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During Holi, my mom prepares lovely puran polis, and everyone in my family makes an exception in their diet plan to include this delicious food item!

I just love food, especially my mom’s Bulgarian cooking. Taco Bell is my favorite fast food restaurant. I also love Italian food.

In Russia, we eat a lot of heavy food like potatoes and lots of meat. I can’t eat one apple or a salad a day. You wouldn’t want to come talk to me if I don’t eat. I have to eat, or I am in a really bad mood.

Eating rice cakes is like chewing on a foam coffee cup, only less filling.

A ritual or tradition can be as simple as something you do every night, like read a story to a small child, or something you do weekly, such as go out for Chinese food.

The people are more important than the food. We want a person to be as successful as he can be, and it works the other way around, too.

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  • Amber Vitek: this channel brings me peace like ive never felt before. thank you for doing these videos. makes my concrete world consumed by empty people who only have sad faces. chemicals in foods and single file lines. feel less like im here …and more like im a place that we all should be. a home with nature and family a place and life worth living
  • Seema Ali: I have developed a habit of watching her videos before going to bed it like a relaxation therapy ??
  • Lamea Momen: She is living a life dreamed by many.
  • Sharmin Akter: She’s so hard working lady ❤️I strongly appreciate her working ?
  • Sothea Teschea: I am crazy enough of endlessly read comments. Who like me please raise your hand. ?
  • Logan Gibson: I am convinced that she is an ancient spirit, a fricken Druid of the forest
  • Biggles: Where does this woman live!! Every single scene is straight out of a painting. It’s so peaceful and gorgeous.
  • BRUNO CARE: Que hermoso lugar! Clima espectacular y las frutas silvestres simplemente divino. El paraíso existe y está aquí en la tierra…??
  • Asgher Ali: she lives in forest But More happy than city people
  • betequeue: In what magical world does she live? Every little detail is full of beauty and wisdom!
  • Alex G: I didn’t know paradise in china still existed like this.
  • priscilla Arellano: That is a very interesting way to have persimmons I have some but I just peel and cut them
  • marique’s channel: That’s what I really admire the Chinese culture they have a variety of food preservation! I want to live with a simple life in the foraging forest:-)
  • Isaac Irigoyen: This literally looks like someone went back in time and recorded this woman doing her thing
  • bhagya S: She is an angel, lives in heaven and I heard she has a very good heart, cares for nature, animals and poor people, she donated her hard earned money for the needy..SHE IS IN FACT GODS OWN CHILD. LOVE and respect YOU LIZIQI FROM INDIA.?❤❤
  • Asia Amazing: This channel makes me want to forsake civilization and go live out in the forest
  • Milady Torres: I love persimmons ,she is so lucky to have and leave in this beautiful place
  • brain storm: My only question is how is snowing and the leaves are still on the trees and fresh green and even a rose wow I guess fall don’t come in your country
  • xinhua wang: 子柒的视频真的可以治疗抑郁,而且有助于睡眠
  • Ratna Abnes: I love to have one plant of this fruit.
  • Cathy Mae Gomez: I’d gladly trade my current life for this.
  • Air Air: 好看的皮囊千篇一律,有趣的灵魂万里挑一。
  • dawn johnson: She has all Spirits ? of her Ancestors pass to her.
  • Andy Miser: She seems to have everything available as needed.
  • amita rani: I want to be like her hardworking simple beautiful and so talented love you beautiful princess ??
  • breathtaking you: After hour of watching……
    Me: This is the last video I am going to watch
    Also Me: Maybe another one too ?
  • JEventures: Here in philippines persimmon is a name of a condo.i just realized it’s a fruit we don’t have it
  • Tribal Equestrian: I love how she works together with her Granny. Sweet!
  • Arjuna Delhy: Lizi You are Eve in garden of Eden?
  • T Satoh: 今晩也漂亮
  • satyarth tripathi: Nature+simplicity+hardwork+camera quality= incredible video
  • ARMY DUPYAO: I love all your videos. It makes me relax and also hungry ?
  • Engineer Rhems: You really looked quite a lot like MINA of Twice ?
  • fuusha 99: Wish we can go back to simple life, on electricity, no computer, no WeChat, no handphone, no processed food, or fast food.
  • Нагучева Ольга: Persimons? Ours are very soft, and you cut them like apples, they are still some green?
  • Toe to Tip That’s a Bart: The patience this requires. In such a tech-driven age, where everything comes so quickly, it’s beautiful to watch such a slow process unfold without her getting stressed or annoyed.
  • Hà Phan: Chị giỏi quá em rất ngưỡng mộ chị ???
  • Louis L: Amazing. Five minutes video can take months to make.
  • – H: Dangg those are the fairy lights I wish for!✨
  • nanasshi 07: this was my very first video of you, i still remember how amazed i was. now i have to watch this at least once a week. thank you for your hardwork?
