Cat defends his bro from a pack of dogs

I got chased by a pack of dogs when I was a teenager walking on a public road. They weren’t even strays, people in Tennessee just didn’t think anything was wrong with letting their dangerous damn dogs roam the streets.

Fucking hell I live in Tennessee and people will buy pits and boxers and shit and let them roam the neighborhood. They don’t care, they buy it and immediately let it roam. What’s the damn point? We own a bunch of cats and I’ve almost had to kill another dog because it bothers our cats. I hate to, it’s not the dogs fault it has shitty owners, but I’m not letting it fuck with my animals.

Oh hecks no to dogs like that! If a dog EVER tried to attack my cat, it’s gonna be a dead dog real quick! I’m not about to watch one of my best friends get ripped to shreds because people are irresponsible.

On my street a neighbor likes to sit outside with his three pit bulls off leash. There’s a dog park literally across the street. I’ve never seen them there. He just sits on the sidewalk and tries to stare down anyone walking by while his dogs circle you. It’s gotten pretty scary at times.

I don’t understand it either. Every dog I’ve had has basically been family, sleeps on my bed, stays with me any time I’m home or I can take them with me. I couldn’t imagine letting them just wander around the streets unsupervised.

Dogs are almost always a reflection of how they were raised. And way too many irresponsible people for some reason feel the need to get a dog and then not get it sterilized or kept inside or obedient.

There is a common sentiment among animal rights activists that “ the street is the dog’s home. you cant force a dog into a shelter”.

They constantly feed these stray dogs with food they purchased using the funds gathered on social media. (Many also uses this opportunity to make money off of peoples goodwill.)

Kids, adults and cats gets attacked and they got killed often. If you call municipality they just come and vaccinate them. Or they might move them to nearby woods or village. They then become much more agressive and territorial and attack nearby villages or people passing by. They also kill livestock.

There is now a growing number of people aware and vocal about this issue but policiticans dont wanna do anything about it lest they seem cruel and stigmatized.

Sorry about the rant i am just very angry about this stuff bc i have been attacked by stray dogs a couple of times and am very afraid of them now.

There will always be idiots releasing their dogs to street without neutering them first. I worked in south cities where summer resorts are common and i have heard ppl literally getting a dog for 3-4 months and leave behind afterwards.

Oh, I’m sorry, I know the owners don’t neuter. I meant if someone calls municipality to report, do they just come out and vaccinate, or do they also spay and neuter? It seems crazy to vaccinate but not try to control the population.

Not only bold and courageous but masterful battlefield strategy. The cat made sure to decrease her attack surface by staying close to that planter. She gave herself far less area to defend that way in this melee. Then when the timing was just right she bolted through that protective planter area and off to safety. That was brilliant.

When my sister brought home what would eventually be my kitten we already had two big dogs and a fat lazy older cat. This cat, Mios, cared about nothing but food and sleep until that day. The dogs would chase him and corner him but that was it. Well the dogs tried to “play” with the new kitten that first day and Mios went crazy on them just like this, and it was amazing!

Seriously?? Obviously getting chased and cornered is stressing out that cat and he’s lashing out when the kitten is the victim. Cats HATE getting cornered. How would you like it if you were chased and cornered by much bigger animals? If those dogs aren’t trained, it’s only a matter of time they accidentally kill one of your cats.

It’s because cats are so mixed with their reactions. Some will defend you to the end while others will watch you die with a look of curiosity.

Dogs will always defend you, will always be concerned. The coin toss is whether they go face first to your aid or raise hell until aid comes to you. If a person is drowning, will the dog jump in to rescue you or bark itself hoarse until somebody notices?