Cute animals

I’ve got a cat who’s absolutely obsessed with one of my rabbits. He snuggles with her, washes her, (attempts to) play with her, gets very jealous when she snuggles with anyone else, and just generally spends a lot of time just sitting around staring at her like a creep. The feeling is…semi-mutual lol

I knew a guy that had a pet rabbit and a goldendoodle and he said they would cuddle up together at night to sleep.

I love when animals develop these weird relationships. My coworker at my first job would legit take his cat and rabbit on a walk with leashes around his neighborhood every day


Based usually means that something is cool, and x-pilled means it’s related to the thing in a cool way, so dog-pilled would mean that it’s like the cat and rabbit are dogs.

I think they were talking about the rabbits vision? The previous poster was talking about their rabbits vision and rabbits have a pretty short life span overall.

Our pekingese was blind and dead for the last 3 years of her life but it never slowed her down. She got by on her sense of smell and she’d come towards me when I bounced my foot on the floor. Vibration in the old wood floor was the new “here puppy” till she passed at 15. I miss her still, she was a great lil pup.

Yep she was pretty awesome. We called her the snot monkey even though her real name was Zoe, snot monkey fit better. When she would sneeze it just snot gunned anyone nearby. She was hyper half the time and barely awake the other half but man she was a fun lil pup.

Being that my puppy has adopted her we are keeping her and naming her Lola…

There’s no way she is a wild animal because she willingly came to my nephew to be picked up and was shivering cuz its so cold out, she was abandoned at the local cemetery….

I think her hip is dislocated because her leg looks twisted and she can’t hop very well but we have an appointment at the local exotic pet vet for her tomorrow…

Vets go through the same amount of training as human doctors, but imagine learning all that stuff not just for one species, but at least two (dogs and cats), and then all the others, who are all wildly different as far as diseases, medications, anatomy, etc, all go.

Then you get into specialties like veterinary oncology, vet cardiology, vet ophthalmology…. all of them requiring several years of training beyond all the regular vet training.

It sucks that vet prices are going up so high, but they have to pay off lots of student loans for several years of education, and their tuition has been going up just like everyone else’s.

Apparently according to veterinarians they are because I called several of them and they told me I needed to contact a vet that specialized in exotic pets…

I’m guessing anything outside of a dog and cat is considered an exotic pet.

I feel like I haven’t seen one in 20 years. But even back then, I wouldn’t have been surprised if it drew negative attention on a college campus.

I remember them being around when I was like in middle school in the 90s and plenty of kids thought they were gross or cruel. It took a somewhat embarrassingly long time for some of us to realize that a rabbit’s foot was often an actual rabbit’s foot, ha.

I remember the fake ones were pretty popular, that were basically just tufts of fur and didn’t try to look like a foot.

I grew up in a university town in a really rural area so there was this funny dichotomy between kids like me who were grossed out by any identifiable animal parts, and kids who drove around with fresh deer carcasses strapped to their civics.

It was definitely real, the one my cousin had. I could feel its delicate little bones, through its soft fur. I think they had a neon pink one too at some point, but I used to hide them at the bottom of their toy piles, when I came over. Or at the back of their closet.

Well it’s kinda a dark joke. But at the same time in a way it’s a bit positive. The rabbit who would have died without help had to remove a leg cause it wouldn’t heal properly, but out of the affection she has you have something to remember them always. I mean people keep ashes and Lola ain’t even dead right? In a way it’s a bit I don’t know… sweet? Hard to describe the term I’m looking for.

I remember finding a black bunny in our yard once a few years ago and I loved coming out every morning to feed him/her, then one day they stopped showing up. Talked to our neighbor a few houses away randomly one day about it and he told me that it was his bunny that he had gotten for his kid and when they eventually got tired of it (got too big for the kids liking even though it was still a pretty tiny bunny) they just let them go free outside. They did this several more times. How people can just set a pet “free” is beyond me, how can you not feel regret/guilt every day?