  • ASecondView !: I knew she wasn’t going to waste the skin of that fruit.
  • arifatul khaiarah: really sends a positive aura, life becomes neater, more motion. thank you for sharing the routine ? ? ? ? ?
  • Animal Chanel: 17/11/2019 tem việt nam ai còn xem
  • John Dam: Grandma lets have a race to peel these fruit, you win if you finish one before i finish the rest.
  • Peter Lane: I love ❤️ this woman !!!
  • moi me: she is so pretty like Goddesses in fantasy Chinese dramas
  • Mvvnsatyanarayanareddy Mvvnsatyanarayanareddy: 4:36 the rose???is awesome
  • Eye Sun: She’s so strong ?!
  • Ariana Monster: These videos are so amazing and pure and I love watching them I’m new here and binge watching all of them???
  • Seonhui Jeong: 영상 잘보고 있습니다. 저에게 많은 영감과 자극을 주네요. 당장 뭔가 만들기 위해 움직이고 싶어져요. 좀더 부지런해져야 겠다고 생각합니다. 감사해요. ♡♡
  • Stephen Bond: She use to be a DJ but she decided back to hometown living with her grandmother since her grandmother got a serious sick .So Amazing!!!
  • Crystal clear Florida girl: How long did they dry to form the sugar? I would love to visit there.
  • B.R8195: Please say that I’m not the only one that scrolled down just to see what people have writen in the comment.
  • Ferdousi Fidda: liziqi I am big fan of your videos. From Bangladesh??????❤️??????
  • spicyhope: she’s gorgeous, talented and so hard working wahhh love these videos
  • Miss Jenny’s Cleaning: Every grandmother in the world can peal a fruit in one long piece.
  • krishnadas Atharv: My mother peels vegetable like granny and I like as liziqi peels. Its so much relatable.
  • 孫振忠: 好美的地方 真希望在有生之年能去看看……當然如果能遇到子柒那就更美了???
  • Lakshmi kuppam tv: U do some dragen fruits recipe
  • البرمجة Programming__hacking: This is a good live waw ♥♥
    I love it ♥♥♡
  • Farzana Bhuiyan: Your videos are like anti-depression medicine. God bless you!!!
  • Shangran Dangshawa: This fruit sweet and we called sheem hei in Maring dialect, India. Love from Machi, Manipur, India
  • Bonbonchocolats: I love persimmon and when it hangs like that it looks so pretty 🙂
  • 馬場久佳: はー、干し柿が食べたくなりました。美味しいんだろうな。
  • abdeenn3: Everything is so beautiful beyond words ❤️
  • Isabelle Jacobsen: She’s being so productive and I can’t even get up and clean my room
  • Haiying He: The best medicine here, peace with love, failed to cure Somebody’s hatred such as those voting dislike. This world is full of psychological issues.
  • Cat Da Lo: If I tried to do that everything would just mold! Amazing.
  • Wel Ortiz: I wish i live there to.?
  • Ema Natrah: I wish to stay there. So beautiful in nature ?
  • yashinomi8: いいなーそこに住みたいですなー
  • biebe08: She is soooooo rich!!!! So blessed. Amazing!!
  • Caroline Lalrinchhani: I love the life you live ❤may the God bless you
  • Vinutha M S Green: OMG. Soo Beautiful ?. Wish i had lived there?? with her ?
  • Star Star: Yes she’s amazing but can we also give a round of applause to whoever is taking this footage. The angles are insane. We see her from above and below. Great work to all of them,the editing and music is beautiful. Talented people ❤️
  • 三BABY々GIRL: Please take me with you the nature tho ♥️??
  • Funana Bitch33: You seriously calm me! Thank you so much!
  • Ranjit Kumar: She is very beautiful girl
  • Cô Tấm ngày nay Country cuisine: When you do peaceful survival mode without cheats
  • Xinrui Jiang: I’m from China and I watch this incidentally while studying abroad. I can’t stop watching her aesthetic videos. It makes my mind flying back home and back to my childhood. I really miss the delicious food and especially the beautiful rural scenery.
  • المحبة لله: خيرات ربي ما شاء الله……
  • Pirate Gamer GD: I want to live this type of Forest ????
  • Sharad Wertheimer: 我非常喜欢看你的视频,你很聪明此外博智的人。谢谢你!
    I love watching your videos, you are a very intelligent but also wise person. Thank you!
  • kagnomi: I watch one of her videos every night before bed and it calms my anxiety and helps me sleep.
  • Ice Rabbit: Normal people: *listen to asmr to sleep*
    Me: *watches this pretty lady living in a pretty paradise make everything under the sun*
  • tmengucor: Here in the south of Italy we do the same with figs.
  • Dehong Li: This is my favorite snack, so delicious.
  • Lan Anh Nguyễn: I very love where you live. It is peaceful and wonderful!!!!!
  • Nutriție Sportivă: Love it from Romania!??
  • you tube: Người Việt Nam đâu ạ ❤️ cho tôi thấy cánh tay của các bạnnnn
  • Noura Ardi: Juste amazing !! I am in love with ur videos
  • Bidisha Mandal: OMG!!! The fruits are looking stunning in that sting
  • Cee Gee: Simple yet a beautiful life she’s living..way better than city life
  • rose luo: 谢谢子柒把生活中最美的一面展现出来,给人们以慰藉。其实四川的冬天是不舒服的,无处躲藏的冷啊?
  • HUNGREHH JENNEHHH: I really love her….I wanna be like her….She’s like the lost princess of Asia!!!
  • 백도영: 분위기 진짜 너무좋다… 여자도이쁘고 ㅎㅎ
  • Ивета Ивета: I love dry hurma so much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • H Li: 好怀念,儿时的零食,现在超市已经买不到这么传统的口味的
  • IWSS Videos: Amazing place ❤️❤️❤️
  • Keauty420: The people disliking this video don’t understand how life can be so peaceful so they dislike when others are feeling something, what they don’t understand yet.

