The joy of having an encounter with a dog, especially a puppy

Only in the last few days, after all vaccinations, have I finally been able to take my puppy for her first walks. Each time there has been at least one person or group who pay her attention. She is so friendly that when she sees a person she will sit down and go crazy, wagging her tail and wanting to say hi.

For example today she was doing it at this guy, and he asked if he could pet her so I said sure, she wants to say hi to everyone lol. One of the reasons I want this is so she gets used to people and is socialised. But the main reason I love it is because everyone who interacts with her looks so happy and they absolutely love seeing a puppy and I just think it’s sweet. Like I understand the joy of having an encounter with a dog, especially a puppy, and how much it can make you happy, so it makes me happy to be able to do that for any strangers I see in the street who want to say hi to her.

Also my previous dog, who I will always love so so much, in her older years she could occasionally be grumpy, she would never bite but would sometimes not be interested in a stranger interacting with her, so someone wanting to pet her would give me slight anxiety lol and knowing my puppy just loves endless amounts of attention puts me at ease.