖暖手,抱一抱?
  • Better Life: Friend: liziki let’s go to fresh market to buy fresh food
    Liziki: i already have my own super market fresh food at home lol?
  • Manxellion: I swear, she’s a real life Chinese Disney Princess. The way she opens the window at 2:29 is amazing.
  • cutemagnetar: Heaven on earth! So beautiful and relaxing. Such a talented young girl!
  • Ольга Соколова: Да, приходится только догадываться что из чего сделано
  • My life as Lai: OMG!!! the scenery in this one is absolutely beautiful ?????
  • Ivy Bean: China is the most beautiful country in the world! And in every single season! The vast selection in the many native plants are endless, stunning, and gorgeous. Yes, I believe China is nothing short of heavenly ????????❤
  • 레즐리Lesly: Don’t know how I stumbled across this but I just can’t stop watching her videos they are really beautiful and relaxing
  • youtubeuser: The landscapes are so perfect and picturesque like out of a fantasy
  • meghamala sarilla: For me liziqi is Heidi, but instead of Grandpa here it’s grandma?
  • Yoursourlemon: She looks so much like Mina ?❤️?
  • Cindi Claudia: i’v downloaded most of her videos and show it to my student, they love it 😉
  • Cyberspace2012: 李子柒 she was born in Sichuan province in July 6 of 1990, her mom left the poor family when she was very little; she was treated badly by her step-mother at six when her father away from home. Then she became an orphan living with her grand-parents when her father died in an accident. She became a middle school drop-off and left the countryside at the age of 14 due to the poor farmer. She went to Shenzhen since then and worked as waitress or a bar DJ for 8 years (300-3000 RMB/mo, about US $50-500/mo until her grandpa passed away in 2012, who is a chef for countryside-dinner-party, such as for wedding and funeral. That’s why most of her videos are related to Chinese countryside cooking. Now her video income on YouTube alone exceeds $200k/yr. BTW, any videos before June of 2017 were made by herself. Some videos on YouTube were made by a three-person team (li, assistant and photographer).
    In Chinese her name spelling as: li (lee), ziqi (zeechee, ‘i’ pronounced ‘ee’ most likely). I know her childhood story by other Chinese videos and interviews in recent two years. She doesn’t have an English name, and this official youtube account (as her real name in Chinese) is operated by her affiliates in China (via VPN, I believe)
  • พุทธิดา มิกราช: 你好。我是泰国人。我非常喜欢你。我喜欢大自然。 我非常想访问你的国家。
  • James Moirangthem: Idk what i’m watching is real or something imaginary.
  • Leonila Bitoncol: Am i dreaming? Is this really happening? For real? Everything is perfect…
  • Zillala: I love to live like this..??❤️❤️♥️
  • worldvisitor: This girl must had splendid life experience in her life, whatever bad or good, all of them should be experience and guide her forward. she knows lots of skills which have been losted in countryside right now. some people know that, the people should be 40 years old or they are specialist in that field. god bless this Chinese girl, keep going in your life.
  • akira fashihah: Seriously i wanna go there, to her village..and live with her for the rest of my life..
  • lemon pie: 葉物野菜?を収穫する時の音が好き?
  • ixing Long: Plum flowever are always my favorite, because all the other flowers can only live in warm time . But the plum flowers blossom in the coldest time share the fragrance with snow. pure, lonely and noble.
  • JEventures: The 5 star food preparation with all organic ingredients,the cinematography,music,color,cute animals..loving this from philippines?
  • まみゃꕤ: 素敵すぎる…
  • lizith kumar: Leading happy life in woods is a great thing ???
  • babu shan: Honestly i want to go her home… But how
  • Gita Yunika Maharani: I feel like watching harvest moon (game) ?
  • Tadanielle: There’s somthing very magical about these videos you make
  • Taetaelover: 3:20 Can- can that be a store?…… I would pay to have those my gosh.
  • Irina Zviadadze: you know how to enjoy everyday in your life , amazing ….
  • Rhen F.: My gods the congee and the mustard stem looks so delicious. Holy jesus I need that in my life.
  • A J: I always love to see the cute animals in the background.
  • Ainul Kamilia: I wonder who’s the person behind the camera???? beautiful scenes and panorama
  • MoonLuna.: You truly are amazing I wish I could live a life like yours and have such talent like you have ❤️
  • rich t: You’re so beautiful! So talented! So genuine! So everything 🙂
  • Lubna Khan: You Chinese does so hard work, bless our great friend China n all hard working nations
  • Heather Jones: What kind of egg did she break open? It was huge
  • Bella Radinova: Shes such a beauty and really hard working i admire so much
  • Novitha Elda: I feel like i want to go and live with her.
  • Nila Kurniasari: My knowledge about plants has improved dramatically since I started watching her videos ?
  • Xinyi Zhu: 3:03 im dead
  • grace xiao: omg did you see those shots of the snow, the mountains, she walking on the bridge over the river and through the plum blossom forest what a heaven she lives in
  • AB-WORLD HUB: 4:54
    ❤ it
  • ɱıყơƙı Anime lover: I love the simple life you living❤
  • 住海邊釣魚: 2:35 可愛得跟蘿莉有得比!!
  • Sam Hủ: I’m from on Vietnam??
    I very enjoyed your video??
  • Max McCormick: I can’t get over how insanely beautiful the landscapes are wow
  • Eslam Is my religion: When life coach say when u are in depression watch alot of videos related to another calture … i know that i am so minute?????
  • K R: Absolutey most incredible nature shoots include in this Mind-blowing video. One of her most important ingredientes, are love & time.
  • Vinutha M S Green: OMG?. Heaven on Earth?. Wish i had lived there ?.
  • Mobinzp: She is so pretty, talented, pure and amazing
  • Farjana Akther: Can we all agree that the audio production on these video is outstanding?????
  • Vaalhalla: That place looks like what you read in fairy tales.. I wish I can live like her, grow crops and cook meals in a village far away from the city.. God bless Ziqi❤
  • Jeny: Where in the ten hells did she get those pjs from >:( ????
  • ronii shrestha: I love you liz …. ??? Love from Nepal ..?? You always made my day . I WANT TO BE LIKE U
  • SuperLightingLED: 推开窗漫天大雪的样子实在太美太美,这才是我想要的生活。只可惜我在深圳,这里不会下雪
  • UnknownFan TT: She is so productive!! Watching her videos make me pity myself ? even the pets eat healthy!❤
  • Maritis Dedel Maritis Dedel: I’m so in love with this channel
  • Pham Ly: It is true life of her. Some thing will be lost . Thank to her help me remember my family i miss my grand mother.
  • suga sugar: Real life❤️
  • Marize Claire Jallorina: I like your surroundings, its sooting and relaxing ❤️
  • Momoney1210: She did not just stunt on us like that with that huge dressing room with a rack of beautiful coats/cover ups. They all look soo lovely and pretty.
  • bhardwaj 1218: 跟一個童話故事一樣?
  • Vina Lugg: Masterpiece ❤️❤️
  • dennis bast: So strong, so skilled, so beautiful. Mesmerizing. The cinematography, stunning. Thank you.
  • deepa anandakrishnan: How are you Iam Indian girl. Your videos very beautiful sister, all the best
  • lijuan chen: 这样的天,我的手早就生冻疮了,她还在做农活,洗冷水。
  • 张山林: 卧槽,标题都英文版了,,,,,别啊!鬼佬想看就让他们自己学中文或者自己动手翻译
  • Lazarus Issass: Beautiful production with an almost ethereal fairytale quality! Thank you so much!
  • car7glass: the scenery is really beautiful!
  • Divo Galindra: Feels like watching Disney’s princess
    You look like the ice queen
  • Sharmin Akter: How beautiful u r?I am just keep watching your videos 1 after 1?I feel like I am watching an angel ?❤️
  • Priyanka Mohanty: New subscriber dear.. Love from Odisha u know frm India❤❤
  • Crystaleen Vasquez: Awwww I like the two puppies and the goat,they look so curious and doesn’t know what’s going on but still cute and adorable
  • jammybear25: Hardworking and still so pretty ???
  • zi zi: why she never run out recipe.. while over here im confused wat to cook for dinner ..tonite
  • TamVan Chennel: I’m From indonisia..
  • Solan Shaiza: Wow i wanna live with her gosh?? does the flower blooms in winter there??…m coming??so beautiful with the snow
  • Tepy Sokun: She is beautiful like a movie star.
  • 愛: 希望子柒以後可以開設線上料理、美學、栽培、保養、營養……課程!
  • GwenAnimates_: Liziqi: *working really hard in the winter even though it’s really cold*