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Everything one reads is nourishment of some sort – good food or junk food – and one assumes it all goes in and has its way with your brain cells.

Fruits White Background – Fruit Juice Hd Wallpaper

Once, during Prohibition, I was forced to live for days on nothing but food and water.

Food is your body’s fuel. Without fuel, your body wants to shut down.

Butter Chicken Wallpaper – Orange Fruit Wallpaper

Food is a way to explore culture and ground the story in a specific time and place. I still remember the meals and snacks from my first novel, ‘Shug’: pork chops and applesauce and Coca-Cola and peanuts, which are very Southern. When a character has roots elsewhere, food is a way to connect with home and another culture.

I’m very unpopular for my dislike of this food, but I’ve never liked avocado. Everyone gives me so much flack for it because they tell me how healthy it is for me, how delicious it is. I don’t like it, but it’s not for lack of trying. I tried to like it, and it’s just not my thing.

Tomato Hd Wallpaper – Toast Wallpaper

I was an overweight kid, and my father struggled with his weight, too. We would go for a ride on his motorcycle on Sunday morning to get doughnuts, to make pizza together, or go get ice cream. I quickly learned that food equalled love and attention.

Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.

Chocolate Iphone Wallpaper – Taco Bell Wallpaper

It seems everyone wants to know if I have an eating disorder, and playing an anorexic character on ‘Make it or Break It’ probably didn’t help much. To set the record straight, I certainly do not have an eating disorder. I think as anyone can gather, I love food, and it is not just a front to cover up the fact that I don’t eat any.

What is this drive to be thinner, prettier, better dressed, other? Who exactly is this other and what does she look like beyond the jacket she’s wearing or the food she’s not eating? What might we be doing, thinking, feeling about if we didn’t think about body image, ever?

Sandwich White Background – Funny Food Wallpaper – Spinach Wallpaper

When I decided to become vegetarian, I had to learn how to ‘recook,’ if you will. For example, I used to put red wine in a big pot with the meat that I’d cooked in fat, and it was, of course, delicious. When I gave up meat, I wondered what I would make. That turned out to be vegetables, really organic and fresh.

When you leave, you basically want to go eat, because I talk a lot about food in my act. So when you leave, you leave hungry.

I’m a home cook and love to read about food, but I’m not trained as a chef. I’m just really into cooking and passionate about it.

The table is a meeting place, a gathering ground, the source of sustenance and nourishment, festivity, safety, and satisfaction. A person cooking is a person giving: Even the simplest food is a gift.

When I eat with my friends, it is a moment of real pleasure, when I really enjoy my life.

I remember the fact that milk was delivered every day by a milkman. In summer, my mother would make what now seem in my middle-aged imagination the most delicious iced milkshakes.

