Precious drug from Carp in traditional medicine

Carp fish (or carps) are very popular among freshwater in many countries in the world. This kind of fish is very nutritious with 100 gram can bring 126 kcal along with lipid, cholesterol, protein, carbohydrate, kali, etc. However, all parts of the carp used as drugs in traditional medicine

Carps are usually chosen by many housewives

Carps are usually chosen by many housewives because of not only such rich nutrition but also delicious taste. Besides, one carp fish also has many uses in disease prevention and treatment.

In each 100g of fresh carp meat contains: 17,6g protid; 4.1g lipid; 25mg of vitamin A; 0.09mg of vitamin B2; 2.7mg of vitamin PP; 1.27mg of vitamin E; 33mg Mg; 2.08mg Zn; 15.38mg Se.

Traditionally pharmacologically, Carp is sweet in moderation, high in protein and high in vitamins. It has the effect of irrigation emphysema, hyperventilation, aperitif arouse (diuretic consistent, clear milk, creating appetite and fostering the digestive system). Anyone with fluid retention, diarrhea, urinary retention, jaundice (jaundice) and appropriate pregnancy can be used. For those who have a lot of congestion, asthma, shortness of breath, insecurity of the fetus, lack of milk after birth also have a certain therapeutic effect. Carp is more suitable for elderly people, pregnant women or “fertile” after birth.

However, parts of the carp are used as drugs in traditional medicine. The description below will describe full details of all the usages that we can bring to our kitchen.

  1. Fish meat – Cooking and eating this part can cure cough and lower the body temperature.
  2. Fish skin – People who choke on a bone can burn the skin to ashes and drink this matter with water.
  3. Eyes – Burn them and use for stabbed, injury or pain people.
  4. Blood – Apply blood on painful swelling to recover completely.
  5. Bone – Cure woman or girl vaginal discharge.
  6. Brain – Cure all epilepsy. Eating porridge with carp brain can cure unsound ear.
  7. Intestine – Cure ulcerate children, a rotten ear infections, or who suffers from hemorrhoids.
  8. Teeth – Cure people who pee out sand and gravel spread out. Drink with vinegar or alcohol.
  9. Gall – Cure people who have sore red eyes, it can make for good eyesight and good for press gas.
  10. Fin – Cure woman who suffer from period pains. Burn it and drink it with wine. It can cure several blood pulse.
  11. Fat – Cook and eat it for treat epileptic convulsion children.
  12. Carp porridge – Better use for edema people

Let’s have a deep research about this amazing fish and make your healthy dishes for your family meals right now. Scientists have shown that carp can cure diseases such as Edema due to heart disease, kidney disease and nutritional disorders, Asthenia after birth and Diarrhea caused by digestive disorders. Some others like edema due to emphysema, little urine, facial edema, coughing up asthma, pregnancy edema, spleen damage, edema of the leg due to lack of vitamin B1, chronic nephritis, edema and cough for a long time,…