    Me: Is that the slightest trace of snow outside? WELL GUESS WHO IS STAYING INSIDE DOING NOTHING FOR THE NEXT 4 MONTHS

  • Maroa AL bkaae: الطبيعة بتجنن❤❤
  • Somaya Muhammad: Is this real…so beautiful &
    It’s like a reality show from a nother world?
  • L.A Tranh: VietNam ilove you❤️❤️
  • Master Klein: She live in so beautiful mountains omg
  • Fatima Albatoul: I don’t know why this made me cry.. I mean how has life become such complicated? why can’t we just live with this
  • Abhinandita Bhanja: Hello..
    I really love the way you live..
    I want to come to your place and meet with you..
    I want to learn cooking from you..
  • Prachurya Protim Das: With each passing seconds, I feel something deep down inside me which is inexpressible in words… I wish this video, like all of her videos, will never end.
  • Petals Amora: I love her open concept wardrobe??

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Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.

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Life is a perspective and for me, if a human being has access to school, clean water, food, proper health care, that is the basis of human rights.

Cooking with a cast iron skillet is great because it can also be used for presentation! Simply prepare a delicious meal within it and display it on the table for all to enjoy.

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My family lived off the land and summer evening meals featured baked stuffed tomatoes, potato salad, corn on the cob, fresh shelled peas and homemade ice cream with strawberries from our garden. With no air conditioning in those days, the cool porch was the center of our universe after the scorching days.

I wanted to play blues. But I wasn’t blue enough. I wasn’t like Muddy Waters, people who really had it hard. In our house, we had food on the table. We were doing well compared to many. So I concentrated on this fun and frolic, these novelties.

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I was on a strict diet to stay in shape for ‘Jack Reacher,’ but each day on set in New Orleans, catering dropped off delicious food at my trailer.

I am naturally slim, actually thin. So, for years I have been trying to get some curves. I tried eating food that would increase my weight, but I only ended up putting fat around my stomach. So, now I have made peace with my body.

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I’m a performer. I do comedy and music, and I blend them together. My band is ‘Nasty Delicious!’.

Don’t be afraid to try brussel sprouts! Delicious and full of vitamin C.