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  • Jason H.: 400 dislikes from shoe factories and fashion companies.
  • debbie ong: She speaks the least compared to most youtubers, but she’s heard by millions.
  • Marie Fatil: The camera angles, the editing, the cinematography! The content! These are the best videos I’ve EVER seen!
  • C.o.R (Lex): She the man
    We her fan
    But most importantly
    *She make shoes for Gran*
  • m yumen: When I was a kid, my mom made these shoes for me too. Made me warm and confortable in cold winter. Best part of memories. I also come from SiChuan province of China.
  • Grace Perez: This woman is the realistic version of a super woman. Because she inspires millions of women, including me, how to live a meaningful life. For being useful through the innate abilities as woman and to learn some ideas how to create somethings which could be of great use.
  • Legendary WhiteTiger: If she claims that she made the house i would undoubtedly beleive it
  • Sarah Kim: oh my GOD the ending where the grandma laughs and moves her feet around is ADORABLE IM CRYING
  • Alisha Cynthia: I thought the cotton plant was there only for decoration purpose, was shocked?? when she actually used them to make the shoes more comfy?.Seriously those are some high quality shoes ✨…grandma must be happy??
  • Rudy Alfonsus: she even made her own glue.
    this girl bring the words ‘from scratch’ to a new lvl. i really don’t understand why there are dislikes in her videos
  • Alicia B: I love how stitches were added to the bottom to provide extra grip so grandma doesn’t slip and fall!
  • Ayumi Sakaguchi: Best granddaughter EVER ?❤ making her grandma some shoes, her silk clothing and silk bed, cooking her delicious meals ❤
  • Sharon Long: The difference between Liziqi and the rest of us is that SHE DOES IT! We admire her and envy her and think if only WE could do that. We can. We only have to try. You have to accept that between trying and succeeding there are a lot of failures, but we CAN do it. Liziqi is a wonderful inspiration. Being disabled there are many physical things I cannot do. But there are many things I CAN do and I do. When I am feeling low or weak or a failure, I just watch one of Liziqi’s videos and I am energized. Thank you Liziqi, and my best to your beautiful Grandmother.
  • mharz mhason: Next thing you’ll know she’s making her own drone for filming.
  • K. Petra Sonntag: because of this project, I am now repairing an old pair of shoes with needle and thread & am making a new pair of sandals out of some older ones! THANK YOU for sharing your clever creativeness with the world ?
  • Marina Duran: Who else is low-key watching for grandma?
  • aushia worthen: There is a serious problem with some of these schools in the USA. I never learn all the things this lady has done. From cooking, preserving food, farming…it’s amazing. This is why I value knowledge over everything.
  • Boya Zhao: My aunty used to make these shoes for me when I was a child. Memories.
  • SK Closet: Little cousin: why does most things say made from china”
    Me: shows him this video
  • Hermia Dermentia: Who else thinks all those skills ;masonry,shoe making,cooking with natural ingredients,making a fire,etc should b mandatory n told at all schools esp when teachers’ absent or other free periods ect.We would certainly bcome better ‘adults of tomorrow’?
  • Stephanie Mcbroom: Grandma is lucky and happy. I’m know she is so proud of you. Grandmothers are very special!!!!
  • Ray Whittington: An old Levis slogan; “Quality never goes out of style”. Thanks for sharing all of these “old fashioned” ways and skills with us!
  • Aeo: She’s a creative dynamo in so many types of craft. So talented. Her videos are so calming to view.
  • Dhillon Dhass: Do you hear her grandmother’s chuckle at the end?
    She’s just so happy and satisfied and grateful that the shoes are so amazing,
    And her granddaughter is so damn sweet to her.
    A chuckle of a full heart.
  • Keely Grace: this girl knows how to do everything wtf
  • Crystal Zhan: She has a pair of rough hands but they are the most beautiful hands I’ve ever seen ❤️Omg thanks for 1000 likes ?
  • Yu Zhang: My grandma made this kind of shoes, clothes and quilt for me in the 1980s. She is in the Heaven. Miss her so much.
  • JuJu and WamWams: I can’t get anyone to buy me shoes ?
  • 陈浩宇: To explain to foreign friends, in Chinese culture, it is usually the elders who make shoes for the younger generation to express their care and love for the younger generation. However, this video shows how the younger generation can return the love of the elder, a pure and deep love, which is the bond between family members, not just a pair of shoes. I like her video, because she promotes Chinese culture, but I hope I can help other foreign friends to have a deeper understanding of her video and the real Chinese culture.
  • 唐栋: My grandma made same shoes for me until China had shoes factory from 1990s, miss her so much………
  • MysticalMaiden3: I’ll never look at “made in China” the same again.
  • 虎清蘭: 感動!
  • Taetaelover: Me: I bet she can’t make-Liziqi: *AHAH YOU THOUGT!”*
  • Ming Shu: you can do anything ! so fermilia . nowadays , no young lady could do that !
  • Brie Cheese: I envy her whole lifestyle. It’s so peaceful and interesting?
  • jennifer blaine: its almost 1am in united states California and im going to bed thanks for your wonderful videos C : I never get tired of watching your amazing life , God has blessed you
  • Cathy Lu: This video warms my heart, from beginning to end.
  • Fire Woman: The best YouTubed ever!
  • Andrew Kantos: This girl is amazing! I’ve never seen ANYONE with such a broad set of skills. If there were ever a zombie apocalypse, I want her on my team. Well done!
  • Wanna Beth: The way her nainai laughs reminds me so much of my own nainai ?
  • Anukii: She said Chill Grandma, let ME spoil you ??
  • AlbaSoRandom M: By far the best YouTube channel I’ve ever subscribed to !
  • Backed by Gold: I like to have a daughter in law like her please! ?
  • W: This girl touch my heart in a very different way
  • Theresa Bucio: Omg you’re amazing god bless you ??????
  • Rashika Grg Bisht: I have seen her doing farming ,cooking,stitching,tailoring and now making shoes after watching this video seriously this lady is great ?? absolutely amazing , lots of love from ????
  • D: I’m sure your family is so proud of you. ?❤️❤️
  • EM Y: An approving laughter from your grandma must be priceless. Worth all the sweat & tears and even needle pricks I bet:) Your devotion is my inspiration. Another lesson learned:)
  • Linda l Workman: Had to join. Love watching your show, I really like the way you make homemade things
  • Toho Chinji: I think it’s must expensive than Louis Vuitton ;D
  • DLAnder: I’d treasure those shoes for the rest of my life.
  • Jessica MM: I’ve never payed so much attention on a youtuber in my life before.
  • Xxlindy cornxX: i hope my daughter does this for me when im a grandma
  • CobraDove: This is what we could be if we were not dumbed-down and indoctrinated to be debt slaves by the state
  • Aytan Kamil: I love the way how she takes care about her grandma ? Loves from Germany
  • bobbi carver: I love how nothing is really decoration, everything has a purpose!!!
  • Sukanya Varape: Yesterday I stumbled upon this channel and I have not been able to stop watching all you clips. These are so blissful and serene. Almost feels like a dreamland. And the majn actress that these video follows is just amazing. Is there anything she can not do? She is a perfect blend of brain, beauty, grace and strength. Something that speaks for itself without any words can not be described in words too. Thank you for sharing the joy and simplicity of your living with us.
  • Harini S.K. Moorthi: She makes me feel so active and priductive everyday?❤
  • Raymon Blodgett: I love grandma’s laugh at the end followed by Ziqi’s. Precious??
  • tzinnnnnnn: I just love everything about her channel, the filmmaking, the concept, her. She is a renaissance woman.
  • Zualbawih Rawihte: Liziqi made a warm soft shoes for her grandma and now I question myself “what exactly am I to my grandma? “
  • Navajo Doll: As a Navajo this inspires me to create videos w this much quality to encourage people to learn more about the Navajo tribe and Native Americans in general.?
  • Lennie Lester: It amazes me how many different things this girl can do! I stumbled across her channel one day and haven’t stopped watching her videos. So much talent in one person. I know a lot of young women that cant even cook. You go with your bad self girl! Totally awesome!???
  • R2 B: She makes her own merch???Love your channel.
  • toad: I wish I could find someone like this for my culture, I love this sort of thing
  • Jen A: The laugh of her grandma at the end with such joy is the cutest thing ??
  • Mary Gathungu: She makes me wonder what I’m doing with my life?. Pure talent! Good job keep it up!
  • Antonio Andrade: This makes my heart ? ?
  • Sophie Bao: My tears running while watching her taking so much trouble to make her grandma a pair of shoes for scratch. Pure love!
  • Laxmi Borah: It’s very rare to find such a unique girl on this earth. Lots of love from assam (India)
  • sky 1187: I feel like sending some foam. I like be reading all her fans comments. It’s really positive ?
  • Thea Chambers: I just love how she tore that sheet so perfectly. I mess up with scissors still lol.
  • Prosperity Queen: I can’t imagine who cannot like such amazing videos of her doing fantastic awesome talent and skills. This is what people should be watching not those neverending make up tutorials that make women look like clowns! Her videos are great influence that millions of people can truly learn about simple living away from the city.
  • Rose Mendonis: I feel like this place is so perfect ?? I want to live here,,
  • Cat L: Oh, my grandma and my mom made those shose, too! Proud of them!
  • miaka183: Aw… her grandma’s laugh at the end is heartwarming <3
  • morugurl m: Wow, just amazing ?
  • Lavanya PS: Mention the ingredients in english also
  • Judy Dickens: oh i do love this one … i wonder how Liziqi learned so many different arts… Wonderful.
  • Susan Palmer: Her grandma was so happy when she put on the shoes!
  • R Berry: She is a National Treasure..the amount of knowledge she has been handed down..Amazing!
  • Ida Mol: Is nobody going to talk about grandma’s little laugh at the end? ? ?
  • Yuuto Kazuya: She makes me almost forget I still need drugs (anime) in my life… Still, these vids are amazing
  • anisha: I still remember I watched this video when my favourite celebrity Kim Jonghyun died and this video was uploaded the day that he was found dead. I watched this video for comfort and it soothed me in many ways possible. I always come to this video as it gives me nostalgia to this day. Thank you
  • Gadolium Nitrogen: omg i thought it said in memory of my grandma and my heart sunk
  • Thơ Vương: so amazing, she is so intelligent, I wish I could do it like her
  • Sharon Long: I would have loved to see Liziqi’s Grandmother’s face when she put on the shoes. I bet she loved them!
  • Mary Pang: my heart just melted at the sound of her grandma’s laugh
  • Anna Steele: Beautiful shoes.
    She’s going to love them
    Can you make me a pair I’ll send you a gift from Iceland.
    Regards Anna Lin
  • Barbara Tran: Sometimes I let my two year old watch movies on long car rides. And lately this is all she wants to see. Lol she’s learning how to be independent and strong ?
  • jocelyn saragosa: How come you know everything, you have so many talents ?❤️?… another great video like always ?
  • Raquel Arredondo: This young woman is AMAZING! She works so hard! Everything is done with love!
  • Olivia Donohue: me: 🙁
    Liziqi: *makes a shoe out of scratch*
    me: 🙂
  • shijie wei: That’s it after watching a lot of her videos I have come to the conclusion that she is a goddess in disguise.
  • YaYa k.: She has a beautiful soul!!! She does it all!!! She takes good pride at what she does. I am just like the rest of you, I just started watching her videos this past Monday. What drew me to subscribing was when she made the bamboo furniture….she did that!!! I get joy from watching her videos and have not stopped
  • Khat Kiat-ong: Amazing? the shoe she made must’ve be comfortable
  • Patty Miles: Wow one of my favorites! She’s so talented and smart!
  • Joy: magnifique merci beaucoup pour toutes vos vidéos.

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I get on a real serious health kick when I’m on the road, because as a singer, you can’t really get sick. If you get sick, your whole instrument stops working. I’ve done all these different vitamin drinks. I drink coconut water, and I run. I eat food. I juice.

Fruits And Vegetables Wallpaper – Sandwich White Background

The food that enters the mind must be watched as closely as the food that enters the body.

I had eel at a sushi bar once; it’s disgusting. I thought it was chicken. It looked like chicken. It was brown and looked delicious, and I was like, ‘That looks safe.’ It wasn’t.

Doritos Wallpaper – Funny Food Wallpaper

I have great Indian genes! You know, I’m lazy. I want to take advantage of the fact that I have a great metabolism. When I start getting fat, I’ll work on it! I like food, and I don’t like the gym, and as long as I look like this without doing anything, why bother?

LOVE: A word properly applied to our delight in particular kinds of food; sometimes metaphorically spoken of the favorite objects of all our appetites.

Delicious In Swedish – Spinach Wallpaper

I feel it is an obligation to help people understand the relation of food to agriculture and the relationship of food to culture.

Even though I am Chairman of Dole Food Company, I do most of my own grocery shopping.

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I was born with music inside me. Music was one of my parts. Like my ribs, my kidneys, my liver, my heart. Like my blood. It was a force already within me when I arrived on the scene. It was a necessity for me – like food or water.

I’m working harder than ever now, and I’m putting on my pants the same as I always have. I just get up every day and try to do a little better than the day before, and that is to run a great restaurant with great food, great wine, and great service. That’s my philosophy.